I woke up curled against Eric’s side with my head resting on his naked chest. Remembering the day before I couldn’t help blushing at the memory of what we’d done together. I’d NEVER had an orgasm like that before in my entire life and he’d only used his hands. I could only imagine how great it would be if he added his other body parts into the equation. He really was the epitome of ‘sexy’. That thought led me to wonder what he could possibly see in me. I didn’t think I was ugly by any means, but I didn’t consider myself beautiful either. I was average. I’d seen some of the women Eric had at his side over the years thanks to the internet gossip sites and I wasn’t even close to being in their league. Was our relationship nothing more than a way to pass the time for him? Would I be the one he chose to spend time with if he had other options available? I had already promised myself that I wouldn’t make any more assumptions about him, but I couldn’t help feeling a little insecure not knowing where we stood.

I slowly removed myself from Eric’s grasp trying to not wake him and walked outside to see the sun was just barely cresting over the horizon. I took my time as I walked to the lagoon to freshen up and my thoughts were filled questions that could only be answered by Eric. I knew I liked him A LOT, but did he feel the same way? If we were rescued today would he still want to see me or would this island be the Las Vegas equivalent and ‘what happens here stays here’? What if he told me that he didn’t want an exclusive relationship with me? Could I still continue on with the way we’d been acting around each other knowing it would come to an end as soon as we were back home?

I didn’t think I could. Bill had been my only relationship and I knew deep down if Eric said he just wanted to be fuck-buddies I’d end up with a broken heart. It would be better for me to halt going any further than we’d already gone because I knew I was already attached to him. Having sex with him only so he could discard me later would kill me inside.

I finally reached the lagoon and took a quick dip in the water before filling the canteen with fresh water. I grabbed a pile of clothes I’d washed earlier and had left drying in the sun. I quickly folded them before carrying them with me as I headed back. I took my time walking while pondering the other side of the Eric relationship coin. What if Eric really did have feelings for me? What if he wanted to be with me regardless of where we were? Would he be willing to put up with my mother and her reaction to it all? Or the nightmare that would be Bill’s reaction when I told him I wanted a divorce? What about our jobs? I couldn’t work for him if we were seeing each other. What about his father’s reaction? He said he’d wanted to please his father, but would he be willing to defy his wishes just to be with me?

I was more confused than ever by the time I made it back to the beach and I had no idea of how I could ask Eric all of the questions I had without seeming like a clingy, desperate girl. We’d only known each other for less than two weeks, and had spent only one week together. It didn’t feel right to ask him yet. I hoped we’d be here long enough that I would find out the answers in time and decided to just go with the flow for now. He wasn’t purposefully pushing me into a sexual relationship, but I’d have to keep my lust in check for now whenever he was being unintentionally sexy which seemed to be every second of the day.

I was in a melancholy mood when I walked into the hut. Eric was just opening his eyes and stretching out his body before he held up one of his hands reaching for me. I couldn’t help smiling at him and placing my hand in his, allowing him to pull me down next to him. He immediately wrapped his body around mine burying his face in my hair and I heard a soft grumble in his chest. Was he actually purring? I chuckled at how much he liked to snuggle and held him tighter attempting to let go of all of my fears and doubts and just tried to enjoy the moment instead.

Eric reached down and pulled my face up to his and softly brushed his lips against mine before smiling and asked, “Did you get enough sleep?” He was really very sweet but it only made my heart clench tighter at the thought that he might not want me in the same way that I wanted him. I was afraid of what might come tumbling out of my mouth so I merely nodded my reply, but I guessed my face gave me away because his eyebrows furrowed as he studied me and asked, “Is everything okay?” I could feel the tears starting to form behind my eyes so I quickly leaned over and kissed his lips before standing up and saying, “I’m fine. I’m going to get breakfast together,” and darted outside.

I made myself appear busy picking through the fruits we had stored away mentally kicking myself for letting my emotions get away from me. I pushed all of the tear producing thoughts down and when I was sure I would be able to maintain my composure I walked back to where Eric had perched himself in the sand. He watched me for a while without saying anything and I knew he was trying to figure out what I was thinking. Thankfully he didn’t ask and we were able to eat in relative silence. Once we were done I knew I needed a distraction from my thoughts so I asked, “What did you want to do today?” Now that the hut was finished I wasn’t sure what else we might need to do.

Eric continued to silently study my face before he said, “Why don’t we just take it easy today? We’ve been going non-stop since we got here and I think we deserve a day off.” I hesitated knowing we’d have to do something other than just sitting around talking or else I’d end up spilling every question going through my mind. I broke our mutual gaze and looked out at the ocean, watching it gently lapping at the shore and an idea popped into my head.

I looked back at Eric and smiled agreeing, “That sounds like a great idea.” I stood up without another word and walked towards the water. I dropped my shorts into the sand and waded in wearing nothing more than a tank top and my underwear. The warm water felt amazing and I treaded water while bobbing up and down with the tide. I turned back to look at Eric and had to laugh at his expression. He hadn’t moved from where he’d been sitting but his eyes were locked onto me with his jaw hanging open. I hadn’t intentionally tried to get a rise out of him, either figuratively or literally, but I was enjoying his reaction just the same.

When he realized I was laughing at him he smirked as he stood up and sprinted into the water after me. I felt like his prey again and took off in the water parallel to the beach in a foolish attempt to get away from him but he was on me within seconds. I screamed out laughing as soon as he lunged forward and held me in his grasp. It didn’t escape me that I always seemed to feel better when he was with me so I let all of my worries fade for the moment and just enjoyed playing in the ocean with Eric. At one point we noticed a seagull drifting on the water a few hundred feet away which made Eric start humming the melody to “Surfin’ Bird”. Before long we were belting out at the top of our lungs, “A-well-a everybody’s heard about the bird; Bird, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word; A-well-a bird, bird, bird, b-bird is the word…” I knew I’d be hearing that song in my head for days and what’s worse is it would be the version from ‘Family Guy’.

After a few more rounds of singing and me trying to get away from Eric as he caught me every time, we finally waded back up to the beach and plopped down into the sand. I started pushing the wet sand into a pile as we sat there and before long we were building a sandcastle. We spent hours packing and shaping the sand into a three foot tall six foot wide castle. It was a good distraction from my worries and we kept at it until we finally deemed it ‘finished.’

By that time the sun was lower in the sky so we caught our fish dinner and cooked it together. We faced the sandcastle as we ate watching the tide rising with each lap of the water slowly washing our masterpiece away. When there was nothing left but a broken shell Eric said, “I haven’t made a sandcastle in years. I guess it’s good to practice now before having any kids.”

With everything else I’d been worried about with Eric that issue never occurred to me. I looked at the broken sandcastle and felt the silent tears start falling down my face knowing I was just as broken. Eric had been looking out at the ocean and only when my breath hitched in my throat as I tried to stifle a sob did he turn to see the hot mess I was quickly turning into.

He dropped his food in front of him as he turned to face me and wrapped his arms around me which only caused the flood of tears and sobs to break free. I knew he was clueless as to why I was sobbing into his chest but he just held me tightly and rubbed soothing circles on my back while quietly whispering soothing words and sounds in my ear. When the sobs died down and I was able to breathe normally again he pulled back and just looked into my eyes. I could practically see the question poised on the tip of his tongue but he remained silent.

I knew I owed him an explanation so I took a deep breath preparing to give him one, but in the end all I could say was, “I’m sorry.” He slowly rubbed his hands up and down my arms before asking, “Did I say something wrong?” I slowly shook my head ‘no’, but the silent tears returned with a vengeance. “What is it Sookie? Please tell me what’s wrong,” he pleaded.

My eyes dropped to my lap as I whispered, “I’m broken.” Eric reached out and tilted my head up. When my eyes finally met his again he looked bewildered and asked, “What do you mean you’re broken?” I took another deep breath, steeling my resolve, and answered him the best way that I could.

“Do you remember I told you I’d gotten some bad news the morning we left Shreveport?” He nodded silently so I continued, “That morning I had an appointment with a fertility specialist. Bill had wanted a baby and it just wasn’t happening.” The look on his face indicated he wasn’t too happy with the thought of me having a baby with Bill so I truthfully explained, “Bill only wanted a baby to help his image because he wants to run for mayor and thought having a family would help him win. I went along in the beginning but when we were sitting there waiting for the doctor to come in I had already decided I wouldn’t be going along with his precious plans any longer.”

I watched Eric absorb what I’d told him so far and he slowly went from being slightly upset to almost outraged. “You’re telling me that he only wanted a child with you so it would help him in the polls?” I just nodded and waited to see if he had anything else to say before I continued. He huffed and shook his head and then huffed some more before saying, “I’m sorry Sookie. I’ve tried to keep my opinions to myself and I know I’ve never met him and technically he’s still your husband, but I’ve just got to tell you I think he’s a complete douche bag. The way he treats you is despicable and all I want to do right now is rip his head off.” I sat there silently as he huffed and puffed for a few more minutes before continuing my confession. While he silently fumed I realized I didn’t care enough about Bill to be upset by him anymore. It was liberating.

“Anyway…the doctor had my blood work results and explained that the results coupled with my symptoms indicated I more than likely have a benign tumor on my pituitary gland and that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant without medical intervention, and even then it wasn’t guaranteed it would work.” My tears and sobs slowly made a reappearance towards the end of my tale but I plowed ahead anyway saying, “And when the doctor told us everything Bill all but accused me of being broken inside, and I’m not so sure that I don’t agree with him.”

Eric quickly gathered me in his arms again holding me tightly against him and letting me cry all over his bare chest. When I calmed down he pulled back and asked, “Did the doctor say you’d be in any danger from it without treatment?” He started looking around and I could see the wheels turning in his head before he continued, “We could probably build a decent raft. It wouldn’t take that long and we could pack up a bunch of fruit along with the MRE’s we still have left. There’re water purification tablets in the kit so we could make the saltwater drinkable. As long as we rationed everything we could probably last a couple of weeks at sea.”

He was starting to ramble a mile a minute becoming more and more panicked so I grabbed his face and held it between my hands saying, “Eric! I’m fine. I’m not in any danger. The only thing wrong is I can’t get pregnant and I won’t get my period, although I don’t necessarily think that belongs in the ‘wrong’ column considering we’re stuck here without any Tampax.” I smiled trying to bring him back from the edge he’d travelled to and slowly his face and shoulders relaxed. “You’re sure? Sookie I wouldn’t be able to sit here knowing you were sick and needed to see a doctor or had to have some sort of treatment. I would move heaven and earth to make sure you were okay.”

I could see the truth of his statement in his eyes. When I caressed the side of his face he leaned into my hand and closed his eyes before turning his head and kissing my open palm. When he opened them again the look of intensity on his face took away any doubts I had. I knew I meant something more to him than a friend with benefits and I’d never felt more valued by someone in my entire life. The man in front of me literally saved my life and I had no doubt that he would put his own life at risk to save me again.

The emotional roller coaster I’d been on for most of the day crested and I felt a raw need to be connected to him in any and every way possible. I climbed onto Eric’s lap straddling his legs and pulled his face to mine. Eric must’ve felt just as raw as I did because our need for one another was palpable in our kiss as our mouths crashed against one another’s with our hands touching and pulling our bodies as close together as we could. I could feel his swelling arousal beneath me and I pushed down while rubbing my core back and forth along his growing length.

I could feel the moisture between my legs run down along my thighs and I pulled back long enough to pull my tank top over my head before pressing my body back against his needing to feel his bare flesh against my own. Eric kissed and licked his way across my neck before making his way down to my breasts. Taking one nipple into his mouth he held it between his teeth flicking his tongue over the hardened peak while his hand traveled down into my shorts. I cried out when one of his fingers slid through my wet folds and inside of me while I rocked my hips against his hand. The intensity of the moment had me screaming out his name as I quickly climaxed just a few minutes later.

He removed his hand from my shorts and I watched Eric’s eyes, hooded with lust, close as he slipped the finger into his mouth and sucked it clean. He moaned in pleasure and opened his eyes saying, “I knew you’d taste as sweet as you smell.” He was smelling pretty good to me too so I pushed his chest until he was lying down and kissed and licked my way across his neck and down his chest. I swirled my tongue around his nipple and his hips bucked upwards when I lightly bit down. I liked being able to get Eric to respond to me that way so I made sure to repeat the process on his other nipple. His reactions were the same with him adding a hoarse moan to the mix.

I continued travelling down until I came to the waistband of his shorts. As soon as I opened them his erection sprang out to greet me and I quickly settled myself between his legs and licked the drop of moisture from his tip. “Sookie…” he hissed as his hips bucked again from the contact. I looked up the length of his body to see him looking down at me. I smiled leaning forward and ran my tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip like he was a giant ice cream cone. Another moan escaped his throat as I swirled my tongue around the head before sliding my lips down as much of his length that I possibly could. Given his size I knew there was no way I’d be able to fit all of him into my mouth so I wrapped my hand around the rest and slid my mouth up and down along with my hand. His hand threaded through my hair at the back of my head but he allowed me to maintain the rhythm I’d established thankfully holding still because I was sure I’d choke if he tried to push my mouth further down.

I was incredibly turned on watching Eric watching me and I moaned in pleasure. Apparently Eric liked the vibration my moan caused because his eyes rolled back into his head. I could feel him swelling larger and knew he was close even as he tried to warn me panting out, “Sookie… I’m about…to…come.” I quickened my pace and increased the amount of suction moaning the entire time. As soon as I brought my other hand up to caress his balls I felt his body tense beneath me and he cried out with his climax hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed everything he gave and continued slowly moving my hand and mouth up and down making sure I had it all while his body continued to twitch. I finally released him with one last swirl of my tongue and a kiss on his tip before he pulled me back up the length of his body for another kiss.

We laid there for a while letting our heartbeats slow down feeling utterly content in the moment. My mind was mush after the orgasm he’d given me and I felt a little punch drunk when all of the emotions from earlier were added to it. I’d be happy just staying there forever and had no desire whatsoever for us to leave the island.

Our breathing eventually evened out and unless Eric said he was uncomfortable, I had no intentions of moving from where I was which was still lying on top of him. While we were on the cusp of sleep my mind lazily ran through everything that had happened that day and I groaned in frustration at what it settled on.

“What’s wrong,” he murmured, almost asleep himself.

I smiled evilly knowing he couldn’t see me and asked, “Haven’t you heard?”

“Heard what?” he yawned out.

B-b-b-bird, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word…” I sang.

ARGH…” he growled and covered my mouth with his hand as the tune made its way back into his head. So I just hummed instead.


2 comments on “Broken

  1. kleannhouse says:

    loved this chapter, they are getting more emotionally attached and its beautiful

  2. lilydragonsblood says:

    fabulous chapter, their relationship is developing into something stronger…..want them to stay on their island paradise for ever!

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