3 – Sympathy for the Devil

“How are you feeling now, Maxine?” I asked, watching her down another bottle of water, like she’d been trekking through the Sahara for the last month.

The town fair was in full swing now that it was mid-afternoon, with kids and their already weary parents slogging along from ride to ride, booth to booth.

We were set up in the First Aid tent because inevitably someone would need some sort of medical assistance, be it from dehydration or any other number of ailments that always happened whenever the carnival came to town.

The police were there for the inevitable fights that would break out amongst the teenagers or the assholes who’d made one too many treks to the beer tent.

And not enough visits to the laundromat, considering some of them were walking around with their beer guts out on display.

Feeling my own abs over my shirt, I eyed the beer tent myself, wondering just how bad of an idea it would be for me to go in there once my shift was over.

Not because a beer – or even ten – would make me look like a week old floater, just found in the lake, but because of who I knew was working inside of the beer tent.

I’d been catching glimpses of her ass every time she crossed from one side to the other.

And I hadn’t been the only one.

I’d seen more than one asshole taking a good long look at that ass.

My ass.

It didn’t matter that I hadn’t ‘put a ring on it’ yet.

It was mine regardless. So they’d better keep their dickbeaters to themselves while they were in her tent or else they would end up in my tent, after I kicked the shit out of them.

Sookie had been teasing me from afar all afternoon. It wasn’t the first time we had to pretend we weren’t fucking each other’s brains out on the sly.

Hell, it wasn’t even the tenth time.

But she knew I could see her from where I was and seemed to find every excuse possible to have to bend over and flaunt what she knew I couldn’t touch, given where we were.

She was going to pay for that later on.

And we would both enjoy it when she did.

“Better, I think,” Maxine huffed out, pulling my attention back to her, which did wonders for pulling me out of my porntastic thoughts. “I don’t know what came over me.”

Focusing on the woman in front of me – instead of the woman I would be bending over in front of me later on that night – I had a pretty good clue what the answer would be before I even asked, “Are you on any kinds of medication?”

Waving her hand at me, she dismissively replied, “Oh you know doctors. They’re in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies and mine’s no different.”

Uh huh.

So she was likely being treated for denial in addition to Type 2 diabetes and god knows what else.

Her color was looking better and she seemed in good spirits, so I didn’t think we would need to get her on a gurney and into the back of the bus – today – but still, I asked, “And what are you being treated for?”

“For a thirty-five dollar co-pay,” she groused without missing a beat.

But before I could laugh, shake my head, or walk away one of the patrolmen walking the fairgrounds came rushing over and crouched down next to her, both looking and sounding horrified when he exclaimed, “Mama! Are you okay? What happened?”

We both recognized him, but I only now realized Maxine was the mother of Jason Stackhouse’s best friend, Hoyt Fortenberry.

Her eyes lit up and she reached out, gently patting his arm and saying, “I’m fine, darlin’. Just a little lightheaded, that’s all.”

Looking back at her, he studied her appearance for a moment – and I ended up really hoping he never looked as closely at Sookie and me the next time we were all in the same proximity to one another – when he shook his head and put the clues together in a verbal admonishing of, “What did the doctor say? You have Type 2 diabetes, so that means no sweets and no salt. But I can see the sugar on your blouse and the ketchup in the corners of your mouth, so don’t tell me you didn’t have any.”

“It was just some fries and a little funnel cake, Hoyt,” she grumbled. “And that doctor just wants my money, so he’ll say whatever he needs to, to make sure I keep making appointments.”

“Mrs. Fortenberry! Is everything alright?”

Recognizing that voice, I closed my eyes for a brief second and took a deep breath to center myself before opening them again.

Only to see her smirking back at me.


Luckily for her I loved her ass enough to put up with her teasing.

“Sookie, dear!” Maxine greeted her warmly. “I’m just fine.”

Then using a stage whisper, she jutted her thumb my way and added, “I just faked an ailment to get closer to the cutie pies.”

“Mama!” her son exclaimed, while Sookie threw her head back and laughed long and hard.

Having her standing so close to me, her laugh wasn’t the only thing that was long and hard.

I wasn’t laughing about it though.

“What?” Maxine asked innocently. “I don’t remember the doctor saying cutie pies are a no-no too.”

Then she cured me of my own ailments – with the uncomfortable tightening in my pants disappearing immediately – by eying me in a way that made me want to shower in bleach, when she added, “He seems sweet as sugar, but I can’t say for sure that he tastes that way.”

“He’s a drip stand,” Sookie grinned evilly my way. “He probably tastes like soot.”


She didn’t seem to mind the way I tasted when I came down her throat a few days earlier.

Not that I could remind her of that fact.

What with witnesses and all.

But I’d be sure to remind her of it again later on.

With a demonstration.

When there were no witnesses.

However, with Maxine there, I wasn’t about to get crass and tell Sookie she was more than welcome to do a taste test for herself.

Besides, with Hoyt being Jason’s best friend, he would more than likely feel the need to stick up for her and I would hate to have to kick his ass, with his mother being a witness to it all.

“Now sweetheart, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with gettin’ a little dirty, when you’re gettin’ down and dirty,” Maxine snickered to Sookie, while Hoyt just gaped at his mom.

From her talking so openly about sex or from her insinuating the lines between red and blue didn’t matter to her, I had no clue.

But it gave me a better appreciation for Maxine, so I gave her what Sookie had called my Molotov cocktail smirk – one look and her panties would be set ablaze – and gave Sookie an early payback for her drip stand taunt by telling Maxine, “I think you’re barking up the wrong tree by trying to convince that one. From what I’ve heard, she likes girls.”

I heard it straight from Sookie.

It was why she would one day become Mrs. Lady Libido Lushbody.

Glancing back at Sookie, I saw that her eyes were the size of saucers and she flamed even redder when Maxine snickered, “That’s alright, sugarplum. The heart wants what the heart wants. Besides, that means there’s more for the rest of us.”

I could see the gears turning behind Sookie’s eyes, no doubt working to churn out a little gem that had to do with the size of my hose being more in line for a poppy garden than a five alarm inferno.

I’d already heard that one from her brother.

But it seemed I wasn’t karma’s only bitch because at that very moment a group of girls walked into the tent.

Ones I knew were at least old enough to drink because I’d seen them in the beer tent – they’d blocked my view of Sookie for long enough to piss me off – with the skimpiest dressed one in the group walking right up to me.

Sticking her bare leg out, she made sure to rub the outside of my calf with it and pouted, “I got cut.”

Glancing back at Sookie and seeing the daggers shooting out of her eyes, I knew the girl was close to getting cut again.

Not that she could say anything.

What with witnesses and all.

Looking the girl over, I could see a small cut on the outside of her knee that hardly required a napkin, much less medical attention. But if there was one thing I’d come to learn on the job was the fact the job always earned us the attention of the ladies.

You didn’t see calendars of oiled up shirtless plumbers on the market.

A few of the other guys in the tent – the same bastards who’d all but shoved me in Maxine’s direction the moment she walked in – all came forward, ready and willing to play nursemaid, but she waved them off and looked directly at me, saying, “I want him.”

And at my raised brow, she giggled, “To take care of my boo-boo.”

Looking back at Sookie, I almost felt bad.


I knew guys flirted with her all of the time. She knew women flirted with me.

But that didn’t mean I wanted to see it happen, so I knew she likely felt the same.

That – and a murderous rage, if I was reading her expression right.

“Come on Mama,” Hoyt said, cutting in to the tension that suddenly filled the area surrounding us all. And Sookie was then forced to reel in her green-eyed monster when he looked back at her and asked, “Do you mind runnin’ her home? I’ll follow you in the patrol car and give you a ride back.”

What could she do, but say, “Sure.”

And feeling the foreign leg brushing up against my own, what could I do, but say, “Let’s take care of that cut.”

The sooner I put a band-aid on it, the sooner she would be gone.

But I knew Sookie would need something bigger than a band-aid to soothe her green-eyed monster, so when my shift ended at eight that night, I stayed at the fairground instead of going home.

I’d known from stalking her from afar that Hoyt had brought her back within an hour of them leaving with his mom. But I’d also known from her stomping feet and the dirty looks she would shoot my way that she wasn’t too happy.

I might have had more sympathy for her if it wasn’t for the fact she was the one that kept us from being able to tell anyone we were together.

But I wasn’t stupid enough to remind her of that fact.

Instead I chose to remind her of the fact that we were together.

That – and the fact that her ass was mine.

I’d been lurking close enough to the beer tent to know she’d been breaking down boxes and carrying them over to the recycling bin.

As far as she knew, I’d already left for the night. We had plans to meet up at my place, but I didn’t want to wait the ten minutes it would have taken her to get there.

Besides, knowing her mood I was sure if I’d kept to those plans, her greeting would be far bitchier than I wanted her to feel.

So when I heard her telling her father she was heading out for the night, after carrying out the last batch of cardboard, I was determined to make her feel something else.


It was dark enough by then that she couldn’t see me lying in wait, hidden by the cover of the trees, as she walked towards her car now parked off by itself in the field that had been filled to capacity only a little while earlier.

So I made a mental note to yell at her later on for walking to her car all by herself, even though it was the exact scenario I needed in order to pull off my plan.

Hypocrite, thy name is Northman.

I’d kept an eye on not only her, but also to make sure no one else was paying attention to her.

The last thing I needed was for her brother or any of his friends to see what I was about to do.

As soon as she was close enough, I reached out and grabbed ahold of her around her waist with one arm, pulling her back against the front of my body, and held the hand of the other over her mouth before she could scream.

And I felt both pleased and a fair amount of pain when she managed to elbow me in the ribs before I could let her know it was me by saying into her ear, “So…I taste like soot?”

She immediately stopped struggling and I let go of her mouth to put that hand to other uses – like sliding up the front of her shirt – but she still reached around and slapped my leg, whisper yelling, “Asshole! You scared the shit out of me!”

“I hope not,” I chuckled. “That won’t work with what I have planned right now.”

Arching her chest into my liberty-taking hands, she pushed her ass against my crotch, even as she snarked, “Don’t you have boo-boo bitches to pacify?”

Her bitchiness told me she was still sporting a green-eyed boo-boo of her own.

But I wasn’t dumb enough to say that.

However, I was brave enough to allude to it by saying, “Someone sounds jealous.”

“Who’s jealous?” she denied, just as she planted her hands on the tree in front of her and used it for leverage to push her ass more forcefully against my crotch.

Thereby letting me know she wasn’t that mad.

But knowing I couldn’t strip her naked at the moment, instead I ran my hands back down her sides and gripped her hips with them, so I could rub the length of my cock against her ass, while answering, “The liar liar in front of me.”

“Are you saying my pants are on fire?” she breathed out and in the next second added, “I better get them off of me then.”

Batting her hands away from the button at her waist, I growled into her ear, “Better leave that to the professionals, Miss.”

Unclasping the button, the zipper slid down just as easily as her shorts slid down her legs and I wasted no time dipping my hand into the front of her panties to trail my fingers through her folds.

She was already drenched.

“Too wet for a fire to start here,” I teased, punctuating the word by sliding a finger inside of her and feeling her inner muscles clench around it.

I felt it all the way to my toes.

I definitely felt it from the base to the tip of my cock.

“Speak for yourself,” she growled, when I pulled it back out of her and she shoved her ass back into my crotch, seething out, “It feels like it’s on fire to me.”

Pulling her panties down her legs, I pulled on her hips and pushed on her back until she was at the perfect angle, before setting my dick free from the confines of my pants and warned, “Luckily for you, I have just the right equipment to put it out.”

A part of me cheered – the caveman part of me – when she shouted out my name, when I slammed into her from behind.

The rest of me took a second to look around and make sure no one had heard her.

We were hidden in the darkness of the trees, but that also seemed to make everything we were doing twice as loud.

I still had her ring in my pocket.

If we were caught by her brother, I was putting it on her damn hand.

After all, he would more than likely have a gun in his – trained on me.

Survival instincts trumped keeping our relationship a secret.

But hearing Sookie growl and feeling her wiggle her ass against me brought my focus back to the here and now.

And here and now I hadn’t been doing much more than using my dick to measure the distance to her cervix, so I leaned forward, warning her yet again in a harsh whisper, “Hold on and keep quiet.”

Pulling almost all the way out of her, I held onto her hips and slammed back into her, quickly setting a punishing pace. We were out where we could be spotted by anyone, so I knew we needed to make it quick.

But the danger of being caught only added to the excitement and it didn’t mean it would be any less fun racing towards the end.

She was staying the night with me, so I knew we’d have time for finessed fucking later on. For now though, a quick and dirty fuck was just what we both needed to take the edge off.

I hadn’t seen her in a few days thanks to our shifts not meshing and our earlier encounter that day only poured gasoline on the flame that was always lit when we were around one another.

It didn’t take very long before I knew she was close to falling over the edge. But knowing I was closer than she was to that same edge, I reached around and used my fingers to work over her clit.

It worked wonders.

Bringing my other hand up to cover her mouth in just enough time for it to muffle the sound of her yelling out my name when she came, I’d had no choice but to muffle the sound of her name leaving my own, by biting down onto her shoulder when her orgasm triggered mine.

“Fuck,” I whispered out, making a pitiful attempt to soothe the sting of my bite by rubbing my lips against her shoulder.

I was sure I looked more like a cat, rubbing up against its owner in adoration.

But considering how much I felt like purring at the moment, it was probably a fitting analogy.

Letting out a small noise of disapproval when I slipped out of her, she giggled when I pulled a few tissues out of my pocket and used them to clean her up before sliding her panties and shorts back into place.

Once I was set to rights too, Sookie stretched up to wrap her arms around my neck and she gave me a slow and sensual kiss.

Which was a direct contradiction to the smack she leveled against my ass, just as she playfully warned, “You better not be putting out anyone else’s fires that way.”

She didn’t need to specify who anyone else was.

The boo-boo bitch was left unspoken and yet I heard it loud and clear.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous,” I grinned.

“And you’ll fit into my trunk,” she grinned in return. “No one will think to look for your body in the woods behind my gran’s house.”

“That’s why I love you,” I smiled. “It’s like playing with fire.”

Then rubbing my body against hers, I added, “So it’s a good thing I know how to douse your flames.”

“Yeah, you do,” she smirked.

But she winced in the next second and brought her hands down in between us palms up, so we could both see the red marks on her skin.

Running the pads of my thumbs over them, she grimaced and said, “Splinters from the tree.”

“Better they be in your hands than in your forehead,” I chuckled.

But seeing the lift of her brow, I headed her off at the pass – before my idea for our quick and dirty fuck could work against me – by lifting her hands and kissing each mark, promising, “I’ll make your boo-boos all better.”

Even the ones she inflicted on herself by keeping us a secret.

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30 comments on “3 – Sympathy for the Devil

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    Love this story! LOL @ Maxine. Scary. I felt bad for Eric & Sookie not being able to say anything about being together. Maybe she will change her mind if girls keep trying to get his attention 😀

  2. Ginger says:

    I’ve loved everyone of your stories and admire your wit beyond compare. Today I stand and salute you for Molotov Cocktail Smirk! Dead on sister!
    Awesome chapter as always.

  3. msbuffy says:

    They really are ‘playing with fire,’ and destined to get caught with ‘their pants down.’ LOL! Lovin’ this story!

  4. Scookie says:

    Gotta luv that Maxine.

  5. kleannhouse says:

    these two are too much fun but sooner or later they are gonna get caught or have to come out because their secret will catch up to them. KY

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    Fireman Eric is so HOT!!!! But watching him in action is hotter!!! THANK YOU!!!

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    delightfully funny chapter –but I think their secrets are about to come to an end…..can’t carry on like this without someone noticing. Police are trained to read body language and Sookie and Eric’s are screaming “love/fuck”!

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    Oh yeah…..awesome Friday post!

    Any chance I can be greedy and suggest a flashback…… I’d love to see how these two hooked up the first time….something non-alcohol related please (guess I’m just tired of the ‘they got drunk and horny and oops his hose is putting out her fire’ stories.) Somehow I think their story would be different….

    Anyway….thanks for writing and sharing! Loving this couple!

  9. mom2goalies says:

    Love this, it’s so much fun being in his mind! Lol I have a feeling they’re gonna get caught real soon and it’ll be a good thing he’s carrying the ring.

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    I kept expecting them to get caught. Having the ring in his pocket is a good idea when that happens.

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    Oh it is gonna be so much fun when they eventually get caught… Or pregnant. So much fun.

  14. mindyb781 says:

    This is so much fun. Jealous Sookie was funny. I really want them to get caught . Sookie would rather get caught than reveal her secret lover. Very funny.

  15. Sara L says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I needed this today. Perfect fun/adorable chapter to end the week with.

  16. ashmo2000 says:

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    Loving this story! More, more, more please??!!! I love them both in this! Their banter, his need to mark her as his for all to see, yet he is being patient! And Jason & Maxine are great! I absolutely love this! More Fireman Eric! Update. Update. Update.

  20. switbo says:

    Can I just say how much I love that he carries the ring around with him all the time? It’s both sad and so hopeful at the same time. I’m curious though why no one has noticed a ring box in his pocket all the time. They do tend to have a rather distinctive shape….you’d think someone would eventually notice it and ask him about it.

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    Poor Sookie, but she is the reason he can be hit upon. She needs to man up, since Eric is serious on keeping her. He would have to be since he is putting up with her!

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    So when are they going to bring this party into the open? Great dialogue! But playing like this? They’re bound to get caught!

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    loving the humour of this story, and always love your EPOV’s! x

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