Chapter 56


I was a little surprised at the sense of longing I felt as we drove away from the farmhouse. Except for the minor blip when I’d told them about getting the house repaired, Sookie’s Gran had treated me exactly like what she’d called me; family. I’d never felt more welcome or at home than I had there and while I was excited to finally have a few days with Sookie all to myself, I was already looking forward to Thanksgiving when we’d get to go back.

I was sure as fuck buying a bigger bed for Sookie’s room though.

She didn’t move much in her sleep and I admittedly slept better when I had her wrapped in or around my body, but that bed was just fucking ridiculous. I had every intention of looking for furniture stores online, when I had the time, and finding one nearby so I could set up an account for Gran to pick out whatever she wanted to replace in the house, starting with that fucking bed. I’d also made sure to tell Calvin that if Gran called him for anything else she needed to be done, I’d take care of the bill figuring she couldn’t get mad now that we had an understanding.

Of course, I’d always be fond of that bed, in a way, since it was where Sookie and I had finally had sex, but I was already looking forward to breaking in the new one. Everything about her was fucking amazing and the storm provided the perfect backdrop now that I knew she was pretty vocal in between the sheets. Quinn was a fool to have cheated on her, throwing away any chance of keeping her when she was perfect both in and out of bed, but I wouldn’t be making that same mistake. No one ever made me feel the way she did, either in or out of bed, and I had no desire to go back to living my life the way I had before she came along.

Sookie had been so tired each night, passing out as soon as her head hit the pillow, we didn’t have the opportunity to repeat our performance from that first night, so I was already counting the ways and positions I’d be taking her once we got to wherever it was we’d be staying for the weekend. While the fast, hard, and playful fucking we’d done that night had been thoroughly satisfying, now I wanted to give slow and sensual a try. It wasn’t something I’d done with anyone else; it wasn’t something I’d wanted or felt the need to do, but with Sookie I both wanted and needed to, for her and for me.

I was lost in those thoughts when I heard Sookie’s voice, barely louder than the radio, say, “Thank you Eric.”

“For what?” I asked, knowing I’d be more likely to get a punch in the arm instead of thanks if she could read my somewhat depraved thoughts at the moment.

Her breath hitched in her throat making me look over to see those God forsaken tears in her eyes. I had no clue as to how she could possibly cry so much, but each tear she shed felt like a stab to my gut and I hated seeing them no matter what the cause was. Before I could ask her what was wrong she said, “For everything. For flying out here to be with me; for fixing up Gran’s house. You have no idea how happy you’ve made her; how happy you’ve made me and I just want you to know how much it means to me.” She looked over at me locking her gaze with mine as she said, “How much you mean to me.”


My heart seized as my mouth dropped open and I’m pretty sure my lungs stopped working since no air was making its way into my chest. What seemed like a million thoughts and memories of Sookie and I together flooded my brain, which was odd since we’d only known each other for two weeks, but it felt like much longer as I wondered if this was the moment she would tell me she was in love with me. It wouldn’t be the first time I heard those words directed at me, but since the previous times had been from screaming fans or fuck buddies turned psychos, it would be the first time I would actually believe them to be true. The only question was; was I in love with her?

I didn’t want to lie and repeat the words back to her if I wasn’t absolutely sure, but it didn’t matter when I realized I took too long to say anything because in what seemed a lifetime turned into a split second later she said, “There’s the exit for the airport,” pointing at the roadside sign.

Nodding mutely, I took the exit wondering what, if anything, I should say to get the moment back that had already seemed to pass us by. I knew whatever it was that I felt for Sookie was strong, deeper and more meaningful than I’d ever felt for anyone else, but was it love? I still didn’t know having nothing to compare it to, but selfishly I wanted to know how she felt about me. I found myself wanting to hear her tell me that she did love me, hoping her declaration alone would somehow make my own feelings become clearer, even if only to just me.

As we pulled into the parking lot to return the rental car, I parked and turned towards Sookie, putting my hand on hers and stopping her from exiting the car as I asked, like the clingy little bitch I’d suddenly turned into, “How much do I mean to you?”

Even I could hear the neediness in my voice and I regretted asking her the question when her tears made a brief reappearance, but she smiled softly as she leaned forward and kissed me gently before pulling away and saying, “A lot.”

A lot.

It wasn’t quite the same four letters I’d been hoping to hear, but considering I didn’t know if I could’ve truthfully said the L-word in return, I decided not to dwell on it. After all, I did know she meant a lot to me too and I grabbed the back of her head pulling her mouth to back mine and tried to convey my feelings for her in a much more demanding kiss. Tasting her cherry lip gloss on her lips and feeling them soften under my assault as she allowed me to invade her mouth, would appease me for now because as our kiss continued I began to realize it didn’t matter whether or not we could say those three little words yet. I knew neither one of us was going anywhere so I would bide my time and continue to woo her, hoping it was only a matter of time before I fully captured her heart and got those three little words I longed to hear from her lips.

As our kiss deepened, it was stirring a whole other kind of feeling within me, especially now that I knew what it was like to be buried deep inside of Sookie, and the two and a half days that had passed since I’d last visited was two and a half days too long. I mentally stored ‘slow and sensual’ in the backseat bringing ‘hard and fast’ to the forefront as one of my hands snaked up the back of her shirt while the other fumbled around looking for the lever to recline her seat. She gasped when I found it as her body fell backwards with the upper half of mine on top of hers and my growl was her only warning of my intentions.

Giggling, she tried to push against my chest saying, “Eric Northman! We are NOT having sex in the Avis parking lot!”

Ignoring her words because I knew she actually wouldn’t have sex in the parking lot, I buried my face in her neck with my whiskers marking her skin as I kissed my way towards her ear where I whispered, “How about on the plane?”

Expecting another rebuff from my modest southern belle, I was surprised when I felt her hand stroke me through my jeans as she said, “I think that can be arranged.”

Visions of Sookie’s naked body wrapped around mine as I pounded into her in one of those tiny little bathrooms swam through my head and I claimed her lips in another searing kiss before she could take the words back. Takeoff couldn’t happen quickly enough and as I pulled away from her, seeing the lust in her eyes, I sent off a silent prayer that we’d hit a little turbulence at precisely the right time.

Once we got the car turned in, the shuttle took us to the terminal and we checked in for our flight. I’d made sure to grab a few condoms and put them in my pocket, since we were checking our luggage, with Sookie blushing when she saw me take them from my bag. Grinning, I pulled her body flush against mine with my hand caressing her lower back, wishing I could caress much lower on her body, and leaned down whispering, “Why are you blushing? It was your idea.”

I felt Sookie’s arms wrap around my waist with her hands sliding into my back pockets, squeezing my ass and pulling my hips towards her, as she said, “I’m just hoping you grabbed enough.”

My jeans were becoming uncomfortably tight; having nothing to do with Gran’s cooking, and as we went through the security checkpoint I, of course, beeped walking through the metal detector. The guy waving the wand around my body gave me a weird look as he passed it over the prominent bulge in the front of my pants, but I just grinned and flicked my eyes towards Sookie. When he looked over and saw her, he grinned in return and nodded his head chuckling, which made her blush ten times darker and I laughed out loud watching as she refused to make eye contact with the TSA agent when it was her turn to go through.

As we made our way to the first class lounge Sookie was still beet red when she whispered, “Oh. My. God. I can’t believe your WMD set off the metal detector.”

Weapon of Mass Destruction?

I liked it. It sounded much more intimidating than ‘Eric Junior’ and I grinned saying, “Well you’re the one that said I had to wait until we were on the plane before I could hide it.”

“Astronauts on the space station could look out the window and see that thing with the naked eye,” she muttered under her breath, but I caught every word and wanted nothing more than to find a secluded spot so we could detonate together. Unfortunately, the lounge was crowded and as soon as we sat down people started coming up to me asking for autographs and pictures. Sookie smiled seeing the frustration on my face and whispered, “Be nice. It’s not like we would’ve had the opportunity for sexy time in here either.”

Sexy time? I WANT SEXY TIME!

It sounded so much better than ‘fucking time’ so when Sookie slipped away in the crowd I forced myself to smile instead of pout and signed autographs while my internal clock counted down toward sexy time. Every time I looked up my eyes automatically searched for her and I saw her standing in the far corner with her cell phone to her ear, but had no idea of who she was talking to. The group of fans didn’t disperse until the announcement came over the loud speaker that our plane was boarding and I waited for her to join me before we got in line and walked onto the plane. Once I scouted out the location of the bathrooms and we were in our seats I asked, “Who were you talking to on the phone?”

She frowned replying, “The Headmaster, Mr. Brigant. I told him we were flying back today and I’d be back to work on Monday.”

I laced my fingers through hers asking, “Why the frown?” Maybe she didn’t want to go back to work?

“He’s just a pompous passive aggressive asshole,” she sighed. When I kept looking at her, waiting for more of an explanation, she continued, “I know he wasn’t too happy about me taking off so soon after starting there and I can’t really blame him since the school year just started, but it’s not like you can plan on a family member having a heart attack. He was already a bit cold towards me after practically coming right out and saying he’d wanted to fire me after our little wedding video, but me taking off this week certainly won’t help matters. I’m just lucky he can’t do anything because of the Family Medical Leave Act.”

Fire her? It was the first I’d heard of it and she ended up telling me the whole story of her first day at work, during the hour long flight to Houston, with sexy time temporarily put on hold. She’d omitted the part of her meeting with Brigant the first time we’d talked about her first day at work saying she wasn’t comfortable telling me everything then because we were still practically strangers at the time. The only times she’d stopped talking was during the takeoff and landing, with her gripping my hand hard enough to make a teamster cry, but not me. I was too pissed off hearing how Brigant had been treating Sookie and as we made our way from one gate to the next, for our flight to L.A., I said, “Why don’t you just quit?”

We’d been holding hands so I felt it when her feet stopped moving and looked back seeing the shocked look on her face as she asked, “Why would I quit?”

We only had a forty minute layover so I tugged on her hand until her feet started moving again and said, “Why not? He sounds like an asshole.”

“Eric,” she said exasperatedly, “do you have any idea of how long it took me to find that job? A year. And it’s one of the best schools in the state. Besides, I can’t not work; I have bills and having medical insurance is a relief too.”

“Sookie, you don’t have to work. I make more than enough for the two of us and I can add you to my insurance policy. If you want to work, that’s fine too, but don’t feel like you have to keep that job when you can just quit and find another one.”

It made perfect sense to me, but feeling Sookie jerk her hand from mine and seeing the look on her face made me second guess my thoughts. “What?” I asked when she didn’t say anything.

Sookie just angrily shook her head and started stomping towards the gate, with me temporarily ogling the way her jeans encased her ass, before I caught up to her. Our connecting flight was already boarding so we remained silent until we were finally in our seats and I just stared at her waiting for her to say something. Instead she just stared out the window and seemed too mad to even notice the plane taking off because her fear from earlier didn’t make a reappearance which made me think sexy time was officially cancelled. I didn’t see where I’d done or said anything wrong, so I just slumped back in my seat to wait her out knowing she’d have to say something eventually. She didn’t push my hand away when I placed it on her knee, which I took as a good sign, and an even better sign came when the flight attendant approached us.

“Oh,” she practically gushed. “I just have to tell you how much I love you. I mean, your work,” she giggled.

God was mocking me by having a complete stranger say the words I’d wanted to hear from Sookie, especially now that Sookie seemed to not be speaking to me at all. The flight attendant was decent looking and before Sookie had come along I know I would’ve flirted right back, but now I only wanted one woman; the seething silent one next to me. Before I could say anything Sookie’s head whipped around with her glare now affixed to the flight attendant, who was still oblivious to Sookie’s presence next to me, and her hand shot out to rest dangerously high on my inner thigh as she snapped, “Yes, my husband’s body of work is impressive, but that’s the only part of him you’ll get to experience, so why don’t you act like you have a professional bone in your body, instead of eye fucking him, and go get us some drinks.”

“Excuse me?” she sputtered, glaring back at Sookie.

“I’ll have a bottled water,” Sookie replied without missing a beat. Turning to smile at me, she asked, “Honey? Would you like anything to drink?”

Possessive Sookie was so much more fun than Silent Pissed Off Sookie and wanting to affirm her claim on me, I leaned over hovering just shy of her lips and said, “Just you lover, just you.”

It seemed to be the correct response because she smiled and closed the remaining distance, giving me a kiss that made me think sexy time was back was back on the schedule. I hadn’t even noticed the flight attendant’s departure until Sookie pulled back and glanced at the now empty aisle next us saying, “I can’t believe the nerve of her! I’m sitting right next to you with one of your hands on my knee and the other wearing a wedding band! What in the hell was she thinking?

I was still wondering what Sookie had been thinking that made her so mad, but my only response was, “Who?” before pulling her back for another kiss. I felt her lips form into a smile before giving into the kiss and my internal countdown clock toward sexy time restarted.


2 comments on “Chapter 56

  1. Leigh Warner says:

    That was a close call. I thought we wouldn’t get to see any sexy time between these two

  2. kleannhouse says:

    damn i like agressive Sookie, i laughed my ass off at her comments to the flight attendant … KY

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