Chapter 73


I couldn’t control myself as I pounced on Sookie again with my mind flashing on her naked body sprawled across the hood of my car wearing nothing more than a chauffeur’s hat and a smile. It was all primal instinct; I was the predator and she was my prey. Now that I knew what it was to kiss her I wanted, needed, more and didn’t think twice before attacking her. I’m pretty sure I even fucking growled before doing it and had she fought me off in the least little bit, I would’ve backed off. The tears shed afterward would’ve been mine, but I would’ve done it.

But she didn’t.

She matched me in every metaphorical blow for blow. Where I licked, she sucked. The scrape of my teeth was answered with the bite of hers and all I could think about was consuming every part of her like she had already consumed my every thought since I’d first woken up from the coma. Everything about her seemed so familiar yet new. Her scent, taste and touch; the feel of her in my arms was like a hazy dream on the fringes of my mind, brushing against the tips of my fingers but too far away for me to actually grab onto. I wanted more than anything to remember everything I’d lost just so I would know why it all felt so right; why she felt so right in my arms.

The doubt I felt where she was concerned was slowly diminishing, but still there nonetheless. I’d been burned too many times and trust didn’t come easily to me, but it was getting easier to at least entertain the idea that Sookie wasn’t like anyone else I’d ever met. Her sincerity didn’t seem like an act, but there were still too many unknowns for me to blindly trust everything I’d been told.

If only I could remember.

I didn’t realize Sookie was straddling my lap until I felt her hips grind against mine and my hands moved down to her waist encouraging her to do it again. She felt so small pressed against my body and I could feel her heat through the fabric of our clothes and wanted nothing more than to sink down inside of her hoping an orgasm or ten would unlock my memories. The doctor had said they might come back to me like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and I knew just where once piece would fit perfectly.

It was worth a shot.

My hands moved of their own volition to the button of her shorts and had just pulled them open when Sookie shot off of my lap like a cannon and ran into the adjoining bathroom, slamming the door behind her. I barely registered she was gone, wondering what in the fuck had happened, when I heard her getting sick through the closed door and suddenly felt like an ass remembering she hadn’t been feeling well. She’d seemed alright in the last couple of days, but I hadn’t given it much thought having been too caught up in my own worries and, like a self-centered asshole, there I was shoving my tongue down her throat. Twice.

I sat there dumbfounded over what I should do. On one hand, she was my wife, which probably meant I should go in there and see if she was okay, but on the other hand… she was more like an acquaintance. If I thought of her as nothing more than what I’d thought of the other countless women I’d fucked in the past, I wouldn’t bother caring whether or not she was okay and I couldn’t even remember fucking her. There was no doubt I wanted to get acquainted with her in every carnal sense of the word, but hearing her retch behind the door made me realize I did care about her. I wanted her to be okay, even if I couldn’t remember a goddamned thing about her, and I wanted her to know at least that much, so I grabbed my crutches and slid off the bed to stand up. By the time I got to the door I could hear the toilet flush and the water running in the sink, so I knocked before asking, “Sookie? Are you okay?” When she didn’t answer after a long minute, I knocked again, only harder, worried there was something wrong and opened the door repeating, “Sookie?”

She was hunched over the sink with her eyes closed and a toothbrush in her mouth, so I hobbled over and wet a washcloth before gathering her hair in my hand and pressing the cloth on the back of her neck asking, “Are you okay?”

She nodded weakly and spit the toothpaste out of her mouth replying, “Yeah…I thought it had passed.”

“Maybe you should see a doctor.” If what Pam said was true, she’d been getting sick for a couple of weeks now so maybe there was more to it than just a passing stomach bug.

Her face flushed even more and she shoved the toothbrush back into her mouth before finally rinsing with water, and then mouthwash, and taking the washcloth to wipe off her face. When she didn’t say anything more I repeated, “Doctor? You should make an appointment.” Knowing she’d quit her job and wondering if insurance was an issue I said, “I’ll pay for it.”

That seemed to snap her out of it because she shook her head and I prepared myself for another argument over money when she said, “No, you already added me to your policy.”

I felt an odd sense of pride for having already taken care of that for her, even if I couldn’t remember it, and said, “Then let’s go make an appointment. Pam said you’d been sick the entire time I was in the hospital, so you should get checked out.”

She shook her head again saying, “I already saw a doctor when you were in the hospital.” Her eyes darted to the wall behind me as she said, “I’m fine. She assured me it would pass.”

There was something about the way she’d answered me that struck me as being off, but before I could say anything more she said, “I’m sorry about that,” with her hand gesturing towards the bed on the other side of the open door.

I brushed the hair away from her still flushed face and replied without thought saying, “You don’t have to apologize for that. I’m just worried about you.”

Her eyes met mine again, still teary from her ordeal, but she smiled softly through them asking, “Really? You’re worried about me?”

More than I’m willing to admit out loud.

I still wasn’t sure what it was exactly that I felt for her other than huge amounts of lust and sexual desire, the likes of which I’d never experienced on such a massive scale, but underneath all of that I knew there was more to it. More what, I wasn’t sure. Seeing she was still waiting on an answer, and feeling uncomfortable with my inner thoughts, I tried to joke my way out of it saying, “Sure. Who else is going to take care of me?”

I regretted it immediately seeing the hurt flash through her eyes and her smile disappeared before she forced a fake one in its place saying, “Of course.” She took a deep breath and asked, “Dinner?” as she brushed passed me and out of the bathroom.

I tried to reach for her before she could get away calling out, “Sookie…” She kept walking, ignoring me completely, and went out the bedroom door, but not before I saw her wipe the tears from her eyes. Her name tattooed on my outstretched hand mocked me while that fucking ache in my chest was back in full force and I moved as fast as I could with the crutches, but by the time I reached the hallway she had already disappeared. I thought about chucking the fucking crutches and throwing myself down the stairs just to reach her faster, but figured after my fuck up she’d probably leave me there.

I would deserve it.

As I hobbled down the stairs as fast as I could, I berated myself for being the selfish prick that I was. Even if I didn’t know what it was I felt for Sookie, she’d already come out and told me that she loved me. I kept trying to figure out what it was that I couldn’t remember without thinking about how my memory loss must be affecting her and my chest seized again remembering her crying on the side of my hospital bed when she told me she’d lost me. I suddenly felt panicked when I realized that I physically couldn’t go after her if she decided to leave.

Would she leave me?

I knew absolutely nothing about her other than she was from Louisiana. I wouldn’t know the first place to go to looking for her if she took off and it was as I was making a mental list of who I would call to help me find her that I realized I truly wanted her to stay. My breathing was labored and every part of me ached when I finally rushed into the kitchen and found her. Her back was facing me as she stood staring into the open refrigerator in front of her and I sagged against the crutches underneath my arms in relief.

The racket I made as I crossed the kitchen floor had to have alerted her to my presence, but she didn’t acknowledge my arrival at all. As I made my way towards her I heard her sniffle while she wiped her eyes and when I was close enough to touch her, I let both crutches fall to the floor and circled my arms around her waist from behind.

Her whole body stiffened in response, the complete opposite of when she’d melted against me earlier, and I hated every fucking second of it. I wanted her to melt against me; to welcome my touch and all I could do was kiss the top of her head and say, “I’m sorry Sookie.”

Her body remained rigid with no part of her moving other than her lips as she said, “There’s leftover fried chicken from last night, or if you want I can cook you something else.”

“I didn’t mean it Sookie. I was joking.”


Neither one of us moved a muscle with the cold air making its way out of the refrigerator and making our connection to one another even colder. Finally Sookie broke the silence asking, “What do you want Eric?”


It was true. My near anxiety attack between her bathroom and the kitchen proved that much, but I was suddenly nervous over how I would tell her. How could I tell her I just wanted her when I couldn’t even explain why? Hoping I’d somehow find the words once I got started, I admitted, “You.”

“I’m aware,” she replied with no inflection in her voice; completely cold and detached. All of the playfulness from earlier disappeared; the warmth in her voice was gone. Even the heat of her body had turned cold thanks to the refrigerator and I fucking hated it. I’d rather be the focus of her anger than the harsh nothing she gave me now, but before I could say another word she said, “I’m not going to fuck you Eric. I meant, what do you want for dinner.”

Her tone was as empty as I felt and I panicked again, spinning her around and saying, “I don’t want to fuck you; well I do, but that’s not what I meant. I don’t want fucking dinner. I want…”

I paused my endless stream of verbal diarrhea, seeing the startled look on her face, and every thought in my head disappeared. I hated seeing her look so hurt and unsure. I hated seeing the light gone from her eyes. I hated being the cause of it all. For whatever fucking reason, I wanted to be the one that made her smile, the one who made her eyes sparkle, so when she whispered, “What Eric? What is it you want?” I told her the truth.

“You Sookie. I want you. Not because I want you to take care of me. Not because I want you naked underneath me. Not because I want you to make me dinner. I just want you. I want to remember you and, honestly, it pisses me off that I have no fucking idea why I feel so attached to you, but I do. You don’t know what my life has been like. Well, maybe you do since you knew about the whales, but I can’t fucking remember telling you, so I’m tell you now that trust doesn’t come easy for me. Nothing I’ve seen or heard about what we were like together makes any fucking sense to me. Pictures, video, text messages…they’re me, but they’re not. But the truth is, just the thought of you running out the door and never coming back makes me want to bury myself in a fucking hole in the ground. NOTHING MAKES SENSE ANYMORE!

My voice had risen with every word I’d said until I was practically shouting at her at the end, so I was sure I’d blown my one and only shot to get her to understand, but she surprised me by smiling at me instead (a genuine one, albeit with more tears) and wrapped her arms around my waist with her face pressed against my chest. Her body melted against my own as I wrapped my arms around her and the warmth between us grew, but I froze again when she pulled back to look into my eyes and said, “I love you Eric.” A mixture of elation and anxiety ran through me and I opened my mouth even though I had no idea of what to say back to her. I didn’t want to lie to her and repeat the words back not knowing what in the fuck it was that I felt for her, but she placed a finger over my lips to silence me and said, “You don’t have to say anything. I just wanted you to know how I feel about you.”

I had to admit that I’d liked hearing her say she loved me, even if I couldn’t return the sentiment back to her, and we stood there silently staring at one another, with awkward slowly joining our party of two, when Sookie’s eyes suddenly danced once again as she added with a mischievous grin, “But I’m still not going to fuck you.”

Just like that the atmosphere between us was playful again and I pulled her body tighter against my own whining, “But whhhhyyy?” I wasn’t above begging (another first for me that made no sense) and blatantly rubbed myself against her while voicing my earlier thoughts adding, “Maybe an orgasm will jar those missing memories loose.”

Sookie ‘s eyes glazed over for a moment as she mumbled something under her breath that I didn’t quite catch making me ask, “What?”

Her face flushed again and she gulped answering, “Uh…it could jar more of my breakfast loose.”


“Right. Sorry. I forgot,” I admitted and let go of her wondering how I thought I’d heard her mumble something about a ‘jar of orgasms’. It was probably just wishful thinking.

She bent over to pick up my crutches, the view was almost as good as it was that morning, and since I didn’t try to hide the fact I was watching her ass, she mockingly glared at me as she handed them to me while asking, “So, are you hungry?”

My growling stomach answered her for me, but knowing she was sick I said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll find something to eat.” After standing in front of the open refrigerator for so long I couldn’t help but notice it was full and added another first to my ever growing list.

Sookie ignored me and pointed at the kitchen table ordering, “Sit,” while she turned back and started getting covered dishes out of the refrigerator. Once I was seated I watched her warm up leftovers from the night before and was again struck with how much I enjoyed watching her move around the kitchen like she’d always been there; like she belonged there. She placed a plate full of food in front of me before going back to the refrigerator and I dug in thanks to the smell that had been wafting around the kitchen when she’d been warming it up. She was a fantastic cook and I figured I could at least have a food orgasm since the other kind appeared to be off the table for now. I saw her set a bottled water next to my plate, but my mouth was too full to thank her just yet and when I raised my head to acknowledge her my chewing stopped.

She had sat down at the table next to me only she wasn’t having leftover chicken for dinner.

She was having a cherry popsicle.

Her lips curled around it.

Her cheeks were slightly sunken in from sucking on it.

The slurping noises coming from her had me close to cumming.

Maybe I’d be getting that other kind of orgasm after all and she wouldn’t even need to touch me.

My eyes were glued to her mouth and when she deep throated it until there was nothing left but the small wooden stick sticking out of her lips, and then slowly pulled it back out, I wondered if she had any other talents that involved no gag reflex. I’m pretty sure I moaned. It might have even been a whimper and since my eyes were staring right at her now red stained lips I saw, and then heard them say, “Eric. Food is falling out of your mouth.”

“Huh?” At least that’s what I meant to say and when I felt a piece of half chewed food tumble out of my lips I finally closed them and started chewing again so I wouldn’t choke to death. It would be a shame for Sookie to have to stop sucking on that popsicle to give me mouth to mouth.

Maybe I could convince her Eric Junior was in desperate need of CPR?

He was definitely dying.

When I could finally swallow, and wondering if she swallowed, I couldn’t think of anything to say that didn’t involve the words ‘suck’ or ‘fuck’, so I just stared at her doing my best eunuch impression so I wouldn’t scare her away.

Sookie stared back at me, innocently continuing to whittle down the popsicle I was now insanely jealous of, until she finally smirked asking, “Cat got your tongue?”

No, but your pussy can have it.

She knew. She knew exactly what she was doing to me and wanting to pretend I had any sort of control over my dick that was now knocking out an S.O.S distress signal in Morse code on the underside of the table I asked, “Enjoying your dinner?” when what I really wanted to ask was, ‘Straddle me?’

Her eyes continued to sparkle like an angsty teenage vampire left out in the sun as she slid her dinner all the way into her mouth before pulling it back again, fucking humming while hollowing out her cheeks because she was sucking on it so hard, and smiled, “It’s mouth watering delicious.

Do you find pre-cum delicious? There’s plenty…

“And you?” she asked.

“Yes. I’m enjoying your dinner very much.” There was no way to deny it since my hands were now white-knuckling the edge of the table, either to hold on for dear life or so I could throw it out of the way since it was separating me from her, I couldn’t be sure which.

I watched her eyes flick over the forgotten dinner plate in front of me as she said, “Since it looks like you’ve given up on your dinner, would you like one?” She held up the popsicle in her hand and when I nodded she got up, intent on walking over to the refrigerator, but I grabbed her hand as she passed by and pulled her close. My other arm snaked around her waist and pulled her down into my lap, with Eric Junior immediately knocking on anywhere he could reach on her begging to be let in, and I held up her hand with the popsicle in it in front of us.

We silently watched the red liquid as it melted, sliding down the stick and in between her fingers. Just as a drop threatened to fall from her hand I brought it to my mouth and licked it away before sliding my tongue across the red path it had left in its wake. Our eyes were locked on each other’s as I pried the popsicle from her hand and sucked each of her fingers into my mouth, licking away every trace of the sweet sticky substance from her skin. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her breaths became heavier as they left her body, so when I finished my task with her pinky I pulled her head to mine and began cleaning her red taunting lips. I didn’t get very far before Sookie grabbed onto the sides of my head, moaning into my mouth as she demanded a kiss which I gladly returned. Her tongue was still cold from her frozen treat and the cherry flavor overwhelmed my senses, bringing with it another hazy piece of the puzzle. I didn’t know why, but I knew cherries reminded me of Sookie and in my excitement I broke our kiss to tell her, “You remind me of cherries!”

Her eyes were dazed as she stared back at me saying, “Huh?” At least there wasn’t any food falling out of her mouth.

“I remembered something! Sort of. You remind me of cherries. Or, cherries remind me of you. Something like that.” I knew I sounded like an idiot, but I was too excited having remembered something that had to do with her to care.

Sookie smiled back at me wistfully and said, “You never told me that, but I guess it makes sense. You thought it was funny that I always smelled and tasted like cherries even though I…”

She hesitated and started chewing on her bottom lip making me ask, “Even though you what?”

Her eyes darted around the room before meeting mine again as she answered, “Even though I hadn’t eaten any.”

She was right; I’d noticed she smelled like cherries the very first time she’d hugged me when I’d just woken up from the coma, but I didn’t think anything about it at the time. Even now I would’ve probably attributed it to her pornsicle, but just to be sure I pulled her forward and buried my face in her neck, inhaling deeply. Her skin and hair both carried a cherry scent and if my eyes had been open they probably would’ve fluttered. Wondering if her skin tasted just as sweet my tongue darted out and licked the patch of skin in front of my mouth making her gasp which made me grin. I slowly worked my way up to her ear, tracing the outer edge with my tongue and whispered, “I wonder if you taste just as sweet everywhere.”

Her whole body shivered on top of me, only adding to Eric Junior’s torture, but I wasn’t expecting it when she screeched and jumped off of my lap. “What’s wrong?” I asked. Things were just starting to heat up again.

My eyes followed hers to where she was staring at the red liquid evidence on her inner thigh that caught us both off guard and I glanced back at my hand seeing I was still holding the dripping pornsicle. “Did I do that?” I asked, sounding a lot more like Barry White than Steve Urkel, with my voice deeper than normal.

“Yes,” she replied.

As she reached for a napkin from the table I grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards me saying, “It’s my fault. Let me get that for you.”

I leaned forward intending to clean her up with my tongue, intending to go further up her thigh than necessary, but she spun away from me snickering, “Oh no you don’t.”

“But whhhyyy…” I whined for the second time that night.

Her eyebrow cocked high on her forehead as she backed away to grab a paper towel from the countertop and said, “You know why…”

Watching her wipe away my dessert was more disappointing than watching my favorite book series turned cable TV show where the director completely fucked with the characters and the entire foundation of the plot. Asshole; I’d never agree to work with him.

Hoping I’d be able to salvage something I said, “But you promised me a popsicle. You didn’t say I couldn’t eat it from your thighs.”

Or anywhere else on your body.

She smirked, saying, “And I didn’t say you could eat it from my thighs.”

Seeing an opening I asked, “Can I eat it from your thighs?” It may have sounded more like a plea than a question, but like I said, I wasn’t above begging where she was concerned.

Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes.

I fully expected a ‘No’ so when she finally answered, “Not tonight,” more than just my hopes were raised.

“Tomorrow?” I asked, wanting to know when and then hoping I’d fall back into a coma so the time would speed by.

Sookie chuckled and started clearing off the table as she replied, “I don’t know when, but I know it won’t be tonight.”

I continued to watch her move throughout the kitchen and realized I’d never felt more at home than I did at the moment. ‘Life’ was practically radiating from her and filled the house making it feel like an actual home. As she stood at the sink washing up the dishes my eyes darted around the room taking in the differences I was only now noticing. The coffee pot and toaster sitting on the countertop were new, as was the bowl full of fruit on the breakfast bar. Even the table I was sitting at was something that hadn’t been there before, but it was more than just the material things that made the house more like a home.

It was Sookie.

When she was done she turned to me and asked, “So what do you want to do?” My raised eyebrow in her direction let her know exactly what I wanted to do and she smiled saying, “Besides that.”

I didn’t really care as long as she was with me, but since I couldn’t take her out dancing at the moment I thought of another way to try and get her close to me suggesting, “How about we watch a movie?”

“Sure,” she smiled. As we made our way into the den she headed towards the entertainment center and asked, “What do you want to watch?”

I shrugged, even though she couldn’t see me with her back turned to me, and said, “How about Pirates of the Caribbean?”

Her head jerked and smacked into the top of the cabinet she’d been peering into making me ask, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she grumbled while rubbing the top of her head. She pulled out a disc and put it into the DVD player before heading towards the couch. I patted the spot next to me and did an internal fist pump when she sat in it. My arm automatically went around her with her body automatically leaning into me and everything felt right.

I grabbed the remote from the side table and when the menu screen came up I saw she’d popped in the first of the series. It was okay, but I liked the second one better since it had more action and said, “How about we watch the second one instead?”

“No!” she practically shouted. “There’ll be no Krakens being released tonight.”

The oddity of her declaration made me ask, “Do you have something against the Kraken?”

She snickered and grabbed the remote from my hand to start the movie before leaning into me again and saying, “Not at all. We just need to build up to it first.”


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  1. kleannhouse says:

    great chapter they are getting along most of the time when Prick ERic doesn’t come out to play KY

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    Loved the true blood reference. Dang Alan Ball.

  3. Well it’s a good thing I’m reading this a few years late. Since it’s 1:30 a.m. and as much as I want to keep reading, i need to go to bed. My only consolation is that there will be another chapter for me in the morning!

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    Ok, he sees the table and everything else.

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    food falling from his mouth….priceless! x

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    Still love that moment, when food falls from his mouth…hilarious!

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