I woke up with big strong arms encircling me like a boa constrictor. It took me a few moments until everything from the day before came flooding back to me. We were stranded God knows where, alone. At least alone for now. Who knew who or what we could come across when we went out looking later.

As I lay there with Eric’s arms around me I came to the quick realization that I really liked it. Bill never liked to snuggle and we always kept to our own sides of the bed when we slept. It was nice to wake up this way. I thought of the events the day before and remembered coming to in the life raft. Eric’s worried face was the first thing I saw and when he pulled me into his arms and told me what had happened I had never felt safer.

There was definitely something about him that drew me to him. I figured he must be charismatic given his playboy status, but he was so tender and gentle with me last night that I could only believe I had finally met the real Eric Northman.

I recalled the relief I felt when he said he had been in the bathroom alone because it had crossed my mind that him and Bimbo may have been renewing their status in the mile high club. I had no right to be upset if that had been the case, but I couldn’t deny that I would’ve been nonetheless. Then I felt like a bad Christian for having animosity towards a woman that had just died. I decided then and there that I wasn’t going to make any more assumptions about him. I think I had done enough of that already.

I felt him start to stir and I lay perfectly still. The sounds of his breathing steadily increased and I knew he had woken up. I was shocked when I felt him nuzzle his face into my hair and kiss the top of my head while squeezing me a little tighter. I waited to see if he was going to do anything else and I was a little surprised that I felt disappointed when he didn’t.

I finally decided to make it known that I was awake by slowly stretching out my arms and legs. Eric’s grip actually tightened for a second before he released me from his arms and my heart fluttered inside. I sat up and looked down at him. His face was breathtakingly beautiful with his day’s worth of whiskers and his eyes still half open from waking. He had the most adorable lopsided grin on his face as he said, “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” I couldn’t help but notice that other parts of him were more awake than others. Parts currently being constricted in his pants. For a second I thought maybe that boa constrictor had crawled in there while we slept based on the size of what I was seeing. Jesus Christ Sheppard of Judea! I quickly averted my eyes but I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped my lips and immediately felt the blush creep up my chest and onto my face at my involuntary sound.

He sat up right away asking with concern, “Sookie, what’s wrong? Do you feel okay?” His eyes were travelling up and down my body looking for the source of my discomfort. Little did he know the discomfort I felt was an ache between my thighs and had absolutely nothing to do with the crash.

I quickly recovered saying, “There’s no coffee.” He chuckled at my statement and I breathed a small sigh of relief that he bought my little white lie.

Still looking amused he said, “Yeah, there’s no a-lot-of-stuff. What do you say we start looking around to see what is here?” He stood up and held out his hand to help me to my feet. I again felt a wave of disappointment when he released it once I was standing.

I felt my bladder making itself known and when I hesitated to start on our journey Eric looked at me questioningly. I don’t know why I felt embarrassed but I did. Maybe it was the lack of bathrooms…with doors…and toilets. Ugh. He was still looking at me patiently waiting until I finally admitted, “Umm…I have to pee.”

He chuckled admitting, “Yeah, so do I.” We both laughed and took off in opposite directions into the trees to do our business. When I was done I noticed I had inadvertently peed on a stick. The sight of it made me think of home pregnancy tests and brought back the news the doctor had given me before we left. I felt sad again at the thought I might never have a child, but now wasn’t the time to dwell on it so I headed back to the beach to meet Eric.

I found him standing by the raft with several coconuts at his feet. He looked up at me and grinned saying, “Would you care for some breakfast?” My stomach took the opportunity to growl at that very moment and I laughed saying, “Yes, but how are you going to get them open?”

His gaze darkened and using the sexiest damn voice I’d ever heard he said, “Oh, I think you’ll find that I have many talents.” I gulped and felt my knees go a little weak.

“Oh,” I squeaked out. I felt my skin flush with heat and fought off the urge to start fanning myself. I watched as he placed a coconut in front of him on the sand and took out a large hunting knife from the survival kit. Placing the tip of the knife into one of the natural indentations he took a large rock and using it like a hammer the muscles in his arms flexed as he brought it down hard onto the top of the handle. I couldn’t help fanning myself then.

It took me a minute before the lust cleared from my brain and I realized he had actually made a good sized hole in the coconut. When he held it up in triumph with his chest puffed out like a proud warrior I laughed and clapped at his success. He stood up and held it out to me saying, “Drink the juice. It’s got a lot of proteins, vitamins and minerals.”

Seeing an opportunity to pay him back for his many talents comment I took it in my hands and tipped it to my lips. Our eyes stayed locked on each other as I poured the sweet liquid into my mouth. Eric made a low noise in the back of his throat and licked his lips when I let some of it spill out and run down my chin. I held out the emptied coconut towards him and wiped my chin with the back of my hand saying, “I’m all… sticky now.” I watched his expression turn into hunger and I didn’t think it was for the coconut. I gave myself an internal fist pump and thought He’s not the only one that can do innuendo.

We stood there in silence for a few moments until he finally turned back to break open the coconut completely. He carefully carved out the meat from the inside with the knife and as I ate he opened a second one drinking the juice himself. I knew better then to look at him while he drank because I didn’t want to give him the opportunity to one-up me in the innuendo department thinking I was already playing with fire as it was.

He shocked me again when he disappeared into the trees and came back holding some roots in his hand. I watched as he stripped them with the knife and then frayed the ends. He held one out to me saying, “They’re coconut roots. The can be used for mouthwash or for dysentery, but if you fray it out like this it makes an instant toothbrush.”

Taking it from him I shook my head in disbelief and said, “How do you know all of this stuff?” He just laughed saying, “My head is full of mostly useless knowledge. I kick ass at bar trivia games.”

After we finished he grabbed the survival bag throwing it over his shoulders and we started heading down the beach in the opposite direction we had travelled the night before. We walked along in silence before Eric cleared his throat and asked, “Can I ask you something?”

Shrugging my shoulders I replied, “Sure.” I hoped it had nothing to do with what happened at breakfast but he did save my life so I figured it was the least I could do. What he asked brought my steps to a halt.

“Why did you hate me the first day we met?”

I stared at him remembering everything I had felt and thought as my dreams were snuffed out and then recalled my decision to stop making assumptions about him and his character. I replied honestly saying, “I was really thrown for a loop when I heard you pitching the same proposal I had given your father just days earlier. I didn’t believe you had come up with the same idea. I had also believed I would be getting the VP slot because your father implied as much to me. I wasn’t too keen on being your glorified flunky.”

He looked me straight in the eye saying, “I swear to you Sookie, I had no idea you had pitched the same proposal. I’d been tracking that firm for several months and thought it would be a good way to get my father to have some faith in me.”

I hung my head in shame at his complete sincerity answering, “I believe you Eric. It’s my fault for making assumptions about you, but I’ve learned over the last 24 hours that they were wrong. You saved my life. The self-centered egotistical jerk I thought you were wouldn’t have done that and only saved himself.”

He lightened the mood by making a mocked up hurtful face and said, “Self-centered egotistical jerk? Ouch!” The playfulness left his eyes and his voice took on a harder edge when he said, “As for my father…he’s a narcissistic horse’s ass. I’m sorry for accusing you of being his lover.”

Talk about Ouch! I guessed that was a sore spot for him so I mumbled out “I forgive you,” and started walking again in the hopes that he would follow and pull out of his ‘father funk’. It worked.

We walked for a couple of hours and we were rapidly coming to the conclusion that there was no one else around. Everything was untouched by mankind. We made our way back to the raft and started walking into the trees, avoiding the larger areas of tangled vines and brush, making our way towards the center. We had no idea how large this island was and planned on taking the raft out at some point to row around the whole thing to see what lay on all sides.

I was surprised how easy it was for us to carry on a conversation. We found out we had a mutual love of books and discussed a variety of different classics, authors, and genres in general. He snickered when he called me out on the trashy romance novel I was reading on the plane. When I asked him how he knew what I was reading he mumbled that he saw it when he first walked in. I remembered all too well how big of a bitch I was when he first walked in but he quickly changed the subject so I guessed that he felt my earlier apology applied here as well.

We avoided talking about anything too personal and discussed the investment firm we had been headed to before we crashed. I was pleasantly surprised again at his total recall on their financial history and the reasons he gave on why he thought they’d be a good fit for the company. I had seriously misjudged him.

The terrain started getting higher the farther we walked and I was grateful I had dressed for comfort on the flight wearing a green cotton t-shirt with jeans and sneakers. We mostly made small talk but I sputtered a few times when I got caught up staring at his backside as he climbed the ground in front of me. Talk about perfect! Was there ANYTHING wrong with this man? Maybe he had six toes on each foot or a third nipple. I giggled thinking my blood sugar must be getting low again if I was contemplating third nipples.

Eric stopped climbing and turned to face me asking, “What’s so funny?” Uh oh…As I racked my brain for something other than his possible third nipple I heard a sound in the distance. Not answering his question I listened harder asking, “Do you hear that?”

His eyebrow shot up into his hairline giving me a look like he wasn’t falling for my attempt to distract him with imaginary noises. “No really! Listen” I insisted. I pointed in the direction I thought the noise was coming from and he cocked his head to the side in concentration. Both of his eyebrows shot up when he said, “Yes!”

We gave each other knowing looks and smiled taking off towards the sound.


4 comments on “Assumptions

  1. kittyinaz says:

    You really are quite talented in writing! I’m off to read more. Just to warn u I’ve taken my ambien for the night, and if I forget to review, well just know that so far you have me hooked!

    Ps bill is an ass, I look forward to seeing how the two of them put him into place!

  2. gwynwyvar says:

    Ok. What’s the sound!
    Really glad these two have had a chance to clear the air. Will make working with each other easier, not to mentioned marooned!

  3. kleannhouse says:

    well hopefully they dont let their differences get in the way. they both have a little bit of a temper KY

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    Forgotten how good this story is……enjoying this re-read of a favourite story!

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