Chapter 46


As the boat continued to move through the water with nothing more interesting to see than waiting for one of the seagulls flying overhead to shit on an unsuspecting tourist, I was grateful Sookie hadn’t asked me anything more about my mother. Thinking of her again a couple of days earlier, when Sookie and I were in the middle of our assumptions, left me a little raw and I’d completely forgotten about the flowers I would gather every so often, to leave on my windowsill as a child, until the words were coming out of my mouth. I’d never told anyone about it, not even my therapists, because it had always felt a little too personal. It left me too vulnerable, but I didn’t regret sharing it with Sookie and knew it was probably just a matter of time before she knew the whole story. I’d been wondering myself over the story of what happened to her parents, for her to have been raised by her Grandmother, but knowing it was a conversation that could segue into my own childhood, I was still biding my time. Everything was so great when we were together and happy that I didn’t want to spoil our moods with sad tales. We could save those for another day.

Sookie seemed to perk up once we got back to the marina and as soon as we were headed back towards home she started texting someone on her cell. Her smile got wider the more she texted back and forth with whomever it was and I kept quiet until I couldn’t take it anymore asking, “Who are you texting?”

“Nunya,” she replied with a smile.

I smirked back at her saying, “I happen to know Nunya Bidness very well, so well in fact that I get to just call them ‘Nun’.” I wouldn’t demand she tell me, but it would eat me alive if she didn’t.

She must have had x-ray eyes and could see my internal organs being chomped to bits because she put her phone back into her purse and placed her hand in mine saying, “It’s a surprise, so you’ll just have to suffer until the big reveal.”

Surprise? All that did was make me even more curious as to what she was planning, but I let it go and we spent the rest of the ride with Sookie scrolling through my iPod picking out songs to play. She was miffed (her word) there were no Prince songs on it and I made a mental note to hide it from her when we got home so I wouldn’t be subjected to hearing his purple paisley voice anytime soon.

It was close to four o’clock by the time we pulled into the parking lot at Bristol Farms and, as always, there were a few paparazzi hanging around. Sookie didn’t seem as bothered by it as she had been the last time we’d gone there and it made me feel better seeing her assimilate into the weirdness that was my life. It no longer seemed like a chore or burden to her, but more of a price she was willing to pay to be by my side. I couldn’t help thinking she was the first person in my life to have wanted nothing more from me than just…me. It felt good.

Sookie smiled when I grabbed a shopping cart inside of the store, having learned my lesson the last time, and we strolled through the aisles side by side picking up whatever she thought we needed. I really didn’t care; all I needed was walking right next to me. We were halfway through the meat department with me biting back the urge to tell Sookie she was more than welcome to check out my meat when she turned to me asking, “How about we barbeque some burgers tonight on the grill? I could make potato salad and we can make s’mores for dessert.”

“Sure,” I smiled. I’d never had s’mores, but I’d always wanted to try them as a kid.

She looked back at me skeptically asking, “Do you know how to work the grill? I noticed it was a gas grill, but we only ever had charcoal ones growing up so I don’t know how to get it started.”

“Absolutely,” I replied. I mean I’d never actually tried to use a grill before, but how hard could it be? Men had been cooking with fire since the dawn of time so I figured it would just be an innate ability that came with the Y chromosome, like pissing while standing up.

My woman want meat cooked on fire. Me make fire for my woman.

My inner caveman thumped his chest as my woman turned back to the hamburger meat in the display case and I later had to force myself to keep my cool at the register when she refused to let me pay for anything. My inner caveman didn’t feel right letting her pay for any of it, much less all of it, but I was learning to choose my battles and it wasn’t something I was willing to let spoil our perfect day together. I’d just have to figure out a way to get her to see reason like I had with dress shopping. And since dragging her by her hair would probably hurt, I’d also have to figure out a way to get her to let me throw her over my shoulder so I could carry her back to our lair where I would make a different kind of fire using my own meat.

We hadn’t bought nearly as much as we had the first time we’d gone shopping, so it all fit into the trunk of the Corvette and we were back home within ten minutes. After Sookie had changed into a pair of shorts I sat down to watch her make the potato salad, but she booted me out of the kitchen claiming she had a phone call to make concerning my surprise. I half thought about trying to eavesdrop on her conversation, but I could see how excited she was and didn’t want to spoil it for her. I had no idea what she could possibly have in mind, but just the fact she wanted to do anything at all for me was already enough of a surprise. I’d never had anyone go through the trouble to do something special for me for no reason so I knew I’d like it no matter what. Even if it was tickets to go see Prince in concert; I’d just bring my Prince-free iPod to listen to.

I went outside to eliminate any temptation to stay in or around the kitchen, both visual and verbal temptation, and took a good look at the built-in grill. It came with the house and I’d never looked twice at it, but I knew part of the cleaning service I’d cancelled per Sookie’s request was to keep it maintained. Lifting the lid I peered inside and saw it looked brand new, so at least I had that in my favor. I was busy looking at the numerous knobs and dials and didn’t notice Sookie had come outside until I heard her voice saying, “The burgers are ready whenever you want to fire it up.”

“Um…okay,” I replied still not having one fucking clue how to start the damn thing. I’d noticed an igniter button and turned every dial up high, but after pushing it a bunch of fucking times, while Sookie watched, nothing happened. “It hasn’t been fired up in a while,” I explained, adding ever mentally. Looking around the grill I saw the propane tank attached at the back had a valve on top. When I turned it counterclockwise I heard a hissing sound and figured that was the problem, but when I pushed the igniter button, nothing happened again. I figured there was something wrong with the switch so I shut the lid so the gas wouldn’t escape and went inside grabbing a book of matches while Sookie grabbed the plate of burgers she’d prepared and we went back outside together.

I was just thankful Sookie had been waiting by the patio table instead of next to the grill because when I lit the match and threw it under the lid I’d barely lifted, the flames shot out like I’d been face to face with a very pissed off Godzilla himself. I didn’t know who screamed louder, me or Sookie, but I’d luckily been standing to the side and managed to duck in time. Once I got the dials turned down to a manageable level I turned to Sookie and smiled innocently saying, “Ready!”

Sookie had been mumbling something about shepherds and Maddea, but she shook it off and handed me the plate before going back inside to get the grill utensils. Once the burgers were on the grill, I stood watch not sure what exactly I was watching for, but I was pretty sure you were supposed to watch them and when I didn’t turn into a pillar of flames, Sookie felt comfortable enough to stand next to me.

I flipped them when she’d said to and was quite proud of myself when I managed to do it without fucking them up and added grilling expertise underneath Pop Tart chef in my mental list of culinary attributes. It was something I’d never given thought to or imagined I’d be doing, but there I was hovering next to an open flame cooking our dinner. We were like a normal married couple; I liked it.

Since the weather was still warm Sookie suggested going for a swim after dinner which I readily agreed to knowing I’d get to see her in a bikini again, so we took turns changing into our bathing suits while the other one watched the burgers. I’d gone first, so I was busy watching the burgers, taking my watch duty very seriously, when she’d come back outside and asked, “What would you like to drink?”

I figured a beer was called for since I was grilling, but when I turned to answer her nothing more than a “Buh” came out. She was wearing nothing more than her bikini top and a pair of those short shorts I’d loved from day one.

“What?” she asked. I had no idea of what her facial expression was, but I was almost certain her breasts were beckoning me forward. Definitely; they were beckoning.

It would be rude to deny them.

My feet moved towards her and I heard her say, “Eric? What did you want to drink?”

My one track mind replied, “Breasts,” as I got closer to her.

The “Eric Northman!” she followed up with halted my steps and I finally tore my eyes away from her chest to see her flushed face. She didn’t look mad, more like she was torn, but before I could read into anything and pounce on her she smirked asking, “Do I need to put a shirt on?”

“Noooo…” That would be like covering the Mona Lisa with a poster of Justin Bieber; totally unacceptable.

“Then go back to the grill,” she shooed me away with her hands. I almost remarked I’d spent enough alone time with my meat, but held it in and instead did as I was told.

We were definitely like a normal married couple.

I just figured I would wait until we were in the pool to make my move and after we were done eating dinner, Sookie got started on making the s’mores. They tasted out of this world, but the moans she made while eating her own were testing what little restraint I had left after being subjected to watching her eat in nothing more than the equivalent of a bra. I was painfully hard when she started sucking her fingers clean uttering, “I’m all sticky.” I must have unconsciously groaned because she asked, “Are you okay?”

“You’re killing me,” I sighed. It was the truth because I’d looked it up; you could die from deep vein thrombosis. I was one clot away from dying of a permaboner.

“Me?” she asked shocked, seemingly unaware of the permanent tent in my shorts. “What did I do?”

Really? Not to brag or anything, but I was sporting a mast in my shorts that would rival the Black Pearl’s and I sat back and gave her a pointed look down where the skull and crossbones flag should be flying before looking back up to her as I replied, “That is what you’re doing.”

“Buh,” she said with her eyes transfixed to my sail. I didn’t think she was requesting a beer so I slid over to the chaise lounge where she was sitting and leaned my body forward over her own until she had no choice but to lie back.

“Buh?” I asked. Her only response was to wrap her legs around my hips which I took as an unspoken ‘All aboard’ and seeing a small bit of chocolate on the corner of her mouth I leaned down saying, “You have a little something on your mouth. Allow me…”

I traced her lips with my tongue licking away every trace of chocolate and marshmallow to be found until I had no choice but to make sure the inside of her mouth was just as clean.

What can I say? I like to be thorough.

Her tongue seemed just as eager to return the favor as her hands snuck under the hem of my shirt to rake up and down my back. It turned me on even more and I wondered just how far we were taking this because surely there was already a clot working its way from my dick towards my heart. Thinking if I was gonna go, I was gonna go big, so I began kissing my way down her chest towards my twin tormenters. Sookie’s back arched as I lightly bit down on the hardened peak through her bikini top and she moaned in approval. It seemed there was nothing wrong with her igniter button, but I moved over to her other breast just to be sure.

After all, I was still being thorough.

When the scruff of my whiskers caught on her bikini top, neither one of us did anything to stop them as they pulled the triangle piece of fabric to the side as my lips moved towards their goal. I stopped long enough to appreciate the sight of her bare breast before me, tracing her tan line with my tongue before covering her nipple with my lips and bathing it with my tongue like a cat cleaning its fur.

Finally, a reason I could embrace being a pussy.

Sookie was doing some embracing of her own by way of fisting one hand into my hair to hold my head, where it had no intention of leaving any time soon, while her other one pulled at my shirt. I couldn’t tell if she was trying to rip it off of me or pull it up over my head, but she definitely wanted it off one way or another so I obliged her by sitting up far enough so she could slip it over my head.

“Aren’t we going swimming?” she asked, completely flustered because it hadn’t occurred to her to fix her askew bikini top and the sight of her naked breast still glistening with my saliva was like a homing beacon to my mouth.

My lips were already moving towards her still covered breast in my quest for symmetry, but I altered my route with her question and spoke against her skin saying, “Sure. Let me help you get out of those shorts first.”

I left a wet trail down her abdomen, like dropping breadcrumbs so I could find my way back, and pulled the button on her shorts open with my teeth. The zipper came down with nothing more than a tug and since Sookie hadn’t done or said anything to stop me I tested the waters by trailing my tongue up her thigh, over the denim, and lightly scraped my teeth over where the ‘X’ marked the spot on my mental treasure map where I knew the booty was buried. Her hands dove back into my hair as her hips bucked up in response while she hissed, “Who’s killing who now?”

I momentarily ignored her question and chewed along the center seam of her shorts, pulling it back with my teeth and releasing it so it would bounce off her clit making her hips buck again. My fingers grabbed onto her waistband and she lifted her hips so I could work them down her legs and off of her body completely, leaving nothing more than a scrap of fabric between me and the booty I was desperate to plunder. I could see the evidence of her arousal seeping down her thighs and I placed soft kisses on the inside of her leg trailing upwards saying, “I don’t want you to be in pain. Let me kiss it and make it better.”

I brought my eyes up to hers while my lips and tongue cleaned up every drop they could find, but merely hovered over her center waiting for a sign of whether or not she wanted to go farther. I could see the warring going on behind her eyes and since I wasn’t above wanting the winds to blow in my favor, so to speak, I lightly blew air across her soaked bikini bottom making goose bumps break out on her skin. I watched Sookie’s eyes as they glazed over and she released her bottom lip, which she’d been chewing on in contemplation, and a growl left my throat as I watched her finally nod her assent.

Victory was mine.


4 comments on “Chapter 46

  1. Leigh Warner says:

    NOOOOO!! The chapter stopped right at the good part. I’m praying the next chapter picks up with their after dinner fun

  2. kleannhouse says:

    lol these two are two hot with each other wether they are watching birds fly or shopping or petting I mean playing with each other KY

  3. askarsgirl says:

    “Buh” LMAO!

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    oh what a cliffie!…… x

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