Chapter 59


He loves me!

I had a giant ‘Oh shit moment’ as soon as the words left my lips; not because I didn’t mean them, but because I was afraid I’d scare Eric away and hoped maybe he’d been too caught up in having his own happy ending to have heard me. I made sure to keep the worry off of my face and instead concentrated on how happy he made me while wishing I could read his mind so I’d have some sort of clue about what he was thinking. He didn’t leap up and off of me before throwing himself over the balcony’s ledge, so I took that as a good sign, but hearing him utter those same three words in return left me wanting to sprout wings and fly through the air like Tinkerbelle while pixie dust rained down on us.

Instead we smiled and kissed, making out like two teenagers while repeating those three little words over and over to one another, leaving no doubt on where either one of us stood on the subject and his stamina surprised me yet again when, as it turned out, we ended up needing that second condom.

Exhausted and starving we finally made our way back into the house with me wearing his t-shirt and him in nothing more than his jeans. Even after all of the sexin’ we’d been able to do that day, seeing him walking around barefoot with the fly of his jeans halfway undone stirred something primal inside of me and if it wasn’t for the fact my stomach was attempting to eat my other internal organs for sustenance, I would’ve jumped him again. It reminded me that I needed to make an appointment to see Dr. Ludwig, so we wouldn’t have to worry about condoms anymore, and while the water was boiling for some pasta I went ahead and grabbed my phone to put it in my calendar to remind me to call on Monday. Eric watched my every move with the small smile never once leaving his face, but it got a whole lot bigger when he followed me from room to room as I placed condoms in strategic locations. If that didn’t work out I’d make a ‘Lay Me Lei’ and wear the damn things as a necklace everywhere we went because now that we were officially in love, if the carnal mood struck us, I wanted to be able to act on it.

Dinner was a mostly silent affair with each of us stealing glances at the other in between bites of food, but more than once we’d smile and lean over, giving each other a soft kiss before going back to our meal. The love and happiness flowing through us was practically a third party at the table and they were more than welcome to stay.

As we washed up the dishes Eric hesitantly spoke up saying, “You know we’re going to have to be interviewed at some point for the GQ article, right?”

I didn’t feel as panicked over the thought, like I had been with the photo shoot and I also felt like we wouldn’t be perpetuating a massive fraud now that we’d admitted our feelings to one another, so I smiled saying, “That’s fine. Just make sure it’s scheduled for in the evening or on the weekend since I have to go back to work on Monday and I know Mr. Brigant’s head would explode if I asked for any more time off.”

He frowned hearing my request having already made his feelings known on the subject of my employment, but thankfully he didn’t bring them up again. I’d worked too hard to get that job and had no desire to give it up now that I’d finally been hired. While it would’ve been nice to feel welcomed by the headmaster, I wasn’t there to win a popularity contest and hoped my dedication to my job and my students would eventually win him over.

It was close to midnight by the time Eric and I made our way upstairs and now that my belly was full, I could barely keep my eyes open when that was combined with our sex-a-thon. I wanted nothing more than to crawl into the oversized bed and fall asleep, but knowing I needed a shower first made me wonder how big the hot water tank was because I was worried I’d fall asleep underneath the spray. Eric, being the walking talking six foot four perfection that he was, took care of it for me by climbing into the shower with me and lovingly washing me clean. He chuckled when I yawned while making him promise to give me a much dirtier shower the following day, but he still willingly agreed and after one last whispered, “I love you,” from each of us, I went to sleep with Eric wrapped around me and a smile on my face because I knew he always kept his promises.

I’d expected to be woken up by the alarm clock the following morning, but what actually woke me up was much better. So much better that at first I thought I was still dreaming, but the feel of Eric’s lips on my neck, the rumble of his chest pressed up against my back and his insistent fingers stroking in between my thighs told me otherwise. How he’d managed to work my body into a frenzy while my brain continued to sleep was a testament to his skills and I was already so close to tumbling over the edge that when he lifted my leg and slid into my love shack from behind I was a goner.

His Chrysler was definitely as big as a whale and my whole shack shimmied in response.

I cried out his name and gripped his ass behind me as I met him thrust for thrust, as much as I was able to, while his fingers worked my clit in a staccato melody. He continued playing my body like a maestro wielding his baton and the crescendo of our morning symphony built up once more inside of me, so when I heard him breathlessly whisper, “Cum for me,” into my ear I obeyed with a deafening scream with Eric cumming right behind me.

Literally and figuratively.

As soon as I could catch my breath, I turned my head towards Eric and his mouth was instantly on mine, giving me a lazy unhurried kiss, before pulling away and smiling as he said, “Good morning.”

“I’ll say,” I smiled.

At least one of us was thinking clearly because I hadn’t even thought about birth control until Eric slid out of me and went to the bathroom to throw away the condom I didn’t know he’d been wearing. My mind, however, was still in a fog and seeing his naked body standing in the bathroom doorway with a toothbrush sticking out of one side of his mouth and a smirk on the other side didn’t help clear away the haze. Knowing my mouth was hanging open at the sight of him, I promptly closed it and would’ve called him cocky, but the statement was too true, of both his physical and personality traits, and I figured his ego was big enough.

Just like his cock.

Seeing it was already after 8am I pushed away all cock thoughts, knowing where that road would lead, and waited until I heard the shower running before climbing out of bed and throwing on Eric’s t-shirt again so I could go downstairs and make us breakfast. Eric came down not long after, with his hair still wet and a pout on his face, as I was setting the plates down onto the table making me ask, “What? Did you not want eggs for breakfast?”

“No,” he replied with a stern look on his face. I stood there with a ‘what the fuck?’ look on my face before his pouty lip returned as he whined, “I wanted shower sex for breakfast.”

“Good Lord,” I laughed. “The three times in the last twelve hours wasn’t enough of me to tide you over for now?”

I was about to sit down, but Eric and his cobra-like reflexes darted underneath me, so I ended up sitting on his lap, and from what I could feel pressed against my ass, his cobra was bowed up preparing to strike. His arms coiled around me as he growled into my ear, “I’ll never have enough of you,” making me shiver in response.

It wasn’t from the air conditioning either.

My ass decided it was a good idea to tease the cobra, daring it to strike, by grinding along its length and trying to smother it to death, but my brain recognized the danger and forced my mouth to soothe the deadly beast promising, “We can always have shower sex for dinner. Besides, if we don’t pace ourselves we’re going to run out of condoms and from the sounds of it we’ll have to travel a ways to get more.” By my count we’d only used 5 out of the 72 we’d bought and had it been anyone else, I would’ve thought that amount would last a year. But, he’d already firmly established, Eric wasn’t like anyone else.

Don’t think about his firmness!

“So,” was his only response.

We definitely needed an alternate form of birth control because I doubted we’d be able to keep each other at bay for very long if we actually did run out and I could already see us playing baby roulette, stupidly crossing our fingers with every shot fired. With our luck we’d roll baby blue snake eyes on the first try and when my own blue eyes started wandering over to where I’d left a couple of condoms on the breakfast bar, which I guessed to be the perfect height to align me with his hips if I was sitting on it, I knew we were in trouble. It seemed I was just as sex starved as Eric, but I also knew we didn’t have much time until Alfred and Maria Starr arrived so I pulled both plates in front of us and just stayed in his lap as we silently ate our breakfast.

It didn’t taste nearly as good as I knew Eric did.

When we were done he offered to do the dishes so I could take a quick shower and when I came back downstairs both Alfred and Maria Starr had already arrived. There was a rolling cart full of garment bags sitting off to the side of the room and Maria Starr was applying Eric’s makeup while Alfred set up his equipment in the living room saying he wanted to get some shots of us together, with the bank of windows along the back wall as the backdrop. When Eric was done he disappeared upstairs with a garment bag to change while Maria Starr did my hair and makeup. I heard him reenter the room, but my eyes were closed while she applied eye shadow to my lids and, with her face right in front of mine, she obscured my view when I got to open them as she put mascara on my lashes. When she finally deemed me ready, Eric had disappeared with Alfred, so I went upstairs and changed into the first of many outfits that cost more than my car. Maria Starr came in a few minutes later and put in strategically placed hidden pins until the silvery blue dress fit my curves perfectly and when I looked into the mirror I barely recognized myself. The woman staring back at me looked like she actually belonged on the arm of Eric Northman and I carried a newfound confidence as I teetered back downstairs in shoes that belonged more on Pam’s feet than mine.

I was still staring ahead of me watching where I was walking, lest I fall over which was apt to happen whenever I wore very high heels, so I didn’t look up until I heard a faint gasp. Eric stood in front of me with an awed expression on his face which I returned once my eyes traveled down his body. I loved his normal laid back style, but seeing him in the three piece light gray suit he wore over a white shirt with the top two buttons undone made my ovaries explode and my kitty clench. He hadn’t shaved once since he’d flown out to Bon Temps, which I hadn’t minded one bit, but seeing him dressed up now with his hair professionally styled made him look like he’d, well…stepped out of the pages of a GQ magazine. Even though I’d just licked him from head to toe the night before my mouth salivated wanting to do it all over again, starting with chewing the scruff off of his face with my teeth.

“Sookie, you’re stunning,” he said, his hoarse voice pulling me back from my internal Austin Powers Fat Bastard impersonation mentally chanting ‘Get in my belly.’

I still wanted to eat him whole, but since we weren’t alone I merely smiled and said, “You’re pretty hubba hubba yourself.”

Hubba hubba wanna fucka…

I noticed there was music playing softly in the background and as I looked around I saw some of the furniture had been moved off to the side leaving a larger open area where the back windows were located. As Eric took my hand in his I looked over at Alfred who said, “Mr. Northman told me this is your first time being photographed so I thought perhaps we could start off with having the two of you dancing together here.” His hand swept toward the open floor space as he continued, “I think you might find it will help with you become a little more comfortable and then we can move on to the posed shots.” When I looked over at Maria Starr I noticed she had a video camera in her hand and had apparently been recording since I’d first walked down the stairs.

I hoped they didn’t hear Fat Bastard.

I loved dancing and since Eric and I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to dance together I wasn’t as nervous as I’d expected I would be. Eric held me close as we swayed back and forth with the music while he whispered words of encouragement to me and even though I knew we were there to be photographed I was still caught off guard hearing the click of the camera and automatically looked over at Alfred. After my one faux pas my eyes were only for Eric as he rocked and twirled me across the floor. The soft jazz we’d started off dancing to, changed to an assortment of love songs, both old and new, and Eric’s whispered words of encouragement changed to a list of things he wanted to do to me once we were alone. The heat between us was palpable and I soon forgot anyone else was in the room with us with Eric either forgetting as well or just not caring because after one of the steamier songs ended he leaned down and kissed me, leaving me breathless, while he whispered our new favorite phrase, “I love you,” into my ear.

As the song ended the sound of Alfred’s voice broke the magical spell surrounding us when he asked, “Do you feel sufficiently loosened up yet?”

Can’t you see it running down my thighs?

When I realized the three of them were staring at me (not my thighs) I finally answered, “Umm…sure?” All I could think was the quicker we could get this done and over with then I could have Naked Eric all to myself. Alfred posed us here and there on the couch; against the window; on the balcony; together and separate until I felt like a blond Gumby. I’d changed into two more dresses while all Eric had to do was remove his jacket and later his vest. It wasn’t fair that he only looked better with every piece of clothing he took off, but I couldn’t complain since I was too busy ogling him.

A couple of hours later I got to change into my regular clothes while Eric had to do some of the beach shots and I got to watch him sprawl out on a hammock wearing black slacks and a wife beater. On anyone else it would look like they were half dressed, but Eric made it look he was merely resting before resuming his trek across the Sahara looking for the Holy Grail.

Indiana Jones style, not Monty Python.

I heard Alfred tell Maria Starr he wished they had a book for Eric to hold in the shot and watched as she trotted towards me and dug in her bag pulling out a worn paperback with a smile. I was always looking for something new to read so when she later came back towards me with the book I asked, “Is that any good?”

“Yes,” she smiled. “It’s one of a series based on a telepathic barmaid and a Viking vampire Sheriff.”

That sounds stupid.

“That sounds interesting,” I lied, returning her smile, although the thought of Eric dressed as a Viking had my kitty purring as I imagined him pillaging me.

Maria Starr returned to Alfred and Eric and I wished I’d brought a book of my own to read. I’d thrown on a bikini underneath my t-shirt and shorts and since the sun was bright I decided I could at least work on my tan while watching Eric’s shoot. He’d had to change clothes a few times inside of a tent they also used as a photo prop, so while he was out of my sight I allowed my eyes to take in the surrounding area. The beach was mostly secluded, but there were a few guys on surfboards not too far away. They all looked like they were still in college, but with nothing else to do I watched them trying to catch any wave they could.

When I caught movement out of the corner of my eye I looked over and saw Alfred and Maria Starr going to join Eric in the tent, and from the sounds of it they had moved onto taking their shots in there, so instead of disturbing them I remained sitting on my towel watching the surfers before lying down on my back and closing my eyes while soaking up the sun.

I hadn’t noticed they were watching me too, but I heard them talking about me as they came out of the water with one of them flopping down into the sand next to me saying, “I haven’t seen you around here before.”

He had an Australian accent, which was my favorite one of the bunch, and when I opened my eyes I saw he and his friends were younger than I’d thought. The one next to me actually reminded me a little of Jason which would’ve grossed me out anyway, even if I hadn’t been with Eric and he hadn’t been in his teens. Seeing he was still waiting on a reply I sat up and smiled saying, “That’s because I’m not from around here.”

“Oh,” he smiled. “Well we’re having a party down here later on tonight if you’d like to stop by. I’m Ryan by the way.”

“Sookie,” I replied, “and I already have plans this evening so I’m going to have to decline.” They probably wanted me to bring the beer since none of them looked old enough to buy it on their own. Besides, I had a whole Eric to eat tonight and I planned on savoring every bite.

Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear, his back was to Eric, who I could already see was stomping his way through the sand towards us, and Ryan must have taken the smile on my face meant for Eric the wrong way because he moved a little closer to me saying, “Change them. You can be my date.

“She already has a date,” Eric growled behind him, kicking a little bit of sand on him like he was a cat burying shit and making Ryan jump at his unexpected arrival. His six foot four frame towered over us and when my mind flashed back to him dressed as a Viking my kitty wanted claw at his broadsword.

Ryan didn’t seem to be as intimidated as she should have been, probably because he had two friends nearby to back him up, and looked back and forth between us saying, “A lady has the right to change her mind,” before giving me a wink.

I could already see the headlines.

Eric Northman arrested for shoving surfboard up boy’s ass.

“I’m not changing my mind,” I said quickly trying diffuse the situation, before smiling up at Eric and holding up my left hand, waving my wedding ring. “I chose him until death do we part.”

Well Jose Cuervo and Dom Perignon chose him, but I was on board now too.

Looking a little chagrined he smiled sheepishly saying, “All the good ones are taken,” before brushing the sand off of himself and walking away.

Eric still looked like he was in a snit, but I pretended to not notice and asked, “All done?”

He was wearing skinny jeans and a tight dark blue button up shirt with short sleeves showing off his arm porn, aka appetizers, and I had to swallow the drool forming in my mouth. Instead of saying anything Eric dropped to his knees in the sand and crawled on top of me until he was hovering over my body making an Eric tent that blocked me from everything around us. His eyes were intense as they stared back into mine before admitting, “I didn’t like watching you getting hit on.”

“Welcome to my world,” I laughed. Maxine Fortenberry grabbed his ass for Christ’s sake! “Besides, you have nothing to worry about. I only want you.”

His eyebrow rose up as he questioned, “Are you sure about that? You seemed to be enjoying your conversation with the little peckerhead.”

“Well…” I let the word hang there for a moment before smiling coyly and admitting, “I did like his accent, but you can’t fault an American girl for that. We all like Australian accents, but I love you.”

I was having a difficult time forming words because my eyes had zeroed in on his lower lip which was begging to be sucked, but since I was so focused on it I knew to pay attention when I saw it move as he spoke. “You don’t say,” he said taking on a predatory look. “So if I told you how hard you make me seeing you lying here in the sun with nothing more than scraps covering the parts of your body my mouth is dying to taste, you’d be okay with that?”

He’d adopted an Australian accent with his last sentence.

My ovaries exploded.


5 comments on “Chapter 59

  1. Leigh Warner says:

    The Australian accent is fantastic 😉

  2. kleannhouse says:

    ahhh the accent, yummy KY

  3. askarsgirl says:

    I’m trying to quietly read this in bed at 12:44 am with my snoring husband next to me, a pillow half shielding the glare from my iPhone and you keep making me bust out laughing!!

  4. Pattyf82 says:

    LMAO @ Sookie thinking book series sounded stupid

  5. Noren says:

    Have to disagree about the Australian accent. I live here and I find it quite grating when compared to English or American accents. American women seem inclined to imbue the accent and the men it is attached to with qualities they do not possess. It is nothing more than the novelty of the different and the unfamiliar that some choose to confuse with interesting or exciting. Australian men are in general rather crass and vulgar. Nothing special at all and certainly nothing to write home about. Once the novelty wears off there is not really very much ‘there’, there.

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