Chapter 48


There was no consoling Eric Junior and I wondered if I’d injured him permanently. It couldn’t be good to get him all worked up time and again without ever being set free. It would be like teasing a starving dog with a juicy steak over and over again knowing, if he didn’t fall over dead first, when he finally broke free of his chains all hell would break loose. I almost smirked thinking how dogs liked to chase pussy, but it was halted by Sookie pushing against me so I’d lay down on my back while she straddled my body. Her breasts were still on show, pushed together by her bikini top binding them from the sides, and had me hypnotized. I’d seen a lot of breasts in my lifetime, but hers were the most perfect pair I’d ever seen. They filled my hands perfectly and were yet another reminder of how she seemed to be made just for me.

Her mouth was hot and demanding over my own, but it was nothing compared to the heat I felt gliding up and down my length. All it would take was a slight arch from either one of us and I’d slip right into where I longed to be. “Sookie…” I warned. She was teasing the starving beast and the chains were stretched to their breaking point.

I could feel her smile against my lips, completely unaware of how much I had to restrain myself from fucking her until she blacked out, risks be damned, and she teasingly kissed her way down my chest, straining yet another link in my chain as she bit down while her hand firmly stroked my cock. If she stopped at any point I had no doubt my death would follow soon after because she was surely killing me.

My name and claim emblazoned underneath her skin weren’t enough. I wanted her so much that I did everything I could to touch every part of her, as if my mere scent on her skin would let others know she was mine, but knowing I’d kill anyone who got close enough to smell me on her.

Ridiculous, but true nonetheless.

The primal need she brought out in me should’ve scared me; should’ve made me pause; made me question my own sanity, but it only drove me harder until I could barely see straight. When I caught sight of her hovering over my dick licking her lips like she’d found her own juicy steak, I would’ve sworn my heart stopped if it weren’t for the throbbing of my cock pulsating just underneath her mouth.

The anticipation I felt waiting for her next move rivaled the jury returning in the O.J. Simpson murder trial and I gasped out loud as though I was hearing the ‘not guilty’ verdict all over again when her tongue came out wiping away the precum on my tip. She smiled and pulled back from me, but before I could yell ‘Objection your Honor!’ she dove forward again nearly swallowing my Johnny Cock-ran whole.


That was the only logical conclusion. I must have died from that wayward clot to the heart because it was im-fucking-possible that I’d drunkenly married not only the prettiest sweetest best cook in the world, but she had no gag reflex either? If I was dead, I’d certainly found Heaven in Sookie’s mouth. In all of my experience, my considerable experience, I’d never come across a woman that could take all of me orally and whenever they tried, their gagging and teary eyes detracted from the overall experience. Not even the likes of Yvetta, a professional cocksucker, could do what Sookie was doing. Her moans vibrated straight through my dick to my balls making them tighten in response as her lips glided up and down my shaft while my hands gripped the sides of the chaise lounge because it was the only thing keeping me from floating up into the clouds. The combination of her hot wet mouth moving up and down over me while the tip of my dick slid down the back of her throat was a heady experience with Sookie sucking out every thought unrelated to her from my mind. At that moment there was nothing else in the world but me and her.

There was no way I would last long after the buildup of the evening and when she increased the level of suction while her hand moved to caress my balls I tried to warn her, but my inner caveman chose that moment to speak for me saying nothing more than a, “Sookie…I…cum…”

I wasn’t sure if she spoke early-prehistoric or not because her movements sped up and her moans increased, so I hoped she’d been trying to answer in the affirmative. A small part of my brain was embarrassed for not even lasting two whole minutes from beginning to end, but it was overridden by the feeling of euphoria washing over me as I climaxed into her mouth and I shouted out loud shooting stream after stream against her tonsils like Big Ben ringing at high noon while she swallowed it all.

Sookie continued gliding up and down a very sated Eric Junior causing my toes to curl from the stimulation before finally releasing me from her mouth and looked up at me with a coy smile asking, “Better?”

I let out a dubious laugh admitting, “Better? Try phenomenal; exceptional; the best of my entire fucking life.” It was true and I pulled her up the length of my body and kissed her, not caring that I could still taste myself on her lips. She was fucking perfect in every way and I wanted her to know how much I appreciated everything about her with that kiss.

Things were starting to heat up again between us when we heard Pam’s delighted voice ring out into the backyard saying, “Knock knock.”

Sookie shrieked, jumping up off of me cursing, “Jesus Christ Pam!” while she quickly wrapped a towel around her body and throwing another one into my lap. I hadn’t ever been shy about my body and didn’t even bother using any of those ridiculous flesh colored socks on set whenever I’d been in a scene calling for nudity, so Pam had seen it all before. Besides, I knew she was more interested in Sookie’s naked form than my own.

“What?” Pam asked innocently, but smiling like the Cheshire Cat. “I knocked; rang the doorbell. I even tried calling your phones, but neither of you answered so I let myself in and heard some shouting coming from back here and figured I’d make sure everything was okay.” She cocked an eyebrow at both of us asking, “Everything is okay, right?”

Sexpot Sookie from a moment ago was quickly replaced by Blushing Southern Belle Sookie as she snapped out, “Everything is fine!” while she avoided eye contact with either one of us and started snatching our dinner plates from the table before she marched into the house mumbling something about Grand Central Station under her breath. I was grateful Pam hadn’t shown up until we’d each had our happy moment, but really needed to remember to have the fucking locks changed.

“What are you doing here Pam?” I asked.

“They’re real aren’t they?” she asked in return.

“What’s real?”

“Her breasts you idiot! I got to see them when we went dress shopping on Thursday, but she never took off her bra so I couldn’t be sure. She was already in a bad mood and I figured she’d get pissed if I copped a feel.”

I glared back at Pam getting pissed myself at the thought of her, or anyone, touching my new BFF’s. We were tight now; our own little clique and had no room for any other members in our exclusive social circle. Refusing to answer her question, I repeated, “What are you doing here Pam?”

She frowned back at me saying, “Spoil sport.” When I merely stared at her in response she finally said, “I came here to drop of the script for Valhalla. We’re scheduled to meet with the director and you’re reading for the lead.”

It was the role I’d wanted to get, opposite Sophie Anne, and if it became the blockbuster everyone was predicting it to be, I could give up the sitcom job and just act in movies like I’d wanted. “When?” I asked, wanting enough time to memorize my lines.

“On Friday, two weeks from yesterday.”

Sookie came back outside wearing her shorts and t-shirt from earlier. The blush had mostly faded, but was still visible on her skin as she smiled politely and asked, “Pam? Can I get you anything? Something to drink perhaps or maybe a lesson in etiquette on not walking into people’s homes without an invitation?”

“Oh Sookie,” she responded completely undeterred, “you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Dear Abby says women need to have close relationships with other women. Why I’d be willing to give you a breast exam right now if you’d like. You know it’s best to catch those lumps early on.” Pam started walking towards Sookie as she said, “Here, clasp your hands behind your head and we’ll get started.”

“Pam!” we shouted in unison.

Pam’s hands dropped back to her sides as she said, “You two are no fun.” When neither one of us refuted her statement she went back into business mode and said, “GQ wants to do an article and photo spread on you for their January issue, but now they also want to include Sookie in some of the shots. You’re doing it next weekend.”

“What?” Sookie asked looking panicked. “I’m not a model or celebrity!”

Pam dismissed her saying, “But you’re married to one and it’s good for Eric’s career. You make him look stable and we can’t afford to waste this opportunity after your little wedding video disaster.”

“But…he IS stable,” Sookie replied, pissed at Pam’s character assassination of me yet moments away from hyperventilating.

I stood up and wrapped the towel around my waist before walking over and putting my arms around her, trying to calm her down and ignoring Pam’s jibe at me I dealt with Sookie’s fear instead saying, “It’s nothing like the red carpet events or the paparazzi. It’s just a few people and one photographer taking the shots.” I’d done a lot of photo shoots in my lifetime and they were pretty boring affairs, so I didn’t want her to get worked up over nothing.

“But I’m a nobody,” she said into my chest. “Just a girl from a small town in Northern Louisiana.”

“Sookie,” I said pulling back from her so I could look into her eyes, “you’re not a nobody. You’re sweet and sexy and charm everyone you meet. You’re…” I was about to say ‘my everything’, but felt uncomfortable. Whether or not it was Pam’s presence or the admission itself, I wasn’t sure, so instead I said, “beautiful,” because that was equally as true.

I could tell she was uncomfortable hearing my compliments, a habit I wanted to break in her, but she finally snickered saying, “I doubt Spawn and Kiki would agree I was charming.”


I couldn’t recall any ‘Kiki’s’ from my past, but was afraid to ask in case it was yet another run in she’d had with one of my previous flings I didn’t remember. Pam saved me from having to comment by saying, “A car will be here to pick you both up next Friday evening and take you up the coast to where the photo shoot will take place. You’ll be shot on the beach on Saturday and they’re putting you two up for the whole weekend so you won’t have to come back until Sunday afternoon.”

“A honeymoon,” Sookie replied, smiling softly. I got the feeling it was her way of finding the silver lining of our unexpected plans for the following weekend and I was again dumbstruck over her lackluster response to being in a photo shoot for a magazine as well known as GQ. Any of the women from my past would’ve sold their soul to the Devil himself for an opportunity like that, but Sookie’s face looked like she was scheduled to have a root canal without Novocain.

Pam seemed to sense it too and just shook her head saying, “I guess I’ll be going now.” She turned to Sookie and asked, “Are you sure you don’t want me to check for lumps? Breast health should be taken seriously you know.”

I expected another harsh rebuke from Sookie at Pam’s crass request, so I was surprised when she smiled instead and said, “Maybe next time Pam. Eric seems to enjoy playing doctor at the moment, so I think the girls are covered.”

I didn’t think she’d be so open with what we’d been doing lately, but I was quick to agree with her saying, “Yes, I am enjoying it, so you can just go find somebody else to examine Pam.”

Pam didn’t miss a beat asking, “Sookie, what’s Amelia’s phone number?”

“Good Lord,” she mumbled before rattling off her number. Pam already had her phone up to her ear as she walked back into the house without saying another word to either one of us on her way out.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, not sure if I was asking about her uneasiness over the photo shoot, her embarrassment over being caught practically naked by Pam, or her sexual satisfaction from our after dinner exploits.

“I’m fine,” she smiled wrapping her arms around my waist and burying her face into my bare chest. I kept waiting for her touch to get on my nerves, her close proximity to start becoming too much, but it wasn’t happening. It still felt like it was exactly where she belonged; where I belonged.

I was about to suggest we go for that swim she’d wanted earlier in the evening, but her yawn made me change my mind and ask, “Are you ready for bed?” It was completely dark out and I figured it had to be after nine o’clock. We hadn’t woken up too early that morning, but there was something about being out on the open ocean that seemed to sap your energy and we’d spent hours watching fucking bird activity.

“Yeah,” she replied. “I guess I am.”

I picked up our hastily discarded swimsuit bottoms from the patio floor while Sookie grabbed her glass and my beer bottle from the table before we went back inside. I made sure the house was locked up while she went to change and was happy to find her already waiting in my bed when I went upstairs. I brushed my teeth and put on a pair of pajama bottoms, not wanting to tempt fate knowing there weren’t any condoms in the house, and as I crawled into bed next to her I wondered over our lack of birth control during our wedding night.

Should I say something? Ask her about it?

I wasn’t worried about catching any diseases from her now that I knew her better and she’d said she’d gotten tested after breaking up with the douche bag a year ago, but birth control wasn’t just about protection from disease. It was also about protection from unplanned pregnancies. I’d always worn a rubber before her and never had cause for concern, but Sookie hadn’t brought it up yet so she didn’t seemed too concerned about the possibility. I figured she knew her body and menstrual cycle better than I did, considering I knew nothing about it at all, so I’d take my cues from her and flip out if she did.

My body automatically curled around hers, with her doing the same, and as soon as she leaned over and kissed me the only thought I had that had to do with a lack of birth control was me internally cursing over not being able to take our kiss any further. She finally pulled away when we were both getting a little too worked up and laid her head back down on my chest saying, “I’ll be gone when you wake up, but I’ll be back around noon. You didn’t have any plans for tomorrow afternoon did you?”

“No, where are you going in the morning?” I asked sullenly, already missing her.

“I have to be at the shelter at six to help Lafayette get ready for breakfast, but it closes up at eleven so I’ll be back once we’re done cleaning up and then we have some place to be for your surprise.”

I could feel her smiling against my chest and while I was intrigued by her mysterious surprise, the thought of waking without her there was more disconcerting to me so I asked, “Can I go with you? To the shelter?”

Sookie lifted her head to look at me asking, “Do you want to? You know, I doubt there’ll be any paparazzi hanging around if you’re wanting to get that out of the way.”

“Sookie,” I said, trying to not sound as hostile as I felt. “I don’t give a shit about cameramen lurking around or what Pam’s terms were when we agreed to this.” My voice softened when I admitted, “I thought things were different between us now.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I didn’t mean anything by it, really. I just didn’t think you’d want to tag along to the shelter is all.”

I couldn’t really blame her after our previous fight over five hundred dollar pots to piss in, so I brushed the hair away from her face admitting, “I just want to spend time with you, so if you’re going to be dishing out breakfast at the shelter I’d rather be doing it with you than waiting for you to get home.”

Even in the darkness of the room I could see the tears forming in her eyes, but she blinked them back saying, “You’re more than welcome to come along.” Her smile grew before she settled back down onto my chest and said, “You should get some sleep. You’re gonna need to have your wits about you when you meet Lafayette.”

“Why?” I asked. She’d already told me he was gay and I had no issues with that, which she already knew from when Sam and Terry had stayed for the poker game.

“You’ll see,” she snickered. “Now go to sleep.”

I mentally shrugged off her evasive response and closed my eyes thinking he couldn’t be that bad, before I hugged her tighter and finally fell asleep.


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  1. Leigh Warner says:

    Yay Lafayette!! I love him.

  2. kleannhouse says:

    Pammy caught them , LOL…. no condoms damn poor kids KY

  3. lilydragonsblood says:

    i should think the first thing on their ‘to do’ list is to buy a bulk-load of condoms…..and the second thing ‘to do’ is to ‘do’ each other!!!….. x

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    Oh deary me….ha ha! x

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