Chapter 44


I had a sense of déjà vu watching Sookie driving away from the house on her way to work, but so much had changed between us in that small amount of time since I’d last watched the same scene. I knew it when I walked back into the kitchen and the house didn’t seem as empty as it had a few days earlier. Somehow I could still feel her presence lingering within those four walls and wondered if it was because now it actually felt like this was her home too. The feelings she was capable of bringing out in me were intense, but worth it in the end if we could stay on track and not fall prey to our own stupidity.

Hearing her say why she’d run from the room made me feel like I’d run myself right into a brick wall. I’d been so sure in my quick assumptions of why she’d fled from me that I hadn’t considered any other possibilities, so knowing it was all for nothing was like a smack in the face. I’d been through enough private and group therapy sessions while in rehab to know where my insecurities stemmed from, but it was unfair of me to have locked Sookie securely inside of my emotional baggage. I was just grateful I hadn’t completely lost it and thrown away the metaphorical key before finding out the truth and vowed to myself I wouldn’t let it happen again.

Once our issues had been resolved, everything that happened afterwards only left me in even more awe of her. Her words; her touches, every little thing she did or said was what I’d needed without me having to say a word. Most of the time I hadn’t even known what it was that I’d needed until she’d already seen to it like when she’d replaced the pillow clutched in my arms with herself. I needed her embrace in that moment, more than any other, to the point of where I worried it was only her body wrapped around mine that was keeping me together. My need for her was growing fast and with an intensity that should have me running scared which I probably would if I didn’t already know I was more frightened of the thought of not being with her. My assumptive reactions yesterday proved that point.

Thinking it over now, she should’ve been angry at me for the way I’d treated her, but she surprisingly wasn’t. I also shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was anyway, seeing her cry over a ten dollar pink plastic lunchbox like it was the best gift ever after having seen her disdainful face when offered her pick of diamond rings worth tens of thousands of dollars only a few days earlier.

Maybe Sookie meant ‘surprise’ in Swahili? I should Google it.

I ran upstairs to change so I could meet Tray at the gym and when I went back into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water, I noticed Sookie’s coffee cup still sitting on the counter with the straw I’d stuck in it when she’d gone to change her shirt. I’d seen her drink from cups and glasses before with no problems, but her violent coughing fits seemed to hit her out of the blue at times and I made a mental note to stop somewhere and get her a reusable sports bottle to drink from hoping that would help since I wouldn’t always be around with a straw in hand.

I got back home a little before noon with a bag full of sports bottles and a new travel coffee mug with a lid on it for her and left them on the kitchen counter before taking a shower. My mind had stayed on Sookie all morning long, filled with much better thoughts than the day before, and I wondered what she was doing. Seeing it was lunchtime I decided to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to eat thinking she might be eating hers at the same time and then had good a look around the kitchen searching for a toy mouse or ball of yarn I could play with afterwards for being the giant pussy I had turned into.

No such luck. Maybe I could just bury my shit in the backyard and call it a day?

I instinctively cupped my balls to reassure myself they were still there and headed into the family room to pass the time in front of the TV until Sookie got home. I settled on watching my favorite program on Animal Planet and it gave me an idea on something I could do with Sookie over the weekend. I searched the internet with that goal in mind and after finding what I was looking for I then learned ‘surprise’ in Swahili was actually ‘mshangao’ with ‘Sookie’ meaning ‘Sookie’ in every language I could think to try. I pondered over using ‘mshangao’ as our safe word while switching over to my bank’s website where I ordered a credit card in her name, adding her as an authorized user. I had a feeling she would balk when I gave it to her, but she hadn’t fought with my earlier logic when it came to her having to buy things like dresses for events I had to go to and considered that as an unspoken agreement. I was a bit too happy typing ‘Sookie Northman’ into the name block, but didn’t really care since no one was around to see the grin on my face and I could clearly see I was still typing with fingers and not furry paws, so my feline transformation hadn’t fully progressed.

When that was taken care of I laid down on the couch, fully engrossed in the show, and didn’t realize I’d fallen asleep until I woke up a few hours later and found Sookie asleep on top of me. My arms were already wrapped around her waist, so my subconscious self knew she was there and now that I was awake Eric Junior knew she was there too. Before her I’d never been the touchy feely type unless fucking was involved, but now I couldn’t seem to not touch her if she was within my reach. I still wanted to fuck her though, but I had a feeling it would mean much more than that when it finally happened. Again. And we could remember it.

Using one hand to sweep the hair from her face, the other slowly trailed up and down her back as I watched her sleep. I probably shouldn’t think watching her doing something so subdued as sleeping was as fascinating as I did, but…well, I did.

Maybe they had a Sookie Addiction program at the rehab facility I could look into.

I shrugged off my own thoughts knowing I wouldn’t sign up for it if they did; I was thoroughly enjoying my Sookie addiction. Glancing at the clock I saw it was just after four o’clock, so I figured she must have gotten home early to have already fallen asleep. Instead of being upset over losing out on spending that time with her, by sleeping through it, I was content in the fact she’d felt comfortable enough to crawl on top of me and go to sleep herself. It seemed a very couple-y thing to do and reinforced to me our relationship was back on track.

Knowing Sookie would probably want to wake up soon since we had to leave in a couple of hours and I had no idea of how long she would think she’d need to get ready (women were weird about that kind of stuff) I applied a little more pressure with my hand trailing back down her back whispering, “Sookie,” before letting it come to a stop on her ass and giving it a gentle squeeze.

That’s a couple-y thing to do, right?

It seemed to do the trick because she started stirring on top of me, moaning softly, which made me anything but soft. Her eyes fluttered open and without lifting her head she said, “Honey, I’m home.”

“So I see,” I chuckled. “And feel,” I added, grabbing her ass with both hands while my dick tried to impress upon her just how happy he was too now that she was home.

She stirred some more, putting a lot more intent into her movements, and pleasing one part of my anatomy very much, smirking up at me and saying, “Mhmm…I’m feeling something too.” She yawned asking, “So I wasn’t too presumptuous by taking advantage of your sleeping body and crawling on top of it without asking?”

“Not at all,” I replied while coaxing her to slide further up my body because her lips were much too far away for my liking. When I finally had them where I wanted them (well, at least one of the places I wanted them), I brushed them with my own suggesting, “It also wouldn’t have been presumptuous of you crawl on top of me naked. You know, just in case you were wondering.”

Sookie’s eyes filled with amusement as she smiled and was able to get out a quick, “Perv…” before I effectively cutoff the ‘ert’ I was sure would have followed by seizing her mouth with my own. I’d kissed her plenty of times by then, but it could never be enough for my liking. She seemed to like it just as much as me, pressing her body down on mine, but when she finally pulled back I pulled myself up like I was tethered to her, wrapping my arms around her so I could get one last inhale of her skin before she could get away.

She was definitely addictive.

“I need to get ready soon,” she sighed and I smiled against her neck feeling the shiver work its way through her body from the nip I’d given the skin just underneath her ear.

“It’s considered fashionable to be late,” I said while working my way across her collarbone to see if she had a matching ‘shiver spot’ on the other side.

She did.

Sookie hugged me tighter, making me think we might just miss the premier altogether, but then she released me and pushed her way up until she was finally standing. I knew I was pouting, but it wasn’t fair so pouting was clearly called for.

Just ask Eric Junior.

She smiled ruefully and said, “I’m not the fashionable type; just ask Pam.” Leaning down, she placed her hands on top of mine, as if she could keep them from grabbing her, and kissed my lips saying, “I’ll be back down in a bit.” I let her go, knowing I actually did have to attend the party and didn’t mind watching her walking away for once. It had to do with the sway of her hips and the fit of her pants over her perfect ass though, so as soon as it was no longer in view I went back to pouting.

Being a guy I could get ready to go in under ten minutes, but figured Junior and I could use a little bonding time in the shower since I doubted Sookie would be willing to give me a repeat performance right about now. How she could have possibly thought her performance was lacking in any way was beyond me; I left the evidence of just how much I’d enjoyed it in her hand. Her touch was the only one I’d ever truly craved, both sexual and otherwise, and I knew it would only get better from here.

I was back downstairs dressed and ready to go in my black Armani suit, but I held off on picking out a tie thinking I should probably match Sookie, when she came into the room looking more beautiful than I could have imagined. The black silk hugged just underneath her breasts with the skirt flaring out just above her knees, dotted with white circles all over the fabric, and she spun around asking, “Do I look okay?”

Junior tried to answer her first, but our sentiment was the same when I smiled saying, “No, you don’t look okay…you’re stunning.”

And she was, along with the blush that bloomed on her skin while she said, “You clean up pretty good yourself.” I was seriously considering skipping the premier hoping to convince her we could stay home and get dirty together, but she brought me back to reality asking, “Shouldn’t we get going?”

The limo driver rang the doorbell a second later, so I set my fantasies aside and ran upstairs grabbing a black tie to wear and we were on our way not long after. Riding in the back of the limo together to the ArcLight Cinemas, where the red carpet screening would take place before the after party at Boulevard3, was a very different experience than when we’d ridden back from Las Vegas together a week earlier. Gone was the anger and resentment having been replaced with hand holding and Sookie’s nervous smile. I tried to ask how her day had gone, but could only get a “Fine” out of her in response while her knees bounced and her hand sweated into mine. When the limo pulled up to where the red carpet began, Sookie looked like she was about to hyperventilate and I recalled her previous reaction to the crowd in the casino lobby, so I did the only thing I could think of to distract her; I kissed her.

I kept it PG, not wanting to mess up her makeup, and when I felt her body relax against me I knew it had worked, so as the driver opened the door for us I looked at her and said, “You’ll do fine.” Her eyes were full of disbelief, but her smile was genuine and I stepped out onto the sidewalk pulling her along with me. I kept my arm around Sookie’s waist as we slowly made our way to the front doors, stopping and posing for pictures and quick interviews along the way, and Sookie looked every bit the confident woman I knew she was inside. The only hiccup was when I had to let her go and pose with Bill, along with the rest of the ensemble cast, but he made sure to stay on the opposite end from me. He only had a temporary reprieve as far as I was concerned.

Once we were inside Sookie agreed, “It wasn’t that bad,” wrinkling her nose as she said it, that it had in fact been that bad to her, but I just laughed and kissed her lightly assuring her those kinds of events were few and far between. The screening went by quickly and we were then whisked off to Boulevard3 for the after party. I introduced Sookie to everyone that came up to us and I watched the producers appraising her with a smile as she charmed them all with her polite demeanor. I’d left her with Pam when I went to the bar to get us something to drink, requesting a straw for Sookie’s coke, and as I waited I turned with my eyes automatically seeking her out. I found her right where I’d left her only now it wasn’t Pam standing at her side, but Alcide. From the way they were laughing and joking they appeared closer than I’d felt comfortable with and I could feel my inner green beast rising, but I kept it in check until I was heading back towards them and saw Alcide lean down, whispering something in her ear causing her to blush with a smile. Then she kissed him. She only gave him a peck on his cheek, but that coupled with what I’d witnessed leading up to it were too much to keep the beast in me restrained and I marched up to them, looking down at her demanding, “Mshangao!”

“What?” she asked smiling.

Alcide looked just as confused as her for a moment, but then he adopted an ‘Oh shit’ face and before I could say another word a pair of hands covered my eyes from behind and I cringed recognizing the voice as I heard, “Surprise!”


Her hands disappeared and her lips were on mine before I could do anything about it, but I pulled away quickly asking, “What are you doing here Yvetta?” A sideways glance at Sookie told me she was not happy and I hoped like hell she didn’t recognize her from the poster-turned-confetti.

Yvetta moved her hand from my arm to my chest slowly trailing down saying, “I got your message about wanting to get together and thought I would surprise you.”

Her hand was dangerously low on my body when Sookie spoke up saying, “That’s my Kraken!”

If the situation had been any other I would’ve laughed at Sookie getting the phrase wrong. She’d fallen asleep before getting to that part of the movie and was probably already into her coughing fit when I’d said it that morning, but I got the hint anyway and pushed Yvetta’s hand away as I said to her, “I sent you that text over a month ago.” I’d forgotten all about it.

“I know,” she smiled seductively, “but I was on holiday. I went back home to Estonia and traveled some before coming back.”

“Did you visit the Grand Canyon?” Sookie asked.

Yvetta gave her look sizing her up and knowing how freely Sookie’s hands tended to fly away from her I kept us from making a scene by pulling her close and saying, “Things have changed. Yvetta, this is my wife, Sookie. Sookie, this is Yvetta, my…?” What do you call someone you only ever had sex with? She never meant anything to me; even calling her a friend seemed to give her too much standing in my life.

“Fuck buddy?” Sookie asked.

Yvetta’s eyes glinted dangerously at Sookie, but I knew she was actually the one in danger here; in danger of losing her teeth. I didn’t care what happened to her, but I let out a quick, “Former fuck buddy,” in the hopes that would help.

It only seemed to spur Yvetta on because she scoffed asking, “You mean to tell me that you’d want her over me? I give it six weeks and you’ll be between my thighs again.”

Sookie placed her body in front of mine, not giving me the chance to respond, saying, “Trust me when I say that he wants me over any of his former tramps and I’ll fight to keep him. But if things don’t work out between us I’ll be sure to give him a parting gift of a harness and a bungee cord so he can find his way back out of the gaping hole between those thighs of yours.”

I was sure lunging and hair pulling were only seconds away and grabbed onto Sookie, spinning us so my body was in between them, as Alcide grabbed Yvetta saying, “Time to go,” as he dragged her away.

For someone who blushes a lot Sookie was muttering a string of curse words that turned my face red and I was worried over how big of a setback our little run in would cause while mentally tallying the list I was certain she’d demand from me of anyone else she might come across. When her breathing calmed I turned her so we were face to face and said, “I’m really really sorry.” I really really was.

Instead of lashing out at me like I’d expected, she smiled and leaned up placing a kiss on my lips before saying, “It’s alright. We both have histories. It’s just that mine is a normal one that spans twenty-five years and yours spans the lifetime of someone who’s lived for a thousand.”

Well color me Mshangao.


8 comments on “Chapter 44

  1. Leigh Warner says:

    I wish I could come up with insults as quickly as Sookie does.

  2. kleannhouse says:

    love the feisty Sookie, back off bitch Sookie, that’s my Kracken Sookie… love it KY

  3. askarsgirl says:

    Lmfao! I think that’s the only comment I need to leave, ever!
    You’d think this wSy first time reading this awesomeness but Mshangao!
    The whole that’s my kraken mix up gets me every time!

  4. askarsgirl says:

    Lmfao! I think that’s the only comment I need to leave, ever!
    You’d think this was my first time reading this awesomeness but Mshangao!
    The whole that’s my kraken mix up gets me every time!

  5. lilydragonsblood says:

    mshangao indeed, what a fab chapter!…… x

  6. This was a great chapter! I enjoyed the parts where he was comparing himself to a feline. =)

  7. lilydragonsblood says:

    Loved it. x

  8. lilydragonsblood says:

    Still brilliant.

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