Chapter 75


I watched Sookie dance and sing (I used the term loosely since she sounded more like a dying cat) around the living room and I’d never been more grateful for her than at that very moment; that I could remember anyway, with her presence lighting up the whole room and warming me from the inside out. When she’d left to run to the store I’d noticed the stark contrast immediately. The house felt empty; emptier than it ever had before and feeling like a fool for missing her already, I took a shower for the distraction it provided with a part of me hoping she’d find me there upon her return and jump in with me. The condoms I found in the bedroom and bathroom were also a distraction. I normally kept them in my closet so I could just grab them as I dressed to head out for the night, so seeing them in places where I might need them within the house, or had needed them, with Sookie was another shock to my system. I’d never brought anyone home before with my house being my sanctuary from the users I tended to find myself surrounded by and even though I’d only had a couple of days to get used to her being there, it wasn’t until I found myself smiling like a fool that I realized just how much I liked having her there. As I was getting dressed, and heard the sounds of someone downstairs, I realized what a fool I really was. Instead of the light and warmth I’d already come to expect, when I saw who was actually in the house, my smile disappeared as I was filled with a gloomy chill having forgotten what it was like to be in his presence.

My mood had darkened considerably seeing my father and his cocksucker had shown up unexpectedly and even though I knew I meant nothing more to him than easy money, it still stung after all of these years. When I’d first hobbled into the room his first question wasn’t how I was doing, but whether or not I’d gotten my head out of my ass or if I was still being ruled by my wife’s pussy. While I was pissed at his accusation, I was distracted wishing I could remember what her pussy was like because the little bit I could see of it when she’d unknowingly flashed me the morning before looked like a spot I would love to explore for hours on end. Pepper’s presence killed any hard on I might have had thinking about it, but it was a thought I would be revisiting soon and with any luck I’d get to find out firsthand just how good it was.

My lack of response to his question had him getting to the real reason for his visit; money. He was running out of it and I had plenty. It shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. He’d had total control over everything I’d earned up until my eighteenth birthday and he’d blown it all on fast women and booze, living a lifestyle that my hard work had afforded him. Pam convinced me to put an end to that as soon as I was old enough and even had to loan me the money to move into my own place at the time, but I was fortunate and got the prime roles that allowed me to build my wealth back up, even though my guilt kept him on the payroll. I’d heard him say time and again how much he’d sacrificed for me and I’d stupidly believed him for as long as I could remember, but looking back now I could see he’d just been riding my coattails all along. It was his lack of talent and ambition that had kept him out of the spotlight he craved, not me.

I often thought he should have named me Benjamin since that was all he wanted from me, all anyone had ever wanted from me, and between him and my mother I never really felt like I was worth more than what I could give anyone else. Why it still bothered me that he never acted like a father was puzzling still, but seeing Sookie walk into the room was like being thrown a life raft and once she was in my arms I felt whole again, never realizing I’d felt less than whole until she was there. I was surprised when she didn’t back down from either one of them, or their cutting remarks, but even more so when she took a defensive stance in front of me. My father never had much of a poker face and when his anger over being told to leave became apparent it left no doubt in my mind that she was prepared to fight a man twice her size in order to protect me. Her lack of self-preservation was worrisome, but I was left feeling touched that she thought enough of me to do it.

Once they were gone I was left reeling under an emotional overload and found myself spilling my inner thoughts about my father and his less than paternal nature out to Sookie. It seemed just her presence could knock down every wall I’d built up over the years and it made me wonder what else I may have told her during my lost time, but I didn’t have long to contemplate it. Hearing her heartfelt praise of the person she believed me to be was, again, unexpected, but welcome. She seemed to want nothing more from me than for my memories to return and now that I’d spent more time with her, I wanted nothing more than for that to happen too. She was like no one else I’d ever known and I found myself only wanting to know more about her. She was funny and sweet and sexier than any other woman I’d ever seen and since she didn’t appear to want me for my money, I had to question; what in the hell someone like her was doing with someone like me?

Talk about emotional overload.

Her distraction by singing was just what I’d needed and even though my ears were probably bleeding, my eyes were glued to her, watching her body sway as she rubbed herself all over my crutch and I couldn’t help wishing she was rubbing all over my crotch instead. It was so much easier to distract myself with our physical connection rather than our emotional one and the more time I spent around her, the less control I seemed to have over my own body. Even a leg cast and broken ribs couldn’t deter me from wanting to fuck her brains out, but until I was healed we’d have to hold off on any acrobatics for now. She’d told me a couple of nights earlier that I could see all of her naked again once I got my memories back, but what if that never happened? She wouldn’t hold out on me forever, would she? I’d never had to work hard for any woman’s attention before, and before Sookie, I never imagined I’d be willing to, but I would for her.

When her caterwauling was finally over, she unceremoniously flopped down on the couch in front of me and pulled off her hoodie while fanning her overheated skin. Her whole body was glistening with sweat and my eyes tracked a bead of moisture as it trailed down from her neck only to disappear in between her breasts and leaving me parched.

And hard.

I watched as she peeled the wrapper off of her lollipop microphone and I decided right then and there, if we were dressing up for Halloween, I’d be dressed up as a Blow Job.


A Blow Pop.

“Want one?” she asked.

I nodded hoping she’d meant a blow job so I was more than a little disappointed when she handed me another lollipop from the bag and seeing the other bags of candy on the table, I gave up on getting her naked for the moment and asked, “Did you get a craving?” The lollipop was dangling from her gaping mouth with her eyes wide open as she stared back at me and I worried tears would soon follow if she thought I was alluding to her eating too much (again), so I quickly followed up with, “Chocolate; the breakfast of champions,” as I tore open a bag and shoved a small candy bar into my mouth before I could say anything else she might misconstrue.

Were relationships always this hard? They should come with a script.

When her eyes returned to normal proportions my body relaxed as she finally said, “Halloween will be here soon and I wasn’t sure if you had any trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood.”

“I wouldn’t know,” I admitted honestly. I’d lived there for a few years, but I’d never been home on Halloween and I suddenly wished I’d kept my mouth shut while hoping Sookie wouldn’t ask why.

“Why?” she asked. “You’ve lived here for a few years now.”

Of course. I’d forgotten God hated me.

I didn’t want to lie to her, so I worded my reply carefully as I said, “I haven’t been home on those nights to know.” The last few years I’d always attended Yvetta’s annual Halloween party, although it was really more of an orgy than a party. There was no point in dressing up for them because no one’s clothing ever stayed on for long, but when I saw her E-vite in my email the day before, I found I had no desire to go this year. I did, however, have a strong desire for Sookie to not ask too many questions about what I’d been up to on the Halloweens prior. Rationally, she couldn’t fault me for having a life before I’d met her, no matter how depraved it was, (just like rationally I shouldn’t want to skin Quinn alive and wear the scraps like a suit tailored by Buffalo Bill as a warning to any other man that came near Sookie), but I wasn’t especially proud of my previous behavior and after she’d told me how special I was, I didn’t want her opinion of me to change.

“Oh,” she shrugged. She seemed to do that a lot, but my thoughts were distracted when she started pulling the other items from the bag. She suggested I move to sit on the couch in the family room where she plugged in the heating pad and returned with a bottle of water so I could take some ibuprofen before finally taking a seat next to me. We had candy for breakfast as we watched another DVD (The A-Team) that led to a discussion over what Mr. T’s real life wife would be like with me contending that Missus T had to be fuck hot and a complete BAMF.

It was a given.

I’d forgotten all about Sookie’s earlier remarks to my father until after the movie ended and she pulled a slip of paper from her pocket saying, “I guess I should give this guy a call about that job.”

“What guy? What job?” I asked, not liking either one of those questions or their possible answers.

“Oh. When I was at the pharmacy I ran into Mrs. Beck. I know her from the Senior Citizens Center when I used to volunteer there. Anyway, her son is the principal at a high school and she said they were looking to hire an English teacher, so when she heard I quit my other job she gave me his number to give him a call.”

“But…” I didn’t know how in the fuck to finish that sentence without sounding like a pussy whipped douche. I didn’t want her to work. I didn’t want her to leave me for hours on end, but I didn’t want to come off as a needy little prick by voicing that. It made no sense for me to feel that way, but I was quickly learning nothing made sense where Sookie was involved.

“But what?” she asked.

I racked my brain trying to come up with something to say that didn’t start with the word ‘Don’t’; don’t go back to work; don’t leave me; and settled for asking, “But didn’t the school year already start?”

“Well yeah,” she admitted. “Mrs. Beck didn’t give me any details though, so I need to give him a call and see. It might just be temporary as a substitute or something.”

Before I could say another word she pulled her cell phone out and did just that. I sat there silently hearing only her side of the conversation while trying to figure out a way to get her to just forget about it all, at least for now. I didn’t like the idea of her working when I needed her here with me; not so much because I physically needed her help, but so I could mentally figure out what in the hell it was about her that made me want her by my side all the fucking time. I’d already spent two days with her and should have been sick of her by then, but I wasn’t.

And we hadn’t even fucked yet.

Fuck me…

But I wasn’t used to begging, which was what it would boil down to, and I couldn’t bring myself to ask her to stay home with me, so it was my own damn fault when I watched her jot down some notes before smiling as she said into the phone, “I’ll see you on Monday morning.”

Monday morning?

“What’s on Monday morning?” I asked as soon as she ended the call, even though I had a fucking idea along with a sense of dread.

“It’s when I start teaching,” she answered a little hesitantly.

I wondered why she’d seemed to falter when she answered and my father’s voice crept into the back of my mind saying, ‘The ink was barely dry on your marriage license and she quit her job.’

Was it all an act? Was she waiting for me to say something? To try and convince her not to work?

I remembered Pam telling me that I’d wanted her to quit before, but I couldn’t remember it or my reasons for wanting her to do that, so I had no idea of how to react now. I didn’t have long to ponder because Sookie stood up saying, “I think I’m going to take a ride and drive to the school so I know where it is. Do you feel up to coming along or would you rather stay here?”

I was still indecisive over how I felt about her working, or rather how I’d let her know I didn’t want her to, but remembering her shaking like a leaf when she’d returned from the store, I grasped at straws by asking, “Are you up to driving after what happened earlier? We can call Alcide.”

While I come up with a legitimate non-pussy whipped way to get you to forget about the whole thing.

Her face locked down into what I’d come to know as her ‘stubborn look’ as she said, “I can’t call Alcide every time I want to go somewhere and I won’t be held hostage by those assholes with cameras. I’ll be fine.”

She didn’t give me the chance to argue with her because she stomped from the room and came back a minute later with her keys in her hand asking, “Are you coming?”

“Yeah…” just not the way I wanted to.

Sookie waited patiently as I hobbled out to the garage and in an effort to make small talk, I asked, “So where is this school at?”

She shrugged again saying, “South of here.”

As soon as we were both settled in the car Sookie punched the address into the GPS and I stared at it practically shouting, “It’s in Compton?” I was met with another shrug from her as I seethed, “That’s not south of here; that’s the fucking South side!

She ignored my outburst and I barely noticed there hadn’t been any paparazzi waiting at the gate until she mentioned it in a failed attempt at changing the subject. I continued to glare at her as she pulled onto the I-110 S when she finally huffed, “What do you want me to do Eric? It took me a year to find a teaching job the first time and I don’t have any other options!”

“Bullshit!” I argued back. If this was a ploy by her to get me to tell her she didn’t need a job, it was working like a charm because the words tumbled from my mouth before I even knew they’d formed. “No! You’re not working in the fucking South side. You don’t need to work. I’ll take care of you.”

What the fuck? Where in the hell did I disappear to and who had taken up residence in my body that was now controlling my mouth?

“No?” she asked incredulously, but I didn’t give a shit about my choice of words, whether or not it was me or a fucking body snatcher speaking through me. There was no fucking way I was going to let her work in one of the most dangerous cities in America. No. Fucking. Way.

“No,” I repeated, more of a command than an answer.

Sookie let me know she was by no means in thrall to me as she angrily said, “I don’t need your permission to work Eric. You’re not my Daddy and I’ve grown up just fine without one. You’re not my Sugar Daddy either and if I want to work then I will!

Her knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel and her entire face was flushed red from her anger. I had half a mind to get Alcide to pick me up a pair of handcuffs so I could lock her to my bed on Monday morning, with or without sex being on the itinerary, but I just fumed silently beside her for the remaining twenty minutes it took to get to the school as I ran over different scenarios, running from realistic to the extreme, to get her to change her mind. Bondage factored into most of them.

When we pulled into the parking lot it was everything I imagined it would be; a virtual prison. The rundown building had seen better days and was surrounded by a tall fence with police cars parked in front and guards patrolling the perimeter. The front door was wide open so we could see the metal detectors from where we parked and the $100K sedan we were driving in caused more than one head to turn when we’d driven into the neighborhood.

Sookie seemed to have been thinking along the same lines because she looked around and said, “I should get my car fixed so I can drive it to work instead of your car.”

Fuck that. I’d buy a fucking armored tank and hire a mercenary to drive her here, but that wasn’t necessary because there was no fucking way she’d be working at that school.

“No,” I repeated for the umpteenth fucking time.

She turned to me, seeming to have forgotten that we were currently in the middle of a fight, and calmly said, “But I don’t want to drive your car here. What if something happened to it?”

Like a gave a flying fuck about the car! “Nothing is going to happen to it because you’re not working here. End. Of. Discussion.”

I probably should’ve left off that last part because Pissed Off Sookie was back and in charge as she noticed we were in fact still fighting and glared back at me snapping, “You did not just ‘end of discussion’ me!”

“Yep,” I egged her on like a dumbass. “I’m pretty sure I did because you’re sure as shit not working here.”

If I hadn’t been so angry I probably would’ve been scared seeing the fierce look in her eyes. I was surprised there weren’t flames shooting out of them from the glower she gave me, but instead of conceding to my wishes she grabbed the keys from the ignition and got out of the car. I had my door open a second later yelling, “Where in the hell are you going?” as I struggled to get my crutches from the backseat.

She turned and waited for me to come up alongside of her as she said, “Inside. As long as we’re here I might as well meet Mr. Beck and get a copy of the curriculum I’ll be teaching so I have time to prepare before I start on Monday.”

I followed her toward the door saying, “You’re not working here Sookie.”

“Yes I am Eric,” she snapped back making me wish I had the power to hypnotize her into submission. If I did, she’d be doing more than not working here.

After the guard at the door confirmed Sookie’s identity with the main office, we were searched like inmates and then directed to the main office where we were met with a man that seemed to be carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Sookie’s bitchiness took a backseat as she extended her hand towards him saying, “Mr. Beck, it’s so nice to finally meet you. I feel like I know you already thanks to your mother.”

He smiled tiredly in return as he said, “Well don’t believe everything you hear. My mother tends to pick the roses from the bunch and leave the thorns behind.”

Before he could say another word, the office door slammed open revealing a pissed off teenage girl that threw herself onto the bench outside of his office door making him turn to her and ask, “Again Tara?”

Her face screwed up into pure rage as she spat out, “It wasn’t my fault!”

He shook his head and muttered, “It never is,” as he directed Sookie and me into his office. Once the door was shut he elaborated, “That’s Tara Thornton. She’s one of our brightest students, but she’s ruled by her emotions, anger being the main one. Her mother is an alcoholic and could care less about her, but Tara still manages to make it to school every day even if she acts like she doesn’t want to be here.”

Sookie shook her head saying, “That’s awful.” Seeing the sympathetic look on her face I realized that he needed to shut the fuck up and quit giving her more of a reason to want to work there. “Does she have anyone else in her life to encourage her?” she asked. I didn’t need a GPS to see where that road was headed.

He shook his head saying, “No, but since you’ll be teaching the AP English IV class, she’ll be one of your pupils, so maybe you can get through to her.”

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…

Sookie nodded as she asked, “What happened to the previous teacher? You were a little vague on the phone earlier.”

His eyes dropped to his desk as he sighed and said, “Mr. Ocella is getting older and decided to take a sabbatical to Europe.” Seeing Sookie’s quirked eyebrow he explained, “He’s a little odd; has a fascination with Roman times. He’s traveling to the various sites of the Roman Legions,” adding, “He was also the coordinator for our drama club, so I was hoping you’d be willing to pick up the reins. Our students really look forward to having that outlet, but I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to pay you for the extra time it would require, so it would be strictly voluntary on your part.”

Sookie’s body tensed as she stuttered, “Oh, Mr. Beck. I…I don’t know. I don’t have any experience with anything like that.”

He smiled back at her saying, “I’d understand if you’re not willing, but it’s really not that hard. Most of the kids in the drama club,” he paused and eyed her knowingly before adding, “Tara in particular, know what they’re doing and have been a part of it in some way or another in previous years. You’d be there as more of a chaperone and to provide feedback to the students.” His eyes landed on me before returning to her, saying, “Perhaps your husband can give you a hand if you find yourself needing guidance?”

What. The. Fuck? I didn’t even want her to work there, so why in the hell would I be willing to help her do a job that she wouldn’t be taking?

Sookie’s eyes turned towards me and the hopefulness mixed with helplessness I saw in them did something to my insides. It also diminished the connection between my brain and my mouth as I said, “I’ll help if you want.”

Fucking body snatchers!

I wanted to take back the words as soon as they were out because I didn’t want her to take the job, but after seeing the grateful smile take over her face as her hand found mine, I was left mute with the same three words racing through my mind.

What. The. Fuck.


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  1. kleannhouse says:

    this chapter was great in the fact that she was arguing with him and not backing down and holding her ground with him.. and then BAM pussy whipped… kY

  2. lilydragonsblood says:

    Uh oh!!!

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