I watched Sookie’s breathing even out while telling her a fairytale I made up off the top of my head. She had giggled when I named the main character ‘Princess Sookie’. When I knew she was asleep I stared at her replaying the day’s events in my mind. It had to be one of the best days of my life. I got to see her naked AND she kissed me. I felt like a giddy school girl on the inside. I fell asleep with a smile on my face remembering the sight and sound of her licking her fingers clean.

“Ahhh…” My eyes were closed as I enjoyed the sensations coursing through my body. I felt the vibration of her moan all the way to my toes and my eyes shot open. Looking down I saw Sookie’s blue eyes lock onto mine never breaking her stride as she took as much of me as she could into her mouth while working the rest with her hand. Her tongue swirled around my shaft while her free hand travelled up the back of my leg where she grabbed onto my ass holding me in place. The sight of her on her knees in front of me was the most erotic thing I’d ever witnessed and I could feel myself getting harder. She must have sensed it as well because her rhythm increased in speed as did the force of her suction. When her hand trailed from my ass to caress my balls she moaned again and I felt the coil about to spring free. I wound my fingers through her hair just as…”

My eyes shot open and I groaned from the pain I was feeling in my balls. It was just a dream. If this continued for much longer I was going to have to take care of Eric Jr. myself. It had been quite a while since I had to resort to masterbating, but I doubted Sookie was going to help me out with my little problem anytime in the near future. She just wasn’t that type of girl and that fact alone drew me towards her even more. I could feel her body still curled against mine and I couldn’t help nuzzling the top of her head as I squeezed her a little tighter with the arm that was still wrapped around her.

I threw my free hand over my eyes as I attempted to will my still painful erection away. Frustrated I sighed, “Knulla mig…” (Fuck me…)

Sookie turned her head so she could see my face asking, “Excuse me?” She looked so beautiful with her eyes still half closed from sleep and her hair tousled all over her head. Like ‘sex hair’. That thought wasn’t helping… Her eyes started to focus more and I realized she was waiting for me to answer her question.

“Oh, nothing.” By the way her eyes crinkled I knew she wasn’t going to let me get away with THAT answer, but I waited for her response anyway.

“Eric…what did you say?” I could see her jaw set and knew she wasn’t going to give up so I answered, “I cursed. In Swedish.” She furrowed her eyebrows when she asked, “Why did you curse? You speak Swedish?”

Answering her second question I said, “Yes, I speak five languages actually. I can get by okay speaking French, German, and Spanish, but, with the exception of English, I’m most fluent in Swedish.”

“Why is that?” I smiled thinking I might actually get away with not answering the first half of her question. “My mother is from Sweden. She met my father when she was modeling in New York City and after I was born they hired Swedish nannies so I’d learn both languages at a young age.”

Her eyes lit up when she asked, “Would you teach me a few words or phrases?” She’s stunning, I thought.

I smiled answering, “Sure. What would you like to say?”

Her eyes darted around while she was in thought before returning my gaze. “How about, ‘Good morning’?”

She really was adorable. Adorably sexy. I never knew that was a combination that existed in the world, but here was the living proof right in front of me. I resisted the impulse to grin when I came up with a way to teach Sookie Swedish and have a little fun of my own at the same time. Looking at her with a small smile I repeated, “Good morning? Sure. Say, Vi klär av sig (Let’s get naked,)

I couldn’t resist grinning as she repeated the phrase back to me. Replying to both her spoken statement first and then the one she thought she was saying I said, “Yes. It IS a good morning.” I felt like Batman’s ‘The Joker’ as she chanted the phrase over and over trying to memorize it. It was impossible for me to NOT smile, but at the same time I felt a little evil on the inside. I made myself feel better by vowing to tell her the truth. At some point. In the future. She repeated it again and I knew ‘the future’ was NOT today.

When she felt she had that one down pat she looked around and asked, “How about, ‘It’s a beautiful day today.'”

“Jag vill göra mycket smutsiga saker till dig.” (I want to do very dirty things to you.)

I felt my dick twitch and my grin got impossibly wider when she repeated it back to me. This was definitely going to be fun. I sat up and choked out a cough to hide my obvious arousal when she said both phrases together. I knew I was only making it worse when I said, “Now say, ‘Jag vill att du gör mig skrika ditt namn'” (I want you to make me scream your name.)

After she repeated it back to me I felt myself smirking when I responded, “Oh, I will.”

She smiled asking, “What did I just say?”

I found I couldn’t look her in the eye so I looked out at the ocean when I answered, “I hope you have a pleasant day.”

I started feeling guilty tricking her like I was but the guilt quickly vanished and was replaced by lust when she said all three phrases together. I had to hold back from tackling her and doing just what she was saying but my sanity held on long enough for me to stand up and put a little bit of distance between us. We went about or morning routine and opted to eat another one of the protein bars from the from the survival kit instead of having coconut again. There were a few MRE’s (Meal ready to eat) in there as well but we decided to save them in case there was a day we couldn’t catch our dinner.

We spent the rest of the morning working on our ‘house’. While I worked on setting up the frame that would be the walls, Sookie tied vines throughout the completed frame for the roof and then gathered palm fronds that she wove through the vines. I was setting up the frame farther back from the beach under the canopy of trees and she was weaving them pretty tightly so hopefully the rain wouldn’t leak through. If it did we could always stay in the cave.

After lunch we set off into the forest to see what else there was on the island hoping to find some other fruits or berries we could add to our diet. Every once in a while Sookie would point at something and ask me to translate it into Swedish. I told her the real translation having decided I’d taken enough advantage of her already. I kept replaying in my mind what she had told me the day before. She’d said her mother was the reason she’d married her husband, but she didn’t say why. As we walked I kept going back and forth on whether or not I should ask her about it because I didn’t want to upset her, but my curiosity finally won out.

When we stopped to rest for a few minutes I finally asked, “Can I ask you something?” When she nodded I continued, “Why did your mother want you to marry your husband? Did she just want you to get married, or did she want you to marry HIM?”

She rolled her eyes responding, “She wanted me to marry someone that she considered a ‘good catch’. Bill’s family is well off and he’s always been the ambitious type. He has his whole life planned out, which always included running for some political office. She liked the idea of going along for the ride. He was the only boyfriend I ever had and when he proposed in front of my parents I didn’t see a way to say no.”

She seemed so sad as she talked that I pulled her into my arms for an impromptu hug. “I’m sorry if I upset you.” She felt so small in my arms I wanted to scoop her up bridal style but didn’t have the nerve.

She wrapped her arms around my waist and spoke into my chest saying, “You did upset me. I just wish I’d done things differently. You know, hindsight is 20/20.”

“What would you have done differently?”

“I would’ve gone with my first instinct and said ‘No’. I mean, I DID care for him, but I would’ve tried living on my own first. I would’ve waited longer before committing to get married. I think if I had I would’ve seen how manipulative Bill really was. Hell, how manipulative he still is. He played on my insecurities a lot when we were younger and passively pushed me to where eventually I had no friends. Him and my mother are closer than I am with either one of them. My father tuned out a long time ago deciding it was easier to just go along with whatever my mother said because giving in translated into a peace. I guess, in that way, I took after him.”

I was stunned. I’d seen the fire burn inside of her when we clashed back in the real world. It was impossible to reconcile that with what she was telling me now, even though I had no doubt she was being absolutely truthful. I hugged her tighter saying, “I’m glad you decided to get out of that environment. Not just because I like you but because I wouldn’t want you to stay with someone that doesn’t deserve you. You’re much too special to accept anything less than being with someone that values you and knows how lucky they are to be with you.”

She was quiet for a minute when I felt the wetness on my shirt and realized she was crying. I pulled back slightly and lifted her chin until her eyes met mine. “Why are you crying?”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone ever said to me.” I felt angry that she’d been treated so poorly that a few kind words had her in tears. I decided that I would make a point of showing her in every way possible how special I thought she was for as long as she’d let me. I started by leaning down to capture her lips in mine. Her lips were so soft and I found myself getting lost in her. I’d kissed more women than I could count, but I’d never felt anything remotely close to what I felt kissing Sookie.

I knew I was on the verge of getting carried away so I reluctantly forced myself to pull back before things went too far. I wanted her more than anything, but I didn’t want to take advantage of her in her fragile state. If and hopefully when we progressed to a physical relationship I wanted it to be because she WANTED to be with me and not because she was feeling sad and vulnerable. I was pretty confident she did want ME, but I knew she wasn’t ready for anything more to happen between us yet.

I gave her one more chaste kiss on her lips and smiled saying, “We should get going before it starts getting dark.” She tucked her tiny hand into mine and said, “Yes, after all, Jag vill göra mycket smutsiga saker till dig.” (I want to do very dirty things to you.) I couldn’t help letting out a hearty laugh at her unexpected statement. Thankfully she didn’t question it and we set off hand in hand.


3 comments on “Translation

  1. gwynwyvar says:

    Cheeky Eric! Dang I hope he remembers to tell her the truth about that translation!

  2. kleannhouse says:

    he is so badddd given her the wrong words so so bad.. love it

  3. lilydragonsblood says:

    he he he… eric’s ‘naughty’ translations….. x

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