Happy Labor Day Part Deux

To me.

Happy Labor Day to me, since 19 years ago at this very moment I was in active labor about to push out Thing 2.

So I guess, also, Happy Birthday to him. 🙂

Now, before my laptop battery dies on me, here’s a slight chapter spoiler via t-shirts:




And last but not least, some obligatory Skarsporn:


Boom. Done. Beat the battery dying.
*mic drop*

Manny 911 – 15 – The ‘F’ is for The First Rule of a Freddy versus Jason Free-For-All is to Feng Shui Off


3 comments on “Happy Labor Day Part Deux

  1. maryalma says:

    Our daughter in law is due the 10th and we are on baby watch. I am anxious for her labor day. Our son is 6’2″ while she is 5’2″ but the baby seems a reasonable size so we are all hoping for a nice natural delivery. My big problem is that I have delivered over 1000 babies before a spinal injury ended my career so I know all the things that can go wrong, so I can’t relax until the baby arrives. Our daughter had 4 hours of labor from her first contraction and had a 8 lb 10 oz baby without pain meds or episiotomy, almost without the doctor she went so fast. I was supposed to help coach but didn’t even make it out of NYS before she had the baby. I’m not missing another grandchild’s birth. I really appreciate Manny 911 as a way to help relieve my anxiety while we wait. Happy birthday to your child! There is still time to share birthdays if DIL went now and has a really short labor!

  2. luvvamps says:

    I saw that pic on Facebook and my comment was “I want to be that belt” !

  3. Angie_stl says:

    Who is the long, lean hunk-a-man next to our fave Swede? Another Skars? I need to cyber stalk him for a few minutes because he seems to be even taller than my beloved!!

    🎂🍰🍾🦄🌈💰 (I couldn’t find the gift, so I figured cash would work!! 😉) Happy Belated Labor Day to you, and Happy Belated Birthday to thing 2!! (The champagne is all for you, but he can have a little of the other ones.)

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