Chapter 102


“God…how is it you always taste like cherries?”

I arched up into his mouth with his tongue swirling around my nipple, breathing out, “How is it you always want to chit chat when there’s work to be done?”

I could never get enough of Eric and now was certainly no exception feeling his teeth scrape lightly across my skin sending a shiver right down my spine while he gripped the girls in each of his hands with his breath blowing across my dampened skin, saying, “As I recall, you seem to like my chit chat very much.”

He kept his lips just above my body so that I could only feel the heat of his breath, but not close enough to actually touch me and I tried to arch up higher only to be held down by his monster sized hands and groused, “I’d like a stronger work ethic from you right now instead.”

The man drove me insane in the best of ways, with his throaty chuckle shooting straight through the gates of my baby maker, and if those lips could speak, they’d be screaming out in frustration. They were already salivating as it was, but Eric seemed hell bent on making me beg (which wasn’t out of the question right about now) by dragging his whiskers across my skin, saying, “So you don’t want to hear about how much just the sight of your naked body makes me so fucking hard I can’t see straight? Knowing how good it’s going to feel when I finally slide inside of you with your pussy only sucking me in deeper? How it’s all I can do not to come undone the moment your wet heat throbs around my cock when I fuck you?”

Oh! Helllooo Dirty Talking Eric. How nice of you to drop by. Won’t you cum in?

There was plenty of throbbing going on already and if I could’ve formed any words, I would’ve told him he was missing out on some feeling some really good ones, but the only sound I could make was an inelegant, “Uhh…” when I felt the unmistakable hard cock he was speaking of sliding against the crease of my leg, only instead of using it to fuck me, he was just using it to fuck with me. It strengthened his case on the whole ‘not seeing straight’ claim, but I really doubted he could see out of that one eye no matter how much he managed to think only using that head and regardless of how many times we’d had sex, I was always impressed how that thing could transform from downtime into battle ready at a moment’s notice.

Now if he’d just send his Optimus Prime into battle, I’d be all set because it was time for the climax.

My legs fell open with my knees bent outward forming a diamond shape hoping to entice him with his very own Field of Dreams thinking if I built it, he would cum. Or at least maybe I would, but he continued to wander around the field of play like he was chasing a goddamn butterfly instead of reading the signals it was time for him to slide into home. I was just about to really let loose on him when the sound of music started filtering into our little bubble.

This was never the way I planned, not my intention. I got so brave, drink in hand, lost my discretion It’s not what I’m used to, just wanna try you on. I’m curious for you, caught my attention.

I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick. I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it. It felt so wrong, it felt so right. Don’t mean I’m in love tonight. I kissed a girl and I liked it’

Huh? Why the fuck was Katy Perry intruding on sexy time with Eric? It took another moment before the haze cleared from my mind enough to realize I was hearing the sound of my cell phone and I reached over, pulling it out of my purse, and answered just before it could go to voicemail, saying, “Hey Ames.”

That ringtone probably wasn’t a good one for her anymore since her and Tray had been hot and heavy ever since meeting at our house, but her growling back at me had my mind focusing once more as she said, “The fuck Sook? I’ve been sitting here waiting on your preggo ass for half an hour now. Push Eric off, get dressed, and get here already. He can just tap that ass when you get back home.”

If only…

“Sorry Ames. I’m right outside in the parking lot. I’ll be there in a minute.” I took a second to silence my cell phone before shoving it back into my purse and a glance at the clock told me I’d been sitting there for at least fifteen minutes in my fantasy pornography trance, so I hurried up to get inside of the same Mexican restaurant I’d brought Eric to right after he’d gotten me the Black Pearl. Amelia had asked me out to dinner at the last minute and since I didn’t have anything, or anyone, better to do, I accepted.

Time had really been flying by once the holidays were over and it felt like no sooner had the ball dropped in Time Square on New Year’s Eve that Eric magically disappeared. Not really…but it felt that way. I’d had no idea how much work went into filming a movie, but even before filming began Eric was constantly going to meetings and costume fittings and just generally having to be everywhere at once. We’d at least still had our Sundays together and Eric’s dad came over on most of them for dinner. They seemed to be doing really well together and I could finally see where Eric got his charm from, but I was still keeping my fingers crossed hoping nothing would happen and spoil it all. But that all changed as soon as the sitcom ended their taping for the season at the beginning of February and Eric was gone like the wind working sixteen to eighteen hour days on the set six, and sometimes seven, days a week. He had the lead role so he was practically in every scene.

I hated it.

But, I understood. I knew it would only be for a little while and my passport had come in the mail a week earlier, so I still had our little trip to look forward to. I just missed him and from the amount of phone calls and text messages I got every day, I knew he missed me too, but there wasn’t much he could do about any of it for now. He’d be gone before I woke up in the mornings and wouldn’t come home until I was already asleep, but even on the nights I tried to stay awake to see him, he’d be so tired he was basically sleep walking as it was, so the maternal instincts in me had me putting him right to bed.

And I didn’t mean

For sexy time, so I was

Horny all the time.

I could make a fucked up Haiku, but I couldn’t even get Bubba’s company since Eric would take him with him everywhere he went. Terry had gone ahead and continued to work with him on the weekends so that now Bubba was a certified Service Dog and that only added to Eric’s glee because now no one could legally tell him he couldn’t take his dog into wherever he happened to be going, not that many people ever told his charming self no anyway. I wasn’t necessarily immune to said charm, but I was drawing the line at the delivery room. I also knew that could mean I might have to substitute Eric’s presence with Pam’s, but fuck it. She always wanted to see me naked anyway and it was a good way to scare her off from all points of Sookie South.

But maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get Eric one of those red vests like Bubba’s and leave it out on the bed for him so then he’d know it was long overdue for his wife to be serviced.

I found Amelia sitting at a table practically vibrating in her seat and since I knew her so well I had to silently question if she had something going on underneath the tablecloth that I really didn’t want to know about, but considering how I was feeling I’d maybe ask her where I could get one too. As soon as she saw my face she calmed down and said, “Uh oh…I haven’t seen that face since before we went to Vegas.”

“What face?” I grumped knowing exactly what face she was talking about.

“The ‘I need a good stiff one’ face and I ain’t talking about your old pal Jose Cuervo,” she smiled. “What’s wrong? From what you’ve told me, Eric’s dick could reach you clear across town, so it can’t be that he can’t get around the baby belly. Get up on all fours and do it doggy style.”

“Amelia!” I whispered loudly knowing my cheeks were already flush from my bow chicka wow wow daydream. “Keep your damn voice down for Christ’s sake!”

“Shit Sookie,” she giggled, “if I was getting routinely hammered by Cock-a-saurus, I’d be shouting it from the rooftops.”

“You are shouting it from the rooftops!” I whispered even louder. “Now use your ‘I’m so far inside it might as well be fucking NORAD’ voice. The paps might have calmed down, but I’m still a faux-lebrity and the last thing I need is reading about my sex life going by way of the dinosaurs.”

Although, I wouldn’t mind having a life-size Cock-a-saurus model right about now.

“How long has the Ice Age been?” she asked with more sympathy than I would’ve expected given the giant ass grin on her face.

“Long enough,” I huffed. Eleven days, eighteen hours and thirty-seven minutes, to be exact.

And yes I was fucking counting. Lately I constantly felt like a Sookie-sized Scrat frantically looking for Eric’s nuts.

I tried to view it as good practice for when he’d be gone, but most of the time I just saw it as my own personal purgatory because I could be a selfish bitch like that. Amelia and I were close enough that I didn’t have to keep on a happy face and she knew me well enough to distract me from my thoughts by changing the subject and asked, “So…how’s Chateau Northman South coming along?”

“Good,” I smiled. I really was looking forward to us being able to stay there and Calvin said it should be finished in time for us to use it over the summer, with him emailing us weekly progress reports along with pictures of what they’d gotten done so far, as well as praise for Gran’s baking in keeping them fed while they were there. It was sort of surreal, like building a house out of paper cutouts, only with Calvin and his men doing all of the real work in making it a real house. Eric and I had picked out the style of house we wanted together, but he left all of the little details up to me, so I scoured magazines and websites seeing what there was out there and found out there was a lot. I knew he was doing it just because he wanted me to have exactly what I wanted and it had been a good distraction from missing him at night as I picked out kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures all by myself, but sometimes as I sat there all alone at my pity party for one it felt like it was because he didn’t really care even though I knew it wasn’t true.

Our server showed up a moment later, so we both placed our orders and it wasn’t until Amelia was handing over her menu that I spotted it and squealed, “Is that an engagement ring on your finger?”

I was such a bad friend, but Amelia didn’t hold it against me and squealed back, “It is!” She and Tray hadn’t been seeing each other for very long, but who was I to judge?

I knew Eric for all of two hours before we got married.

I knew that from the timestamp on the video we’d finally watched after Gran and Jason had gone back home, but there hadn’t been much to see. Just like Pam had said, you could see Amelia and I up at the bar laughing and joking before she disappeared to the bathroom. Not long after that icky Bill Compton is sitting right next to me saying God knows what however it had been clear I wasn’t impressed which only made him scowl, but his expression got even more exaggerated when Eric walked up to us. Present Eric was all kinds of tickled seeing Past Sookie having a complete fangirl meltdown at seeing Past Eric, and both Eric’s had a deep appreciation for that slutty red dress Amelia had shoved me into that night. It was clear that as soon as our eyes met, we didn’t notice anyone else in the room with us and it didn’t take long before our third wheel had sulked away. It also hadn’t taken long for Eric and me to move closer and closer to one another and as soon as his hand touched mine, we never broke contact from that point on all the way until we wandered off towards the dance floor and the footage ended.

Forcing my baby brain back into the present, I asked, “So how did he propose? When’s the big day? Please God, tell me it’s after the Bean is born so I won’t have to be the fat bridesmaid and, yes, I just invited myself to be in your wedding party and then made it all about me, but you love me anyways.”

She laughed at my rambling and shook her head, saying, “Sorry, there’s no fucking way I’m having a Sumo Sookie bridesmaid.” Before I could tear up or kick her, or possibly both, she added, “But I’ll have a svelte Sookie Matron of Honor next spring?”

According to Jason, I’d always been a crier anyways, but my hormones only made that statement a thousand times truer and the tears fell as she leaned over and hugged me as I said, “Well, I can’t promise you the ‘svelte’ part, but I would be honored to be your Matron of Honor.”

We spent the next couple of hours talking nonstop mostly about wedding plans and she told me how Tray had pulled out all of the stops on the proposal and surprised her by showing up at her work dressed in a huge panda bear costume so she didn’t even know it was him. He’d been carrying a bouquet of flowers and a fistful of balloons as he danced around her, but it wasn’t until she realized it was Train’s ‘Marry Me’ song playing in the background that she understood what was going on. When the song was over he dropped down on bended knee and held up a cue card that read, ‘Will you marry me Amelia?’ and then turned it around so she could read, ‘Don’t make me Sad Panda,’ on the back. I probably would’ve been mortified by all of the attention, but it was incredibly sweet and romantic and I was very happy for her.

Hearing about her musical proposal, I filled her in on how I convinced my Drama club kids to do a musical for the spring performance. After seeing their impromptu Beyonce show, I’d ferreted out Jesus Velasquez, Science teacher and choir director extraordinaire, and begged and pleaded with him to give a pregnant girl a hand, since I wouldn’t have Eric around, and he thankfully agreed. He was a lot of fun to hang around, always making me laugh, and although he hadn’t come out and said anything, I had a pretty good feeling he would be perfect for Lafayette, but I had yet to come up with a way for them to meet each other. Since the next performance would be more involved than the last one, and I had no one to go home to anyway, we’d upped the rehearsals to three days a week and on the other two, I’d started staying after school to tutor a few of my parking lot protection detail. The three ring circus had died down so I didn’t need them anymore, but I knew a lot of them were in remedial classes and thought I could pay them back for their kindness by helping them improve their English grades. All of them were bright in their own way and only a few of them were interested enough to take me up on it, but it saddened me that they’d somehow fallen through the cracks by being promoted to the next grade every year when some of them could barely read at a third grade level, so I was doing my best to fix that.

After Amelia and I talked a little bit more about the baby and I convinced her she didn’t have to throw me a baby shower since it seemed like a waste when Pam had already taken on the role of personal shopper for the Bean and no amount of saying ‘enough’ was enough to get her to stop, we said our goodbyes in the parking lot and I was finally on my way home. It was only a little after eight when I pulled into the garage and my grin got huge seeing Eric’s car was already in there, so I hopped out of the car and skipped into the house (as much as I could with my Bean belly anyway) only to come to a skidding halt seeing Eric standing there.

In a mother fucking white Navy dress uniform.

Permission to cum aboard Captain?

“Where have you been?” he practically shouted, which lowered my libido and raised my temper. “I’ve been trying to call you for over an hour and sending you text messages every five minutes!”

Since he just seemed angry and didn’t look like perhaps somebody died, I glared at him and pulled my cell phone out which I hadn’t bothered to check since I’d silenced it earlier. I ignored the voicemails and went to the texts, reading:

I really fucking miss you and so does the Captain. As soon as we’re done with this scene I’m fucking outta here and then I want to be fucking in you. Literally.

Where are you? Why aren’t you answering your phone? Did you start without me?

I thought I’d start without you too, but watching the iPorn is only making me grumpier. You’d better be waiting for me naked in bed when I get home. Or. Else.

WHERE ARE YOU? I didn’t even bother to change out of costume so I could get to you that much sooner and I come home to find an empty house with no one to cum home to!

The last text was only from five minutes earlier, but considering everything I’d been going through without him around, I didn’t have much sympathy for him or the Captain. The crowd surrounding home plate however came back to life and were cheering and holding up ‘We love the Captain’ signs seeing him in that damn uniform, so I heard an internal chorus of hisses and boos when I ignored their chanting and said sarcastically, “Oh, I’m sorry. Was I supposed to sit around and wait for you to come waltzing through the door even though you tend to not waltz through it until the middle of the night? Should I be wearing a skirt that hits me mid-calf handing you your tumbler of scotch and putting slippers on your feet before I go and pull your dinner out of the oven? Because, I swear to God, if you say yes, I can guaran-damn-tee you it’ll be a looonnnngg fucking time before you have the opportunity to give me any of your homegrown pearl necklaces.”

Wicked and Immoral were dying to mutiny, but I kept those double-crossing bitches clenched at my sides as my poor hoohah wept at the sight of him. Well, she was leaking something, but not necessarily tears. We hadn’t really fought in a long time, probably not since before the accident, so he missed out on remembering a few doozeys, but it was like riding a bike; you never truly forgot how and just like back then, I simultaneously wanted to junk punch him and then kiss it all better with both sets of lips.

Stupid hormones. Stupid eyesight. Stupid sexy man.

From the look Eric was giving me, he didn’t need his memories to know that even angry sex would be fucking awesome right about now, so his narrowed eyes traveled over my body from head to toe before he looked back at me and took a step forward, growling, “Where. Were. You?”

Stupid sexy growl making my girly bits chant, ‘Cock-a-saurus! Cock-a-saurus!’

I forced the sounds of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ anthem out of my brain that I would swear was coming straight from Eric’s crotch and took my own step forward, growling back, “Out. Are. You. Deaf?”

Goddamnit, I wanted to lick him…

His eyes once again traveled over my body, taking in the red jersey hooded top I’d paired with black leggings, and said, “Well, little red riding hood, my ears are quite big. All the better to hear you with, my dear.”

Can you hear Queen too? And were we seriously going to use a children’s fairytale as foreplay?

Fuck yes! Might as well put that early education degree to good use!

I tried to contain my smirk as I took another step closer and played along, saying, “My, what big eyes you have.” Not really…they were half closed and full of lust, but I still wanted to lick his damn sexy cocked eyebrow.

I wanted to lick his damn sexy cock too, but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of admitting it however, if he played his cards right, I might give him the satisfaction of doing it.

Eric had a harder time, pun intended, of hiding the effect my playing along had on him and he swallowed hard, taking one more step closer, answering, “The better to see you with, my dear.”

How in the hell does he even know or remember this story? Why in the hell am I even thinking about that when he’s dressed in that uniform and looking at me like that?

Stupid pregnancy brain.

The goddamn traitorous bitches that they are, Wicked and Immoral saw the weakness in my defenses and made a break for it by reaching out and flicking open those throb-inducing brass buttons one by one as I croaked out, “What. Big. Teeth. You have.”

Now that I had his jacket open and with my eyes zeroed in on the straining zipper of his pants, logically he should have thought I was talking about those teeth, even though I was clearly talking about Cock-a-saurus’, but Eric just leaned down and scraped his teeth across my neck to whisper hoarsely in my ear, “The better to eat you with, my dear.”

And the crowd goes wild…

His lips were on mine a second later as he picked me up with my legs automatically going right around his waist. Thank God he’d been working out for the film and had such a long arm span otherwise it never would’ve worked with the Bean in the way, but we only made it as far as the bottom of the stairs when he said, “I can’t wait. It’s been too long and you’re too fucking sexy for your own good.”

Pot. Meet Kettle.

Eric practically ripped my clothes off, but I made sure to be extra careful getting his uniform off because we were definitely playing with that again (and again!) and like the generous lover he was, Eric’s mouth and hands went right to work in making sure I was properly warmed up. But, I’d been warmed up for what felt like forever already, so I turned around and faced the stairs on my hands and knees climbing up to the right height, embracing Amelia’s doggy style idea, saying, “Come on Big Bad Wolf, I’m ready to reach the pinnacle of the story, so give me my happily ever after already.”

As if to call me a liar, or perhaps in a gesture of good sportsmanship, Eric’s hand reached down to schmooze with the crowd and feeling how rowdy they were getting, like Babe Ruth pointing off into the distance, the Captain slammed it right outta the park. I was already cumming as soon as he thrust into me and he yelled out a hoarse, “Fuck!” feeling my walls clench down around him, but my mock military man plowed through it gritting out through his teeth, “Needed… This… Missed you…”

I couldn’t have said a coherent word if my life depended on it, but Eric was fluent in Sookie sex speech by then, which was mostly just grunts and sighs, and read all of my cues. He kept his hands gripped onto my hips as he continued to pound into me from behind, but he leaned forward and kissed, bit, and licked a trail going across my back when he finally let one hand slide forward and try to coax another orgasm out of me.

My hoohah held up a lighter like Jim Morrison himself was about to take the stage and sing ‘Light My Fire.’

He knew just how to touch me; how much pressure to use and what rhythm would have me screaming in no time and he put all of that knowledge to good use because it wasn’t long before my entire body lit up like one giant flame in reverence to the Sex God that is Eric Northman. It was made even better feeling him finally lose himself inside of me too, but he was careful not to fall forward since the Bean and I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy getting squished on the stairs and instead he held onto me and brought us both down onto the bottom landing with me in his lap.

Once I was finally able to catch my breath, I turned around in his arms and gave him a kiss on his cheek, giggling, “Welcome home soldier. I thank you for your sacrifice and service.”

“Hell,” he smiled lazily against my neck. “If I go outside and come back in do I get another welcome home like that one so I can service you again?”

“Pfft…” and I rolled my eyes for good measure.

Which of course was Sookie-speak for ‘Fuck yes!’

“So, where were you earlier?” he finally asked much more nicely.

But I was still hormonal. At least, that’s what I was gonna blame it on.

“Apparently I was back in 1957 with Wally and the Beav. It’s probably why I didn’t get your texts until Marty McFly got the flux-capacitor working again and brought me back to the future.”

My words didn’t have enough bite for my taste, so I leaned over and bit him lightly on his shoulder with my tongue darting out to taste him, but he just chuckled, apologizing, “I’m sorry, but I was really horny and grumpy, which could also be said because the day ends in ‘Y’, and because I miss you, which is all the fucking time too.”

My insides were all gooey from his confession, but that wasn’t all that was inside of me when the Bean made its presence known by kicking just underneath where Eric’s hand was resting on my bump. I was almost twenty-three weeks along and had thought some of what I’d been feeling was the baby, but I couldn’t be sure until now and Eric gasped, asking, “Was that what I think it was?”

Stupid hormonal tears.

“I think so,” I sniffled into his chest. “But I had Mexican for dinner, so you never know.”

I couldn’t help smiling hearing Eric’s barking laughter and his whole body shook, thereby making mine shake too, so the Bean kicked him again telling him to knock it off since I was too busy trying not to sob out loud. He only held me tighter, threats of refried bean gas bombs be damned, but he never took his hands from my belly and whispered happily, “I didn’t miss it.”

“Nope,” I agreed thinking whatever I’d been feeling for the past couple of weeks very well could have been gas, so he would be happier having missed that anyway.

He reached out and lifted my chin so he could place a soft kiss on my lips as he looked into my eyes, saying, “I really love you, you know.”

I did know and it was the only way I’d be able to get through the next few weeks without him.


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  1. kleannhouse says:

    awe sweet on all counts of this chapter and the Big Bad Wolf…… KY

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