Chapter 32


I watched her pull out of the garage and drive off to work while looking through the front window with the taste of her still in my mouth, still feeling her body against mine, and a part of me wondered when everything changed. I could feel it inside of myself as surely as I could feel my dick was still hard and I couldn’t help but question what it was about her that had changed me. I’d been attracted to plenty of women and both given and gotten pleasure from them since I’d hit puberty, but never before had I been so…happy?

Was that the strange sensation I’d been feeling?

The closest feeling I could compare it to was satisfaction, but it was more than that and I could easily become addicted to the high I felt in her presence. Even though we had yet to go any farther than a tortuous bump and grinding session, that we could remember anyway, I was perfectly content for now. I couldn’t think of one woman in my past that I would have bothered with sticking around for four days trying to bed them, but for Sookie I would wait. I just didn’t know why.

My dick still needed relief though and after stroking one out in the shower to take the edge off, while recalling our early morning tease, I could finally walk normally again and headed to the studio. The morning and early afternoon was filled with last minute costume fittings and a dry run rehearsal in preparation for the taping that evening. I hadn’t seen Dawn at all, so that was a plus, but other than regurgitating my lines, my mind had stayed focused on Sookie. I missed her…a lot and the thought of spending another five hours without seeing her was starting to make me cranky, as were Alcide’s inquiries about how she was doing.

She’d be doing ME eventually so he could just fuck off.

When we broke for our usual early dinner break I tried calling her cell phone hoping for a quick fix just hearing her voice, but she didn’t answer. Then I tried the house phone, but she didn’t answer that one either and I started to get worried.

What if she was choking to death on her tea because I wasn’t there to give her a straw?

We had two hours before we were due to be in costume and on set so I took off and went home to check on her. When I walked into the house I saw her purse sitting on the counter and called out her name, but got no response. Hoping I’d catch her sunning herself in the pool again I peered outside, but didn’t see her and saw the backdoor was still locked so I headed upstairs. I was about to call out her name again as I made my way up when I heard her laughing and wondered if her friend Amelia had come over, but there weren’t any other cars parked outside.

As I reached the top of the stairs is when I realized the sound was coming from my bedroom and my first thought was that Sookie had brought someone home with her. And they were in my room. And she was laughing so whatever they were doing was something she was enjoying.

In my room.

With someone other than me.

I stormed down the hallway fully prepared to rip someone’s head off when I got to the doorway and my inner beast calmed instantly seeing Sookie rolling around in my bed all alone like it was catnip and I had to wonder if she’d been getting her drunk on without me. I’d never had another woman in my bed before, but seeing her rolling around giggling and disappearing underneath the comforter left me feeling both happy and satisfied. I wanted her there and since she seemed perfectly happy being there I thought I would let her know what I was thinking.

“If you wanted to get into my bed, all you had to do was ask.”

Sookie screeched and the top of her now messy head peeked up out of the comforter she was trapped in with her whole face flushing red as she saw me standing in the doorway. She seemed too stunned to speak having been caught red handed and appeared to be trying to untangle herself from the bedding, more than likely preparing to bolt, but I would have none of that. I took off like a shot and leapt onto the bed landing at her at her side, but I’d grossly underestimated my weight in comparison to hers because as soon my body bounced on the mattress I heard her muffled scream as hers flew up into the air and off the opposite side of the bed. She landed on the floor still cocooned inside of the blanket with me scrambling across the mattress towards her, while visions of domestic violence charges danced in my head saying, “Shit! Are you okay?”

She struggled untangling herself from the comforter when her head finally came free and her eyes glared back into my own as she spat back, “If you wanted to get me out of your bed, all you had to do was ask.” She let out an indignant huff and tossed the blanket back over her head, but before I could apologize again her muffled laughter filled the air.

When I realized she was fucking with me, and not in the way I’d hoped for our first time together in my bedroom, I slithered off the side of the bed and wrapped my body around her blanket covered one growling, “Well then consider this as my request that you get back in it,” before lifting her up and putting her back on top of the bed.

She shrieked with laughter again and fought her way loose from the blanket asking, “What are you doing home already? I thought you said you had to work late.”

Seeing her in my bed, with loose strands of hair that had been pulled free from her ponytail dangling around her face and the laughter still clearly visible in her eyes, made me want to close the distance between us, so I pulled her body against mine and answered her with a kiss. She’d gasped in surprise so I used it to my advantage and swept my tongue into her mouth with her brief hesitation quickly disappearing as her hands grasped the sides of my head keeping me in place when she gave into the kiss. Her lips quickly became just as demanding as mine and her moans echoed my own while I once again savored my new favorite flavor. Sookie beat cherries hands down any day.

At various points throughout the day I had tried to convince myself that kissing her wasn’t as great as I’d made it out to be in my mind, if only so I could keep my Man Card and not admit to being utterly destroyed by her lips, but feeling her body pressed against me and tasting her all over again proved I’d only been kidding myself.

Who needs a Man Card anyway?

I felt her arms and legs wrap around my body as I moved to lie on top of her and pulled my lips away from hers allowing her to breathe while I kissed my way along her jaw and neck as she panted out, “But I didn’t cook you anything for dinner because you said you were working late.”

What was she talking about?

My hands were already working their way up her torso underneath her shirt as her words brought me back to the real world and I growled out, “Fuck…” against her skin. I wanted and needed to be inside of her in the worst way, but I knew if I didn’t leave soon I’d be late for the taping. I didn’t want our second first time to be a quickie and I honestly had doubts I’d be able to walk away from her so soon after finally having her. Again that is.

She stiffened underneath me and her hands let go of my head as she said, “I can still make you something to eat now.”

I propped myself up enough to look down at her face, the earlier laughter now replaced with confusion, and I said, “It’s not that Sookie, I have to get back to work. We’re just on our dinner break.” It had taken me a bit longer to get home with the rush hour traffic and would take even longer to drive back in it. I missed her already and I was still lying on top of her.

I’d never get that Man Card back.

“Oh, I guess we’re clockblocked again.” Her face fell as her eyes filled with disappointment, but before I could think of a way to make it better she asked, “Can I come with you? You know, just to watch you work?”

Fucking brilliant! “I think that’s a great idea,” and I showed her just how fucking much I’d meant it by capturing her lips in another kiss. Her hands and body were tormenting me nearly as much as the time was before I finally pulled away saying, “We need to leave in a few minutes if we’re going to get there on time.”

I’d expected another pout or indignant huff from Sookie so I was surprised when she started pushing on my chest saying, “I need to change!”

I reluctantly rolled to the side so she could get up saying, “You look fine.” And she did. Just ask Eric Junior once he was done crying in my pants.

Sookie ignored both my statement and my weeping dick as she ran from the room. I noticed the laundry basket full of clothes lying on the floor by my closet door and carried it downstairs, pausing for a brief moment outside of Sookie’s closed bedroom door while I contemplated opening it to catch her half dressed, but knowing we’d never leave the fucking house if I did. She appeared in the kitchen a few minutes later in a red summer dress with a new ponytail and no visible signs I’d been mauling her with my hands and mouth only moments earlier. The dress hugged every one of her curves, the red color doing wonders against her bronzed skin while reminding me of how hot she’d looked in what had become her wedding dress, and I had to clench my hands into fists to keep myself from making us late.

Eric Junior was inconsolable.

I must have been staring because Sookie started fidgeting under my gaze and asked, “Do I look okay?”

“You’re beautiful.” It was the understatement of the fucking year, but I didn’t think she’d appreciate me saying she was dick-weepingly gorgeous because she probably didn’t consider pre-cum to be the same as tears.

She followed me outside and I held open the door for her as she climbed inside the Corvette before getting in on the driver’s side and heading down the driveway. “This is a nice car,” she mused, drawing my attention from the road to her.

She wasn’t the first woman I’d had in my car, but recalling some of my previous exploits in it with some of them now made it feel dirty. I loved my car, but I didn’t like seeing Sookie sitting in the same seat they had once occupied and made a decision to trade it in the
next day. It was only a year old, but I’d get the new model and switch out the black colored one I had now for a red one. Sookie looked good in red.

When I didn’t say anything Sookie asked, “So why did you come home early?”

Because I missed you and nobody’s ever asked to see my Man Card anyway.

Not wanting to admit that out loud, I racked my brain for a way to deflect that particular conversation and just shrugged my shoulders asking, “Why were you rolling around in my bed laughing?”

Sookie turned nearly as red as her dress with her eyes darting to the passing scenery outside of the car before finally replying, “I was just getting your sheets to do the laundry.”

Before I could call, ‘Bullshit!‘ she asked, “So what’s your show about?”

I guess I really had been hanging around too many hangers on because I was stunned that she didn’t know and forgot all about calling her out on her bullshit response asking, “You’ve never seen it?” It was one of the highest rated shows on television which was a big factor in why we were currently being dogged by the paparazzi on our way to the studio.

“No,” she said apologetically, “I don’t watch much television.” The sincerity in both her voice and her expression told me she was being truthful and irrationally I was upset by it. I was quickly becoming almost obsessed with her and the thought that she wasn’t just as enthralled by me made me feel a little insecure.

What the fuck was with all of the new feelings she was bringing out it me?

I absentmindedly recited the premise of the show, like I had on the many talk shows and press junkets I was required to attend, while she listened quietly with my synopsis ending as we pulled up to the studio gate. I parked in my designated spot where Alcide had been standing apparently waiting for me and got out of the car. His eyes lit up seeing Sookie was with me and I shot him a death glare as I went around and helped her out of the car, keeping her hand in mine once she was standing.

“Hi Sookie!” he said to her before looking at me, his happy expression changing to a scolding one as he said, “You’re cutting it close don’t you think? Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?”

I pulled Sookie along with me as I went into the studio and headed towards my dressing room saying, “Because you’re not my fucking keeper.” And if he kept looking at Sookie like a lovesick puppy he wouldn’t be fertile for much longer either since his balls would be dangling from the rearview mirror of my new car.

We had just stepped into my dressing room when I heard, “Actually, he is.” I looked over to where I’d heard my father’s voice coming from and saw him sitting on the couch with the cocksucker at his side and sighed. He rarely came to the tapings anymore so I hadn’t expected him to be there and I was worried about Sookie feeling uncomfortable with him there.

I felt her squeeze my hand a little tighter as she stepped close enough to me that the sides of our bodies were touching and looked down seeing her looking back at them, each glaring directly at her. Apprehension and dread started filling my body knowing she’d be subjected to them for a few hours until I heard her whisper, singing, “Yo I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. So tell me what you want, what you really, really want.”

The laughter erupted from my chest hearing her sing a Spice Girls song and her face turned up to mine with a smile, instantly setting my nerves at ease. God, I loved her.



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  1. kleannhouse says:

    that was perfect the whole dang chapter KY

  2. lilydragonsblood says:

    love reading their internal monologues…….squeeeeee…..they’re SUCH an adorable couple…x

  3. lilydragonsblood says:

    He loves her…*swoon*….

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