Bonus Outtake – Two Nights in Vegas


“Okay Mommy?”

Hearing the soft spoken tone of Lilly’s question, I glanced up from the script I’d been reading on the couch to see her petting Sookie’s hair. They were sitting on the floor, with a few toys scattered around them, and one of the million Disney flicks playing on the TV.

But I could tell by the hitch in her voice something was wrong, when Sookie replied, “Yeah, baby. I’m okay. These are happy tears.”

I hadn’t been paying much attention to what they’d been up to, instead focused on the pages in my hand, but seeing Tangled on the screen, I knew something was up when she added, “I always get choked up when Rapunzel is reunited with her parents.”


Not about the part of being choked up because of it.

It was the always part that was a lie.

But instead of calling her out on it – because while I wasn’t the smartest guy around, I was smart enough to know what a bad idea that would be – I pulled up the calendar in my phone. And counting back the days, a smile slowly appeared on my face at what I figured could be the true cause for her tears.

My eyes darted back to them, with me studying Sookie’s expression now that she turned so I could see her face, wondering if she’d had the same kinds of thoughts yet. But there was no hope or anticipation in her eyes. Not a trace of apprehension on her face at the thought she might be wrong.

Nothing to indicate she thought she might be pregnant and was just waiting to clue me in, so we could stand around in the bathroom together, acting like we were totally cool if the little negative sign appeared.

So we were both liars.

However a lifetime spent acting meant I was just better at it.

But now satisfied that her mother wasn’t going to have a meltdown – something Lilly knew all about, being a meltdown expert herself – she roped Sookie into doing a puzzle with her on the floor where they sat.

And being a little bit of a meltdown expert myself – an expert at knowing what could cause them in either one of the females in the house – I wasn’t ready to be the cause of Sookie’s by asking the question.

Not yet, anyway.

Instead I chose to wait her out and watch for other signs before wading into the emotional whirlpool that was my wife.


Walking into the kitchen later on that night, Sookie dropped the dishtowel she’d been holding and lunged at me, with her hands going straight for the goods.

“Always happy to oblige,” I chuckled, with my hands returning the favor by groping her ass, while I said, “I love how you can’t seem to help yourself sometimes, but the munchkin is still awake.”

I’d been sent to the kitchen for a cherry juice box.

Not fruit punch.

Not strawberry.


I’d even been given a Lilly-sized lecture on how just because they’re all red, it doesn’t mean they taste the same.

But she was preaching to the choir.

Me and my baby girl were one and the same when it came to our favorite flavor.

Wiggling out of my grasp, I realized I hadn’t been her endgame at all, with Sookie managing to pickpocket my phone without me even knowing, and I watched as she tapped away at the screen and said, “I can’t find my phone and I had it on vibrate, so I know I won’t hear it if I call it. I looked for it everywhere, but it’s like it up and vamoosed.”

Playfully smacking her ass on my way by, I walked towards the fridge and asked, “When was the last time you remember having it?”

She’d gone to the grocery store earlier that afternoon – after taking a nap, which was yet another sign there was a Northbun in the oven – so I hoped she hadn’t dropped it while she’d been out. We both had tons of photos on our phones. Some were family friendly.

Some…not so much.

Both of our phones were password protected, but any paparazzo worth their salt could hack their way in eventually.

If any pictures were leaked, Pam would be pissed.

After she was done laughing her ass off.

“Gran called while I was cooking dinner,” she answered and after another second, she added, “The app says it’s here.”

Given our previous track record, having those tracker apps installed on our phones were for security reasons – obviously – but I would much rather need them for reasons like this one.

However, telling us the phone was at our address was no real help in finding it, so as I pulled the refrigerator door open, I offered, “I’ll help you look after I get Lil her juice box.”

Then doing a double take at the top shelf, I chuckled, “Or not.”

Reaching inside, I was able to grab both the juice box and her phone in one hand, then shutting the door I turned to her and said, “Voila!”

“What in the hell?” she muttered, stepping closer to take her phone. “Maybe Lilly put it in there?”

“I doubt it,” I smiled. “Unless she climbed the shelves because this was on the top shelf.”

Just like her juice boxes.

If Lilly could get them for herself, she’d be in a constant state of sugar high.

Leaning against the front of my body, Sookie rested her head against my chest and tucked the tips of her fingers into my back pockets, with my arms automatically wrapping around her, while she sighed out, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately.”

I had an idea, but I still wasn’t ready to bring up the pink or blue elephant that could be in her womb. We’d been trying to get pregnant for almost a year and each and every month when her period came, she would get upset. I would be disappointed too, but she acted like it was her own personal failure.

One more…

One more sign, I told myself, and then I would go find my balls and say something to her about her maybe being pregnant.


It wasn’t until a few days later that I came across the sign that might as well have come with a marching band riding in a parade of strollers.

I had a meeting to get to, with Russell and his staff over lunch that afternoon to go over the itinerary for when we went to the Edinburgh Film Festival in a couple of weeks. But rather than fucking up everyone’s circadian rhythm from the time difference, I would be going alone for the few days I needed to be there and when I got back, we were all heading to Bon Temps for a month long vacation.

Gran couldn’t be more excited.

Neither could Jason.

He had a new Shitter script he wanted me to read, although I had a feeling the ‘pages’ were actually cocktail napkins, but it was all good.

It wasn’t like it would be the first time.

But walking into the kitchen where Lilly was finishing up her late morning snack, I stopped in my tracks seeing Sookie pop the leftover cherry pop tart into her mouth.

“What do you have there?” I asked, with my eyes darting to her lips after she’d swallowed what was in her mouth. Sookie’s like of all things cherry flavored disappeared with Lilly’s birth.

She’d said it was a Northman induced pregnancy craving.

She’d gone back to hating the taste, so now staring back at me in confusion, I could only smirk at her obliviousness – and the fact I’d figured it out before she did – when I finally explained in my own smartass sort of way.

“Taste good?”

Her eyes narrowed in a way that told me I was probably lucky she hadn’t been putting knives away and she started wiping down the table a little more forcefully when she bit out, “It was just a little piece of pop tart, Eric. I’ve been watching what I eat and working out. And I finally fit into all of my old clothes again, so what if I ate a pop tart. I can have…”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…” I interrupted, with my hands up in surrender.

Or…making myself and even bigger target.

I usually loved fighting with Sookie – because the making up was well worth the argument – but the path she was on at the moment would definitely lead me to the doghouse.

Freeing her hand of the sponge she would likely choke me with, I took hers in mine and calmly said, “One – when have I ever made any disparaging remarks about what you eat?” Then not giving her the time to answer, I answered my own question with, “That’s right. Never. And two – what flavor pop tart were you just eating, Sookie?”

The box was still on the table, so I knew I was right.

The box she had to look at – and then pick up and study, like her eyes were playing tricks on her – before the lightbulb appeared above her head, along with her whispered, “No…”

Oh yeah…” I grinned, doing my best Kool-Aid guy impression.

So while she stood there dumbstruck and doing the mental period math, I just watched her with a stupid smile on my face waiting for her to get with the program, while recalling with fond memories the time and place I was certain the conception had taken place.


Six weeks earlier

Jumping up onto the bed, Sookie sprawled out on her back in the dead center of it and closed her eyes, asking, “Does it make me a bad mother that the thought of spending the weekend holed up here without a Barbie or juice box in sight feels a little bit like heaven?”

“Not at all,” I smirked, toeing off my shoes and slowly climbing my way up her body until she was caged underneath me.

Lilly and Bubba were spending the weekend with my dad – and Rasul because we weren’t about to tempt Murphy’s fucked up Law by leaving them without some sort of protection – but we had the next two days all to ourselves.

And I knew just how we could spend them.

If I had my way, we wouldn’t even leave the room.

She giggled, arching into me and pulling away at the same time from the scruff of my jaw tickling her neck, while she sighed out, “I can’t believe you booked us the same room.”

Knowing she didn’t mean she was surprised we would be sharing a room – because really, Duh! – I smiled feeling her hands begin to wander up the back of my shirt and informed her, “It’s our lucky room. Why wouldn’t I book this one?”

“Did you remember which one it was or did you make poor Alcide dig up the old receipt?” she giggled and gasped in turn, now that my hands were doing some wandering of their own.

“Don’t talk about poor Alcide when I’m trying to get my sexy on,” I playfully argued. “And of course I remembered. How could I not?”

It was the same room we’d conceived Lilly in. Not that either one of us could remember the night itself.

But I could still recall with perfect clarity, finding the heart-shaped ass prints she’d left behind on the dresser the next morning, from when I must have fucked her there on our wedding night.

At least there was a video of it, even if we still couldn’t remember it.

A video of the wedding.

Not the wedding night.

But I could have done without any of that night being aired on TMZ.

“I didn’t know you could take your sexy off,” she offered in return. “We’ve been together for four years and I have yet to see you without it.”

“I love it when you stroke my ego,” I smiled down at her.

Smiling back, her eyes took on a playful leer when she said, “Your ego isn’t the only thing you love me to stroke.”

With that her hands worked my jeans open and down my legs, with one of them catching my cock the moment it sprung out and the other going to the back of my head to pull me down for a kiss.

God knows I hadn’t led a chaste life before Sookie, but even with her limited sexual experience prior to meeting me, there had always been something about the way she could work my body like no other.

Now – four years later – she seemed to know what I wanted before I could even figure it out.

A fact she proved by ripping my t-shirt over my head before she managed to flip us over and slither down my body, with her mouth sliding down the length of my cock the moment it met her lips.

They were well acquainted already.

And we were both in love with her mouth.


A garbled, “Fuck,” fell through my lips, with my hands weaving into the hair at the back of her head, needing something to hold onto. I could feel the smile trying to form on her lips from my reaction, but she bit it back.

And swallowed me whole.


We loved her mouth.

So, so much.

Our sex life was still great, but we couldn’t be nearly as loud or as adventurous as we’d once been now that Lilly was older. But being here – with nothing to distract us from just enjoying each other – was like Christmas morning times infinity.

‘And beyond!’, my Pixar addled brain tacked on in Tim Allen’s voice.

A part of my mind reasoned that I shouldn’t cum down her throat. One of the reasons why I’d booked us this room for the weekend was so we could make babies.

That wasn’t going to happen if she swallowed them.

But the bigger part of my mind – the one that currently resided in my little head – said we could always adopt and Sookie seemed determined to win this fight that wasn’t really a fight.

So I let her.

Like adoption, I was altruistic like that.

My whole body became one long taut muscle, with caveman grunts and some sort of Sookie-induced gibberish tumbling out of my lips as I came through hers.

Satisfied that I was completely satisfied, she licked me clean and sat up, with a smirk on her face and smiled, “You were right. This room is lucky.”


But I definitely was.

And she was about to be.

Springing up with more energy than I should have had at the moment, I threw her back down onto the bed underneath me, attacking her mouth with my own and swallowing her laughter until it gave way to her moans.

She was wearing one of those flirty little sundresses that I loved so much. Now that she was more confident in her appearance, it showed in the way she carried herself.

And dressed herself.

While I would never be put off by the sight of her in her lounge-around-the-house clothes – yoga pants gave me easy access to every part of her – what she was wearing now worked for me too.

And easy access too, thanks to the row of tiny buttons that trailed down the center of the dress.

At least, I thought it would give me easy access, until I quickly realized the buttons had been made for people with freakishly small fingers.

And nothing about me was freakishly small.

But it was an easy enough fix.

Sitting back on my knees, I grabbed the hem of her dress and ripped it open straight down the middle. Buttons flew out in every direction, pelting both of us with sundress shrapnel, but before she could yell at me, I dove down and said hello to my BFF’s.

After four years together, we were thick as thieves.

And saying hello to them made another part of me grow thicker.

Knowing we had two nights together with no distractions, I took my time in getting reacquainted with them. I knew her body better than I knew my own by now, but that didn’t stop me from running my hands and lips across every part of her, exploring her skin like it was the first time.

I didn’t ever want her to get bored or our sex life to become routine, so I always tried to keep her guessing what I would do.

Where and how I would touch her next.

Which was why I knew she wasn’t expecting it, when my mouth made its way down her body and her legs spread open for me, instead of diving forward, I ran my hands up underneath her back and flipped us over, so her legs were now straddling my head.

Grabbing onto her hips with both hands to hold her in place, her giggled shriek was replaced by a moan of approval the moment my tongue lapped against her clit and she leaned forward, with her hands having nowhere to grab but the mattress beneath us.

Jesus, I love it when you flip me around like your fuck doll,” she moaned.

That made two of us.

But in spite of her dirty talk, I could tell she was still calibrated at what had become our default kid-in-the-next-room setting.

I knew it because it had been a long while since she just let loose and screamed my name.

So I accepted the challenge and redoubled my efforts against her clit before flipping her over again and impaling her with my cock, just as her orgasm hit her, with her shouting out, “Fuck!”

“Yep,” I grunted in return. “We are.”

And we would be for the entire weekend, if I had my way.

But shouting fuck – while appreciated – wasn’t the same as hearing her shout my name.

Me and my ego had standards and they weren’t being met yet.

But just as I thought to flip her over onto her hands and knees to take her from behind, she thwarted my plans.

Proving just how well her yoga classes had been going, she managed to slide one of her legs over my arm, with her calf resting against my shoulder, which allowed me to get even deeper inside of her.

Slowing down to enjoy the sensation even longer, I leaned down and pressed my body even closer to hers, whispering, “Fuck.”

It felt like we were having a religious experience, so whispering was warranted.

“Like that?” she managed to tease before her questioning tone disappeared, with her eyes rolling into the back of her head at the new angle I found, while she groaned, “Oh yeah, like that.”

We both liked that.

So much so that when my forever orgasm triggered hers, I was surprised my body hadn’t shriveled up like one of Lilly’s empty juice boxes from all of the sweat and cum that left my body.

Falling beside her completely spent, I wondered if my ego had made promises my old man body couldn’t keep by telling Sookie we wouldn’t be leaving the room all weekend.

Maybe she could play the slots while I recuperated.

“We need to do that again,” she giggled, laying her head on my chest, with an arm and leg draped over my body.

“I’ll need a minute,” I chuckled.

And a gallon of Gatorade.

Snickering at my all too true statement, she hugged my body and said, “I’ll need two.”

“Speaking of two,” I began. “I’ll bet we just made two babies.”

With the amount of cum I’d just shot into her body, we could have populated New York City.

We’d made two babies, at the very least.

“You better bite your tongue,” she teasingly warned, while pinching my side. “This lucky room of yours has magical baby making powers. Don’t give it any ideas.”

I just laughed with her because honestly…what were the odds?


Six weeks later

“Holy shit.”

Sookie’s whispered words weren’t lost on anyone in the room, least of all the woman at her side, when Doctor Ludwig, chuckled, “I get that reaction a lot.”

“Read ’em and weep baby,” I smiled, pressing my lips against her cheek.

But staring at the ultrasound screen, we were both a little weepy. We’d tried for so long, so finally seeing the proof of the pregnancy right in front of us was more than a little awe inspiring.

“I can’t believe you were right,” she sniffled, but the smile on her face told me she wasn’t upset.

Those were definitely happy tears.

“I’m sorry,” I teased. “Can you say that a little louder? And into a microphone? I’d like to record you saying those last three words – to be played back at my choosing – for all of eternity.”

“Sure,” she sniffled again before turning to face me with a smile. “But let me practice first.”

Then clearing her throat, she dramatically said, “You…are a dill weed.”

“That’s five words and Dad hasn’t dated her in years,” I chuckled. “Why did you have to go and bring Paprika into this?”

Breaking things up, before we could go through McCormack’s entire spice rack, Doctor Ludwig got us back on topic by saying, “It’s too soon to tell the sex yet, but you’re going to have to take things easy. This pregnancy will be harder than your last.”

With the circumstances that brought about Lilly’s premature birth, I highly doubted it. Something Sookie was likely thinking too, so seeing our twin looks of incredulousness, she quickly added, “In a traditional sense.”

Being traditional wasn’t something we worried over anyway and I was too happy at the moment to worry about much of anything. So after the doctor handed us some pamphlets to read, she reminded Sookie to schedule her appointment, and left saying she would see us in four weeks.

Getting herself set to rights, Sookie slipped off of the exam table and stood there, just staring at me like she couldn’t believe it.

Something she gave voice to by repeating, “I can’t believe you were right.”

“I can’t believe after all of this time, you still doubt me,” I smiled. “Hell, I even figured out you were pregnant before you did.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she snickered and wrapped her arms around me. “You are the expert in all things me.”

At least I wasn’t the only one to think so.

“What do you think Lilly’s going to say?” she murmured against my chest.

“I don’t know,” I admitted.

It was a tossup. We hadn’t even told her Sookie was pregnant yet, so there was no telling how she would take the news. The idea of not being an only child anymore was probably more than her toddler mind could wrap itself around.

We’d just gotten back from our month long stay in Louisiana, so Lilly was still riding her Gran-high.


From all of the cookies and pies she’d consumed while we were there, I doubted she would be landing any time soon.

So maybe we could tell her the news over a cupcake or ten to keep her on cloud 9?

But not just a Sookie expert, I was quite fluent in Lilly as well, so I kissed the top of her head and offered, “I think our best bet is to name them Elsa and Anna. Then she’ll love them no matter what.”

Laughing, Sookie pulled back to look up at me and smiled with her question of, “But what if one or both of them are boys?”

“Then we can name them Olaf and Sven,” I smiled in return.

She’d love them even more if they were boys, since the Disney ‘Frozen’ snowman and reindeer were her favorite characters.

But it made no difference to me what we named them – what sex they were – so long as they were healthy.

I learned that lesson the hard way the first time around.

But knowing I wasn’t the only expert in the room, with Sookie being fluent in me, it meant I didn’t have to explain when I brushed my lips against hers and said, “Say it again.”

Rolling her eyes, she shook her head and returned my gentle kiss with one of her own for each word she uttered, as she repeated, “You. Were. Right.”

I relished the moment and her words, knowing we were just starting out on our seven month long emotional rollercoaster ride, but it was all good.

Everything was good so long as I had her by my side.

Something we would both need – to be by each other’s sides – when less than seven months from now we would be outmanned.

But even three against two, I’d already figured out a long time ago, when it came to Sookie and me?

The odds were always in our favor.

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    too happy right now! thank-you so much for this. I adore this so very very much and came at a good time. Was having a crappy day.

    and I had fun with another fic from the same photo-shoot on my wordpress yesterday…..

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    I hope we’ll get to read what they have in another outtake soon😃

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    Your usual combination of great story telling, ribald humor, and lemony goodness. Had to laugh at the reference to Frozen.. My 5 year old granddaughter’s bed room looks like someone vomited Elsa all over it.. Lilly’s love for Elsa, Anna, Sven, and Olaf is torn from the pages of reality.

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