What can I say…


About the delay…


Other than The Star Spangled Man…


Interfered with my posting plans.



Alright, well work interfered as well, but thank god for Walmart keeping ungodly hours, which meant I could swing by there and skirt the seedier side of the local population to pick up the newly released Captain America Civil War DVD.

And it was my patriotic duty to celebrate in the form of staging an epic battle on the dashboard of my sons’ car, using tiny action figures, for them to find.



Because I’m that kind of fucking awesome mom.


Manny 911 – 17 – The ‘M’ is for Mood Swings and Their Wildly Meandering Paths to Marriage

Happy Labor Day Part Deux

To me.

Happy Labor Day to me, since 19 years ago at this very moment I was in active labor about to push out Thing 2.

So I guess, also, Happy Birthday to him. 🙂

Now, before my laptop battery dies on me, here’s a slight chapter spoiler via t-shirts:




And last but not least, some obligatory Skarsporn:


Boom. Done. Beat the battery dying.
*mic drop*

Manny 911 – 15 – The ‘F’ is for The First Rule of a Freddy versus Jason Free-For-All is to Feng Shui Off

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means…

It’s the day to celebrate Hammers, as dictated by Pastor Hammer Pants.

Or Mjolnir Day, if you happen to be a Norse God, which is much easier on the eyes than a 90’s Hammer Pants wearing rapper turned pastor.

Loki taking one on the chin.

Get your papers, phone cards, soda, water, cigarettes, and Norse gods here!

Aww…little Steve Rogers pre-serum!

Speaking of Debbie Pelt – if, you know, you read the last Manny 911 chapter – here’s a stalker like pic I would totally take if the opportunity presented itself:


Of course, I don’t know why he’d need a HOMEMAD COLD DR, but that’s his business.

Or so the courts would tell me.

Manny 911 – 13 – The ‘A’ is for A Decidedly Adult Accord has been Agreed Upon

HAMMER! Haaammmeeeerrrr….

Reason #5728415866853513418479 why I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Now, some things you need to know about the next chapter.

  1. I used Google Translate for one line. If it’s wrong, blame Google.
  2. Some of you might not be happy with some…things that transpire. But that’s how the Cookie crumbles.
  3. You all have Kleannhouse (with TWO n’s) to thank/blame because she sent me this and I couldn’t resist working it into the chapter:
  4. ca-.jpg.jpeg
  5. Also, please note now that I’ve started numbering things I’ve accidentally activated the ALL THINGS SHALL BE NUMBERED setting WordPress must have.
  6. See?
  7. Numbered.
  8. Blame WordPress.

Manny 911 – 12 – The ‘O’ is for Oh Say Can You Sing