CHAPTER 1 – Adonis


I walked into my office bright and early like always. I worked for the Shreveport Prosecutor’s Office and as the Assistant District Attorney I felt as though I should set a good example by being the first one in the office every morning, and more often than not, the last one to leave at night. There was always plenty of work to do and it’s not like I had much of a social life, at least not anymore.

I had been dating one of my co-workers, Bill Compton, for a few months. He’s the IT guy in our building and after numerous invitations to dinner from him I finally accepted. He had dark good looks and oozed southern charm. I didn’t have a lot of dating experience and I fell for him quickly. It was our six month anniversary and I had come back from a conference in New Orleans a day early to surprise him. I was devastated when I walked in on him having sex with Lorena, the office tramp. He begged and pleaded with me to give him another chance, but there was no way I could forget the image of him on top of her, tangled in the sheets I had bought the week before! It didn’t make it any easier when Lorena told the whole office how she and Bill had been together for weeks but didn’t know how to break it to me. I was broken hearted and ashamed that I never suspected a thing.

That was three months ago. Looking back there were signs that something was going on. He would disappear sometimes during the day, or have to work late some nights, but if I would try to call him he would never pick up. I would catch him having whispered conversations on his cell phone, and sometimes he would look at me in an odd sort of way when he thought I wasn’t looking. He always had an excuse and being blinded by first time love I overlooked it.

Growing up, I never dated much because I always put my studies and education before anything else. My parents had both been lawyers and my father was the District Attorney here in Shreveport when I was young. They were killed when their car ran off a bridge one night during a storm. I was seven and my brother Jason was ten. We went to live with our Gran and she raised us in her home in Bon Temps, a small town about an hour north of Shreveport. When she died last year, she had left the house to me since Jason had moved into our parent’s home when he turned 20. Even though I have a condo in Shreveport I couldn’t bear the thought of selling it so I use it mainly on weekends or whenever I need to get away.

After the whole Bill fiasco I stayed there for a week crying my eyes out and eating chocolate. I pulled it together when I imagined what Gran would’ve said if she saw me like that. She would’ve said, “You’re pity party has lasted long enough. You’re a Stackhouse, so pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and go back with your head held high. He’s the one that should be ashamed, not you.” So, that’s what I did.

A knock on the door pulled me out of my reminiscing. It was my assistant Amelia. We both starting working here at the same time and became fast friends. She was very blunt and straight forward with everyone, whereas I was more introverted and thought carefully before I spoke,

“Ravenscroft is on line 2 for you. She sounds pissed.”

Pamela Ravenscroft is the District Attorney and a real hard-ass. Her nickname is the “Ice Queen” because she comes across as cold and ruthless, which she is. She’s extremely dedicated to her work and meticulous in everything she does. She expects the same of everyone else. Having worked for her for a while now I have also seen the other side of Pam. She’s really very funny in a snarky sort of way, and has a weird obsession with Dear Abby. She must have quoted a hundred different “Abbyisms” to me after my break up with Bill.

“Hi Pam, what’s up?”

“I just got back from the courthouse. The judge dismissed the charges in the DeCastro case because the detectives fucked up the warrant. They had the wrong fucking address on it!”

I can’t believe this is happening. Pam has been working on getting Felipe DeCastro locked up for years. He’s the head of a Columbian drug cartel suspected of dealing in not only drugs, but weapons as well. His operation has been going on for over twenty years, but he’s always been able to stay out of the reach of law enforcement by having others do the dirty work.

“The wrong address? Are you serious? Are they incompetent? What do you need me to do?”

I could hear Pam grinding her teeth she was so pissed off. “I need you to meet with the detectives tomorrow morning and see if there’s any way to try and salvage our case. They’ll be at your office at 9. I have to meet with the mayor to explain why DeCastro is a free man.”

“Okay, we’ll figure something out “, I said hanging up. I really didn’t know what we were going to do though. The raid had discovered numerous files on DeCastro’s computer detailing dates and dollar amounts of shipments, locations of pick-ups, offshore bank transfers, and other files that were encrypted and hadn’t been hacked into yet by our people. Without those files, we had no physical evidence tying DeCastro to any crimes.

“ARGH!”, I screamed, frustrated.

Amelia poked her head in my office with her eyebrow quirked up questioningly. I explained to her what Pam had told me, and after seeing how tense I was she declared that we needed a couple of cocktails.

We headed out to a bar located a couple of blocks from the courthouse. I didn’t go out much and rarely drank, but I figured I could use it knowing we had to start all over on the DeCastro case in the morning.

I was wearing a two-piece business suit consisting of a charcoal gray pencil skirt that ended just above the knee with a matching single button jacket over a cream colored camisole with black peep-toe pumps. It was warm out so I opted to leave the jacket in my car as we headed inside.

It was after 5 o’clock and the place was starting to fill up, but we lucked out and got a couple of seats at the bar. I ordered my gin and tonic while Amelia opted for a Long Island Iced Tea. My shoulders became less tense with every sip and by the end of my second drink I was feeling pretty good. There was a decent sized dance floor so I grabbed Amelia by the hand and we went to get our groove on.

I may be introverted, studious, embarrassingly modest (I would always make Bill turn out all of the lights before sex), but I knew how to shake what my momma gave me. As a “bookworm” or “nerd” growing up, I didn’t have a lot of friends, so I would watch MTV after I finished my school work and mimic the dancers on the videos. In a way, I guess I “studied” that too, but it left me able to roll my hips and swing and sway my body every which way.

Amelia and I were bumping and grinding and shimmying and shaking in time with the music. As I turned my eyes were drawn over to the bar where a blond Adonis stood looking right at me. My eyes started low over his black motorcycle boots, up to his dark wash low slung jeans. His legs went on forever. He must be at least 6’4 or 6’5. He had his elbows resting on the bar behind him making his biceps pull the fabric of his fitted black t-shirt tighter around his arms and caused it to ride up a little in the front revealing six-pack abs and the hint of a well defined v cut down into his jeans. His chest was broad and his body was lean. But, once I got to his face is when my breath hitched and my heart sputtered. He was simply beautiful. He had a broad forehead and high cheekbones with a well defined jaw. His hair was blonde and thick and fell in waves down to his shoulders. His eyes were blue like the ocean in the Caribbean and were presently smoldering at me keeping me from looking anywhere else.

I’m not sure how long I stood like that with my mouth hanging open (Gran called it catching flies), but I eventually came around when Amelia noticed I had stopped dancing and asked what was wrong. I couldn’t find the words to answer so I just continued to stare at the Adonis. She followed my gaze and I wanted to ask her if she could see him too, because surely I must be hallucinating. No man could be that good looking, right?

“Holy shit Sook, that guy is HOT! Why don’t you go talk to him? He certainly can’t take his eyes off of you. Find out if he’s got a brother for me,” she snickered.

Adonis took that moment to stand up and walk towards me. Amelia made herself scarce, but I couldn’t move. I was rooted to the spot I was standing on, caught in his stare. It was like I had tunnel vision and everyone around us disappeared, leaving just the two of us standing here alone.

He stood before me and raised his hand, running the tips of his fingers from my temple to my jaw. I found myself leaning into his hand, comforted by his touch. He grabbed one of my hands in his and wrapped the other arm around me with his hand resting on the small of my back. We started moving in time with the music, although I couldn’t tell you what was playing. Our bodies molded together seamlessly as though we’d done this a thousand times, our eyes never leaving each other. The longer we danced the more my girly bits were begging for him. I could tell he was feeling the same by what I felt pressed up against my stomach, and from what I could felt he had a gracious plenty.

His hand left mine and ran down the side of my body, barely caressing the side of my breast causing me to gasp and press myself tighter against him. His other hand left my back and wandered down to my ass, pulling me towards him while his lips found mine. He started slowly, ghosting his lips over mine, tracing my lower lip with his tongue. When he ran his hand over my ass more forcefully, gripping it tighter, I gasped. He took the opportunity to dive into my mouth with his tongue, both of us battling for dominance. I wound my fingers through his hair at the back of his neck and held him to me with everything I had. He broke the kiss when we needed to breathe, running his lips and tongue along my jaw to a spot right behind my ear that made my panties go from damp to drenched in seconds.

I was overcome with desire and grabbed his hand pulling him towards the back of the bar and into what turned out to be a storeroom. As soon as the door shut behind me he had me pinned against the door with his body kissing me for all he was worth. His hands ran under my top where he pinched my already hard nipples through my bra causing me to moan into his mouth, while his hips were grinding into mine. He pushed my shirt up over my breasts and kissed his way down, lightly biting them through the fabric. I raked my hands down his back and up his front desperate for more of him. I unbuttoned his jeans and his erection sprang free. He was going commando! I wrapped my hand around his shaft and stroked my hand up over the tip, rubbing his juices back down over and over, making him groan against my chest. Suddenly my skirt was up around my waist and my panties were ripped from my body. His fingers trailed over my slit, slick from my juices, and plunged two of them inside of me. I cried out and rocked my hips forward, pushing down on his hand wanting more. He kept going, adding his thumb to my clit rubbing it in tortuous circles, my inner walls gripping his fingers.

He captured me in his gaze once again and growled, “Come for me lover.”

And I did. He kept pumping his fingers into me drawing it out before removing his hand. I whimpered at the loss of him until I heard a ripping sound. He had pulled a condom out of his pocket and rolled it down over his rock hard length. He cupped my ass with one hand, pulling me up, and braced himself against the door with his other hand. He slowly rubbed the tip of his cock in my juices before plunging into me all the way to the hilt. I screamed out in pleasure, never feeling so full in my life.

“Fuck. You’re so tight”, he whispered into my neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist and met him thrust for thrust. He plowed into me over and over. He adjusted his stance and hit my g-spot with his new angle causing my whole body to shudder and convulse around him, ripping the orgasm from my very soul.

He thrust into me once, twice and came with a deafening roar deep inside of me.

My whole body felt like jelly and we stayed wrapped up in each other pressed against the door feeling the aftershocks from both of our bodies before he pulled out of me and set my feet on the ground.

It was then that my sanity came back to me. What did I just do? Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! I don’t do this sort of thing. I don’t have one night stands, nameless sex. Hell, I’ve only ever been with one other guy.

Mortified, I pulled my shirt down and smoothed my skirt out. I felt the telltale blush blooming under my skin at the thought of what he must think of me. I couldn’t even bring myself to look him in the eye. I mumbled out “I have to go” and took off like a shot through the door and didn’t stop until I was in my condo.

What did I do?

4 comments on “Adonis

  1. But he’s gorgeous! You’ve gotta get his number at this point! LOL

  2. Lily Dragonsblood says:

    noooooo!!!! get his number!!!!!! x

  3. kleannhouse says:

    omg this story is starting to come back to me, its all HAWT and shudder shudder shudder tingles down my spine Kristie

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    Can’t remember what happens, this re-re-read is off to a great start! x

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