I didn’t mean to “go dark” for so long. Not that I ever mean to go dark – unless we’re talking about my roots, because then yes, I absolutely meant to go dark – but, yeah. Story of my life.

Speaking of stories…

A couple of weeks ago we made the six hour drive down to Virginia to see The Boy for the weekend.

This was pretty much my view of him the entire time.
Somewhat hazy and a little out of focus.

But in reality, it was more like we drove The Boy’s girlfriend down to Virginia, so they could disappear into her hotel room doing things I don’t want to know anything about, all on my dime.

10,000 dimes, to be more precise.

I only saw him during mealtimes. Next time I’m just gonna Skype him, while I eat a PB&J sandwich. He might make a Boo-Boo Face at me, but my smiling wallet will cancel it out.

While we were stuck in this STOP-IT-ALREADY-AND-JUST-GO! traffic just outside of Washington DC:

I began to reread this:

And then stopped, with only 3 chapters left.

Then, a few days ago, the stars aligned because Meg and I were talking about TV shows and she mentioned how much she loved This Is Us. I’ve heard nothing but good things, but I haven’t watched it.


But I will. One day.

She declared her love of the character Jack, which had me declaring my lust for Milo Ventimiglia because HAWT! Which made me recall Milo is my visual muse for the Faepire, Ailill.

*cue lusty heart eyes*

Then four fucking days later Baby Daddy comes home and tells me:

“The cast from that TV show was in my office today. The one on the Today show.”

Suffice it to say, I didn’t know what in the hell he was talking about. Luckily for me, I learned to speak Baby Daddy like the natives going on 23 years ago and after a brief squinty-eyed hiccup over the difference between Lost and Heroes, I soon figured out he meant the cast of This Is Us was in his building, a mere twenty feet from his office door.

Which means MILO was a mere MILE from my office door.

Did Baby Daddy text me?

Did Baby Daddy call me?

Did Baby Daddy know of my fangirling over Milo Ventimiglia in particular?
Well, no.

But we’ve been together for going on 23 years now, so he should be able to know with one look the type of guy I would totally leave him for.

So I probably answered my own question there, but whatever.

He must’ve begged scraps from someone in the base media department because he brought home that autographed collage just yesterday in an effort to stop the death glares and snark that kept flying his way. I promptly mailed it off to Meg today because she is my Forever Love, while Baby Daddy is my First Husband.

 But that long ass drawn out story is to explain the who, what, when, where, why – all the wh’s – of how I got around to getting back to it. It being this fic.

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The Debt – Chapter Forty-Six – The Hollow