Chapter 47


I sat next to Eric on the patio nearly buzzing with anticipation, while we enjoyed our s’mores, hoping he would like the surprise he’d be getting in the very near future. When the idea came to me on the boat I didn’t have high hopes of being able to arrange it at all, much less have it set up for the following afternoon, and I hoped I’d be able to keep my mouth shut until then so I wouldn’t spoil it before the big reveal. I’d already taken care of calling the Senior Citizens Center, before I watched Eric nearly burst into flames by the grill, and explained that I wouldn’t be able to make it the following afternoon, but they were kind and said they understood when I cut down my commitment to once a month so I’d have some time to get settled into our new relationship. There was still a lot of pertinent information about Eric I needed to learn, like he’s a big fat liar when it comes to gas grill knowledge.

I was really starting to second guess making s’mores for dessert having forgotten just how sticky melted marshmallows and chocolate could be. I was thinking how those graham crackers were worse than my panties at containing any seepage when Eric moaned seemingly in pain.

“Are you okay?” I asked. He’d eaten two huge burgers, in addition to the potato salad, and was washing it all down with his third s’mores. He was probably ready to explode.

“You’re killing me,” he sighed.

“Me? What did I do?” I didn’t force him to eat so much.

Eric looked back at me like I was dense before drawing my eyes down to his lap where Nessie was trying to break free of his swim trunks and replied, “That is what you’re doing.”

“Buh…” I’d been nowhere near Nessie. We hadn’t even acknowledged each other since saying ‘Good Morning’ and with Wicked and Immoral figuratively chained down all day long, I didn’t see how I could be to blame.

I tried to form a rational well thought out argument over the reasons why I had nothing to do with stirring the Loch Ness Monster from the deep. I’d use bullet points; Eric could be my alibi, but my skull was as faulty as those graham crackers when it came to containing my brain cells when Eric slid his body on top of mine. Every sane thought was gone, right along with the command over my hands, and as soon as his lips were on mine, I knew I was in trouble.

Damn those sticky fucking s’mores necessitating Eric’s clean up of my lips.

My legs joined in on the mayhem of Wicked and Immoral proclaiming their newly dubbed names as Heinous and Nefarious by wrapping around Eric like he was the last life preserver and they were going down with the Titanic, so when he’d moved on from my mouth to my chest I was lost in a sea of pleasure. Granted, Eric had given me a really great orgasm just a few days earlier, but his hands were his only tools then. I’d thought their prowess couldn’t possibly be topped, but feeling his lips and tongue making their way down my chest made me quickly realize there was a lot more pertinent information about Eric I wanted to learn and it had nothing to do with gas grills.

The feel of his whiskers dragging across my flesh would be the cause of starting yet another California brush fire if it weren’t for the wetness seeping through my bikini bottoms squelching the flames and a throb shot through me when his tongue made contact with my newly exposed breast. It had been so long since my body had experienced that kind of attention (that I could remember anyway) I willingly gave over all control to my lascivious limbs and let them have at it since they seemed to know what they were doing all on their own. My hands pulled his shirt over his head and my mouth uttered the last thought my brain had been trying to form before my corrupt quad of limbs had taken control.

“Aren’t we going swimming?” It already felt like I was drowning with desire anyway so I really didn’t see the point anymore.

Eric’s tongue gliding across my chest was busy licking away what little self control I had left when he said, “Sure. Let me help you get out of those shorts first.”

His mouth seemed to be everywhere at once, at least that what my overloaded senses were telling me, and when he scraped his teeth along the center seam of my shorts I wanted to strangle him with my thighs and frustratingly cried, “Who’s killing who now?

Eric was definitely up to date on torture techniques. It was another item to add to the ‘pertinent info’ file.

I was too lost in the fog of foreplay to have noticed he’d removed my shorts (or maybe I did?) until he was hovering over the one spot that was literally crying for his attention. Not crying tears exactly, but weeping nonetheless.

“I don’t want you to be in pain. Let me kiss it and make it better.” His voice was a gentle plea and I really couldn’t come up with a single solitary reason to say ‘no’. It didn’t matter anyway because by the time I came to that decision, my head had already nodded on its own.

The fire in his eyes flared with triumph and I watched as his fingers pulled the ties open on either side of my bikini bottoms, slowly unwrapping my lower half like it was a gift on Christmas morning. I was surprised at Eric’s slow pace, having thought he’d rip them off in a frenzy, but instead he pulled the fabric down inch by inch until I was finally bare before him. He stared at my naked sex not moving at all and I started to become uncomfortable at his unwavering gaze until he whispered, “Perfect.” I’m sure I would’ve blushed over his genital compliment, but every inhibition I had flew out the window with the first swipe of his tongue. My eyes slammed shut as my thighs fell open and Wicked gripped the top of his head, in case he tried to make a break for it while I wasn’t watching, while Immoral ran up and down his bicep silently praising him and his talented tongue.

Kiki’s written accolades weren’t exaggerated and as soon as I had the wherewithal, I’d chisel them into a stone tablet as pure gospel and carry them up the highest hill I could find to spread the word.

He moaned in appreciation of whatever he was tasting during his tour of Sookie South, while his tongue lightly traced over every part of me except where I wanted him the most. My head thrashed from side to side while the little man in the boat was waving at him frantically trying to get his attention and cursing the lack of flare guns when I felt Eric pull back as he said, “Look at me lover.”

My head stilled and my eyes shot open at his command seeing his own staring back at me. I never knew the color blue could look like a blazing inferno, but I didn’t have long to ponder that thought when he leaning forward, circling my clit with his tongue one final time before latching onto it with his mouth and suckling like a newborn kitten. His gaze never left my own and the dual sensation of his tongue lapping over my sensitive bundle of nerves combined with the gentle suction of his mouth left me feeling anything but calm. My hips attempted to bear down on his face, but his iron grip kept them in place, a contradiction to the tenderness his mouth was demonstrating against my skin only inches away.

Eric…” I chanted softly, over and over while his mouth continued to steadily draw my orgasm out of its hiding spot. The gentle lapping of his tongue soon gave way to stronger and more determined strokes flicking their way across my clit.

Eric was clearly calling, “Ollie Ollie oxen free.”

It worked.

A strangled cry left my throat as my body exploded like a supernova with the ripples moving through my limbs only to hit the barrier of my skin and travel back again. Every nerve ending I had felt exposed and tingling and I barely registered the loss of Eric’s mouth on my most sensitive part before his tongue was back to exploring the Sookie canal.

Who knew I was married to Christopher Cunnilingus?

The gentle ministrations of a moment ago were replaced with powerful thrusts of his tongue inside of me, resolute in their multiple orgasm objective. His oral argument was becoming more persuasive by the second and I had no time to mourn the loss of his tongue when it was replaced with two of his fingers sliding inside of me like a glove tailored just for him. His thumb took over steering the man in the boat while his fingers delved deep inside of me and he kissed, licked, and nibbled his way up my torso before pulling my bikini top to the side with his teeth so that both of my breasts were exposed. His tongue swirled, lapped, and flicked its way across each one in turn before he moved further up my body until we were face to face.

I could feel the Kraken rubbing against my thigh and Immoral abandoned her post on Eric’s bicep, invading his shorts and capturing the beast singlehandedly having met no opposing forces. As soon as I had Nessie in hand Eric’s head dropped to my shoulder and he hissed against my skin, “Fuck…” I had a feeling he meant that in the best possible way and my theory proved true when he continued. “Lover…you’re so tight. I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like to be buried inside of you; to feel your muscles clenching around me, trying to keep me inside of you like they are now.” It was true. I could feel my walls spasm around his fingers, clenching on their own to keep him there on a permanent basis. They were big fans of Eric Northman’s fingers.

“Do you want that lover?” he whispered into my ear. “Would you grant me that wish? Because if I were to die without having ever made love to you, that I could remember,” he added hoarsely, “it would be my biggest regret.”

His tongue flicked into my ear and his panting breaths fanned across the moisture making my throbbing intensify and I wanted nothing more at that moment than to experience Eric Nirvana and sighed out, “Yes.” I heard and felt a low rumble make its way through Eric’s chest as his mouth claimed mine. I could taste myself on his lips and my tongue dove deep wanting to explore his mouth like he’d explored my nether region and I felt him swell larger in my hand before he gently pushed it away chastising, “You threaten my control.” Hearing him admit to the power my touch had over him was yet another turn on and as if he wanted to get the show on the road, Eric’s fingers curled inside of me in a seductive ‘come hither’ fashion brushing over that magic spot he’d found a few nights earlier as his thumb increased its pace over my clit.

I both came and hithered all over his hand.

His fingers continued to pump lazily inside of me, drawing me down from my orgasm, and I must have been so far gone I hadn’t noticed he was buck naked until I felt Nessie gliding along my lower lips in preparation for her sober maiden voyage.

My brain screamed in protest and my body stiffened as my sanity made a brief appearance when I said, “Eric! We need to use protection.”

Eric had been busy licking and kissing his way from my shoulder to my neck and he pulled back to look in my eyes as he said, “I wasn’t lying when I told you I was clean Sookie. I get tested regularly.”

A part of my brain was jealous over the reason why he’d been tested so regularly, but I pushed it away and said, “I believe you, but it couldn’t hurt to get tested one last time. Besides, I’m not on the pill.” I mentally added a ‘yet‘ and planned on calling for an appointment with my OB/GYN on Monday morning.

“FUCK!” Eric whisper yelled. I physically shrank back from what I perceived as his harsh rebuke, feeling vulnerable after everything that had just transpired, but when he noticed his face visibly softened as he explained, “No Sookie, it’s not that.” My eyes silently asked him what it was and he answered, “I don’t have any condoms.”

“What?” I asked incredulously. “You had a whole box you pulled out of your suitcase in Vegas!” It was a big box too, not one of those little 3-pack jobs, and he’d better have a really good explanation why they were gone or Nessie would never been seen again. Ever.

Eric moved his body to half lie beside mine to further himself from temptation and he looked back at me admitting, “I know, but I must have left them there, so unless you happen to have any it looks like we’re cockblocked again.” He tried to smile and lighten our quickly darkening moods when he asked, “Ironic isn’t it? To be cockblocked by not having anything to block my cock?”

I probably would’ve laughed at the irony of it all if it weren’t for the pained expression on Eric’s face. It wouldn’t be very gracious of me to leave him hanging, so to speak, after having been given front row tickets to the Eric Northman Traveling Tongue Show and I figured it was only right to pay it forward. I maneuvered Eric’s body until he was lying underneath my own and licked my way across his lips until he gave me the entrance I’d been seeking while my hips ground down on his as our tongues twisted and twirled against one another. I couldn’t help whimpering over feeling him gliding through my folds; hot, thick, and pulsing between our bodies.

His hands moved from my breasts, which seemed to be their preferred resting spot, and gripped my ass as he pushed harder against me growling into my mouth, “Sookie…” in warning.

He didn’t scare me.

I smiled against his lips before doing my own oral exploration down the chest that was capable of making me stupid in an instant. My tongue swirled around one of his nipples while Wicked explored points further south and gave him a firm upward stroke while I softly bit down making Eric hiss his approval in a garbled, “Fuck.

Eric’s body writhed underneath me with him pushing and pulling at my body in an attempt to cover every inch of my flesh with his own and I felt powerful being able to elicit such a strong reaction from him. I continued on my downward trek kissing, licking, and nipping the skin in front of me like he had done, and followed the light trail of blond hair down his stomach. When I was finally eye to eye with Nessie for the first time in his awakened state, only one thing came to mind as Celine Dion’s voice filtered into the background of my brain.

I was about to go down on the Titanic.


5 comments on “Chapter 47

  1. Oh no, please tell me she’s not going tolaterfind out that she’s pregnant. That would kill the whole dynamic. Also, why wasn’t she freaked out by that possibility before? That would have been my first thought in her shoes.

  2. Leigh Warner says:

    Is it hot in here or is it just me? While I would like to see a baby in the future I’m enjoying the Sookie/Eric time.

  3. kleannhouse says:

    hot damn this was a HAWT chapter and it left me and Eric hanging….. KY

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    soooo hot!…phew!… x

  5. lilydragonsblood says:

    Christopher Cunnilingus…. Hilarious!! Soooo love these two! x

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