Chapter 62


I woke up Monday morning feeling like I’d been hit by a train and swore to myself that I’d never eat seafood again. Ever. The amount that came out of me far exceeded the portion I’d eaten and the only comfort I’d felt was whenever I woke up, Sookie was always right there by my side. She’d checked on me one final time that morning, waking me before she left for work, and hesitated leaving me there alone while saying she’d likely be fired if she called out again today. I didn’t want her to get fired; I wanted her to quit, but when I sleepily mentioned it again and it appeared I was about to be Sookie’d, I quickly backed down not having the strength to argue with her.

I quickly fell back to sleep after promising to text her and let her know how I was doing, but waking up later on without her in the house was a shock to my system. I took a few minutes to fully wake up as I grabbed my phone and I slowly realized I’d gotten so used to having her nearby that now that I knew it would be hours until I would see her again, a lot of fucking hours since we had to film two shows this week, it left me in a pissy mood until I turned on my phone and saw I already had a text message from Sookie.

I called Tray and cancelled your session for this morning. I hope you’re feeling better. I love you. – S

And just like that my bad mood vanished and I was grinning like a fool. We’d said the words to each other a bunch of times by then, and I’d meant them every fucking time, but seeing it in black and white made me all sorts of happy so I quickly typed back a reply.

I’m not sure if I’m still sick. I need you here to take my temperature. Orally. 😉 I love you too. – E

I figured she’d laugh at my tongue in cheek message and know that I really was feeling better, but thoughts of what else could be in her cheek was becoming problematic since she wasn’t there. I’d never been so fixated on someone before and while I was still shocked by the emotional connection we’d been building together, I was more shocked by the physical connection we had together. I simply couldn’t get my fill of her and at that point doubted I ever could. It was a concept even more foreign to me than actually falling in love with her because at least with sex I had something to compare it to. A lot of ‘somethings’ actually and while there’d been a few inconsequential women I’d recycled over the years, none of them compared to the way I was drawn to Sookie. It was like an actual physical need; a gravitational pull to be near her. I needed to touch her, either affectionately or passionately, but I could literally feel the strain in my chest knowing she wasn’t nearby. And especially now that we’d finally become intimate, I needed to be inside of her on a regular basis which was hard to do when she wasn’t even in the same room as me much less the same fucking house.

And…FUCK! Now I was hard.

It was already nearing 9 o’clock so I knew she’d be in class right now and doubted I’d hear back from her anytime soon. Instead of lying around lamenting over her not being there I headed into the bathroom to get cleaned up and tried to push away all thoughts of my needs and fucking while ignoring how hard I was. Once I was showered and dressed I did feel a hell of a lot better than I had the day before, if not still a little weak, but I still planned on heading into work. The last fucking thing we needed was another delay because I was home sick. While we already had a few shows banked, I didn’t want to fall behind in case I ended up getting the movie role opposite Sophie-Anne that I’d be reading for on Friday afternoon. I already knew work on the film would start right when the filming for the sitcom ended in early February and didn’t want to potentially fuck up any of the scheduling and lose the part due to the show’s delays. Pam had already assured me she’d spoken to the TV producers and director about me not being able to work passed 3 o’clock on Friday, since our meeting was at 4, but they planned on having everything wrapped up around lunchtime anyway so it wasn’t going to be a problem.

Pam and Alcide were both already waiting in my dressing room when I arrived which coincided with me getting another text message from Sookie.

Someone appears to be feeling better, but I’ll take your temp later on tonight just to be sure. 😉 –S

Fuck…now I was going to be hard all day long just thinking about it. I began typing my response when Pam’s voice broke the lustful spell I’d been under, effectively killing my hard-on as she said, “How is it you look like shit and yet thoroughly fucked?”

“Fuck off Pam,” I snapped back while Alcide chortled next to her. “I was sick most of the day yesterday.”

I managed to type back a quick response before she could lay into me again.

Tonight is too far away. YOU’RE too far away. I might die before then. – E

“You’re grinning like a prepubescent boy that just found his father’s porn stash. Are you sexting wifey poo?” she snarked.

I looked up and fixed my glare on her saying, “Yes, I am texting Sookie so quit talking. You’re killing the mood.” My phone beeped again alerting me to a new text message drawing my eyes back to my hand.

I’d accuse you of being overdramatic, but you ARE an actor so I guess it’s to be expected. Maybe this will tide you over? – S

I thought she’d meant a round of dirty texting, but my phone beeped again and I saw Sookie had sent me a picture.

Of her lips.

Just her lips.

Perfect. Soft. Pink. Hot. Warm. Wet. Kissable. Bitable. Fuckable lips.

I had no doubt they tasted like cherries.

“God Dammit!” I yelled, vaguely noticing Pam and Alcide jump in my peripheral vision as I typed my response while they studiously ignored me.

You’re playing with fire little girl. – E

Good thing I know where you keep your hose and how to use it. – S

I don’t know. This could be one of your cock and bull stories. – E

Would you like me to tell you a cock story? Do you have time? It has quite the climactic ending. It’s an original non-fiction piece by yours truly. – S

I nearly snapped my phone in half picturing her doing just that which gave me an idea for something else we could do later on that night. Seeing I had Pam and Alcide’s attention once more I sent a final text saying,

You win. Pam’s presence is killing the mood. I’ll see you tonight. I love you. – E

You’ll win later on tonight. 😉 I love you too. – S

I slipped my phone into my pocket to try and avoid temptation while shooting them both looks that told them I wasn’t in the mood for their prying. Pam went over my schedule for the week again after I sent Alcide off to take care of the things I wouldn’t have time to do on my own, like finding a furniture store near Bon Temps and setting up an account for Gran, making a donation to Terry for the service dogs he was training, and letting Tray know I wouldn’t make it in this week with our poker game being cancelled too. The rest of the day was filled with multiple rehearsals for both shows we’d be taping this week which was where I saw Bill for the first time since the premier party.

I hadn’t forgotten what had happened at the house between him and Sookie and just seeing him again brought that rage back, but I managed to rein in my emotions and he only remained in my presence when absolutely necessary which was a relief. Another relief was meeting the actress who’d been hired to replace Dawn. Not because she was a big star, but because I was sure I’d never even met her before, so there wouldn’t be a repeat of what happened before if Sookie came to visit me on the set again.

It wasn’t lost on me that even though my day had been abnormally busy Sookie was never far from my thoughts. There was always something that would remind me of her whether it was a color I’d seen her wear before or just a glance down at my tattooed finger since I’d decided to no longer wear a ring. In my mind the ring had been part of a costume I had to wear to play the role of her husband, but the tattoo was real. It represented the commitment I’d made to her, albeit drunkenly at the time, but it was a very genuine promise now.

The only highlights of my day had been the sporadic texts I’d received from Sookie, one of which had me in very high spirits. She’d apparently made an appointment to see her doctor on Friday afternoon to get put back on birth control and the thought of being able to just slide right into her with absolutely nothing in between us left me a little lightheaded, probably because all of the blood had rushed from my brain to my dick. To make matters worse she’d included a picture she’d drawn during ‘Arts and Crafts’ time. A very naughty picture, the Crayola medium notwithstanding, and had labeled it ‘Bareback Sexcapades’.

She really would be the death of me.

I knew we hadn’t used a rubber on the night we’d gotten married and, now that I knew how insatiable we were together, God only knows how many times we’d had sex that night, but since I couldn’t remember it I considered the next time it would happen to be a first for me. I hadn’t been lying when I told her I never had sex without one, having never trusted my partners, so I looked forward to being able to experience that for the first time with Sookie.

Those thoughts made the day seem even longer and by the time we wrapped up for the night I all but flew home. It was almost eleven o’clock by the time I walked into the house, the first of four long days ahead of me, and I tried not to be disappointed when I found Sookie asleep in bed. She’d gotten up early for work that day so instead of waking her up I slipped into the bathroom and took a quick shower before climbing into bed. Even in the darkness of the room, as soon as I lifted the sheet I could see she was naked which tested my resolve to not wake her. Instead I did the honorable thing and slid in beside her, keeping my hands and my dick to myself, but it only took seconds before she seemed to sense my presence because her body shifted until she was wrapped around me and a soft sigh left her lips. When she gave me no indication she’d woken up, I merely wrapped my arms around her and kissed the top of her head before letting sleep take me.

My eyes opened the next morning with one part of my body more awake than the others. The top of Sookie’s blond head was all I could see and her warm wet mouth sliding down my morning wood was all I could feel. I struggled to find something to say to her, “Good morning,” or “I missed you,” but all I could managed was a strangled, “Fuck…” as my fingers wove into her hair. The suction of her mouth faltered when she smiled around my cock, but quickly returned as she resumed her task of blowing my mind.

My cock too.

It didn’t take long before I she literally sucked me dry and I was too dazed and sated to be embarrassed about my lack of stamina, but when I attempted to get her underneath me to reciprocate she wouldn’t let me saying she was already running late. I was really starting to hate the fact she was working, there was no reason for it as far as I was concerned, but I didn’t want to fight with her so I kept my thoughts to myself and resolved to bring it up again over the weekend. Even after my spectacular wakeup call, I was in a foul mood when I arrived at the studio and Pam picked up on it immediately.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” she asked in her oh-so-diplomatic way.

“Nothing’s the fuck wrong with me.”

She cocked her eyebrow at me saying, “You might be able to bluff those dumbasses you play poker with, but you can’t fool me.” When I didn’t respond she gave me a death glare asking, “Did you do something to fuck up with Sookie?”

“No!” The thought alone made me queasy and I’d had enough of that shit already. “I…”

I didn’t know how to finish that sentence. I’m a selfish bastard and want Sookie to quit her job and be with me all day every day? Actually…yeah, so I repeated that exact phrase to Pam. She was a conniving bitch, so maybe she had tips on how I could get Sookie to quit.

Instead she laughed out, “I knew it! You’re in loooove!”

“Well…yeah,” I replied.

That brought her up short and her eyebrows shot into her hairline as she asked, “What? When? Does she know? Does she feel the same?”

“What? Are we fucking girlfriends now?” I asked.

I flinched when her gaze narrowed at me and I could almost see the laser’s red dot right in between my eyes pinpointing where her stiletto heel was moments away from striking. So that was how I ended up spilling my guts to Pam about my relationship with Sookie, omitting the parts about my childhood and meeting my mom. Those parts I would only trust with Sookie. I’d expected her to mock me, but when I was done I nearly shit myself when she hugged me saying, “I’m happy for you.” I started to suspect I’d been speaking to a Pam clone for the last 30 minutes until she set my mind at ease when she pulled away and punched me in the shoulder, hard I might add, saying, “She’s good for you so don’t you fuck it up Northman.”

I resisted the urge to rub the spot she’d punched and instead asked, “So how do I get her to quit working?”

“Pfft…” she waved her hand in my face adding, “you can’t. She’s a stubborn one, so you’re just going to have to accept the fact that she wants to work. If you try to get her fired or guilt her into quitting, a part of her will always resent you for it, even if she forgives you.”

I hated to admit it, even to myself, but Pam was right. I knew Sookie well enough by then to have seen her stubborn streak more than once and the last thing I needed or wanted was for her to resent me.

The rest of the week went by in a blur where I barely saw Sookie except for when we were in bed. I missed her like crazy, but I knew after that week things would calm down and we’d get to spend more time together. It was the only thing keeping me sane most days and by the time we wrapped up on Friday afternoon I felt like a kid on the last day of school waiting for the final bell to ring. Once the meeting with the movie director was over, I was free and I planned on making up for all of the time I’d lost out on spending with Sookie. We’d kept tabs on each other mostly via text messages throughout the week because we always spent what little time we did have together in a lust-filled orgasmic haze.

My meeting was at four o’clock, as was Sookie’s doctor’s appointment, and we’d traded some downright pornographic texts earlier that day so I couldn’t wait to get home. My knee was bouncing in anticipation to the point where Pam told me to knock it the fuck off when we were waiting to be led into the director’s office. The door finally opened revealing Sophie-Anne’s skanky ass already inside along with her thrall, the director, Victor Madden, or as Pam called him, Vic the Non-Existent-Dick.

“Eric, Pam, it’s good to see you both,” Victor greeted. “I believe you both know Sophie-Anne.”

I just nodded while Pam turned on the charm saying, “Of course, it’s so nice to see you both.” Sometimes I thought she’d missed her calling because she could’ve been one hell of an actress. If you didn’t know her any better, to the outside observer she seemed genuinely sincere and hadn’t just spent the last fifteen minutes berating the two people in the room with us. One for being dickless (according to the rumor mill, Pam claimed her own dick was bigger than his) and the other as an infected cunt (more of a fact than a rumor).

We talked a little bit about the filming schedule and I was happy to learn they expected it to wrap up at the end of June which would leave me with at least six weeks of free time over the summer. Since Sookie wouldn’t have to work, I started making mental plans of what we could do thinking maybe we could visit Gran again before I’d take her on vacation somewhere.

After her little confession the previous weekend about her affinity towards accents, we sure as shit weren’t going to Australia.

We’d all been talking for about 30 minutes when I felt my phone vibrate in my pants pocket and figured it was Sookie telling me she was on her way home, so I ignored it wanting to just get this done and over with so I could go home. Pam’s phone vibrated on the table a couple of minutes later and I saw her eyebrows furrow at the caller ID, but she just let it go to voicemail and we kept talking about the film.

Victor came across as though it was basically a done deal with me getting the part, but he wanted to see Sophie-Anne and I read together to see what kind of chemistry we had between us. I already knew the answer; none at all, not as far as I was concerned, but I was an actor so I would act like we did.

Sophie-Anne looked at me like she was eying her dinner for the night as she handed me a copy of the script and Victor’s eyes narrowed in suspicion at me. I wanted nothing to do with her so he had no reason to worry. There was only one person I wanted and if I was lucky, I’d be getting lucky with her as soon as I could get the fuck out of there.

I’d already memorized the lines for the bit we were supposed to read together so when I waved her off, telling her that, she said, “Oh, there’s been a change. We’re reading a different scene.”

I took the script and glanced down at the highlighted portions, gritting my teeth when I saw it was a love scene. There were only a couple of them in the movie, but this one called for us to kiss which just made me want to vomit. I didn’t want to taint my mouth with hers when I was less than an hour away from cherry lip glossed nirvana, but I bit my tongue and forced a smile saying, “Okay.”

Sophie-Anne and I stood next to one another while I said the lines I was supposed to, telling her how beautiful she was while trying to pretend she was Sookie. Sophie-Anne was practically salivating as my hand rose up to brush a lock of the wrong colored hair behind the ear attached to the wrong head while I stared into the wrong eyes and as my head bent down with my lips about to declare my love for the wrong woman, in prelude to a kiss, our attention was drawn to the sound of a commotion outside of the closed office door. A woman’s voice could clearly be heard saying, “You can’t go in there!” just seconds before it crashed open to reveal a panting Alcide.

The look on his face made my stomach drop, but that was nothing compared to how his words affected me.

“Sookie’s at the Cedars-Sinai ER. She got clipped from behind by one of the paparazzi following her from the school and she crashed head-on into a guardrail,” he blew out.

My entire body froze and my knees nearly buckled as Pam asked, “Is she alright?”

“I don’t know. All they told me was that she was unresponsive and they needed to get a hold of Eric.”

Car crash?


Every memory of our past flew through my brain along with every hope and wish I had for our future. It was enough to effectively thaw my body and without saying a word to anyone I sprinted from the office to the parking lot towards my car. The pull in my chest to be with her, which never really went away, was almost debilitating now and forced my feet to carry me faster. It forced the gas pedal down onto the floorboard with my only thought being I had to get to Sookie.

I just couldn’t lose her.


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