Chapter 55


As I lay with my body pressed against Eric’s, both feeling and hearing his heartbeat underneath my head and surrounded by posters of his teenage face, I repeated the one word my brain kept repeating.


It was stupid really. We’d only known each other for eleven days, but I felt like we’d been together for much longer. So much had happened in that time, with both of our lives changing so dramatically, it hardly felt real. I remembered waking up that morning in Vegas thinking it I’d found myself in a nightmare, but now I was afraid all of it was a dream, he was a dream, and I was terrified I’d wake up and find myself in my bed back at Amelia’s.

I was drawn to him, everything about him, and even after what we’d just done, I couldn’t stop the blush from rising to my cheeks thinking about the way I’d molested his sleeping body. When I’d gone up to get him for dinner earlier I couldn’t bring myself to wake him, knowing how tired he was, so Gran and I had a light dinner together and I’d told her I’d fix him something later on. When the power went out with the storm a little after nine Gran decided to call it a night and, after I’d made sure she’d gotten to bed okay, I’d planned on just slipping in beside Eric, but seeing him lying there, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, made my brain short circuit. Gone was common sense and decency, replaced with Wicked and Immoral removing my damp panties. I just couldn’t control myself or them.

I wanted him; needed him and I would HAVE him.

I knew now why he’d had so many women begging for his attention, having just begged for it myself a few moments earlier, and I didn’t even know how great his bedroom skills were at the time. Just thinking about it again was getting my engines revving and I squirmed at his still silent side wondering what his bounce back time was.

I wanted to bounce again.

Eric’s fingers trailed lightly up and down my back as he asked, “What are you thinking?”

Immoral answered for me by trailing up his inner thigh before ghosting across the Kraken and as I watched it start to come back to life I lied, saying, “Nothing.”

Immoral wasn’t letting me get away with it though and teased the beast by stroking it, taunting it, daring it to attack. Eric’s hand settled atop Immoral, praising her honesty by gently tickling across her back and thrusting up into her downward stroke, while verbally casting doubt on my bald faced lie asking, “You call this nothing?”

No, I call THAT the Kraken, Nessie, a unicorn horn, the Beast, the Titanic…

Not wanting to overinflate his ego, but not wanting to crush it either, along with my chance for another ride on the Eric Northman merry-go-round, I remembered our informative trip to the Marine base and said, “Mmm…not nothing; maybe more like a Navy cruiser?”

I knew of a channel he could go cruising through.

I slid my leg over Eric’s body and leaned down, circling his nipple with my tongue, and bit down lightly as he continued to thrust into my hand and hissed, “Uhh…,” before gathering his thoughts and saying, “I think we can safely classify it as a submarine.”

More like an aircraft carrier.

I leaned over to get another condom from the nightstand, but was momentarily sidetracked when Eric captured one of my breasts with his mouth. His left hand gently kneaded the other one while his right hand went straight to my clit.

Talk about pushing my buttons; I seemed to have more than a universal remote.

Snatching the condom from the drawer, I ripped it open and while I rolled it on his Tomahawk missile I suggested, “A destroyer?”

He’d certainly destroyed me for all other men.

Moving my body into position, I slowly lowered myself, enjoying the sensation of him filling me up again and looked down seeing Eric’s hooded eyes staring back at me with a lustful smile on his face as he said, “You sank my battleship.”

I loved how playful he was and would’ve laughed, remembering when I’d played that game as a child, but it seemed I’d inadvertently declared war on Eric because he fired off a barrage of torpedoes as he gripped my hips, forcefully pulling me down into every one of his upward thrusts. Falling forward, I gripped the bedding on each side of his head and released my counter measures. With my breasts dangling in his face, I attempted to take control again by rocking and swirling my hips, intentionally clamping down around his base, trying to win the war by making him cum first, but it didn’t matter what direction I went; clockwise; counterclockwise; him and his heat seeking missile were ready for it.

I could feel the tide shifting and the currents swelled with my impending orgasm, but I fought it off, refusing to lose the battle just yet. However, Captain Eric had other weapons in his arsenal and, quicker than the lightning outside, he lifted me off of him and planted me face down on top of the bed. I had no time to wonder where he’d gone to because I felt his hands grip my hips from behind, pulling my ass up and back as he breached my hull yet again. I screamed out his name, grateful for the storm now that I knew screaming was a genetic Stackhouse trait, and tried to come up with a new battle plan, but it was useless. Eric out strategized me in every way and as one of his hands slid back to my clit, while his cannons battered me from behind, I had no choice but to surrender.

My orgasm exploded inside of me sending shockwaves through every part of my body with Eric’s victorious war cry ringing out moments later with his own. I felt just as battered as the tin roof above us while he planted kisses along my back and neck before pulling out, but I had no energy left to move. He settled next to me in the too small bed and pulled me like a ragdoll until I was lying halfway on top of him, but I couldn’t even open my eyes and heard him only chuckle before kissing the top of my head as he whispered, “Goodnight lover.”

All I could manage to say was, “Nuh,” and drifted off, dreaming about playing ‘Clue’, with Eric as Colonel Mustard and where he would use his candlestick.

The next day I woke up alone and feeling sore with the morning sun streaming through the window, but it didn’t stop me from grinning thinking about the night before. I never knew my body was capable of having multiple orgasms and since my only other sexual partner had been Quinn, I had no choice but to assume the reason had to do with him. They were incomparable as lovers with Eric far exceeding Quinn in every way, but I wondered if Eric felt the same way about me. He’d had more women than I cared to know about and I felt a tad insecure, but quickly pushed the feeling away before it could take root. After all, he’d flown all the way to Louisiana just to be with me the moment he found out he had the week off. He wanted to be with me, not any of his former lovers and he’d even changed his phone number so they couldn’t contact him.

What more did I need?

My bladder chose that moment to signal what it needed, so I threw on some clothes and went downstairs. When I finished up in the bathroom I walked into the kitchen to find Gran standing at the stove cooking oatmeal and she turned to see me, smiling and said, “Good morning sunshine. I thought you were gonna sleep the day away.”

“Morning Gran,” I smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek as I took over at the stove. “Oatmeal smells good,” I said, stirring the pot.

Gran sat down at the table and frowned, “Well I offered to make Eric a big breakfast again this morning, but he said he wanted oatmeal.” I turned away from Gran so she couldn’t see my smile, knowing Eric would choose a big breakfast any day over a bowl of oatmeal, but he was doing it so she would eat food that was good for her. My heart melted a bit more knowing he was doing it for me by proxy.

“Did you get any rest with that storm last night?” I asked.

“I slept like the dead,” she chuckled, “but how about you? That was baby making weather, so should I be clearing my calendar for about nine months from now?”

“Gran!” I could feel the telltale blush rising up my chest and since the oatmeal was done, I turned off the stove and changed the subject asking, “Where is Eric? Breakfast’s ready.”

“Oh, he’s outside checking the house to see if there’s any damage from the storm.”

I set a bowl of oatmeal in front of Gran and went outside to find Eric pacing in the ruts of the driveway with his cell phone to his ear. I didn’t want to intrude on his conversation, so I walked out into the yard and turned back seeing the house had indeed suffered some damage. A few of the shutters and some of the wood siding had been torn off and were now stacked up against the side of the house, I assumed by Eric. Walking around to the front I could see the roof had been damaged as well and the old porch swing was dangling to one side from where the support had pulled away from the overhang up above.

Tears sprang to my eyes knowing Gran would be upset once she saw how much work needed to be done and I quickly calculated how much I had in my savings to help her, knowing she’d never be able to afford all of the repairs on her fixed income. I felt Eric’s arm slide around my waist from behind at the same time I heard Gran’s voice coming from the side of the yard saying, “Oh my stars…”

When she came around to the front and saw the porch swing hanging down she shook her head and said, “Well, I guess I won’t be sitting there with a good book anymore.”

I walked over and put my arms around her saying, “Don’t worry Gran. I have some money saved up and maybe Jason can help by putting the shutters back up and…”

Eric’s voice interrupted me saying, “It’s already taken care of.”

I turned, confused, asking,”What?”

“The repairs for the house, the driveway, the new porch swing; it’s all taken care of,” he said.

“How?” He hadn’t even known enough about Bon Temps, Louisiana to know to fly into Dallas instead of New Orleans, so how on earth could he have already arranged major home repairs less than an hour after waking up?

“Calvin Norris and his crew will be here in about an hour.”

Still dumbfounded I asked, “How do you know Calvin Norris?”

Was he a member of the Eric Northman Fan Club too?

Looking a bit chagrined, Eric replied, “I got his name from Jason yesterday and called him when you left for the doctor’s appointment. He was already planning on doing all of the repairs this weekend so he went out yesterday afternoon and got all of the supplies. I just got off the phone with him and he agreed to start work today; we just need to go out and buy another porch swing and he’ll put it up.”

Of all the highhanded…

“Eric!” Gran and I said in unison. Getting angrier I asked, “Why would you do something like that without saying anything? What gives you the right to go and make those kinds of decisions without asking anyone?” The words gold digger were flashing like a neon light in my head when I said, “I don’t want your money!”

Gran tried to soften my blow saying, “It’s too much Eric. Jason can do some of the work and I have some in savings. You don’t have to do any of this.”

My stomach clenched seeing the hurt flash across his face, but a controlled anger replaced it when he said, “I know I don’t have to.” Looking directly at me he gritted out, “I know you don’t want my money. Why would I do it? What gives me the right?” Looking at both of us he said, “Yesterday you welcomed me into your home and called me family. Families take care of each other. They don’t have to be asked to do it. They want to do it. It’s their right to do it. I saw something that needed to be done and I took it upon myself to get it done. I would’ve told you about it today since I didn’t get the chance to yesterday. Would you be upset if Jason was the one who had the means to do all of it?” When neither Gran nor I said anything, my anger having been replaced by remorse, he asked, “So which is it? Am I a part of your family or not?”

Of course you are,” Gran said, moving forward and wrapping her arms around Eric. “I’m sorry for seeming so ungrateful. I guess I’m just so used to just getting by, but I do appreciate the help. Thank you.” She eventually let go of him and gave me a look that clearly told me to get my head out of my ass before she went back inside.

I was too ashamed to move and Eric just stared back at me from where he stood until the first tear fell down my face. As soon as he took one step forward his movement seemed to unlock my legs and I ran up to him, wrapping my arms around his waist, and buried my face into his chest crying, “I’m sorry.” His body eventually relaxed and his arms wrapped around me as he leaned down and kissed the top of my head. My mouth blurted out the only thing I kept thinking. “I don’t deserve you.”

I didn’t.

I relaxed a little hearing him chuckle as he held me tighter saying, “I think you have that backwards. I’m the one that doesn’t deserve you.” He nuzzled the top of my head adding, “Too bad for you that I’m a greedy bastard and won’t let you go.”

He was the complete opposite of greedy; his actions proved that. “Why would you want to keep me? I’m a huge bitch.”

Pulling back, Eric tilted my chin up with his finger until I finally looked into his eyes and tried to lighten my morose mood saying, “But you’re my bitch.”

It worked because a smile worked its way onto my face as I confirmed, “I am.”

I was.

We kissed to seal the deal and went back inside hand in hand, to Gran’s obvious delight when she saw us, and ate our lukewarm oatmeal. Calvin and his crew showed up not long after informing us it was a good thing Eric had already set everything up the day before because he was getting besieged with calls from people needing repairs done from the storm, which made Gran and I hug Eric again in thanks. Calvin had brought over paint samples for Gran to choose from for the house and shutters, and once she’d made her choices Eric and I went to the big home improvement store in Monroe to buy the paint and porch swing. I even kept my mouth shut when he picked the nicest, therefore the most expensive, one they had knowing it would look perfect on the porch and Gran would enjoy sitting on the cushioned seat while she read her romance novels.

Eric was able to walk around without drawing too much attention from the other patrons, but being six foot four and looking like a walking Adonis was bound to draw some looks no matter what his profession was. He graciously stopped to sign autographs and pose for pictures when asked, but it was nothing like back home where people seemed to clamor for his attention. It was then I realized I no longer viewed Louisiana as my home anymore; home was with Eric.

Calvin had been right about the amount of people needing repairs because the store was packed and the shelves were empty, but we eventually made it through the checkout line and Eric seemed pleased when I didn’t fight with him over paying for it all. The porch swing was scheduled to be delivered by the next morning and we got back to Gran’s seeing they already had the old roof torn off and were in the process of putting on the new one. Calvin wasn’t able to have as many men at the house, because of the short notice, so over the next two days both Eric and I pitched in helping out with the painting that needed to be done and to carry away whatever they tore down.

Some of Gran’s friends stopped by to check on her once they heard about her heart attack and ended up fawning all over Eric and his thoughtfulness in getting the house repaired, which seemed to make Gran as proud as a peacock. I found out later from Eric that Maxine Fortenberry was a little too friendly and had grabbed his ass, which made Gran laugh, but had Eric holding me down in his lap as I struggled to get up so I could go and beat her ass. All I managed to do was make both Gran and Eric laugh harder and me angrier.

At the end of each night we’d both pass out from exhaustion, but that was probably a good thing since there weren’t any more storms to cover up any hanky panky we might’ve done otherwise and by the time Friday morning rolled around the house had never looked better. It was picture perfect and Gran had tears in her eyes when she thanked him again saying she never thought she’d live to see the day when there was nothing left to be done to the house. She swatted him when he mentioned the next step was the interior, but I could tell by the way her eyes danced she wouldn’t put up too much of a fuss if he tried.

We were scheduled to fly out of Shreveport at noon, which would give us just enough time to make it back to the house and repack our bags before the car would show up to drive us up the coast for the photo shoot the following day. I cried all over again seeing Eric brush a tear or two from his eyes while he hugged Gran goodbye and as we drove down the new level driveway he reached over and squeezed my hand in his asking, “Are you okay?”

I knew I would always miss and worry about Gran no matter what, but seeing him by my side and feeling his hand in mine, I replied truthfully, “I am.”

As long as I still had him, I was.


4 comments on “Chapter 55

  1. Leigh Warner says:

    Awww, you cant blame Maxine for grabbing Eric’s butt. I would have done the same thing

  2. kleannhouse says:

    aww that was a sweet gesture from Eric and well received from Gran…KY

  3. Aaaaaaawwwww. Another wonderful chapter! I am waiting for the other shoe to drop though. …

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    Eric is so kind and caring. x

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