Within the first hour of Boss Man’s arrival, I managed to call him:

  • A dickface
  • An Asshole
  • A douchebag

Rinse and repeat for the remainder of the week.

All in all, I can say it went well.

So, when I was writing Meg’s Birthday fic, I’d gotten the That-Shit-Really-Happened online dating scenarios from one of the civilian lawyers from the JAG office on the military base we both work on, who – for the purposes of cyber anonymity – shall henceforth be referred to as Ape Junk.

And not for those reasons.

But it got me to thinking about fictional lawyers and what they might be up to which leads us to this.

Now, as for this next chapter of Manny 911, that has been sitting mostly finished in my Word docs for the last few months – because I suck – I feel I should preface it with…a LONG long time ago in a galaxy far, far awayMissyDee went to some Heroes and Villains DC Comics convention and she’d texted me pictures of some of the actors there, which led to a back and forth with me ‘yelling’ “That’s Oliver Queen! HE’S THE GREEN ARROW!”

Or something like that.

And then she watched a panel with some other actors from the show, with David Ramsey being one of them and the crux of the rest of our text convo devolved to me admitting I’d do him.

I would.

Just like calories on a Caribbean cruise, celebrities don’t count when it comes to committing adultery.

 But now you know who Sookie’s talking about when you read this:

Manny 911 – 18 – The ‘S’ is for Situations Dr. Seuss Should Have Schooled Us About