Chapter 14


If I hadn’t still been so worked up over our fight it would’ve seemed almost comical watching Sookie go from a seething hellcat to a remorseful southern belle in an instant, squeaking out a, “No ma’am,” into her phone. The horror on her face, I assumed from yelling at her grandmother, made me want to wrap her up in my arms. I probably would have, but Pam’s arrival in the kitchen saved me from acting on that errant thought as well as getting a kick in the balls which would most likely have been her reaction if I had hugged her.

What the fuck was wrong with me? Why in the hell would I want to hug a harpy bitch like her? Why was I still staring at her completely riveted by every little flicker across her face and concentrating on every word that was coming out of her mouth?

I was so fucked.

From what I could gather her grandmother wasn’t mad, about what I had no idea, but I thought it probably had to do with our last minute marriage. Then again it could have been from her dumbass brother’s interview. I moved forward just a little hoping to catch whatever was being said by her grandmother, but stopped as soon as I realized what I was doing.

When did I turn into such a little bitch? I glanced down at my left ring finger and seeing the tattoo there I remembered; Oh yeah, when I had two little hearts for ‘o’s’ drilled into my skin.

I was still racking my brain trying to come up with a way to get her to stay, especially after figuring out she’d been upset over seeing Yvetta’s poster on my wall. That had to mean she was jealous, at least a little bit, which probably meant that she liked me even though it was more than likely she was probably disgusted with me as well.

I never brought any women back to my home so I didn’t think twice about hanging it up on the wall. A part of me wanted to be pissed that she had the nerve to get upset over it considering we didn’t even know each other until yesterday, but I still felt like a dog with his tail between his legs. While her more pronounced southern accent when she was angry was a definite turn-on, I still preferred the sweet side of her and I’d much rather fight over which side of the bed she wanted to sleep on with her lying on top of me in the dead center as a compromise.

My conquests were no secret and I got a kick out of the guys seeing it hanging there knowing they wished they could be me. If they could see me now, acting like the pussy whipped husband I’d morphed into overnight and hoping for his wife’s forgiveness, their envy would fade in an instant. Thank God Alcide hadn’t made it back yet, but I might have to kill Pam to keep her from spreading the news.

Yep. Fucked. That was me.

Sookie’s face took on a look of sad resignation and when the words, “About that Gran…” came out of her mouth my heart sank. If she admitted our lie to her grandmother now it would be unlikely that I’d be able to get her to agree to continue on with our pretend marriage. The really disturbing part of that was I was more concerned she wouldn’t be around any longer than I was worried about my career.

Maybe she was a witch and I was under some spell.

The question she posed to her grandmother about how she knew about our cover story had Pam written all over it. I should have known her fingers flying across her BlackBerry in the car on the way back would lead to her attempt at getting us in front of any potential damage our videotaped cluster fuck from the night before had made. Sookie followed Pam back into the family room with my feet following behind Sookie’s. I stared at the TV seeing the press release Pam had made on the screen and turned back to see Sookie looking utterly mortified. I took another quick glance around the room and wondered if it was from whatever her grandmother was saying or if it was from the three posters in addition to Yvetta’s that were scattered on the walls.

I briefly contemplated picking her up and carrying her back into the kitchen so I could take them down without her noticing, but her eyes caught mine again, asking her grandmother, “So you don’t think two weeks is too soon?”

Could it be? Was there a God and was he actually doing some damage control for me? From the look on Sookie’s face and the fact that she hadn’t yet spilled the beans I thought there just might be.

I had to restrain myself from pumping my fist in the air when I heard her ask, “You want us to visit for Thanksgiving?” The relief I felt was instantaneous with the end of our fight, at least for the moment, almost in sight. It was only early September so that would mean she’d have to stick around for at least a couple of months. Normally the idea of being with the same woman for that long would have me running for the hills, with no one before her lasting more than a long weekend, but just like every reaction she was able to get out of me was different than my norm, there was something different about Sookie. In any case, that should be more than enough time to get her in my bed and fuck her out of my head. I didn’t want to even think of the possibility that it might not work.

The fucking her out of my head part; not the actual getting her to fuck me part, but failure to accomplish either one of those tasks was unacceptable.

The slight hesitancy in her voice when she asked her grandmother the question was the minor obstacle in my path at the moment and all I needed was something extra to push to her over the finish line.

Her questioning tone as to what my plans might be for the holiday seemed to be it and when she appeared to be trying to maneuver a way for her grandmother to not get to talk to me, I seized the opportunity to grab her phone and agreed to a visit from both of us. If I could charm her grandmother then it would only work in my favor.

Well I’m delighted to hear that young man. Now I won’t give you any guff over not asking me properly for Sookie’s hand in marriage because I know the times have changed, but I do hope you know what a treasure you have in her and treat her accordingly.”

I almost ‘Aww’d’ out loud over how sweet she was until she continued with, “Because if you don’t and my grandson doesn’t get to you first, I have a shotgun with your name on it and I know how to use it.”

Well, at least now I knew where Sookie’s fiery personality came from and after seeing her granddaughter in action, I had no interest in finding out just how good of a shot she would be.

Sookie looked mortified that I’d taken her phone away from her and was jumping up and down in an attempt to climb up my body to get her phone back while whispering death threats at me, so I tried to hold her back with my free hand while saying, “I want to reassure you Mrs….”

Shit, what was Sookie’s last name?

“Stackhouse!” Sookie whispered before having another go at climbing up my side.

“Stackhouse that I know how special Sookie is and I would never do anything to jeopardize that.”

Well I’m glad to hear it and you can call me Gran. I imagine with all of the hub bub surrounding your wedding last night that Sookie might be out of sorts. She was never one for attention, so she might be a little moody and fuss at you. Is she doing alright?”

The words ‘moody’ and ‘fuss’ would be the understatements of the year, but I couldn’t resist replying, “Sookie’s doing very well. At the moment she’s trying to climb me.” I laughed at Sookie’s horrified expression and added, “You know how it is, newlyweds and all.”

Pam’s laughter joined my own as Sookie’s body stilled with one hand and one leg still firmly wrapped around me and her whole body flushed crimson. Since she was securely attached to my side I took the opportunity to walk us back into the kitchen before she had a chance to notice the other posters that would be disappearing as soon as I could find the two minutes it would take to get them off of the walls without her seeing me.

Gran laughed with me saying, “I remember the days of young love. I envy you both.”

Love? No. Lust… infatuation maybe, but not love. I wouldn’t dream of contradicting her though and once I promised that I’d have Sookie call her after her first day at work to let her know how it went, we ended our phone call.

“What did she say?” Sookie asked impatiently as soon as we hung up.

I couldn’t resist teasing her saying, “She said that you might be moody and fuss at me for all of the attention we’ve been getting today. Oh, and she wants you to call her after your first day at work.” I figured reminding her of her original reason for agreeing to go along with everything couldn’t hurt since I’d already gotten the seal of approval from her Gran.

Sookie stood there looking dumbfounded asking, “That’s all she said?”

I shrugged my shoulders answering, “Basically.” There was no need to add the bit about her shotgun named Eric.

Her shoulders sagged in relief before she looked incensed again and smacked my arm saying, “I can’t believe you told her I was trying to climb you!”

I couldn’t help laughing again saying, “It was true! I figured a country girl like you would have practiced on trees or something. Really Sookie, it was a pretty pitiful attempt.”

She scowled back at me, but she remained quiet and her expression quickly changed to uncertainty.

Yes, Sookie could definitely be called ‘moody’.

“Why did you agree to visiting her for Thanksgiving? You practically kicked me out five minutes ago. What changed?” Her eyes were studying my face with suspicion.

“Did you not want me to agree? Do you still want to leave?” Chicken shit, I know, but I was nowhere near ready to admit to the strange feelings her presence produced within me.

The corners of her lips turned up ever so slightly as she said, “There you go again, answering a question with a question.”

I smiled back saying, “Perhaps you can break me of the habit before Thanksgiving gets here.”

Sookie seemed unconvinced and said as much. “I doubt there’s anyone that can break your habits, least of all me.”

I wanted to agree with her, but my own internal bullshit meter read that as a false before I could say the words. Instead I pretended to be sad and gave her my puppy dog eyes saying, “But I thought you were a teacher. Don’t you have some sort of code or something that you have to at least try?”

Her lips twitched before she rolled her eyes in an ‘I’m not falling for the sad look’ fashion. Before either one of us could say anything else, Pam walked back in with Alcide in tow, who was carrying a suitcase in each hand.

“Amelia said she packed everything she thought you would need for a few days, but if there’s something missing I’ll go back for it.” His eyes kept darting back and forth from me to Sookie so I was sure Pam had filled him in on what he’d missed.

I should have killed her when I had the chance.

Sookie ran forward and tried to take the suitcases from Alcide saying, “Oh my gosh, thank you for doing this for me. If there’s anything I need, I’ll go back for it. I don’t want you to have to go through so much trouble on my account.”

“It’s no trouble at all Sookie,” he said smiling at her. The way he was checking out her cleavage before she smiled up at him didn’t sit well with me; his staring at her or her smiling at him, so I glared at him and grabbed the suitcases from his hands saying to her, “Come on. I’ll show you where the bedrooms are.”

The master bedroom was the only one that was fully furnished and two of the three others were full of leftover stuff from the movies and TV shows I’d acted in, so I carried her bags to the one other bedroom that had at least a bed in it. It was next to mine and had only ever been used on occasion by one of the guys if they’d gotten too drunk to leave after one of our poker games.

I set her bags down on the floor while she looked around and said, “I’m sorry it’s not really furnished, but at least there’s a bed. Maybe we can go out and get you some furniture for in here tomorrow.”

I watched her wander in and out of the attached bathroom and walk in closet before she finally stood still saying, “That’s not necessary. You have more closet space than I have clothes, so it’ll be fine.”

We stood there staring at each other in an awkward silence. I knew how to deal with a Blushing Sookie or an Angry Sookie, but Silent Sookie was throwing me for a loop so I bowed out saying, “Well, I’ll leave you to get yourself settled. There are clean sheets and towels in the hall closet.”

I hurried up and got out of her room before she could corner me on the whole Thanksgiving thing again, hoping she’d stay in there for a few minutes. I had some quick redecorating to do in the family room.


2 comments on “Chapter 14

  1. kleannhouse says:

    sneaky bastard getting the pictures out while she is busy and Alcide looking at her cleavage, Eric seems just a bit jealous. KY

  2. lilydragonsblood says:

    ha ha, love the fact eric is doing a spot of interior re-arranging!……and loved the phone call with gran! x

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