Chapter 54


So close.

So fucking close.

So fucking close to fucking Sookie when her brother walked in through the unlocked backdoor and I probably would have laughed at the fact we seemed to share that particular trait if we hadn’t been so close to fucking.

Would it be bad form if I burst into tears?

I forced away all thoughts of a naked and sweaty Sookie writhing underneath me, but the only way for me to do that was by staring at her brother with him staring back at us. In a moment straight out of a Bill Engvall comedy routine, he looked from me to Sookie, who was still wrapped around me, and asked her, “That you’re husband?”

Here’s your sign.

She was wrapped around me like a koala bear climbing a Eucalyptus tree and her lips were swollen from our kissing, with red blotches on her skin where I’d been mauling her neck, so I had to wonder just who he thought I’d be. “No,” she sighed. “He’s here checking the water meter, but I convinced him to take me for a ride.”

I mentally conjured an amusement park sign in my head wondering what the wait time would be from here for us to actually get on that ride. ‘Never’ seemed to be the correct answer at that point and I again wanted to burst into tears.

“But Gran has a well,” he replied even more confused. I recognized him from the television interview a week earlier, only now I was a bit confused over his chosen apparel. While he’d been shirtless on TV, now he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with some sort of reflective vest on top.

Maybe he gets lost in the woods a lot and it’s to protect him from hunters?

“Jason!” Sookie snapped. “What’re you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work?”

“I am at work!” he exclaimed. “The fellas an I are fillin’ some a them potholes at the end of Hummingbird Lane.” He looked back studying me and I was nearly blinded by the light bulb coming on atop his head when he said, “Hey…you are Sookie’s husband!” Before I could say anything, a second light bulb came on as he asked, “Did ya bring your little black book?”

Maybe I impaled live kittens on pikes in a former life? That was the reason why God refused to let me impale Sookie’s…

“Jason!” she snapped again, breaking my train of thought. “Why. Are. You. Here?”

“Jeez Louise you sure are cranky in the mornin’. I just wanted to check on Gran and put up some a the stuff out in the yard. We’re supposed to get a real bad storm tonight. You didn’ forget about her doctor’s appointment this afternoon did ya?”

I felt her loosen her limbs from my body so I had no choice but to put her down while she sighed, “No.” I could tell by her tone that she had forgotten, but stayed quiet not wanting to draw her wrath my way.

He gave her a look like she was the dense one in the family and walked forward thrusting his hand out in front of him saying, “I’m Jason, Sook’s brother.”

I shook it replying, “Eric,” mentally adding your blue balled brother-in-law.

“So, about that little black book,” he smiled hopefully.

Before Sookie could attack him again I set him straight saying, “I never had one and the numbers I did have are long gone.” Looking at Sookie I admitted, “It’s why I got the new number. Too many…other people had my old one.”

I wasn’t too sure how she’d take my confession, but she’d already asked me about it earlier and figured I might as well tell her now. At least maybe then her brother would quit asking about it since it seemed to really piss her off. Her smile set me at ease, but her brother drew our attention again.

“Do you remember any a their numbers?” he asked patting his pockets in search of something. I didn’t have any of their numbers memorized, but I was still oddly fascinated by him, hoping he’d pull out a bunch of random items like paperclips, shoestrings, and marbles as if he had a ticket to the ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ game show. He eventually gave up and just sighed, leaning against the counter and saying, “Never mind. I ain’t got my little black book on me.” His hand was resting on a notepad with a pencil lying next to it. Clearly, he had no marbles.

Sookie glanced at the clock and looked back at me apologetically saying, “I should go wake Gran. She’ll want enough time to get ready before we leave and it’ll take about twenty minutes to get there.”

“Okay,” I said before my mouth was hijacked by a huge yawn. I shook it off and told Jason I’d help him ‘put up stuff’ in the yard while Sookie and Gran got themselves ready. Walking around the house I could see a lot of the minor repairs it needed as well as the shitastic driveway. Not that I ever planned to drive all the way to Louisiana, but there’d be no way I’d ever be able to drive my Corvette on it without scraping up the undercarriage. Hearing Jason talk about filling potholes I asked, “Do you work for a private firm or the town?”

My question confused him for a minute, but he finally said, “I work for Renard Parish on the road crew. I’m the supervisor.”

He seemed friendly enough so I wondered if he’d charmed his way into the position. Maybe he was the Rainman of potholes because I couldn’t see how anyone would put him in charge of anything otherwise.

“Well do you know of any places around here that can fix the driveway?” I asked.

“Gran cain’t afford that. You seen how long that driveway is?” he asked, gifting me with his ‘Duh’ face while he pointed at the driveway.

“But I can afford that and I want to get it fixed for her along with some other things for the house. It looks like it could use some paint and a new roof and shutters and I noticed some warped boards on the porch. She could trip or twist an ankle walking on them. Do you know anyone around here that can take care of all of that?”

I wondered if I’d used words too big for Jason to understand, but he eventually nodded his head saying, “Yeah. There’s a guy named Calvin out in Hot Shot that does that kind a work. He’s a real stand up fella too, so he’d do it right, but it’ll cost a lot for all that.” His eyes narrowed back at me as he asked, “Why you offerin’?”

The smile formed on my face without thought when I answered, “Because we’re family.”

He stared at me for a moment longer before forming his own grin and said, “I guess we are.” We continued walking around the yard picking up lawn chairs and anything else that might be damaged in the impending storm while he gave me Calvin’s full name and said I could find his number in the phonebook inside. Calvin would also know who to contact about getting the driveway repaired, if he couldn’t do it himself, so as soon as we were done I made Jason promise to keep it between us and went back into the house while he went back to work.

I found Sookie and Gran in the kitchen and ended up yawning again before I could even say ‘hello’. “Did you get any sleep last night?” Sookie asked. “You got in kind of early this morning.”

Thinking back I replied truthfully, “Not really.” I told them about my flights from hell, with Sookie laughing about the bird activity, and as I finished my tale of landing in New Orleans they both said in unison, “You should have flown into Dallas.”

I yawned again saying, “You don’t say.”

It was nearing high noon and I figured I’d been awake more or less for two days straight minus a catnap on each of my flights. When that realization dawned on me I suddenly couldn’t stop yawning and Sookie came up putting her arms around me and saying, “Why don’t you stay here and get some rest? I can take Gran by myself.”

Thinking I could secretly call Calvin while they were gone, I asked, “Are you sure?”

The yawn that followed it was unintentional, but helpful nonetheless when she smiled replying, “Yes. Go lie down upstairs and I’ll come and get you for dinner if you’re not up by then.”

I gave Sookie the keys to my rental car knowing it would be a more comfortable ride for them and watched them through the front window as they left, laughing when Sookie got swatted by Gran for ‘fussing’ over her too much on their way to the car. As soon as I couldn’t see them anymore I dug out the phonebook from where Jason said it would be and called Calvin when I found his number. He knew Adele, or rather he informed me everyone knew Adele, and once I rattled off the list of things I wanted done he said they could start work on Saturday. Barring any more complications with Gran’s health I figured we’d be leaving no later than Friday, if we were going to make the photo shoot for GQ that weekend, but he said he’d been out to the farmhouse a couple of times fixing things here and there for her over the years and knew what needed to be done. Because of Gran’s health issues I didn’t want her to be bothered any longer than necessary and asked that he bring enough men to finish the job right in the least amount of time possible. He assured me he could get it done by the end of the weekend and I immediately agreed to the price he quoted me, but because he didn’t take credit cards I had no way to pay him without my checkbook on me. I started flipping through the still open phonebook in front of me to see if my bank had any branches nearby, but while I was explaining it all to him he said since he knew Adele and the fact I was Sookie’s new husband, I could just mail him a check when we got back.

I pulled the phone away from my ear to stare at it, more than likely resembling Jason’s confused expression, and finally asked, “Are you sure?” I didn’t want him to change his mind later on and not do the work because he hadn’t been paid.

“Yep,” was his only reply.

I silently shook my head having never had anyone take my word in lieu of my money for anything, but he took down my cell phone number and promised to call me if they ran into any problems before we finally hung up. Putting the phonebook back where I’d found it, I looked at the clock and figured I’d take that nap since the house was empty. I took my shirt off as I climbed the stairs and turned on the ceiling fan in the bedroom, noting Sookie’s bed was really fucking tiny when my feet hung off the end a little. Sinking down into the mattress I found it smelled just like her so I no longer minded the size of it and wrapping my arms around one of her pillows I could easily pretend it was her by the scent and soon fell asleep.

The sound of the rain hitting the tin roof above could be heard as my eyes fluttered open seeing it was already dark out, but that wasn’t what woke me up. It was the feel of the little blond woman’s lips currently kissing their way up my inner thigh and when they switched their attention to an already wide awake Eric Junior my hips bucked up as I repeated her question from that morning in a whisper.

“What are you doing?”

It was pitch black in the room so I had no idea what time it was, but when lightning flashed through the window I could see her mischievous grin when she repeated my words back to me.

“If you don’t know what I’m doing then I have my work cut out for me. Let’s start with this,” she said, pulling the shorts down and off of my body and licking my cock from base to tip. I gasped out loud when her mouth enveloped the head, with her tongue flicking across my slit, before she proved that night by the pool was no fluke and sucked me all the way down into her throat. Her lips tightened around the base and her suction increased as she hummed her way back up. One hand gripped the quilt beneath me, while the other one worked its way into her hair, as she repeated her downward motion and I barely recognized my own voice when I hoarsely whispered, “Fuck…Sookie…”

A part of my brain wondered if Gran was waiting with dinner for us downstairs, but Sookie hummed the thought right back out of me. It seemed she’d chosen to have me for dinner and I was in no position to deny her. The heat of her soft wet mouth gliding up and down was quickly becoming unbearable, but I wanted more; needed more. I wanted to finally be inside of her, so when I heard the thunder rumbling in the distance and another flash of lightning let me see Sookie was completely naked, I made my move before it was too late.

Suddenly having my own ideas for dinner, I surprised her by grabbing the tops of her arms and pulling her body up mine. My tongue dove into her still open mouth and she kissed me back, rubbing her bare skin against mine, before pulling away and trying not to smile while pouting, “But I wasn’t done.”

Neither was I.

I flipped us over leaving a wet trail with my tongue across each of her breasts, teasing and pulling her nipples with my lips and teeth while Sookie whimpered underneath me. Continuing my descent down her body I dipped my tongue into her navel, noting her ticklish response, and moved on until I was finally hovering over her center. Too impatient to tease her any longer I dove forward parting her folds with my tongue and cleaned away the moisture I found. Everything about her was perfect, even her taste, and I doubted I would ever tire of being with her. She was mine and just in case she had any doubts, I copied our tattoos drawing a heart with the tip of my tongue over the spot where I would be staking my claim and filled in the lines with our combined juices.

I’d purposely avoided her clit up until that point, wanting us to climax together the first time, but hearing her say, “Eric…please…” weakened my resolve.

I’d just have to make her cum again.

Plunging my tongue inside of her, I pulled the fluids out, painting her flesh with it on my way up to her small bundle of nerves. As soon as my lips latched on her hips jumped beneath me while her hands dug into my hair trying to keep me in place. The slow rhythm of my tongue on her clit steadily increased until I was keeping time with the sound of the rain battering against the tin roof above us. She cursed and begged, threatened and pleaded, but I waited until I knew she was at the point of no return before thrusting two fingers inside of her and sending her over the edge. She screamed out my name, muffled by the clap of thunder now directly over the house, as her body seized beneath me and I smiled against her skin hearing her say it.


I sat up on my knees with my eyes raking over her naked form in front of me and pulled my fingers from her body, now covered in her cum. I wanted to be covered in it too so when her eyes finally met mine, she watched mesmerized while I stroked my cock in front of her painting myself with it as I had done to her and her tongue darted out licking her swollen lips before repeating, “Eric…please…”

I didn’t have to ask what it was she wanted when her legs spread out in front of me and her arms reached out beckoning me forward. I leaned over and pulled a condom out of her nightstand, from where I’d stashed them earlier when I took a shower, and rolled it on while she watched my every move. I paused for a moment waiting for her brother to burst through the door; the phone to ring; a tree to fall through the roof or a pterodactyl to come flying through the window, but when none of that happened I finally settled my body on top of hers.

Her arms and legs wrapped around me as I leaned forward tracing her lips with my tongue until she opened them welcoming my kiss. She felt so small beneath me, completely covered by my body, as if I was made to be her shelter from the storm. I knew I would always protect her from anyone and anything, whether she asked it of me or not.

She was my family.

When my tip settled at her entrance she pulled back from our kiss and looked into my eyes smiling softly as she asked, “Is this a dream?” I understood, having questioned it myself, since the outside world kept interfering, but I knew it was finally real.

“No, this is only the beginning,” I answered, pushing my way inside of her. I buried my head against her shoulder, trying to go slow when I felt how tight she was, not wanting to hurt her. If I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought she was a virgin, but her initial gasp of air turned into a breathy moan as her hands and feet pushed against my ass urging me deeper inside of her. Her inner muscles contracted around my length sucking me deeper and deeper with every spasm until I was finally buried inside her to the hilt. No one from my past had ever felt as good as Sookie did surrounding me and I could feel my own pulse beating inside of her. She gasped again, biting down on my shoulder, as I slowly pulled out until just the tip was still inside of her and cried out my name again when I forcefully shoved my way back in now that I knew she could take all of me.

The thunder and lightning continued to roar outside as we set a brutal pace to keep up with the storm, with the howling wind drowning out our grunts and groans. I didn’t know if God was condemning us or cheering us on, but I didn’t care. We’d been waiting too long with too many obstacles for us to be gentle and sweet; that would come later. Now we had to take back what we’d been denied and prove to one another, and the world, the undeniable truth; we were meant to be. She was mine just as much as I was hers.

As Sookie’s chanting of my name steadily increased in volume, so did the coil inside of me threatening to burst free. I put most of my weight on my left arm and reached down with my right hand circling her clit with my thumb trying to force her orgasm out of her. Just as I lost the battle to hold back a second longer her muscles clamped down around me and we both cried out with our release as the thunder and lightning outside collided above the house, rattling the windows and lighting up the room. My hips continued to pump into her, as my body shuddered above her, until I was finally empty and when our panting breaths subsided I claimed her lips in another kiss.

Everything in that moment was perfect and I didn’t want to move, but I eventually pulled out and tossed the used condom into the wastebasket next to the bed before pulling her back into my arms. She kissed my chest next to where her head lay and whispered against my skin, “Finally.”



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  1. Leigh Warner says:

    *throws streamers and pops cork off champagne bottle* Yay!! It finally happened. *cries tears of happiness*

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    part time bout time love Jason…. KY

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