The more time I spent with Sookie the more I became enthralled by her. I’d never met anyone in my entire life that affected me the way she did. Visually she was stunning, but she was so much more than just that. We’d been on the island for a full week and there was nothing about her that I didn’t like. Normally I’d have a list a mile long filled with things I didn’t like about a woman after spending just a few hours with her. But Sookie was smart and could talk about a wide variety of topics from history and politics, to heavy metal music and her favorite episode of The Simpsons. She was quick-witted and funny and her laugh warmed me from the inside out. But the one thing that stood out to me was she never once complained about anything. I’d learned a lot about her childhood with her dysfunctional parents and a little more on her disaster of a marriage over the last week but she didn’t seem disheartened by any of it. Everything she told me was in a matter of fact manner that only seemed to make her stronger when it would’ve been so easy to be a bitter victim to it all. She’d taken the lemons life had given her and made lemonade.

Just the fact that I even noticed she never complained about anything to do with the plane crash and what we now had to do to survive wasn’t lost on me either. I’d spent so much time with spoiled celebutantes and rich kids my whole life that I sometimes found myself expecting her to bitch about her hair and nails getting messed up or that she didn’t want to do this or that because she’d get dirty. It never happened. She woke up with a smile on her face every morning and went about doing whatever it was we needed to get done with enthusiasm and vigor. And every night she’d fall asleep with that same smile. We’d been so busy over the last few days that we pretty much passed out once it was time to go to sleep, but we’d held hands on our way to ‘The Market’ and shared a few tender kisses since our first kiss, but nothing heated like it had been when she’d fed me that berry. I knew it wasn’t time yet, but it didn’t stop me from leering at her whenever either one of us ate another pitanga berry. She blushed each and every time and would fan herself when she thought I wasn’t watching. My hopes for ‘us’ were high as was the tent in my shorts at times, especially when she said Let’s get naked to me every morning in Swedish. I knew it was wrong, but I liked hearing it too damn much to tell her yet. Her southern accent mixed with the way she pronounced the Swedish words went straight to my dick.

Our little island home was nearly finished and when we woke up on our one week anniversary of being on the island we both got to work. The roof and walls were all done. All we had left to do was put in the rods that would be the supports for the hut and attach the walls and roof. At times I wondered why we were even bothering to build it since it wasn’t going to ever get cold here and we always had the cave to go to when it stormed. When I said as much to Sookie she just shrugged her shoulders and without missing a beat said, “It keeps us civilized, like on Gilligan’s Island. Now can you make a radio or a car out of a coconut?” When I finally stopped laughing we had an hours’ long discussion about Gilligan’s Island and if they could build all of that stuff, why didn’t they just fix the boat they were on? She was perfect.

After I finally had the rods secured in the ground we lifted the roof to attach it first. It was a lot heavier than it looked but Sookie still managed to hold up one end while I attached the other to the supporting rods on the other end before I was finally able to take it from her. My shirt was drenched in sweat so I took it off and tossed it aside thinking nothing of it. But when I asked Sookie to help me lift one of the walls and she didn’t move I looked over to see her eyes had glazed over while she was staring at my naked chest. I may have flexed a little while twisting and turning so she got to see all sides of me but she caught on to my little show muttering incorrigible before moving to the other end of the wall. They went up a lot quicker and before we knew it we had a house. A primitive house, but a house nonetheless.

I saw Sookie turn to walk inside and I reacted without thinking. I surprised her by scooping her up bridal style and carrying her inside. She giggled and then surprised me herself by grabbing onto each side of my face and pressing her lips to mine. It started off innocently enough but when her tongue slipped into my mouth things heated up quickly. She turned her body into mine as my hand slid further up her back and before I knew it my hands were cupping her ass and her legs were wrapped around my waist. She pulled back to breathe and my lips travelled across her jaw then moved along her neck. I nipped at a spot just behind her ear causing her to moan and then grind her heated center against the bulge in my shorts causing me to moan as well. I wasn’t sure how far she wanted this to go and it took all of my willpower to just hold still. I could feel her hardened nipples through her shirt pressed against my chest and the only thing I could force from my throat was more of a warning consisting of nothing other than, “Sookie…”

She had one arm wrapped around my neck with her other hand gripping the hair at the back of my head as she panted into the side of my neck. I was disappointed when she stilled her actions but I understood why she did. Once our breathing had returned to normal she finally lifted her eyes to mine with an apologetic look and said, “Sorry. I got carried away.” I couldn’t resist letting out a huge sigh before leaning forward and giving her a chaste kiss. Smiling I said, “It’s a good thing to get carried away every now and then, but I’ll wait until you’re ready.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to,” she protested, “but Bill’s the only person I’ve ever been intimate with.” She’d told me that they had been together since high school but it never dawned on me that she’d only ever had one lover. I was just about to tell her that I was willing to wait however long she deemed necessary when she unlocked her legs from around my waist and slid her body down the front of mine pushing against the pronounced strain in the front of my pants eliciting a hiss from my lips. I gave her the universal ‘No Fair!’ glare and she surprised me again by rubbing over my erection through the fabric of my shorts with her hand. Looking up at me through her eyelashes she said, “But maybe we could take baby steps in the meantime?”

I hadn’t had the opportunity to take care of my ‘Sookie=blue balls problem’ since we’d gotten here and my hips involuntarily bucked into her hand. I restrained myself from attacking her and hoarsely asked, “What kind of baby steps did you have in mind?”

I watched her cheeks flush with color as she averted her eyes down to her hand while she continued her movements and asked, “Can I touch you?”

I pushed my hips harder into her hand saying, “You’re already touching me, so I’d say the answer is yes.”

I worried that was the wrong answer when her hand stopped moving but then she brought both of her hands to the button on the waistband of my shorts. She unbuttoned it before looking back up at me asking again, “Can I touch you?” OH GOD YES! my brain screamed. Thankfully only a husky, “Yes,” left my lips.

As soon as she pulled down the zipper the shorts dropped from my legs to pool at my feet and my cock sprang out at her. I heard her gasp and I couldn’t help standing a little taller when I heard her mutter, “You’re huge,” under her breath. I had never met her soon to be ex-husband, but I knew I was larger than most so I wasn’t too worried. Sookie wrapped her hand around the base and my whole body shuddered at the direct contact. Together we watched her hand as she began to slowly stroke up and down my shaft with each of us equally mesmerized by the sight. When she added her thumb brushing over the tip on her upstroke I groaned and pulled her face up so I could pull her lips to mine. My hands started running all over her body trying to feel everything at once before they settled on her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could tell from the way they felt that they were definitely real and she cried out when I lightly pinched her nipples through the fabric of her shirt.

“Can I touch you?” I asked against her lips. No sooner had she nodded her consent that my hands dove under her shirt while my tongue dove back into her mouth. Her skin was so soft and I relished in the feeling of it under my fingertips. I lifted her shirt above her breasts and leaned down to suck one of her nipples into my mouth. The rhythm of her hand faltered as she pushed her breasts farther out in front of her with her chest rising and falling in ragged pants. I switched my mouth to her other breast while mimicking my actions on the first one with my fingers while my other hand slipped down into the front of her shorts.

I couldn’t help growling against her skin when I discovered how wet she already was. I pulled her shorts down before returning my fingers to her slick folds and coating them in her juices. I slipped one finger inside of her and she pushed into my hand crying out “Eric!” My dick got harder hearing her screaming my name and I slipped a second finger inside of her while rubbing her clit with my thumb. I attacked her mouth with mine and soon the rhythms of our mutual masturbation matched the other. I held off having my release wanting her to go first and it wasn’t long before I felt her walls starting to spasm around my fingers. She pulled her lips away from my mine gasping air into her lungs and I leaned forward flicking my tongue back and forth over her nipple pushing her over the edge. She screamed “ERIC!” even louder as she came and I felt my orgasm explode through my body while screaming “SOOKIE!”

Our bodies were still twitching and I pulled her up against me when she seemed too wobbly to keep standing on her own and waited for the orgasmic fog to clear and our heart rates to slow down. She nuzzled her face into my chest while running her hands over my ass and giving it a firm squeeze before she clasped them against my lower back. It was a few minutes later when I heard her whisper, “Wow,” into my chest. “Yeah…wow,” I agreed. I hadn’t climaxed from nothing more than a hand-job since I was in boarding school yet I’d never been more sexually satisfied than I was at that very moment.

I released her from my grasp when I felt her pull away from me. Her hair was wild from my hands going through it and her skin was flushed with color along with a sheen of sweat that had spread across her body. I’d never seen a more beautiful sight. “Was that okay for you?” she asked apprehensively.

I pulled her back to me wrapping my arms around her while giving her a kiss that curled my own toes before responding, “Lover, it was beyond okay. It was perfect.” I looked into her eyes and placed my lips on hers saying, “You’re perfect.” The smile she rewarded me with was so bright and beautiful it could’ve replaced the sun in the sky.

We pulled our clothes back on and walked back outside noticing for the first time that the sun had already set but the moon was bright enough to let us see without needing the flashlight. While Sookie ran to the lagoon to get cleaned up I pulled the deflated raft into the hut so we could use it to sleep on. I had already cleared the area of everything and the raft was large enough that it covered nearly the entire floor inside. Since it was too late to try to catch any fish I heated up a couple of the MRE’s from the survival kit and we ate together once Sookie got back. Once I finished eating I went to get cleaned up myself and felt much better when I returned in a clean pair of shorts. I didn’t bother putting on a shirt hoping Sookie would be tempted enough to take another ‘baby step’, but I’d let her make the first move. After all, it worked out well for me earlier.

We went inside and lay down with her curled up against my side and my arm wrapped around her. We both yawned, tired from the physical labor earlier in the day followed by the orgasmic release we’d each needed. Now that our bellies were full it wouldn’t be long before we would both be asleep. I felt Sookie kiss my chest before asking, “Can you tell me more of the fairytale tonight?”

I hadn’t continued the story since the night she named the ogre “Bill”. We’d been so tired every night that we were asleep within minutes of laying down that the opportunity to continue it hadn’t come up. From the little she’d told me about him so far I knew I didn’t like him, but I still didn’t want to say anything against him to her. I would offer my opinion on what I thought of how he had treated her when it was appropriate, but I tried to behave myself by not saying what I really thought, he’s a douchebag that never deserved you and I’m so fucking happy that you’re divorcing him.

“Princess Sookie met with Ogre Bill every day in the forest near her home and he would say things to her that she longed to hear. He would say, ‘Princess Sookie, you’re very beautiful…'”

Sookie interrupted snickering, “That’s not how he pronounces my name.” I looked down at her expectantly before she continued by lowering her voice and rasping out, “He says Suh-keh.

I could feel my eyebrows lift into my hairline and she broke into a fit of giggles. “Am I saying it wrong?” I asked.

“No. Well, maybe? I was called ‘Sookie’, you know, like ‘cookie’, my whole life until I met Bill. When he called me ‘Suh-keh’ the first few times I let it slide. I later tried to correct him but he told me that I was pronouncing it wrong.”

I was about to throw the bullshit flag when I asked, “You’re kidding, right?”

She shrugged her shoulders and put her head back onto my chest saying, “No. He even has my mother calling me ‘Suh-keh’ now. My father stopped calling me ‘Sookie’ and just calls me doodle-bug instead so he doesn’t get yelled at.”

I laid there in complete disbelief that my darling SOOKIE has had to put up with the amount of bullshit that she has so far and I knew that I would do anything and everything I could to see that she didn’t have to tolerate any of it for another second if and when we ever went back home. She even had the grace to laugh about it instead of being pissed off like I would be. I don’t know how long I’d pondered the ‘Sookie/Suh-keh’ issue, but when I turned to look down at Sookie again she was already asleep. I kissed the top of her head and closed my eyes picturing different scenarios of what I was going to do to Ogre Bill once we picked up the fairytale again.


2 comments on “Pronounced

  1. gwynwyvar says:

    Lol, I think narrator Eric is going to have a whole lotta fun with Ogre Bill.
    And as for their first baby steps? Yumm!

  2. kleannhouse says:

    nice release from the baby steps, Woot Woot

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