Chapter 33


Not wanting to make Eric late, I ran into my room knowing I needed to change my panties first and foremost since they were now drenched thanks to his unexpected early arrival and sneak attack on my already hopping libido. He didn’t seem to care that I looked a mess from cleaning the house, and having a fan girl moment in his bed thinking I was all alone, but I didn’t want to look like a slob standing next to him when I knew I’d be meeting some of his co-workers for the very first time. Gran had always stressed the importance of making a good first impression so I chose a pretty red dress that wasn’t too casual, but not too dressy either and slipped it on before running a brush through the rat’s nest on top of my head and pulling my hair into another ponytail.

Hearing him call me beautiful after I’d come downstairs made my insides all squishy and I wondered how much longer I’d be able to resist him and his body thinking if it weren’t for the constant cock and clock blocks, I probably would have already given in like the wanton whore my body was screaming for me to be. I had been thisclose to agreeing anyway and decided to just let the chips fall where they may from then on. We were technically married after all and we’d already agreed on being in a real relationship together so why deny him or myself from what we both inarguably wanted? I almost giggled out loud thinking those chips could very well fall on his precious poker table that I would be moving into the den, but I still needed to get a real table first and decided I’d stop somewhere on my way home from work the next day to get one before his poker party. If I had to, I’d use the Wonder Twin powers I had at my disposal to get him to help me move it before his guests arrived.

He seemed lost in thought while we were driving to the studio and my earlier question came back to mind about why he’d come home early at all if he wasn’t done working. He’d made it sound like he wouldn’t be home until later on when I’d asked him about his schedule that morning, so I didn’t think coming home in the middle of his day was something he did normally. Of course when all he did was shrug his shoulders in response and instead asked why I’d been rolling around in his bed like a pig in shit my whole body turned hot in embarrassment while I quickly did the calculations of successfully throwing myself from the car while it was in motion. Surely one of the paparazzi would break my fall, right?

I eventually spouted off my half-truth about doing the laundry and quickly got him talking about his show figuring as long as he was talking about that he wouldn’t be able to ask me any more embarrassing questions. His friend Alcide was waiting by Eric’s parking spot and I could tell by the tension in his shoulders Eric didn’t want him there. He seemed nice enough so I had no idea what could be going on between them and wondered if Alcide would be at the house the following night for the poker game. If he was maybe I’d get a hint of what their issue with each other was.

I tried to take a good look around like any tourist would while Eric pulled me along behind him on his way to what turned out to be his dressing room, but I didn’t register who the man’s voice belonged to when we’d heard him speaking as we walked into it. I felt Eric’s body tense next to mine seeing his father and Skanky Spice sitting on the couch glaring daggers at us and given his posture, I didn’t think he had expected them to be there. I didn’t think it was fair of them to be making Eric so uneasy knowing he was due to start shooting his scenes soon so I tried to lessen the tension in the room whisper singing the opening lines to a Spice Girls song hoping it would loosen Eric up. I beamed inside and out when he burst into laughter and looking up at him it appeared to do the trick. At first.

His expression went from amused to aghast in a split second and I had no idea why. I know my singing could make cats in heat sound like the Boston Philharmonic, but I didn’t think it was because I was pitchy.

Maybe he inadvertently let out a silent but deadly fart?

I grew up with Jason Stackhouse so it would take something epic to knock me down and I did a discreet test inhale through my nose, but all I smelled was Eric’s distinct scent. If he could bottle it and market it with pictures of him emerging from his pool he’d make a fortune.

My whole brain glazed over just thinking about his Kraken shaped bottle it would come in until I heard Eric’s voice break through the fog asking, “What are you doing here?”

I didn’t think he was asking me since he was the one that said I could come along, so I looked back at the couch where his father sat with Peppercorn at his side dropping her glare from me to give Eric a thorough eye fuck and I stepped in front of him, pulling his arms around my waist and blocked as much of Eric as I could with my body.

He was mine!

I felt better feeling Eric’s hands lace together in front of me like it was completely natural, but I could still feel that his body was tense when I leaned back against him and wished we had the time for me to massage it out of him. Picturing my hands rubbing every part of him soft while working on the one muscle of his I wanted hard made me glad I’d chosen to wear a dress since I was sure the moisture invading my crotch would make the BP oil spill back home seem like a drop in the bucket.

“I’ve come to make sure your work isn’t going to shit now that you’ve become so enamored of a piece of ass you felt the need to marry it. Haven’t you learned anything?” Eric’s dad reached around and smacked the side of Tarragon’s ass adding, “They’re a dime a dozen.”

I was already prepared for his less than stellar view of me and had seriously started to question Saffron’s mental capabilities when her only response to hearing how disposable she was in their relationship was to press herself against his side and giggle. Hell, I might have even started feeling bad for her if she hadn’t followed that up by looking at Eric, licking her collagen filled lips and winking at him.

I just wasn’t THAT good of a Christian.

I felt more than heard a low growl in Eric’s chest, but before he could respond the telltale click clack of heels coming into the room made us all turn and see Pam sweep in like a runway model, hands on hips, as her head turned from side to side taking in everyone in the room. All she was missing was a fan to make her straightened blond hair blow out behind her and she’d be all set.

Focusing her glare on the couch she asked, “What the fuck are you and cum stain doing here? Eric has a job to do and he doesn’t need you fucking with his head.”

Don’t hold back Pam; tell us how you REALLY feel.

His father glared back at Pam saying, “I know Eric has a job to do. I’m his manager and I’m here to make sure he actually does his job instead of doing her.

Well shit, I guess no one around here holds back.

“You’re only his manager because Eric still hasn’t come to his senses yet, but now that the Navy SEALS have taken out Osama I’m sure they’re looking for their next target. I could always plant something on WikiLeaks and hope for the best. I’m sure the only thing the sniper would feel after shooting you would be recoil.”

The sound of someone clearing their throat in the doorway made us all turn around again with me wondering who else could possibly be added to the cast of The Fucked Up and the Furious. An older woman stood there with her makeup case in hand looking like she’d rather be plucking her nose hairs out with tweezers one by one than interrupt, but Eric came to her rescue saying, “Come in Octavia.” He glanced back at the couch adding, “They were just leaving.

After a brief stare down with his father and Fennel, they finally stood up with his father saying, “We’ll be on the set,” before walking out the door. Eric shot another unfriendly look towards Alcide who I’d forgotten was even in the room and he left too, leaving just the three of us and a slightly relieved looking Octavia.

Eric had turned us to face the door and said, “Octavia, this is my wife Sookie. Sookie, this is Octavia. She does my makeup for the show.”

I still hadn’t gotten used to the fact I was Eric’s wife much less hearing it said out loud, but manners were so ingrained in me by Gran that I didn’t hesitate thrusting my hand out with a smile saying, “It’s nice to meet you Octavia.”

Her eyebrow rose up like she hadn’t expected me to greet her, but she smiled and shook my hand anyway saying, “It’s a pleasure.” She looked back at Eric and said, “We should really get started if you don’t want to be late.”

Eric was still standing behind me and he leaned down kissing the top of my head saying, “I need to get ready. Pam can take you out to Craft Services to get something to eat in the meantime if you’re hungry.”

He let go of my waist and went to sit down in a chair in front of a large mirror where Octavia had already begun getting her supplies out, but before I could say anything Pam grabbed me by the arm and said, “Yes. Let’s go so Eric can concentrate on his lines while we take a walk.”

She was a lot stronger than she looked as she pulled me from the room and I wondered how she knew what recoil was, but was too afraid to ask. Some things I was just better off not knowing.

“So tell me Sookie, do you have an appropriate dress for Friday night? This one is fine for running around in, but it wouldn’t do for the premier party.” Her feet never slowed as we brushed past people in the hallway who were all rushing around in a hurry.

I turned to look at her asking, “What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t Eric tell you? There’s a party on Friday night for the season premier that he has to attend, so you need to attend as well. It can count as your weekday photo op if you want, but you definitely need to be there. It would look odd if you didn’t attend it with him since everyone brings their spouses.”

“No, Eric didn’t say anything about it.” Why wouldn’t he have told me? We’d spent hours in the pool talking and he’d never mentioned anything about it.

“It probably just slipped his mind,” she offered as people scattered out of her path seemingly afraid of her. After seeing her in action, I couldn’t really blame them.

“I guess.” I could feel my insecurities creeping back up wondering if maybe Eric didn’t tell me because he didn’t want me to go with him, but I couldn’t think of a single reason why he might feel that way and brushed it aside.

As we came up to where they had set up trays of food for the cast and crew Pam’s phone rang and she stepped off to the side to take the call while I headed for the table. None of it really looked all that appetizing so it was no wonder Eric seemed to really enjoy the home cooked meals I made for him. I decided to just grab some fresh fruit, not trusting any of the other food since I didn’t know how long it had been sitting out, when a pretty brunette strode up and stood at my side with a smile asking, “Are you the one that married Eric over the weekend?”

I smiled back replying, “Yes. I’m Sookie.” I put my hand out to shake hers asking, “Are you a friend of Eric’s?”

Her smile turned into a sneer while she looked at my outstretched hand with disdain before looking back at me saying, “You could say that since he was fucking me just a couple of weeks ago.”

My insides were boiling with Quinn deja vu all over again that not only did this floozy think she had the right to confront me like that, but that Eric didn’t have the decency to at least warn me that I might run into one of his fuckbuddies. Then again, he’d probably have to give me a blanket warning to cover the entire greater Los Angeles area.

I pulled my hand back not wanting to catch whatever disease she might have and infused a bit of recognition into my smile asking, “Oh, was that you?

She seemed shocked that I would know about her, but I kept right on talking and smiled wider saying, “I guess I should really thank you. If you hadn’t been such a horrible lay, according to Eric, he probably wouldn’t have come running to me, begging me to marry him so he wouldn’t have to deal with the likes of someone like you anymore.”


Her eyes flashed with anger as she yelled, “YOU BITCH!”

Did I mention I grew up with Jason Stackhouse?

Not only had I built up an immunity to noxious gas, but I could spot the signs when someone was about to rear back for a punch and I dodged her flying fist, grabbing onto her arm and using her forward momentum against her by pulling her down face first as I moved out of her path. I was still holding onto her outstretched arm and she wasn’t quick enough to break her fall with her other one when her face bounced off of the floor while everyone standing around turned to face us. I could hear Pam’s click clacking barreling towards us when she asked, “What the fuck is going on?”

I didn’t want to say anything with everyone gawking at us and just shrugged, dropping the arm I was still holding, and saying, “She tripped. I tried to catch her but I just wasn’t quick enough.”

The whore was clutching her bloodied mouth crying, lisping out that she’d broken a tooth, and I had to swallow the smile that threatened to appear on my face masking it with a look of concern as people rushed over to her aid. Pam and I quietly slipped away blending back into the crowd and she leaned in asking what had really happened. I guessed I wasn’t as good of an actress as I’d thought since she clearly didn’t buy my initial version of events, so I repeated verbatim what had really transpired fully expecting her to go off on me for making a scene in public. Instead she surprised me and everyone within earshot by cackling out loud. I would guess it wasn’t something they often heard coming from her and she shocked me again by giving me a hug and whispering in my ear, “I’m so glad you and Eric got drunk married. Nothing is boring with you around.”

“Glad I can be here to amuse you Pam,” I whispered back.

If only I could feel amused. Instead I just felt angry and hurt at Eric’s complete disregard for my feelings. I knew he was no angel; I’d accepted that fact about him, but the least he could do was give me a little warning if he knew I could potentially run into one of his harem of whores. After all, I had warned him about Quinn not knowing they already had a history at the gym. I assumed she worked with Eric in some capacity so he must have known I might meet her. It made me wonder if perhaps that was the reason why he didn’t tell me about the party on Friday night. Even me coming along with him to the studio that day had been my idea and while he agreed, perhaps it was more my presence than everyone else’s that had caused his tension. Maybe he didn’t really want me there.

Pam pulled me to where the studio audience would soon sit with us taking a couple of seats near the back so she wouldn’t be subjected to ‘the unwashed tourist vermin’, but I could barely concentrate on what was happening on stage. My eyes locked onto Eric in every scene he acted in, but all I could think about was whether or not he was keeping things from me on purpose. Was every action he’d made towards me genuine or an act to get me to sleep with him?

I guess only time would tell.


6 comments on “Chapter 33

  1. kleannhouse says:

    poor Sookie, first dad and paprika and now the bitch Dawn, grrrr compton must be next KY

  2. askarsgirl says:

    Sookie handled Dawn like a pro!

  3. lilydragonsblood says:

    poor sookie, feeling so down, she doesn’t realise she’s the apple of eric’s eye……lucky girl! x

  4. luvvamps says:

    I had forgotten how funny this is! My face hurt’s from laughing!

  5. lilydragonsblood says:

    Poor Sookie…..she’ll feel better soon, I’m sure….x

  6. lilydragonsblood says:

    Aahh, poor Sookie, she needs to have faith in Eric.

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