Chapter 12


I found myself feeling comforted by Sookie’s presence in my lap when I had to deal with my father’s outbursts. I knew he would jump to conclusions about why we’d chosen to get married so quickly with him guessing a pregnancy as the cause from his own experience. It was the reason my own parents had gotten married, or at least that’s what he’d told me my whole life. Both of my parents had been struggling actors before I came along and my mother disappeared when I was just a few months old, leaving a note behind that she wasn’t cut out to be a mother, and leaving my father to raise me on his own.

He could no longer take the bit parts he’d been able to get once he was solely responsible for my care since he couldn’t afford a babysitter and because show business was all he’d ever wanted to do, he decided to use me as his way to stay in it. My infancy and childhood were filled with audition after audition with me appearing mostly in diaper and baby food commercials until I’d been upgraded to smaller parts in TV and movies as a young child. I lucked into a role on a sitcom when I was 14 that became a hit and my fame rose from then on. My father was both proud and resentful of my success because I’d achieved a level of stardom that he’d craved for himself and he blamed my birth as the catalyst that ended his career. He never bothered to hide any of his feelings from me and I’d spent the majority of my youth feeling guilty about the sacrifices he’d had to make because of me. A part of me still felt guilty about it all which was the reason why I still let my father be my agent even though, in reality, Pam called all the shots. He put up with her too knowing how good she was at her job and he was unwilling to let even his own ego derail the gravy train he’d been riding for so long.

I was beating myself up over it all when I’d felt Sookie lace her fingers through mine as she sat up a little taller in my lap and declared her love for me to him. If I didn’t know any better, I would have believed she was telling the truth and an odd warm sensation spread through my body hearing her words. I figured it was partly Sookie’s own body heat along with how great her body felt sitting in my lap. She was soft and firm in all of the right places and I felt the telltale signs my dick was about to let her know just how much I liked it by pressing up against her amazing ass.

I was sure she’d struggle to stand with renewed vigor and wondered how I’d keep her in my lap if that happened, but Coriander took care of that problem for me. Just the sight of her alone was enough to make my dick try and crawl back inside of my body, but when her lustful stares and grating voice were added to the mix I had doubts I’d ever see my cock again.

Of course I knew what her name was, but it was only due to the fact that she fucking refused to give up on her belief that if she stuck around long enough, I’d eventually fuck her. My father knew what her end game was, but his standards were just as low as hers. He always had women surrounding him that were just using him to get to me, but his only response to me when I’d pointed it out was, “I don’t care why they fuck me, so long as they do.”

I sometimes wondered if other sons were gifted with similar life lessons from their fathers. Probably not.

Those women were seriously mistaken though if they thought I’d ever be willing to stick my dick in any orifice of theirs my father had already been in because it would never happen no matter how hot they were. Usually it didn’t take long for them to figure out I wanted nothing to do with them and they’d drop my father, but Chives had been around for a couple of months at least. I didn’t know if she was just that tenacious or just that stupid.

Probably the latter.

It didn’t matter what I said or how I treated her, she’d simply bat her lashes back at me muttering whatever inane bullshit back as though I’d paid her the highest compliment. How much more plain could I be that she was a slut than by calling her ‘my father’s cocksucker’? Maybe next time I’d try calling her his ‘infected cunt.’

I could already see her smiling like a preening dipshit in my mind if I did.

I felt my whole body relax when they were finally gone and couldn’t help chuckling at Sookie’s politely spoken, but bitchy, parting words when she’d bid ‘Paprika’ a fond farewell. Pam was right; she’d do just fine.

Sookie turned to look back at me giggling, “I must have missed Skanky Spice when the Spice Girls were popular.” I laughed and when her amusement calmed she implored, “Please tell me that Chesapeake Old Bay Seasoning isn’t your stepmother.”

“Ha!” I barked out, both repulsed and amused by the idea. “No, she’s not.”

“Good because it’d be kind of gross considering she’s with your father but clearly has a thing for you. Since she looks around the same age as you, she can’t really be classified as a pedophile, but it still just seems wrong.” Her eyes crinkled asking, “Why did your dad say you were 26 when you’re 29?”

Because he’s a drunken bastard that doesn’t feel the date of his only son’s birth is worth remembering.

I had to ask because it begged the question, “How do you know how old I am?”

Her blush was instantaneous as her eyes darted down in embarrassment and she muttered, “Don’t you know it’s rude to answer a question with a question?”

I liked Blushing Sookie much better than Red-Faced Sookie and admonished, “And two wrongs don’t make a right with you doing the same exact thing just now.” Since she was still in my lap, I pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “Tell me.”

Her scent invaded my senses once more and without Parsley there to will my erection away I’d lost my only tool to keep from prodding Sookie’s spectacular ass with, well, my tool.

The slight shiver that made its way down her spine and the small intake of breath she had from my whispered words only fanned the flames burning down below. My hands started moving of their own volition, teasingly caressing her hips and thighs until her own hands stilled mine as she turned to face me again. I hadn’t yet backed away from her when I’d leaned forward, so our lips were just a hair’s breadth apart and I was caught up in her blue eyes unable to move back even if I’d wanted to, which I didn’t.

I could see the indecision warring inside of her mind behind her eyes, but didn’t know if it was from whether or not she would answer my question or if it similar to my own indecision; whether or not I should close that paltry distance that felt like miles in between us to kiss her. My eyes fell to her lips and when I saw her tongue dart out to moisten them I decided that was enough of an invitation for me.

“Alcide will be here soon. He followed your friend Amelia home so she could pack some more things for you that he’ll bring back with him.” Pam’s amused voice filtering through, breaking into the bubble we’d surrounded ourselves in, was like ice water being thrown on both of us. We’d both forgotten her presence and I couldn’t bite back the growl that left my throat as Sookie’s head whipped around to face where Pam stood. Pam was the quintessential predator with her ability to lurk in the shadows until she lunged in for the kill. Most of the time it was fun to watch, but if she’d been within my arm’s reach at that moment I would have snapped her neck.

“Oh…okay,” Sookie sputtered out. “That’s very nice of him.”

I glared at Pam’s grinning face while making plans to repay her for her cockblocking me and wondered if the tread on her tires was worn.

Realizing she was still sitting in my lap, Sookie pushed my hands away and stood up saying, “Sorry. You’re legs are probably falling asleep from my fat ass sitting on them for so long.”

Nothing below my belt was falling asleep. Quite the opposite actually, but I reassured her by saying, “You’re ass isn’t fat, it’s magnificent and considering the fupa Dill Weed is carrying around, she’s got no room to talk.”

Sookie’s eyebrow rose up as she questioned, “Fupa?”

Her blush had already disappeared and I couldn’t wait for its inevitable return when I answered, “Yeah, that roll of fat hanging low on her stomach.” Her clothes always looked two sizes too small so it was impossible to miss.

I wanted to draw it out and savor it like a good meal, so when I didn’t elaborate she said, “I still don’t get it.”

I smiled, counting down in my mind. Three…two…one…,“Fat upper pussy area. Fupa.”

She didn’t disappoint. Her shocked expression preceded the bloom of red on her chest that quickly rose up to her cheeks before she chortled saying, “That’s gross!”

Yes, I definitely preferred this Sookie over Bitchy Sookie, but thoughts of pounding into her having angry sex had its merits as well. Who was I kidding, having any sex with her had its merits and those thoughts, combined with the already uncomfortable tightness in my pants, weren’t helping.

“That’s Eric,” Pam interjected, “gross.” My eyes shot in her direction to give her my ‘Shut the fuck up’ glare, but she was too busy eyefucking Sookie.

I didn’t think Sookie swung that way, but I wasn’t waiting around to find out so I stood up and claimed Sookie’s hand saying, “Let me give you a tour of the house,” as I pulled her along with me and gave Pam a look letting her know she wasn’t invited.

The living room was decorated by Pam who said I needed at least one room that didn’t scream frat boy, but I only let her have her way because I got tired of hearing her complaints. The rest of the house I’d pieced together over time on my own. It suited me and my tastes.

The first room we walked into was a family room of sorts and housed my 72″ flat screen TV with surround sound and a large leather sectional sofa that seated 12. There was a wet bar along one wall that came in handy whenever the guys came over to watch the Super Bowl.

I did a Vanna White move with the hand that wasn’t keeping Sookie tethered to my side and said, “This is the family room.”

She looked around the room taking in the neon bar signs and framed posters of the movies I’d been in hanging on the walls saying, “Um…wow. This is pretty big.”

I started to walk again when I heard her mutter something under her breath that I didn’t catch, so I halted my step and asked, “What was that?”

“Nothing,” she answered, but the blush had returned full force and I wasn’t willing to let it drop with the curiosity already eating away at me.

I invaded her personal space so that our bodies were touching and softly asked, “What did you say?”

She gulped and her eyes darted around the room, searching for an escape, but I had no intention of letting her get away from me now that we were alone. I was hoping for another opportunity to kiss her when I noticed her expression changed to disgust when her eyes became affixed to one spot on the wall over my shoulder and Sookie wretched her hand out of mine, so I looked over to see what had upset her.


It was one of a few posters I had hanging up that had been personally autographed by one of my previous…lady friends. From the look on her face I guessed Sookie didn’t have an appreciation for adult movies.

She angrily stomped into the dining room with no explanation and upon seeing the massive pool table there she snapped, “What the fuck is this, Delta Tau Chi? Is Dean Wormer gonna come storming in looking for Bluto?”

Red-faced Sookie was back and pissing me off so I snapped back with, “What the fuck is your problem?”

“I don’t have a fucking problem,” she retorted and stomped into the kitchen. Before I could follow I heard her say, “Jesus fucking Christ. You’re like a prepubescent teen with a credit card.”

The sound of Pam laughing from the living room pissed me off even more and I walked in to see her glaring at the poker table sitting in the breakfast area. “Where do you sit down to eat?” she asked.

“Wherever the fuck I want! It’s my fucking house so if you don’t like it, just leave!” I regretted the words as soon as they left my lips, but I was still too pissed off to try to do any damage control.

“FINE! I WILL!” she shouted back. I could hear Pam’s high heels clacking our way at a furious pace, but before she could get there the sound of Sookie’s cell phone ringing drowned it out. She ripped it from her pocket and put it to her ear without looking at it yelling, “WHAT?”

My chest was heaving and the adrenaline was still coursing through my veins as I tried to think of a way to get her to stay. She could rile me up like no one else, but that didn’t mean I was ready to let her go yet. The million dollar question was whether or not I could admit it out loud.

I watched as her red face paled and her eyes shot up to mine as she whispered into the phone, “Gran?”


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  1. kleannhouse says:

    ahh the poster, dipshit, why do men think that is okay…. damn KY

  2. lilydragonsblood says:

    uh oh, what’s up with gran?

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