8 – The Augmentation


Never in a million years did I believe this would’ve happened.



But even staring down at her now, I still couldn’t quite believe any of it was real.

That any part of it had been real.

And yet there she was, smiling back at me.

So I memorized it, like I did many things, and filed it away. I didn’t know what this was – what we were – but not knowing if it would go on forever, or end at the stroke of midnight, I never wanted to forget how she was looking at me at that very moment.

And what it made me feel.

But not knowing how sappy my thoughts had become, Sookie just smiled up at me, like we were in the midst of sharing a secret, and let her eyes dart up above us as she said, “Have I told you that light fixture needs to go?”

I remembered seeing that somewhere on her endless list, but I was a little attached to it now.

Seeing Sookie attach herself to it because she wanted to have sex on the kitchen table had instantly become one of my most favorite memories.

“Yes,” I agreed with a small smile. But it quickly turned into a frown when I added, “But this table stays.”

Not only had the majority of my better childhood memories taken place at that table, but now I had an even better very adult memory to go with it.

If she insisted on replacing it, I would store it away somewhere else.

I was keeping that table.

Likely figuring out where my thoughts had strayed, she playfully said, “I’m not sure…you might have to convince me.”

Wondering if perhaps she wanted me to list my arguments for keeping it – Sookie’s love of making lists and/or arguments was nothing new – she quickly dissuaded me from my train of thought by leaning up and pressing her lips against mine, adding in a sultry whisper, “In the shower.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice.

Pulling my jeans back up over my thighs, so I could walk without falling over, I scooped her up from the table and carried her from the room, while she looked down at the mess we’d made and smiled disappointedly, saying, “What a waste of a good pot roast.”

“Bubba would disagree,” I smiled and added, “And so would I.”

I’d make a pot roast every damn day if it got me that end result.

We would both starve eventually, but it would be worth it.

Arriving in the master bath, I set her down on top of the vanity and started the water in the shower, when Sookie hopped down and started working my boots open. The sight of her down on her knees in front of me was doing things.

Down there.

With the fly of my jeans still open, I couldn’t exactly hide the effect she was having on my body and it wasn’t like she was trying to avoid looking either.

Why didn’t she say something sooner?

Hell…why didn’t I say something sooner?

I knew it was more than just a physical attraction I felt towards Sookie, but I didn’t know if it was anything more for her. So far, she’d only admitted the sight of my body made her brain dead.

Which I still had a hard time believing, but I wasn’t going to argue the point to try and convince her otherwise either.

Logically though, I knew it was too soon to ask those kinds of questions. Our rekindled friendship was only a month long.

But I’d known how I felt about her since I was twelve years old, so while I was definitely feeling things for her as a now thirty-seven year old man, that same boy was still inside of me too.

And he was definitely still sweet on that same girl.

So being a glutton for punishment, I decided I would take whatever she was offering me for now and deal with the consequences later.

Already naked herself, once my boots were free from my body, Sookie easily slid my jeans off and pulled me right into the shower with her.

“One last hurrah?” she asked with a small smile, lathering her hands up with soap and then proceeding to wash my body.

One body part in particular more than others.

She must really like my ass.

“Uh…” I stammered, both from her question and her actions, when her hands moved around to the front of my body.

Was this it?

Once we stepped out of the shower we were supposed to go back to how things were?

Tiptoeing around her and not ripping her clothes off?

She must have read my mind – or my face – because her eyes widened and she quickly clarified, “For the bathroom. You know, since this is the last time it’ll get used?”

“Oh,” I sighed with a ridiculous amount of relief, but seeing the look on her face had me tacking on, “Kay?”

I didn’t mean for it to sound like a question, so I tried to distract her from my own insecurities by returning the favor of washing her body.

Although…in all reality she was doing me the favor by letting me do it.

But I guess she wasn’t as brain dead as she claimed to be because she teasingly glared, “Eric Northman. I swear to god, if you ditch me after this to go running after the likes of Dawn Green, I’ll give you a purple nurple you won’t soon forget!”

“Who?” I laughed, arching my chest away from her pinching hands.

Which were no longer pinching and instead began doing much more pleasurable things, when she moved to let the water rinse the soap away from my body, before she dropped to her knees and smiled up at me through her lashes saying, “Good answer.”

Good god…

Her tongue darted out in the next second to trail a path along the underside of my shaft before she wrapped her lips around me and worked her way down, with her hand working in tandem on the rest of me. Leaning my back against the wall before my knees buckled, my hands went to the back of her head, while my eyes rolled into the back of mine.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been on the receiving end of oral sex, but it was the first time by anyone who seemed to know what they were doing.

But I really didn’t want to think too hard on that fact.

So instead I forced the thought away and forced my eyes to open, not wanting to miss another second of watching what she was doing, and discovered she was still staring up at me.


That was hot.

Every time I made any kind of noise – a grunt; a gasp; a growl – Sookie would treat me with a hum of approval that somehow started at the base of my neck and traveled all the way down my spine to my toes.

“If you’re trying…to convince me…you should keep the shower,” I forced out. “I’m…I’m all for it.”

Jesus fucking Christ…

Her throaty chuckle was the last straw because I barely managed to warn her I was about to cum when she forced her mouth all the way down and swallowed.

Both me and everything that came out of me.

By the time I was actually able to see straight again, Sookie was already back on her feet and by the looks of it, rinsing the shampoo out of her hair.

How long had I been out of it?

“There you are,” she smiled, looking – dare I say – proud of herself.

She had every right to be.

Smiling sheepishly in return – because as far as I was concerned the world was exactly as it should be in that moment – she shrieked in laughter a moment later when I lunged at her.

Turning off the spigot with one hand, I grabbed a towel with the other and wrapped it around her, doing a half-ass job of drying her off as I carried her back into the bedroom.

Tossing her onto the bed, I ran the towel up my chest and over my head before dropping it to the floor and dropping down on top of her.

She giggled, while I licked away the leftover moisture from her chest and made my way down her body, when she gasped out, “What are you doing?”

Settling in between her thighs, I stared up at her and smiled, “Convincing you to keep the kitchen table.”

By the time I was done, Sookie was thoroughly convinced.

Several times over.


“You know…” I began, about to tease Sookie the windows would never get put in place with her hands mapping my ass, when I had to stop because they slid around the front to do a little more mapping.

I’d been a little worried that whatever had happened the night before was a fluke. That in the light of day, Sookie would regain her senses and want nothing to do with me again.

I’d never been so happy to be wrong.

We’d both passed out the night before, so when I woke up in her bed and heard Sookie was already in the shower, I didn’t know what to do.

Join her?

Stay in bed?

I hadn’t been sure what the protocol was for the morning after. Sookie wasn’t some one night stand – at least I hoped she wasn’t – but the game had already been changed by the fact we lived under the same roof.

Not knowing what she wanted or where we stood now, I decided my best bet was to do neither.

Join her in the shower or stay in bed.

So I forced myself out of it to get a head start on getting the windows in place.

Once I cleaned up the kitchen.

Or rather, clean up what was left after Bubba had gone through and done what he could to clean it up himself. I found him passed out on the floor in a patch of sunlight, looking fat and happy.

So I guess we all had a good night.

I’d been making some adjustments with a circular saw, to the two-by-four’s that would be holding the windows in place, when Sookie got my attention and waved her keys at me, while making hand gestures that she was running out for a while, so I hadn’t been sure if it had been her attempt at avoiding me.

Her hands now trailing underneath my shirt and over my abs, told me she wasn’t.

Having just come back from running her errands, she picked up one more thing – where I’d left off at – and leaned into my back, teasing, “That it should be illegal for you to look this good in a tool belt?”

Then rubbing her body against mine, she answered her own question by adding, “Probably, but there’s no case law on it. I would remember.”

“What is it with you and tool belts?” I chuckled.

She’d mentioned it more than once – even if she hadn’t meant to the first time – so there was definitely something there.

“It’s sexy,” she practically purred against my back.

“So is that where you’ve been all morning?” I teased. “Hanging out at the closest Home Depot, looking to pick up a new belt.”

I regretted the words the moment they’d left my lips. Not because I actually thought that was what she’d been doing.

But because it only served to remind me that whatever we were doing might only be a physical attraction on Sookie’s end.

Too soon.

It was too soon for me to be asking those kinds of questions.

“No,” she giggled against my back and then ran her hands along the front of the belt hanging around my hips, as she added, “Like you and the kitchen table, I’m kind of attached to this one.”

Trying not to read into her words – or any possible meaning behind them – I failed at keeping my thoughts to myself and keeping my mouth shut, when I heard the softly asked question fall through my lips.

“Is that the only thing you’re attached to?”

It’d seemed easier to ask the question when I wasn’t actually looking at her, but that fact worked against me when she was quiet for the longest time. And still standing behind me, I had no way of seeing what expression was on her face.

So when I couldn’t stand the silence anymore, I opened my mouth to try and pull my foot out of it, when she beat me to the punch by inhaling deeply against my back and timidly asking, “What if I said it wasn’t the belt I was attached to, but more so the man who was wearing it?”

“Then I would say the feeling was mutual,” I replied in relief, turning around in her arms at the same time and unable to turn down the smile on my face.

A smile she mimicked when she looked up at me and asked, “You’re attached to him too?”

“To you, smartass,” I answered, while moving my hands from her hips to run over the curve of hers and flexing my fingers around it.

Sookie had a great ass.

She wasn’t so different than how I remembered her – or at least a grown up version of the girl I remembered – but I was very aware of the fact that our lives had gone in very different directions.

I’d always lived hand to mouth. Paycheck to paycheck. And she had gone on to law school and now she was a judge.

And even though I knew she knew that about me, I still felt like I should warn her and admitted, “I don’t have much to offer you other than me.”

“Then it’s a good thing you are the only thing I was hoping to get,” she smiled without any hesitation.

But whatever she saw in my eyes had her adding, “Truly, Eric. We grew up practically the same and while my career makes it so I can afford the finer things in life now, none of that has ever mattered to me. That’s a big reason why I let Bill have the house we bought together when we were married and moved back here. It was a house he wanted and he decorated, like he had something to prove to the neighbors we never had the time to get to know because we were too busy working. But it never felt like home to me.”

Then hugging me with her arms around my waist, she ended with a small smile, “This feels like home.”

Even if I’d wanted to doubt her words, there was no doubt to the sincerity in her eyes when she spoke them. I knew she wouldn’t have said them if she hadn’t meant them, so I knew the disparity in our incomes was my issue.

Not hers.

And it wouldn’t be fair for me to make it her issue either, so I set it aside to deal with on my own later and admitted, “This feels like home to me too.”

Her responding smile was blinding, but it soon turned into something much more mischievous when her hands began to wander over my ass again, pulling me into her now squirming body, and had me saying, “And that feels like you’re trying to start something.”

Something I was more than willing to finish.

We hadn’t had actual sex again, since the first time on her kitchen table. I’d been perfectly happy just learning all of the different ways I could get her to unravel, but in the back of my mind I knew we hadn’t discussed birth control either, which was why I pulled out of her at the last second.

It wasn’t guaranteed to work, but it was better than filling her up with twenty-five years’ worth of pent up want.

Even though we’d somehow managed to have the discussion I’d thought was too soon to have, having a baby anytime soon was a whole other level to too soon.

Sookie must have thought the same thing because she coyly answered, “Maybe I’m just eager to see if the condoms I picked up while I was out will be a good fit.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” I smiled, leaning down to press my lips to hers, while lifting her up at the same time and carrying her back into the house.

While I was definitely feeling on edge, the month long edge had been taken off the night before, so when we reached her bedroom – she’d laughingly cooed at the kitchen table to not be jealous on our way by – I took my time undressing her.

I spent a long time getting reacquainted with her body and finding new ways to make her fall apart with both my hands and mouth.

And when I finally slid inside of her again it only strengthened my earlier claim.

Sookie felt like home to me.

Needless to say, the condom fit.

We tested two more out of the box of thirty-six, just to be sure.

With her head resting on my chest and her body curled against mine, I ran my fingers through her hair and noticing the now setting sun through the window, I chuckled, “At this rate, it’s going to take forever for the bathroom to be done.”

“I’m perfectly fine with that,” she softly replied.

I didn’t need to see her face to know she was smiling when she said it.

I could both hear it in her voice and feel it formed against my skin.

Nor did I need a mirror to know the smile I was wearing was very similar to hers.

I was perfectly fine with forever too.


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