Chapter 40


I stayed in the shower long after I was clean wondering how receptive Sookie would be to me in the morning. She’d taken off early that very morning after we’d fought in the car the night before and I didn’t know her well enough yet to know if running away was a pattern for her. I couldn’t blame her for walking out of the room after I’d basically called her ‘stupid’ when I knew she was anything but, but my mouth had a mind of its own when I was angry. It didn’t excuse it though and I wanted to apologize; I just hoped she would let me.

When my skin started to prune I turned the water off and wrapped myself in a towel before heading into the bedroom and was surprised to see Sookie standing there. I could tell her mind was elsewhere and waited as long as my patience would allow before saying, “Sookie?”

She still seemed out of it and I started to worry until I remembered her reaction to seeing my bare chest and smiled. If I’d thought about it the night before I would have ripped my shirt off before we ever got home so she wouldn’t have stormed off before I could apologize. I had no intention of covering myself now that I had her in the same room and when she still couldn’t seem to find the words as to why she was there, I walked over and told her what I seemed to be saying a lot lately; I was sorry. Again.

And I was sorry for calling her stupid, but I was not sorry for wanting to tear off Bill’s dick and shove it down his throat. I just didn’t go into that much detail in my apology.

Standing that close to her I couldn’t resist touching her in some way and ran my fingers down her freshly scrubbed face. She was beautiful without a doubt, but it was her inner beauty that shined the brightest and even though I’d been filled with nothing but regret over our marriage when we’d first learned of it, I was now grateful to have been forced to get to know her. Just the thought of having missed out on finding someone as special as Sookie made my chest ache, so when she apologized as well and I knew we were okay again, I claimed her lips in a kiss. She was my new favorite place to be and I hated fighting with her; hated seeing her walk away from me for any reason. Having her here in my arms is what felt right and I’d do whatever I had to, to keep her there.

The sight of her wet shirt stuck to the front of her body, perfectly encasing her breasts, was just another reason I wanted to keep her there, but when she’d said she was going to change and turned to walk out the door, I reacted without thought grabbing her hand and practically begged her to stay. I had no idea what the fuck was wrong with me, but I knew I still felt too vulnerable from our earlier fight to watch her walk away again.

I was such a pussy.

Hoping Sookie was unaware she was now in sole possession of my Man Card, I attempted to lighten the mood by amping up the already massive amount of sexual tension between us by taking off my towel. If she was distracted by my bare chest then I thought the sight of my completely naked body should be interesting.

At least that was my plan and it might have worked had she not covered her face with my shirt before trying to inch her way out of my room like a wayward pinball. I gave up and quickly pulled on a pair of pajama pants and grabbed a hold of her before she could hit the wall. My only intent had been to save her from a stubbed toe, but standing so close to her was making my body’s intentions known to her as well. While it hadn’t been all that long since I’d had sex last (sex that I could remember anyway), being around Sookie for the last few days had been a heavenly torture. Seeing her in a bikini and her constant uniform of form fitting short shorts tormented each day, but now that we’d moved on to actual touching and kissing, I’d been subjected to the best form of agony imaginable. I knew I would wait however long it took until she was ready, but I started to wonder if it was possible to die from a perpetual hard-on. Didn’t the Viagra commercials say something about seeking medical attention if your erection lasted too long?

Maybe Sookie would take pity on me if I had a note from the doctor?

I was lost in thoughts of Nurse Sookie performing mouth to dick resuscitation, not realizing I’d been groping my way up her shirt until I felt her hands still mine as she said, “I think I can handle it on my own.”

Handle what? Sexing me up of her own volition without a prescription? She has a medical degree I know nothing about and knows she’s the cure for my special brand of deep vein thrombosis so there’s no need to dial 911? WHAT?

Her reply to my unspoken questions came when she slipped my t-shirt over her head and after some contorting of her upper half, showing me absolutely nothing of what lied underneath, she pulled her damp t-shirt through the neck of my shirt she was now wearing with a smile saying, “Ta dah!”


Because of the differences in our size my shirt almost came down to her knees and when she pulled off her pajama pants I didn’t mean to but said out loud anyway, “Yay!”

Sookie smiled before walking towards my closet and tossing her pajamas into my hamper saying, “Don’t get too excited there buddy, I only took them off because they were wet too.”

Seeing her do something so utterly normal and mundane as putting her clothes in my hamper shouldn’t have made me so giddy inside, but it did and again my thoughts left my mouth without the consent of my brain.


She gave me a funny look and smiled saying, “And just where did you think I’d run off to at this time of night in nothing but your t-shirt?” When I didn’t respond right away, having been too busy trying to cough up a hairball like the giant pussy I was, she asked, “Or was that going to be followed up with a ‘roll over’ and ‘fetch’?”

“Stay here,” I pointed at my bed, “with me…tonight.” And the next night and the next night and the next night…

I could tell by the look in her eyes she was about to say no, so I made a preemptive strike saying, “Nothing has to happen, we’ll just talk. You haven’t told me about your day.” When she still seemed hesitant I grinned, waggling my eyebrows and offered, “If it’ll make you feel better I’ll let you tie me up.”

I thought she would laugh, but instead a flash of lust went across her face and my mental inventory turned up no scarves in the house, unless she had some; if not, I’d shred a fucking pillow case. More than just my hopes were up when she finally said, “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.”

“I could tie you up first if you’d prefer.”

“Eric! That’s not what I meant!” she blushed.

Shit! I said that out loud.

“Just kidding,” not really, “But really Sookie, I promise to be on my best behavior.” However, feel free to not emulate my best behavior. I walked over to the bed and sat down, pulling back the covers and patted the mattress, but when she still hadn’t moved an inch I donned my overdramatic acting skills and flopped onto my back throwing my arm over my eyes saying, “You wound me Sookie. The first time I ask a woman to join me in my bed and you’re going to deny me?” I let out an over the top fake sob and added, “My ego is shattered.”

I expected her to call me out on my flare for dramatics or perhaps tease me on my overblown ego, but she surprised me yet again when she asked somewhat pissily, “You’ve never had a woman your bed? You, Mr. Hollywood Sex God. Do you really expect me to believe that?”

I reined in my natural urge to snap back, realizing my error in alluding to my sexual history while enjoying her moniker for me, and sat back up to look her in the eyes saying sincerely, “You are the only woman who has ever been in my bed.”

“Is it new?” she huffed.

I reveled in her jealousy for a moment before answering, “No. I never even brought anyone to my house before.”

Thank Christ for that. I’d already felt the need to replace my car, but moving to a whole new house would be a pain in the ass.

I’d do it though.

I was just about to stand up and tell her we could talk downstairs instead when she inched towards me asking, “Really? You’ve never brought any of them home with you?”

I held out my hand and when she placed hers inside of it, I pulled her towards me responding, “Really. None of them meant anything to me so why would I sully my house with their presence?”

Sookie smiled chuckling, “You can be such an ass sometimes.”

Apparently not so much of an ass to stop her from crawling into the bed next to me and getting under the covers, which is exactly what she did. As soon as she was settled I turned out the lights and pulled her up against me, spooning her from behind, and suddenly all was right in the world. I nuzzled my face into her hair saying, “It’s a good thing I have such a great ass.”

“Mhmm…your ego seems to be just fine.”

“Of course,” I replied while inhaling the scent of her, “You’re in my bed.” And you’re never leaving it again if I have anything to say about it. We laid in silence for a moment before I asked her about her day and she told me about having lunch with Sam and going shopping together for the table. I was glad I got to spend what little time together with him that I had that evening or else I knew I would’ve been insanely jealous and thinking about our fucked up night made me remember what I’d overheard coming from the kitchen before walking in and seeing Sookie glaring down over Bill on the floor.

“What were you talking about before I came into the kitchen? I heard you say something about cookies and to call you Mrs. Northman.” Even with the circumstances of why I found them that way, I couldn’t help smiling saying her new last name.

“Pfft…that ass kept calling me Sookeh like my name, while unusual, is so hard to say. I told him it rhymed with cookie but he could just call me Mrs. Northman.” She shrugged her shoulders ending with, “I had a Janet Jackson moment.”

I hugged her tighter against my body purring, “Does that mean a wardrobe malfunction is in your future? The future being now of course.”

She smacked my arm in fake ire before snickering, “Too bad for you I used my last star shaped pasty on the day before we met.” Before I could tell her I was more than willing to forego the star on her breast because it would only hinder my mouth, she said, “Now stop it. Tell me about your day.”

I sighed in disappointment having already pictured her naked breasts before saying, “There’s not much to tell. I went to the gym and then the studio.” I recalled my reason for arriving home later than I’d planned and added, “Oh, and I got a new car.”

“I saw,” she laughed. “Are you going to change your name to some random symbol and make people address you as the artist formerly known as Eric Northman?”

Is there a symbol for ‘pussy whipped’?

I suddenly had images of Sookie dancing seductively around me and asked, “If I do will you dance around me on stage and have a wardrobe malfunction?”

Totally worth the ‘pussy whipped’ symbol.

“Why, do you sing too?”

I wish I did now. “No, but don’t let that stop you.”

“You’re so bad.” Her statement was a contradiction to her movements when she pressed herself back against my body even harder. It made me even harder which was difficult to hide given the way I was attached to her body like a blood sucking leech.

My hips ground against her ass without any direction from my brain and my mouth joined the mutiny, saying, “Let me show you just how bad I can be. I promise it’ll be very good.”

Her breath hitched in her throat as her body shuddered, trapped by my own, and in another show of inconsistency she brought my hand up from where it had been resting on her stomach to cup her breast as her hips did some grinding of their own while she said, “No, we’re just talking.”

Talking? If she wanted to talk I could find PLENTY to say.

I let my teeth scrape along the outer edge of her ear while my hand kneaded her breast and whispered, “What do you want to talk about? How just the sight of you makes hard? How feeling your soft skin underneath my fingertips makes me burn from the inside out? How the taste of your lips leaves me salivating for more? How much I’m dying to taste every part of you?”

I licked and kissed my way down her neck to her shoulder, not seeing in the darkness of the room but feeling the blush on her skin, as she sighed, “Eric…”

“Hmm?” It was the most I could say since my lips and tongue were preoccupied as they worked their way across the back of her neck and my hand got jealous over the skin on skin contact they were enjoying, so it snuck its way up underneath the shirt she was wearing. After all, it was only fair.

My fingers rolled and tweaked her nipple before moving to her other breast, in an effort to maintain all around fairness, and while Sookie’s hand slipped behind her stroking me through my pants my other hand trailed up her inner thigh finding her soaked through panties at the top and we both moaned, “Fuck,” in unison.

When I felt her hand slip inside my waistband and wrap around my painfully hard cock I took that as permission for my hand to delve inside of her panties and growled against her skin feeling the slickness of her arousal awaiting me. Two of my fingers slid inside of her pumping in time with her hand on my dick, each of us thrusting our hips against the other, and when she turned her head towards me I claimed her lips with my own. She whimpered into my mouth as her inner muscles contracted around my fingers and feeling how tight she was made me swell even larger in her hand, my dick’s way of making its envy of my fingers known, but willing to concede for now. I knew I wouldn’t last for much longer, the days’ long sexual tension between us had sapped my willpower, and I rubbed her clit with my thumb as my fingers continued to seek out that hidden spot inside of her, both begging and commanding her as I said, “Cum for me lover.”

I found that spot just seconds later and her muscles clamped down on my hand as her hips bucked uncontrollably while she cried out, “ERIC!” Hearing my name coming from her lips in ecstasy had me shouting her name in reply as my orgasm erupted from my body. We continued to stroke each other slowly bringing one another back down from our climactic high as our erratic breathing calmed.

I reluctantly removed my hand from my even newer favorite place to be and rolled over retrieving the towel I had tossed onto the floor and used it to clean up the wetness from between her legs and hand before cleaning myself. I tossed it back to the floor and hovered over Sookie, taking the kiss I needed from her in that moment, before lying back down and pulling her back into our original spooning position. I was so content in that moment a Mack truck could have burst through the wall and I doubted I’d be able to get out of the bed.

“What were we talking about?” she asked sleepily.

I buried my face into her neck murmuring, “You were telling me how bad I was.”

Sookie hugged my arms tighter around her waist and yawned making me yawn in response. I was nearly asleep when I heard her whisper, “You are…in the best of ways.”


2 comments on “Chapter 40

  1. Leigh Warner says:

    OK I have to say how jealous I am right now. *stomps foot* Sookie is so freaking lucky

  2. kleannhouse says:

    damn a simple talk morphs into something pleasant and wonderful, happy for them… KY

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