Chapter 81


I fucking hated it when she cried!

While I tried to calm her down, knowing by now it would be a few minutes until she actually did, I attempted to sort through the things that had been running through my head for most of the day, boiling it all down to what I actually knew.

I knew she thought I was interested in her prior relationships based on the amount of detail she went into, when I asked, and even though it only made me want to beat the shit out of Quinn, my real focus had been on her. Hearing her say she’d hoped the baby would look like me had distracted me all throughout my appointment, so I concentrated on her facial expressions and body language, more than her actual words, as she told me about her past. Being in show business had its perks. One of them was the amount of preparation you did for a character you were going to play and I’d been cast as a cop in a film a few years earlier, so they’d sent me to a couple of real life interviewing and interrogation courses which benefitted me both in playing poker and now. Sookie showed no signs of deception the entire time she talked and instead just left me floored by the thought that she had only had one other lover. As beautiful and fun loving as she was, I’d had no expectations that she would’ve led a chaste lifestyle, but now that I knew, I couldn’t stop the torrent of emotions I felt at the idea that I was going to be a father.

My doubts about the paternity had disappeared and short of being stranded with her on a deserted island for months on end (an unlikely scenario), I had no other way of knowing for sure anyway, unless I trusted her. I realized now that I did trust her and I had never been more grateful than I was then to have kept my doubts to myself. She was so sincere with me, always being open and honest with her feelings, both good and bad, and the thought of how hurt she would’ve been if I’d told her I didn’t believe I was the father made me shudder inside; almost as much as the thought of actually being a father did.

Me…a dad…

I was completely clueless about how to play that role, be that person, and it wasn’t like I could call my own father for advice, but the one thing I did know for sure was that our baby wasn’t going to be named after Pam or my cock. When Sookie didn’t react negatively to the idea of naming it ‘Eric Junior’, I realized it was something we probably hadn’t discussed before and I wasn’t about to admit to her now that I’d named my dick.

She’d probably think I was crazy. Who does that?

I hoped she would just drop the issue, but since I fucking blushed like a virgin schoolgirl at an orgy, I assumed I only had a temporary reprieve. I would just have to find a way to steer her away from the topic when it arose again.

Hopefully it wouldn’t happen when HE arose again.

That was another thing about Sookie that seemed perfect. How well she knew me in such a relatively short amount of time was both overwhelming and heartwarming. I’d never allowed myself to get close enough to anyone for them to sense me like she seemed to be able to. When we’d been in the car and she told me again that she loved me; that she felt love from me, I froze. I knew I felt something for Sookie unlike anything I’d ever experienced before, but I wasn’t sure it was love. I had nothing to compare that emotion to and, honestly, the thought of letting down my guard to the point where I was left completely vulnerable scared me. Her ability to crack a joke and keep things light was a lifesaver for me and was only another piece of evidence at how attuned to me she was, but it wasn’t until we were watching the video together that I finally understood.

When I’d watched it alone the first time I could see the connection between us, but since I didn’t remember it, or know Sookie at all at that point, it remained abstract to me. It was akin to watching myself in a movie, but now; now that I knew her; knew how I felt when I was with her; I could see it clear as day.

I’d already let my guard down once before with her.

I’d been in love with her then.

I was probably in love with her now.

But thinking it and wholeheartedly accepting it were two very different things. It all still felt like it was happening too fast. For me, I’d only just met her four days earlier, learning first that we were married and then, last night, that she was pregnant with my child. I couldn’t even begin to describe all of the emotions that had been swirling through me over the last few days and I didn’t want to tell her I loved her; didn’t want to say the words out loud, until the ‘probably’ disappeared completely from my mind. So when she finally calmed down at my side I took a chance and admitted what I could for now, hoping she would understand and that it would be enough. I didn’t want to lose her, but I wouldn’t lie to her just to keep her. She’d gotten enough of that from that asshole Quinn and deserved more than just a regurgitated declaration of love, so when I alluded to my feelings, explaining what I didn’t think that feeling was in my chest, all of the tension that had built up inside of me disappeared when her responding smile told me it was enough; at least, for now.

“Are you okay?” I asked, wiping the stray tears from her face.

Her hands moved to pull at my shirt as she stared down at the stains from her crying and said, “I’m doing better than your shirt. I’m sorry. It’s ruined.”

Like I gave I shit about my shirt.

I smiled at her and said, “You don’t have to apologize. Just don’t start crying again, and I won’t mind taking this to the cleaners. I won’t even mind getting a whole new shirt.” I brushed the hair away from her face, asking, “Okay?”

Her eyes dropped from mine and I worried she would start getting teary again when she shook her head and said, “No, but do you want to know what would make me feel better?”

An orgasm? It would make ME feel better right about now.

I was willing to do just about anything to make her happy, so I answered without hesitation saying, “Tell me. You have to only ask and it shall be yours.”

Please say ‘orgasm’. Please say ‘orgasm’.

She looked up at me like she’d just learned her puppy had died and my heart lurched, with me mentally berating myself for thinking about sex when she was obviously still distraught, when she blinked her eyes innocently at me saying, “You could tell me why you blushed over naming the baby Eric Junior.”

My mouth fell open with me completely surprised by her request and when her eyes changed from forlorn to mischievous and she smirked back at me, I growled out, “Anything but that.”

She climbed onto my lap, which did nothing to strengthen my resolve, as she pouted, “Eric…you said you’d give me anything I asked for.”

I quickly replayed our conversation and found that I hadn’t said that, so I denied, “No…I didn’t.”

Sookie sat up on her knees a little and moved closer to me so that her breasts were practically in my face as she purred, “But you implied it.”

My hands moved of their own accord, sliding up her sides and intent on exploring the mountainous terrain in front of my eyes, but when she batted them away, I growled again, saying, “It’s classified. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”

“Really, Maverick?” she asked. It didn’t surprise me she knew the Top Gun quote, especially after seeing the pictures and reading the article online where she’d surprised me with the ride in a fighter jet.

I really wanted to fucking remember. Everything.

Sookie sat back and smirked at me saying, “You can’t even drive yourself to the cleaners to get your shirt cleaned and you expect me to believe that you could kill me?” When I just glared at her, she mockingly patted my chest and said, “Why don’t you try singing The Righteous Brothers to me and see if that helps.”

I might not be able to drive myself to the cleaners, but I knew what would distract her so while she sat back enjoying what she thought was her small victory, I whipped my shirt over my head and smiled at the glazed look that came over her eyes when she stared down at my bare chest.

I win!

Sookie sat there dumbstruck so I thought I’d help her along by pushing some of her buttons. The first ones I thought to try were her nipples since they were practically reaching for me.

Who was I to deny them?

My fingertips ghosted over them through her shirt and her hips pressed down onto my lap, rolling with every circle I made over the fabric and her hands moved down from my shoulders pressing some of my own buttons. Her lips followed her hands and while I could still think somewhat clearly, I ran through different scenarios of how we could ruin the couch just as much as my shirt.

Who needs to drive anywhere? That’s what the internet and a delivery service were for.

Sookie had somehow managed to get my shorts open without me noticing, but I was able to refocus when she called out my name in what could only be described as a purr and a pout all rolled into one. Her eyes were locked onto mine, with her lips hovering just above my tip, as she used the same voice saying, “Tell me…”

Tell her what? How we could ruin the couch together? Where we could order a new one? How long it would take to get delivered? WHAT?

“Huh?” I asked in a daze.

Her warm breath blew over the drop of pre-cum on my dick as she said, “Tell me,” and kissed the underside of my shaft at the base, “why you blushed,” as she traced the vein from the base upwards with her tongue, “over the name,” with her tongue darting out and licking away the drop, which was quickly replaced with more, “Eric Junior.”

I was still in a daze, even though I’d managed to register what she’d been saying, and wanted to weep when I realized she wasn’t going any further until I said something.

I lose…

Conceding defeat, I looked down at her and sighed, “Because there’s already an Eric Junior.”

I hadn’t thought about how that would sound to her, so I was surprised when she shot up out of my lap and stared down at me looking like I was the one that killed her puppy as she said, “Your father’s name isn’t Eric. Do you…do you have a son?”

I quickly reached out and grabbed onto her hand in case she tried to get away from me and said, “No!” Seeing the lingering hurt and confusion on her face, I followed up with, “I…it’s what…” I found I couldn’t look her in the eyes with them dropping to my lap where Eric Junior stared back at me as if to say, ‘Go on, tell her…’ Finally, I huffed out, “It’s what I call my dick, alright?”

I could feel the heat of embarrassment flooding my face and Sookie’s snickering in front of me did nothing to stop it, so when her face reappeared in my line of sight, above my lap, my eyes darted off to the side, unable to look at her just yet. They rolled back into my head when I felt her tongue make another pass across Junior before I was able to right them again and I looked down at her when she giggled, “Well then I guess ‘Nessie’ is off the list too.”

“Nessie?” I asked.

She nodded, saying, “You know, the Loch Ness Monster.” I had no idea what she was talking about, but she kept rambling on, adding, “And the Kraken, the beast, a whole slew of Navy ships…there’s probably more, but I can’t think of them right now.”

“What?” I asked, more confused than ever.

“Oh!” she perked up. “I forgot Frankencock!”

That name I remembered from scrolling through the text messages on my phone and I grinned when it finally dawned on me what she was saying. “Sookie?” I purred. “Are those different names you have for my cock?

She grinned wider, despite her cheeks getting redder, and said, “Yeah, so I see your point. The kid would get beat up on its first day of school with a name like ‘Frankencock Northman’.”

I couldn’t help laughing out loud and reached down to pull her back up into my lap, needing to feel her in my arms, and said, “I don’t know…we could shorten it and call him Frank when his friends are around.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and giggled, “But what if he does something bad? I’d have to yell out his whole name so he’d know I was serious and I don’t think I could keep a straight face if I had to yell, ‘Frankencock Northman! You get down here right now!’

We both laughed again and I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having discussing names for a baby I’d been freaked out over just hours earlier. Only Sookie could make me feel that way and it eased my mind a little knowing at least I’d have her there to talk me down from the proverbial ledge I kept finding myself on. Not ready for it to end, I said, “I don’t know. With a name like Frankencock he wouldn’t have any problems finding a date.”

She playfully slapped at my shoulder admonishing, “We are not naming it that! Can you imagine what people would say if Pam released that to the press?”

I just shrugged my shoulders saying, “Haven’t you noticed how many celebrities name their kids the weirdest shit?” I only knew because of Pam’s rants over the years and started listing them off. “Nicholas Cage named his son Kal-El; David Carradine’s son is, I shit you not, I.P. Freely; Rob Morrow named his kid Tu! Tu Morrow! What the fuck is that? The most normal weird one is Apple.”

Sookie laughed and offered, “Well then we could name ours Orange? Or iPod?”

I shook my head laughing, “No fucking way. It’s like they’re already setting them up to be on some celebrity rehab reality TV program twenty years from now.”

Not MY kid.

It was when that thought filtered through my mind that I knew it was real to me. Sookie was pregnant with my baby. Sookie and I were going to be parents…

back to freaking the fuck out.

I didn’t know if she could sense the change in my demeanor, but I never thought I could be so happy to hear Pam’s heels clacking into the foyer (without bothering to knock or ring the fucking doorbell), so Sookie was busily trying to close up my shorts when Pam walked into the room. Seeing Sookie’s still red rimmed eyes and my arms caged around her body, Pam walked into the room and cuffed me on the backside of my head before she took a seat on the couch, saying, “No means no Northman.”

I was pulling on my shirt when she’d been speaking, but before I could deny anything Sookie giggled, “You’ve got it backwards Pam. I’m the one that should be restrained.” She emphasized her point by rocking her hips against my groin.

Not helping…

Sookie…tied up…naked…

No, those thoughts weren’t helping either, with Pam in the room, so I looked at her and asked, “And to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?”

She cocked her eyebrow up, but her eyes were gliding hungrily over Sookie’s body where she was still perched in my lap, and I shot her a warning look, making Pam smirk as she said, “Well I could certainly make my visit pleasurable for Sookie, but I doubt you would enjoy seeing how inferior you are in that respect.”

My possessive streak ran white hot and my eyes shot to Sookie, sure that she would be indignant right along with me, but I ended up gripping her tighter and growled seeing her staring back at Pam with bedroom eyes while licking her lips. It only lasted for a second before she giggled and turned to hug me, saying, “You’re too easy to rile up.”

Ha. Fucking. Ha.

Pam chuckled right along with her and I realized I was done for if both of them really decided to gang up on me. I knew Alcide was wary of Pam, and after seeing how he bowed up on me about treating Sookie right, when he’d driven us home from the hospital, I knew he wouldn’t be in my corner either. My eyes moved to rest on where Frank was securely tucked away in Sookie’s womb and hoped he would stand up for his old man when the time came. Well, when he actually could stand.

Pam’s voice brought me back from my thoughts, saying, “So tell me what the doctor had to say.”

I’d kind of zoned out during my appointment, still wondering about whether or not I was actually Frank’s dad, so I was thankful Sookie spoke up and answered happily, “It went well. Everything’s healing up the way it should and the cast will come off at his next appointment, which is the week before Thanksgiving.”

“That’s good,” Pam replied. “At least you won’t have to worry about traveling to Louisiana on crutches.”

I’d forgotten about that, with everything else that had been running through my mind, so I turned to Sookie and asked, “We’re going to your Gran’s house?”

She looked back at me, chewing on the corner of her mouth, saying, “Well, that was the plan. Do you not want to go?”

I sure as hell didn’t want to be without her for a few hours, much less several days, and I didn’t know if she’d end up going without me if I said no, so I quickly agreed, saying, “Sure, we can go.” Thanks to the pictures that had been on my phone I already had an idea of what it looked like and added, “Maybe being there again will help jog my memories.”

Seeing the flash of sadness run across Sookie’s face made me feel guilty for not remembering anything, but all I could do was hug her and whisper, “Even if it doesn’t, I’d still like to go and meet your Gran.” I thought about it for a second and added, “Again.”

Whatever she’d been remembering made her snicker and say, “Yeah, well Gran already loves you, but I’ll have to keep Maxine away before she grabs your ass again.”

“Maxine?” I asked. Since I was already so enthralled now by Sookie after just a few days, surely I wouldn’t have been flirting with another woman in her hometown. At least I hoped not.

“Gran’s friend,” she smiled. “Imagine if Fat Bastard and Tammy Faye Baker had a sixty year old gossip whore for a daughter. That would be Maxine Fortenberry.”

Was morning sickness contagious? Because I suddenly felt nauseous.

“So, when can you go back to work?” Pam asked, not at all interested in the Bogeyman, or…woman, of Bon Temps I’d conjured in my mind, thundering down dirt roads in her red tartan shorts. If she liked me so much and learned Sookie was pregnant, she might try to snatch up the baby and eat him if he was my Mini-me.

I watch too many movies…

When I didn’t say anything, Sookie answered, “Monday which is good, since that’s the day I start at my new job.” She turned to look at me and said, “I need to call about getting my car fixed.”

I didn’t get a chance to say anything thanks to Pam chiming in with, “What job? And, no.”

Sookie’s jaw set stubbornly, as she trained her glare on Pam, and said, “Teaching. And, yes!”

Uh oh…


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  1. kleannhouse says:

    They are getting along so well. a few hiccups but that is to be expected. until i turn the page KY

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