Chapter 11


I think I was in a bit of shock after my run in, or should I say ‘slap in’, with Eric’s dad. I’d been raised to respect my elders and I’d come to expect the politeness that usually came with their age. My Gran and all of the folks at the Senior Citizens Center I met up with each week had never shown me anything different except for an occasional Grumpy Gus thrown in the mix. Even then, they’d never spoken to me in such a rude and disrespectful way. I had no problem going head on with anyone I considered my peer, but it was ingrained in me to be respectful to those of an earlier generation.

The fact that I wasn’t expecting it, I think, is what led to my hand whipping its way across his face before my brain had a chance to catch up.

What was it with me smacking around the Northman men today?

Oh yeah, they’d deserved it.

But still, here I was hoping to win over Eric’s dad with my charming personality and I’d all but slapped the veneers out of his mouth. Shocked at my own actions, I didn’t realize Eric had stepped in between us until I felt his back brush up against the front of my body and I took a step back thinking he was going to make sure his father okay before commiserating with him over what a bitch I was. I was shocked again hearing him rebuke his father instead and looked up taking in, for the first time, Eric’s defensive stance in front of me.

He was protecting me.


My insides were quickly turning into jelly over the thought, but I fought off my silly notions knowing this was just a part of the charade we were playing.

He was performing his role very well. So well, he should get an Oscar.

My mind churned through everything we’d been confronted with in the few short hours since we’d awoken that morning and I quickly felt myself approaching a massive meltdown. I wasn’t used to so much happening to, and all around, me and I started to shutdown. I didn’t even realize everyone had walked away until I felt Eric’s hand grab my own and looked up when he asked if I was okay.

I couldn’t form any words, in my mind or my mouth, with my brain completely engulfed by a tornado. It was frozen and safe within the eye, but the events and feelings of the day spun violently all around it, threatening to pull it into its grasp and tossing it God knows where.

But for the third time that day Eric came to my rescue; once from the casino lobby, again from his father’s wrath and now here from myself. Only this time there was no one around to act for unless you counted the squirrel in the flowerbed, which I didn’t. Somehow his gentle touch and teasing words calmed me enough to get a hold of myself.

Maybe I’d been wrong about him all along.

And just when I thought he could actually be a sweet guy underneath it all he went and groped his way down my ass before lifting me up into his arms scaring the bejeezus out of me. He was lucky he’d run inside as quickly as he did, where there were witnesses, before I could give him a piece of my mind.

I wasn’t lost on the fact that he carried me with ease as if I weighed no more than a dinner plate and it made me feel good. I’d gained a couple of pounds after quitting Quinn and the gym, but Eric didn’t seem to be struggling at all holding my weight. Quinn would always make comments about there being a ‘bit too much’ of me to hold if I put on a single pound and I would stupidly run myself ragged to lose it again. I was nowhere near as skinny as a lot of the women in L.A., but I liked my curves. Fuck ’em.

He’d moved too quickly for me to take in my surroundings until suddenly we were front and center in what I assumed was his living room. Eric’s father and another woman were seated on one couch, with her hand resting on his thigh, and Pam was seated in a chair opposite of them with a coffee table in between. That only left the chair to Pam’s right and a spot on the couch for Eric and I to sit with me really hoping he’d take the one on the couch so I didn’t have to sit too close to them.

Just like every other hope I had that day, it too was dashed, with Eric simply plopping down in the single chair next to Pam, but he hadn’t taken the time to put me down so I was sitting firmly in his lap. I tried to squirm loose from his grip, but he merely tightened his hold on me and unless I wanted to cause a scene (another one) I had to begrudgingly stay there.

The tension in the room was palpable with his father’s harsh gaze flicking back and forth from Eric to me. Pam appeared to be enjoying it all with a slight smirk on her face, but the unnaturally blond woman seated on the couch was clearly not happy, apparently with me since she was shooting daggers my way.

Finally Eric spoke up saying, “Sookie, you’ve already met my father. Sitting next to him is his cocksucker, Rosemary.”

I gasped in shock at his insult and looked towards Rosemary apologetically while waiting for his father to explode over his son’s chosen description of the woman in his life, but his facial expression didn’t change at all. Rosemary didn’t appear any more affected than him and instead gave Eric an obvious eyefuck purring, “My name is Ginger.”

Huh? Not ‘What the fuck did you just call me?’, but ‘Oh hey, by the way, my name is Ginger!’

By the way she was running her hand along his dad’s thigh I had assumed they were together and absent any denials, his apparent cock sucker, so I was left confused over her glaring interest in Eric.

Glaring at me that is.

Silence had fallen in the room once more and I kept wondering if this was just some horrible dream and I wasn’t really married to Eric or a part of this odd grouping. I glanced around hoping Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi would come into the room waving their Jedi mind trick magic hands saying, “This is not the family you’ve married into.”

But, alas, I wasn’t that lucky. Instead Eric’s dad started yelling, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”

Since I was sitting in Eric’s lap I couldn’t tell if he was asking me or Eric so I just stayed quiet. I felt Eric shrug his shoulders behind me and pull me closer to his chest before saying, “We’re in love and saw no reason to wait.”

Damn my jelly turning insides hearing him say that we were in love. I knew it wasn’t true, but he sounded really convincing.

“Have you learned nothing in your 26 years?” he asked.

I found myself confused again knowing Eric was 29. We shared a birthday only I was four years his junior. When I was younger I’d always thought it was just a sign that we were fated to one day be together. Fate is a fucking funny bitch and I was sure I had another slap in me with her name on it.

“It’s not the same,” was his only reply.

“You’re damn right it’s not the same! At least I’d known your mother for a couple of years before she lured me into marrying her. Is that what this is?” His glare locked onto me asking, “Did you get knocked up to trap him?”

I fell back into Eric’s chest in shock sputtering out, “No!” I felt more than heard Eric’s resigned sigh at my back along with the slump of his shoulders behind me and wondered what kind of asshattery his father specialized in, but figured he was probably more of an all-around asshat.

I could feel Eric’s forehead leaning against my back and I found myself wanting to protect him from the man in front of us. I owed him at least that much after everything he’d done to save me from today.

I squared my shoulders and placed my hands on top of Eric’s where they gripped my waist, lacing my fingers through his, and leveled my own glare at his father saying, “I’m sorry you’re unhappy with our news, but I assure you that I love your son very much and will do my best to make him happy.”

I hoped I’d sounded convincing and ignored the fluttering in my chest.

“I’ve never even seen you before so how can you already be in love,” Ginger mocked from the couch.

“Stay out of it Nutmeg, you’re not a part of this family no matter how much of his cum you swallow,” Eric chided from behind me.

Good Lord!

But once again her glare turned eyefuck as it went from me to where Eric’s face now peeked over my shoulder as she purred, “My name is Ginger.”

Luke? Obi Wan? Fucking Yoda? Fucked up this family is, out of here you must get me!

“Of course neither one of you has ever seen her, she doesn’t live at the bottom of a whiskey bottle,” Pam piped up grinning with glee.

“Her fat ass wouldn’t fit in a bottle,” Ginger snarked out, making my hackles rise. She was a lot closer to my own age, which made it easier for me to justify wanting to knock the bleach off of her lollipop head.

But before I could say a word Eric’s body stiffened behind me saying, “Her ass is spectacular Oregano,” and running a possessive hand from my hip, down my outer thigh, and back again. “And since you’re constantly offering me a piece of your own ass, Sookie’s status as my wife should let you see for yourself just how far out of her league you are.”

There was so much going on with that sentence I didn’t know where to start. One, he liked my ass. I’d already gathered that little bit of info from the way he had groped it earlier. Two, from all of the cocksucker and cum swallower references, that neither one of them denied, I assumed Eric’s dad and Miss McCormick were together. And seeing how she was a whore, I gathered she normally offered herself to Eric because she was a whore (did I mention she was a whore?). But Cumin didn’t make an ‘Uh oh‘ face or anything from Eric dropping the dime on her whorish advances with his father right there. Nor did Eric’s dad look upset or shocked over the news that the woman currently stroking his leg routinely tried to have sex with his son.

She must suck a mean dick.

But lastly, my heart shouldn’t have jumped nor should my girly bits have throbbed over his possessive leg stroke and proclamations of me being his wife coming from his lips. I didn’t realize until that moment that I was leaning back onto Eric’s chest with my hands doing some possessive stroking of their own, running up and down his forearms. I also noticed how much I actually liked being held in his arms, but I would issue a strong denial if asked. Even under oath.

My whole body was a fucking traitor.

Pam apparently decided she’d had enough and said, “Well now that you’ve welcomed Sookie into the family, it’s time for you to go. We have a lot of things to get done and I’m sure the Liquor Mart is putting up “Missing” fliers with your pictures all over town.”

She must wield a lot of power because they both stood up without protest to go with Eric’s dad turning his venom on Pam snapping, “You owe me for four new tires! I know it was you!”

Pam just smirked saying, “I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about. But if I did, I would tell you that the tread was worn and you needed new ones anyway.”

I tried to stand up, southern grace dictated I should, but Eric’s grip remained tight around my waist until I gave up. Looking over at our departing guests I tried to think of a polite farewell, but the whore’s glare and eyefuck pushed the sentiment right out of me.

“Mr. Northman…uh, I guess maybe we can have you over to dinner sometime.” I heard Eric say, “Not likely,” behind me but I ignored him and turned to the cum swallower and smiled saying, “Paprika, it was wonderful meeting you. Please, don’t come again.”

I fought the urge to smile in order to keep my bitchface on, but Eric’s snickering against my back broke my resolve and I giggled right along with him. They both walked out with Pam making sure they were gone before coming back into the room and giving me the once over saying with a smile, “I think you’ll do just fine.”

I was glad at least one of us was confident.


7 comments on “Chapter 11

  1. I love how you’re developing the camaraderie and I’m relieved to see the funny, protective side of Eric coming out. At first I thought he might just be a total jerk. Woo!

  2. kleannhouse says:

    LOl, the condiments list of names love it. KY

  3. lilydragonsblood says:

    what a welcome into the family!

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    You can’t choose your family, ha ha ha! Brilliant. x

  5. lilydragonsblood says:

    Ha ha ha!

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