Angels & Demons

 Angels & Demons


I can’t believe I almost kissed Eric Northman. I could feel his “excitement” brushing up against my back while he was tickling me in the water and I couldn’t help rubbing up against it before turning around to face him. I was caught up in his gaze with his eyes as blue as the water we were in. All I could think about was closing those few inches between us before my inner voice yelled, “STOP!” He was my boss; I’m married; he probably has a line of prettier girls waiting outside his door every night. No assumptions Sookie! I quickly chastised myself. I tried to find the will to pull myself away from him and found the only way to do that was to close my eyes to break the spell he had me under.

Everything felt so easy with him. Here on this island I finally felt free to be me. Not Sookie Stackhouse, business executive trying to climb the corporate ladder of success. Not Sookie Compton, wife of Councilman William T. Compton. Here I could just be Sookie Stackhouse, the real me, even if I was no longer sure who I was. Maybe I’d have the chance to find out while we were here.

Aside from developing a major crush on Eric I was really glad he was here. He didn’t seem daunted in the least at what we were facing. I was in awe watching him sharpening the ends of the sticks into points and a little flabbergasted when he handed one over to me. Bill would’ve never reacted like Eric had so far, but then again, remembering the last words he’d spat out at me when we left the doctor’s office, I might even question if he would’ve pulled me from the airplane.

Spear fishing turned out to be a lot of fun. The best part had been watching Eric stab at the water letting out a real battle cry. I felt my body flush when I heard him wondering if he made similar sounds when he had his “happy moment”. I was relieved that he was paying attention to what he was doing and didn’t see the blush on my face. I found I was doing that a lot lately around him and told myself I had to get a better hold of myself while we were here.

I could hardly believe it when I was the one to catch our dinner. Up until then Eric was my own personal MacGyver and I was happy to be finally contributing to our survival on the island. After he gutted them and walked away to gather some driftwood I cleaned the fish thinking again about how different Eric was from Bill.

Bill would’ve never thought to make a spear for me, nor would he have encouraged me to try using one. And he would’ve been really pissed off if I had managed to catch a fish before him. Not only did Eric think to include me, he praised my success. I’d forgotten what praise felt like outside of work. And when it was time to go to sleep I didn’t have to think too long before curling up against Eric once more. Not only was he warm like an electric blanket, I felt safe and protected in his arms. I fell asleep selfishly hoping we wouldn’t be rescued any time soon.

I awoke the next morning with a sense of déjà vu. Eric had me wrapped up tightly in his arms and the substantial outline in his pants indicated he was having a very good dream. My head was lying on his chest and provided the perfect vantage point for me to study his lower half without getting caught.

His stomach was flat and I could see the outline of his abdominal muscles. I concentrated on the sound of his breathing and when I was sure he was still asleep I slowly pulled the fabric of his t-shirt up higher until I could see the wisps of blond hair below his naval trailing down into his jeans. All of that was very nice but the star of the show was what he had trapped inside of his jeans. I had to wonder if what I was seeing was some sort of optical illusion based on the angle of my head lying on his chest, but I remembered how it felt against my back and ass and knew this was no illusion. He was simply HUGE. I never thought of Bill as inadequate in that department, even if he rarely tried to please me with it anymore, but compared to what Eric had to offer Bill might as well be a woman.

The feel of Eric starting to stir pulled me from my manhood musings. I once again lie perfectly still to see what he would do. His breathing started to pick up in pace and as his arms held me tighter against his body he let out a soft groan followed by, “Sookie…” My whole body tensed, unsure if he was awake or if he was still dreaming. My question was answered as his hips moved upwards and he mumbled, “Ahh…you feel so good.”

My inner demon let out a “WHOOP!” with her fist pumping and encouraged me to trail my hand down his chest towards his God-given spear. My hand got as far as his abs (where I found out, yes, they are in fact as hard as they look) before my inner angel screamed, “NO!”, effectively halting my hand’s descent. It was a good thing Angel Sookie spoke up when she did because Eric’s body jerked awake a moment later. He let out what sounded like and exasperated sigh while his fingers lightly traced up and down my spine. I waited a few more minutes for him to get his wits about him before saying, “Good morning.” I felt his head turn and his cheek nuzzled the top of my head as he said, “Morning.”

We slowly disentangled our limbs from one another and stretched out before Eric finally stood up and pulled me to my feet. After we had our breakfast coconut we set off into the jungle to start gathering supplies. We took the same path we had taken the day before that led to the waterfall because Eric said he’d seen a lot of bamboo on our way there and back.

We spent the majority of the day just gathering the materials we needed. Eric cut down rod after rod of bamboo and I carried them back to the beach. After we had a decent pile of those we started gathering vines to lash them together. There were plenty to be had, especially around the waterfall which is where we discovered a cave in the face of the cliff.

Eric went in first to make sure it was safe before I trailed in after him once he declared it to be empty. It was just tall enough that Eric could stand up without hitting his head and was about six feet wide at the opening and around 8 feet deep, narrowing slightly from front to back. It would make for pretty cramped living quarters for the two of us and after discussing the pros and cons we decided to continue with trying to build something closer to the beach so we could keep an eye out for a rescue party.

We took the vines back to the beach and while Eric got started trying to build us our home away from home I went down to the little cove with my spear to try to catch our lunch. It wasn’t as easy as the first time and as I stood still in the water my mind wandered to the conversation Eric and I had about staying in the cave. He acted so differently than what I had become accustomed to back home. He actually asked for my opinion and listened when I told him my thoughts. I liked the feeling of being valued by someone and it only strengthened my resolve once more on leaving Bill if and when we ever got home. I didn’t need that promotion to leave him. All I needed was the confidence to do it. My mother was going to give me hell for it, but I couldn’t keep living my life the way she wanted. I’d cut her out of my life if I had to, and I honestly thought I wouldn’t miss her all that much if I did. Without knowingly doing so Eric gave me the confidence I needed and I would be forever grateful to him.

Once my decision was made I felt the weight of the world lift off of my shoulders. I felt lighter in both body and spirit and could’ve danced a little jig if I didn’t have to hold still to try to catch the fish. I eventually snared two of them and even gutted them myself. I figured I had to get over my squeamishness and thought it was ‘them’ or ‘us’ and I chose ‘us’.

After cleaning the fish I had poured some coconut juice on the fillets and cooked them on my prehistoric skillet. I giggled out loud when I moved the cooked fillets into two coconut shell halves that we were using as bowls thinking I could’ve sworn I’d seen something similar on an episode of The Flintstones. I had noticed the sky darkening with clouds while I was cooking but as I walked towards Eric with our lunch a huge clap of thunder echoed in the sky and it opened up allowing sheets of rain to fall. I covered our food as best as I could and took off running for Eric.

We crouched in the tree line with Eric holding the raft upside down over our heads to deflect the rain, but when it showed no signs of slowing and the wind picked up we grabbed what we could and decided to run for the cave. As soon as we were inside I took one look at Eric standing there, dripping wet, holding his coconut bowl in front of him and I burst into a fit of giggles. There was nothing particularly funny but I couldn’t stop laughing. When Eric looked dumbfounded and quirked his eyebrow at me like I was a crazy person it only made me laugh harder and I was soon doubled over clutching my stomach waiting for it to end.

As soon as I could breathe again Eric asked, “At the risk of setting you off again, do you mind filling me in on what was so funny?”

I snickered again and shrugged my shoulders answering, “Nothing really. The way you were standing there just struck me as funny.”

Eric looked at me while a smile came on his face that reached his eyes and said, “You have a beautiful smile, like an angel.”

He was so sincere when he said it that my heart fluttered in my chest. I was hoping he couldn’t see me blush, again, in the darkness of the cave as I smiled back saying, “Thank you. You’re not so bad yourself.” He was so far from ‘bad’ he was practically in a different realm.

We stood looking at each other for another moment before sitting down to eat our now cold lunch. The storm was really picking up then so Eric ran back out and gathered some palm leaves for us to cushion the cave floor and we huddled together further inside the cave. I wanted to know more about him and his life so I started off only half joking and asked, “So, how do you like working at Northman Inc. so far?”

He looked at me like I was nuts again and I gave him my cheesiest grin. He shook his head and smiled answering, “Well the first couple of days were pretty rough, but it’s improved dramatically since then.”

I couldn’t help but agree with him and I’m sure the expression on his face was mirrored by my own. We’d lived through a plane crash and were now stranded on a deserted island for God only knows how long. Hell, we may never be rescued and yet I’d never felt more relaxed than I did at that very moment.

He looked at me for a while before asking, “And what about you? How do you like working there?”

I couldn’t help but smile as I answered, “It’s okay. I got this new boss on Friday that I kind of bumped heads with, but it turns out he’s not so bad. He comes in handy whenever I want to eat a coconut.”

His laughter echoed in the cave and I liked the sound so much that I promised myself I’d try to get him to laugh as much as possible. I wasn’t sure if my next question would keep him in a lighthearted mood but I asked anyway. “Do you really like your new job though? I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’d read a few articles about you over the years and it seemed like the lifestyle you were living was nothing like the corporate environment you’re in now.”

I could’ve kicked myself when I saw his face fall. He stared at his hands for a long time and I watched as my own hand reached over and held onto the top of his. I rubbed soothing circles onto his skin and said, “I’m sorry if I upset you. That wasn’t my intent. You don’t have to answer. It’s none of my business.”

I was just pulling my hand away from his when he grabbed it and held it between both of his. He looked up into my eyes and said, “It’s okay. I’ll answer your question.” He paused for a moment gathering his thoughts and said, “I’ve always known from a young age the role I was expected to fill. When I was a child it was to be seen and not heard. I was more or less like the fine china. I was brought out on special occasions and holidays and then packed back up until the next one. I’ve never spent more than a week or two at a time with my parents since I was old enough for them to ship me off to boarding school and even before that I was raised by nannies.”

He looked so indifferent about it all but I felt sad for him anyway. I didn’t have the greatest parents either but at least they were around. The more I thought about it though, I was sure my mother probably would’ve done the same thing to me if they could’ve afforded it.

He continued on saying, “I graduated at the top of my class in both private school and at Oxford but my father attributes my success to his generous donations when the reality of it was that I worked my ass off. When he didn’t bother to even acknowledge everything I had accomplished I decided to just stop trying for a while. He didn’t require me to come back to start working for him right away so I just did my own thing. I’m actually a little embarrassed of the way I used to live. I could’ve done so much more, helped others that were less fortunate than me, but instead I just had a seven year pity party. My father is like my own personal demon. The sad thing is, even though I don’t really want to work for him, after all of this time I guess I’m still hoping for an ‘atta boy’ from him.” He looked at me sheepishly and admitted, “I kind of got one when I told him about that firm in Australia.”

Wow. He seemed so confident when he walked into the staff meeting I never would’ve guessed he felt that way. I didn’t know what to say, but I definitely didn’t want to keep going down this road if it upset him so much. I thought I’d try a different tactic and asked, “So, if you could be or do anything else in the world, what would it be?”

“A writer.” He didn’t even think about it, the words just fell from his lips. He followed up with, “I’ve written a few short stories but I’ve never sent them out to see if they could be published. I didn’t see the point when I knew I’d end up in Shreveport.” He looked around the cave and smiled saying, “I think our story here would make a great novel though.”

We were both yawning after working so hard most of the day and now that our stomachs were full sleep sounded pretty good to both of us. We automatically curled up into each other without any hesitation or discussion and I secretly hoped that this arrangement would continue from now on. Our breathing slowed as we were both winding down towards sleep but I still asked, “What kind of story would ours be?” When he didn’t answer right away I assumed he had already fallen asleep, but he whispered, “I’m not sure yet. Action, adventure…” I yawned again while he was whispering, but as I did I could’ve sworn he said romance. I didn’t have the nerve to ask him to repeat himself so I just snuggled up to him tighter and drifted off.


4 comments on “Angels & Demons

  1. gwynwyvar says:

    Was it the wind or a whisper? More bonding. Awwwww.

  2. kleannhouse says:

    aww these two are growing on each other , so cute

  3. lilydragonsblood says:

    ohh, but I want to be in eric’s arms in a cave in a storm on desert island…..goddammitalltohell…..*just saying*…. x

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    yep….my previous comment still stands……*swoons*

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