I felt her lips moving across my neck as she kissed her way from one side of my head to the other. The feel of her breath blowing across the trail of moisture she left behind ran straight to my dick. A moan of “Sookie” left my lips as I pulled her face back to mine, tracing her lips with my tongue. My hands ran across her back underneath her shirt and up her front where they came to rest on her breasts. Cupping my hands over each one I grazed my thumbs across her hardened nipples before pinching them through the fabric. She gasped at the sensation and I took the opportunity to plunge my tongue into her mouth devouring everything I could.

She broke free when she needed to breathe and I ripped the shirt she was wearing from her body as I greedily licked and sucked my way down. I had her bra unhooked and off her body within seconds as I swirled my tongue over the top of her breast before sucking her nipple into my mouth. Her hands grabbed onto the back of my head holding me in place as she rubbed her center up and down my straining erection. I could feel the heat coming off of her body in waves as she clawed at my back trying to get our bodies impossibly closer than they were. I rolled us over so that she was underneath me and pulled her jeans and underwear free from her legs leaving lying bare before me. I’d never seen a more beautiful sight.

Evidence of her arousal glistened between her thighs drawing me towards it like a man dying of thirst at a desert oasis. I positioned myself between her legs and dove head first into the Promised Land licking from her entrance up to her small bundle of nerves. She screamed out in ecstasy bucking her hips up both wanting and needing more. I had no desire to leave her wanting for anything and proceeded to suckle her nub in between my lips as I thrust first one, then two fingers inside of her. With each thrust of my fingers I flicked her nub with my tongue steadily increasing my pace. I knew she was close when I could feel her walls clamping down on my fingers and as I reached up her body with my free hand I pinched down on her nipple as I hooked my fingers brushing over her g-spot and growled out against her clit with my tongue hardened against it. She screamed with her release as the trifecta was achieved and I ripped off my pants and plunged into her before she could come back down causing a strangled, “YES!” from mouth. Her hands raked down my back as she grabbed onto my ass with both hands pulling me into her as she raised her hips to meet mine. Her pussy was so wet and so tight I felt almost light-headed from the sensation. I pounded into her grunting her name from my lips when she raised up and latched onto my neck biting down as her release hit her ripping my orgasm from my body in an explosion I was sure would leave me in pieces.

I slowly came back to consciousness with Sookie in my arms and the mother of all hard-ons. The dreams had been plaguing me since the day that we met, but now I actually had her in my arms. Waking up with Sookie in my arms was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I was never one to snuggle, but with her it just felt natural…right. Now, if only I could get her to re-enact some of my dreams I’d be set.

I was surprised at how easily we fell into a comfortable rhythm with each other. Especially since we seemed to be at each other’s throats the previous two times we had been together, but I wasn’t about to question it now. Just being in her presence affected me in a way I’d never felt before. The closest I could come to describing the sensation was that she felt like home. It was ridiculous to think that since I barely knew her at all, but it was the way I felt nonetheless.

I couldn’t help flirting a little when I told her I had many talents and nearly came undone when the juice from the coconut dribbled down her chin. I had to turn away to hide my obvious arousal from her after her proclamation of being sticky and had to conjure up thoughts of little old men in tiny red Speedos before I could safely face her once more.

I was relieved that we were able to get the apologies out of the way and felt the weight I didn’t know I had been carrying lift away with them. As we made our way through the forest of trees I took note of everything we passed. There were a lot of natural resources we could use if we were going to be stuck here for a while. I knew my father would spare no expense in trying to find us, but I secretly hoped he wouldn’t be successful any time soon. I wanted to get to know Sookie better without real life getting in the way. Here we were just Eric and Sookie. Back home I was Eric Northman, son of Andre Northman and heir to the Northman Empire and she was Sookie Stackhouse, wife and unhappy employee.

I was just working up the nerve to ask her about her husband when I heard her snickering behind me. When she completely ignored my question of what was so funny and said she heard something I didn’t buy it for a second. I was only humoring her when I tried to listen as well when I heard it too. We took off through the trees and a few minutes later we found the source of the noise.

The trees gave way to a good sized lake of sorts being fed from a waterfall above. The water was crystal clear and neither one of us hesitated running straight into the water fully clothed laughing like little kids. I dove under the water eager to rinse the salt from my skin that had been clinging to me from the day before and when I came up for air I didn’t see Sookie anywhere. Before I had a chance to panic she sprung up through the surface of the water a few feet in front of me. Her hair was slicked back and hanging in wet tendrils passed her shoulders and the chill of the water caused her nipples to pebble underneath her shirt.

The sight of it reminded me of my earlier dream and I was thankful I could hide my lower half in the water. I stood frozen just looking at her and watching the droplets of water running down her face to her neck and lower into her cleavage. When I looked back up to her eyes I watched her gaze travel over my chest and arms before she realized I was watching her. The blush slowly crept up her chest and neck and she quickly lowered herself back into the water until just her head was visible.

Pulling me from my thoughts she asked, “Do you think it’s safe to drink?”

I looked around thinking it looks okay, but there was only one way to find out. Shrugging my shoulders at her I said, “Bottoms up!” and brought my hand cupped with water to my lips, swishing it around my mouth before swallowing. I knew she was waiting for my reaction so I clutched at my throat letting out a garbled, “AHH…” and fell backwards into the water.

I heard her yelling “ERIC!” and couldn’t hold back the laughter as she splashed her way to me. The look on her face was priceless when she saw me laughing. I wasn’t prepared for her wrath when she jumped up and landed on me pushing my head underneath the water. I righted myself coughing up water only to see her standing there laughing at me.

I eyed her like I was a hungry lion and she was gazelle in my path. I started stalking towards her when she guessed my intentions and screeched, “You started it!” as she took off to get away from me. My height was an advantage because she didn’t get too far before I leapt forward and grabbed her from behind causing her to squeal. I held her close as I tickled her mercilessly. Peals of laughter spilled from her throat as she struggled to get away.

“ERIC! Stop!” she gasped out in between laughs. Feeling her body wiggling against mine was having a definite effect on me that I was sure she would have noticed. This was SO much better than when I had her in my arms the day before getting us out of the plane.

“Say you’re sorry Sookie and I might stop.” Might.

“NO! You started it you big FAKER! YOU say you’re sorry!” She was gasping for breath in between giggling while still trying to push away from my tickling fingers.

When it appeared we were at a stalemate and she looked like she really did need to breathe I stopped tickling her but still held her close to me growling, “You’re very stubborn.” I felt her ass rub up and down my erection once before she said, “You have no idea.” She turned around with our faces just inches away and I could see a hailstorm of thoughts flickering behind her eyes. I held perfectly still waiting to see what the outcome would be and was more than disappointed when she closed her eyes, sighed, and moved away from me.

I knew she was married and felt like a dirt bag for wanting her so much. I decided to do my best to back off from her. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable around me and I hoped to find out more about her personal life soon. I didn’t even know if she had any kids. I certainly didn’t want to break up a happy family if that was what she had. But I also knew if she were the one to make the first move I wouldn’t have any willpower at all to deny her. The constant dreams I had about her would make my body respond to her no matter what my head might be saying.

She changed the subject by saying, “So, the water tastes alright. Is there anything in the bag we can use to carry it in?” I thought for a moment and said, “Yes. There’s a canteen in there. If we’re stuck here for a while I’m sure we can come up with some other stuff to use too.”

After we both had our fill of water, I filled the canteen and we continued to explore around the forest before heading back to the beach. I picked up a couple of long sturdy branches on our way back and sharpened the ends to a point with the knife. Sookie looked at me questioningly and smirked asking, “Do you have a battle to attend later that I’m not aware of?”

I laughed answering, “Yes. I’m a mighty warrior.” Without thinking I leered at her asking, “Want to hear my battle cry?” I berated myself thinking, No! No flirting! It seemed I couldn’t help myself around her. I didn’t give her a chance to respond quickly adding, “Actually, I’m going fishing. Who knows how long we’re going to be here and I’m going to get pretty sick of nothing but coconut soon.”

I didn’t miss it when she swallowed hard at my battle cry comment, but she shook it off without commenting. I handed her a spear as I started walking towards the edge of the water when she asked, “Is this one for me?” I watched as her gaze dropped and her shoulders fell slightly inward as she said, “I’ve never been fishing before much less spear fishing. My husband goes fishing sometimes but he never lets me come along. He said it’s unladylike.”

Was she kidding? I stared at her and realized she was perfectly serious. Her husband must be a complete douche. I’d want to spend every minute with her and he refuses to let her come with him? Without thinking I reached out and held her chin in my hand gently tipping her face back up. When her eyes finally met mine I said, “There’s NOTHING unladylike about you Sookie. You could be in coveralls riding around on the back of a garbage truck all day and anyone in the right mind would be able to tell you’re a lady in every way.”

Her eyes softened and her shoulders straightened out as she nodded. I continued with, “But if we don’t catch some fish you’re going to be a HUNGRY lady, and I can’t have that, so come on.” She laughed as I grabbed her hand and pulled her along with me to the water.

She laughed at me as I stood near some rocks at the water’s edge and made my battle cry as I brought the spear down into the water only to come up empty. I looked at her with one eyebrow raised asking, “Do you think you can do better?” I held my hand out over the water saying, “Please, by all means, show me how it’s done.”

My challenge worked as she squared her shoulders and walked towards the rocks with the spear in her hand. She held perfectly still watching the fish slowly getting used to her presence before thrusting the spear down into the water. She squealed with delight when she raised it with a fish attached at the end.

I couldn’t help laughing at her delight and clapping for her like she had done for me earlier when I presented her with her breakfast coconut. She speared another one within a few minutes and declared herself the spear fishing queen. After I bowed before her and offered her my fealty I gutted the fish on the rocks since Sookie wanted no part of that chore. I left her there cleaning the fish and went back up to the beach.

The sun was beginning to set so we each gathered some driftwood and dried leaves to make a campfire. I piled some larger rocks together and balanced at large flat rock on top. We spread the driftwood and leaves around the base of the rocks and I lit them with a waterproof match from the kit. It didn’t take long before the fish fillets were sizzling on top of the flat rock and we were soon eating a pretty good dinner. We made plans to start gathering stuff in the morning so we could start building our temporary? home the next day.

Not long after we finished I watched Sookie’s eyes start to droop and she let out a big yawn. I gathered some more driftwood and stacked it near the fire so I could throw some more on during the night. I pulled the raft closer to the fire and said, “Come on sleepyhead. Time for bed.”

She looked at me and I could tell she was having some sort of internal debate again. I guessed it had to do with our sleeping arrangements and if we’d be snuggling again. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw her rubbing the goose bumps on her arms and I held my arm up like the night before saying, “Come on, you’re cold.” She hesitated for just a moment before smiling and coming to me, curling her body up against mine. I went to sleep thinking, yep…she feels just like home.


2 comments on “Home

  1. gwynwyvar says:

    Lol. Battle cries all round. Love how Eric enticed Sookie to try spear fishing.
    They seem to be quickly settling into a rhythm with each other, which is nice 🙂

  2. kleannhouse says:

    glad she found something she is good at beside oogling Eric

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