I’m weak…I’ll admit it.

But first things first.

Check out what the awesome and amazing JustWanderingNeverLost made for me to go along with yesterday’s All In Outtake!


Isn’t it awesome and amazing, just like her?

Like I told her, it was a wish fulfilled I never knew I had until I saw it.

Le sigh…

Anywho, if you happened to see the back and forth in the comments section for the AI Snapshot outtake, then you saw how this came to be:

Manny 911

So please, for any disgruntled readers wanting to throw rotten tomatoes at yet another multi-chapter fic from me, please direct your aim Down Under to the lovely MissRon who started this whole damn thing.

Yes. I’m throwing her under the bus.

I’m even singing The Wheels on the Bus song while I do it. 🙂

As an aside, I’ve decided Margot Robbie is my new Sookie. Because she’s awesome and Alex’s chemistry with her is real.

Unlike some other Sookie’s I’ve seen.

Click the Manny banner above to go to the story’s page.


9 comments on “I’m weak…I’ll admit it.

  1. kleannhouse says:

    oh my , i will have to go read those comments now. KY

  2. msbuffy says:

    All those comments were funny, and never have I had a problem with opening an email alert from you that reads “Chapter 1.” I get more upset when they read “Epilogue,” but as you proved with yesterday’s stomach-ache inducing-outtake of “All-In,” do the stories really ever end? LOL!

  3. Look who’s talking about awesome and amazing, lol. You’re the queen of those! Thanks for the compliments tho!!! 😘😘

  4. askarsgirl says:

    Never apologize for giving us another story to enjoy! I’ll take whatever your brilliant brain pushes out!! I can already tell just by the title and pic that it’s going to be awesome!!

  5. missron80 says:

    I am not even sorry and more than a little proud. I did not know I had this kind of power!

    I must use it for good, not evil. For the betterment of mankind and not personal gain. For the future of the world and not……

    Who am I kidding, I’m buying a plane ticket, heading to New York and finding me The Skarsgard!

  6. gwynwyvar says:

    Lol. Yay. We are heading down another rabbit hole 🙂
    Yep. Those two together are amazing 🙂
    *squeeee* Manny!

  7. gwynwyvar says:

    And now I have ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ dang earwig!


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