Ermahgerd, y’all…

Manny 911 Sookie and Eric wouldn’t shut the hell up. Like, at all. So the next chapter is a little longer than I expected.

So don’t expect them to all be that long.

But speaking of Ermahgerd…Here’s Alex at the Way Out West Music Festival.


Wow, indeed.

Yeah. Chew on that for little while.

There’s plenty to chew on. 🙂

Manny 911 – 3 – The ‘G’ is for Guessing Game


6 comments on “Ermahgerd, y’all…

  1. switbo says:

    Ermahgerd indeed. Look at how his hand just dwarfs that beer bottle.

  2. kpalmer87 says:

    I can’t express how in love with this story I am! From the characters to your superhero references. And the humor, I laugh out loud at times! I soooo hope updates are constant and quick! I totally love this story already!

  3. estrella75 says:

    you LOVE Drunk!Skars…lol

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