So we all know not everyday is a fun day, right? Well, that holds true in Manny 911’s world too.

Did I mention yet that they live in the majestic city of Anytown, USA? That way I don’t have to worry about researching anything and there can be anything from snow capped mountains to warm sandy beaches, with idyllic suburbia and metropolitan cities, all in the same zip code.

Because it’s easier that way and I’m all about being lazy.

But back to my original point. Not every moment in life is a joyous one and Sookie’s obviously got some issues. You’re about to read about some of them. A few of you have speculated about what’s up with her and the baby, and while the next chapter doesn’t answer a lot, it answers some.

It goes a little like this:

Jason feels

Bill Wisdom

and this

Arlene Parenting Tips 101

and this 2

Pam words of comfort

In a nutshell.

Manny 911 – 10 – The ‘E’ is for Emotions


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