BOLOs, Boyfriends, and Burgers

 Chapter 12 – BOLOs, Boyfriends, & Burgers


Sookie. It had only been a few hours since I had last seen her this morning and I was already missing her. I had dropped her off at work after we checked out of the hotel, and I had promised to give her a lift home since she didn’t have her car, but that was still hours from now.

God, how she wrapped me around her little finger so quickly, I’ll never know.


Looking up from my desk, my reverie broken, I saw Alcide staring back at me.


He rolled his eyes, guessing where my mind had been, and said, “We got a hit from one of the fingerprints found in the van at EEE.”

He handed me a printout with a photo. It was the passenger of the van, the one Mott had identified as the guy that had approached him in Bossier City. His name was Victor Madden.

I’d never heard of him, but he had been arrested a few times down in New Orleans for various assaults.

After we placed a few phone calls to the New Orleans PD we found out Madden was an enforcer and gun for hire, but had all but disappeared from New Orleans a couple of years ago and had been off the radar until now.

“Do you want to bet Madden is working for DeCastro?” Alcide asked.

“He must be.” I suddenly felt paranoid, “Do you think we should put out a BOLO on him?” I was afraid to let anyone else in on our discovery fearing Madden would get tipped off, like EEE. But, at the same time, Alc and I couldn’t be everywhere, and if the patrols knew we were looking for him they might spot him somewhere.

Alcide understood what I was getting at and thought about it before we both decided to just to tell the lieutenant and leave it up to him.

The LT decided that since we had no further information on where Madden could be found, and he had no known ties to the area, he wanted the BOLO issued. Within minutes, every officer was sent Madden’s photo along with his involvement in the stolen weapons from Barksdale AFB via a departmental alert sending the images by email, and text messages. He was to be considered armed and dangerous.

An hour later, Alcide and I were going through mug shots trying to identify the driver of the van when Quinn walked up.

I had spoken to Internal Affairs when I had returned to work the Monday after the shooting. Every time an officer discharged their weapon in the line of duty it was mandatory that IA would investigate the incident to determine whether or not the shooting was justified.

When they questioned me about what I had witnessed when Quinn shot Davis, I just answered their questions without offering any additional details.

Did I see Davis raise his weapon? Yes.

Did Davis’ actions and mannerisms indicate he was hostile and/or agitated? Yes.

Did Davis represent a clear and present danger to any civilians or you and your fellow officers? Yes.

They had played the recordings of what was said over our radios from that day and had me narrate what I was seeing at that time as it played out.

As much as I couldn’t stand Quinn, my memory WAS fuzzy once we got to the actual shooting and I didn’t want to jam up a fellow officer over a shitbag like Davis. I’d gone over it so many times in my head I was questioning what I really saw.

I HAD to Alcide what I thought might have happened with Quinn. He was my partner, and when he had stopped by on the Sunday after the shooting, as soon as Sookie was gone he had jumped my shit wanting to know why I didn’t attempt to defend myself from Davis. We talked about it for the entire afternoon before deciding since I couldn’t DEFINITELY say that I thought Quinn went to fire on Davis first, I would just answer their questions and let the chips fall where they may. Quinn was cleared in the shooting death of Stan Davis.

“Victor Madden, huh?” he asked before continuing on, “I ran into him a couple of times when I was in the New Orleans PD.”

“What can you tell us?” Alcide asked, knowing I would just as soon hit him than talk to him.

“Not much. I know he had a rep for being deadly, but I think that’s all it was, a rep.”

“Any ideas on where he might be hiding out?”

“Not off the top of my head, but I’ll make a few phone calls to some guys I know and get back to you.” With that, he jogged away calling out to some “Babe” in the hallway.

“I can’t stand that fucking guy.” Whenever I saw him I wanted to hit him.

“Me neither, but I think you have it worse than me. He wasn’t eye fucking MY date.”

I glared at Alcide and did my best to suppress the memory of Alcide eye fucking Sookie the first time they met.

Looking at the clock I saw that it was lunch time and decided to pick up something for Sookie and bring it to her since she didn’t have her car. I knew there were several places near her building that she could walk to or have it delivered, but I missed her.

I stopped at Lafayette’s and got a couple of burgers and lemonade’s to go. I was agitated when I left because some waitress with obnoxiously red hair kept bumping into me while I was sitting at the counter waiting for the food.

Once I got to Sookie’s building I walked up the stairs to the second floor where her office was located. I ran into her friend Amelia in the hallway.

“Hey boyfriend,” she chirped out. I knew she was a good friend of Sookie’s, so I pushed down my agitation from the waitress earlier.

“Hello Amelia, how are you doing?”

“Not as good as Sookie. You’ve been doing something porntastic to her because she’s been floating around the office all day.” She quirked her eyebrow up and asked, “Do you have a brother? Or a sister? I’m not picky.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. She was exactly how Sookie described her.

“Sorry, no. I’m an only child.”

Shaking her head she muttered, “Damn.”

The DA turned the corner and walked towards us. “Northman,” she said, her eyes giving me an appraising look.

“Ravenscroft.” I knew Sookie liked her, but she was still the Ice Queen to me.

“What are your intentions with Miss Stackhouse?”

What? “Excuse me?” I asked in disbelief.

“Did I stutter? What are your intentions with Miss Stackhouse?” Her eyes were locked onto mine like she was trying to hypnotize the answer out of me.

“Are you her mother? ” Seriously, WTF?

“Know this, if your intentions are less than honorable, you WILL be sorry.” She looked fierce, and I didn’t doubt her at all.

Realizing this was about her wanting to be protective of Sookie took the fight right out of me since I wanted nothing more than to protect her as well.

In a much more pleasant tone I replied, “I assure you, I have only the best of intentions where Sookie is involved. I would never hurt her.”

I do believe I may have seen the corners of her mouth twitch up into what could’ve turned into a smile. But a smile on Ravencroft’s lips was the stuff urban legends are made of, like El Chupacabra or the Loch Ness Monster. They MAY exist, but there’s no proof.

“Good.” Turning to Amelia, she started peppering her with questions about another case she was working, so I left them to continue on to Sookie’s office.

As I approached her door I could hear her talking to someone.

“What in the hell are you talking about?” She sounded mad.

“I am talking about you and I Sookie. I already told you I was sorry for my indiscretion, and I forgive you for yours. But this cannot continue. We can sort out our differences, but you need to talk to me.”

Who in the fuck is that? It must be the ex she told me about.

I moved to fill the doorway, which was quite easy considering my size, and stood there with my shoulders squared and chest out. I’m sure the testosterone was coming off of me in waves.

His back was to me with his ass perched on Sookie’s desk, leaning forward towards her. She was in her chair which she had backed up to the wall as far away from him as she could get.

I guess she’d had enough of what she’d heard because she shot up out of her chair looking like she was about to tell him off when she saw me. Her expression changed instantly from pissed off to happy and relieved.

I strode into the office over to where she stood and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. “Hello lover. Who’s your friend?”

Her “friend” looked like his veins were about to pop right out of his head and his fists were clenched in front of him. Glaring at me he spit out, “Sookie is MINE!”

Something was knocking around in my head that he seemed familiar. I studied his features, but nothing stood out. It was weird, sort of like déjà vous, but not. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

She lost her mind then. “ENOUGH! I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU BILL COMPTON! You leave my office this instant and don’t come back. Don’t talk to me, don’t call me, don’t come by my home. If there’s something relating to work you are to go through Amelia. I mean it, if you contact me again in any way I’m going to Pam and you’ll be out of a job.”

She seemed like she was done so I felt it was safe to speak up.

“Listen to her Compton. I won’t tolerate anyone upsetting her like this.” My tone was menacing and I knew it. I meant every word.

He actually had the balls to stand up, trying to intimidate me. “I’m not afraid of you just because you’re a cop.

I took a step closer to him and my 6′ 5″ frame towered over his 5′ 10″ body. Looking down at him I said, “Don’t be afraid of me because I’m a cop.” Leaning closer I glared into his eyes, “Be afraid because I mean it.”

He tried to glare back, but I registered the momentary fear in his eyes before he turned and walked out.

Turning back around to face Sookie I could tell he had her nerves rattled. I walked over and pulled her into my arms, kissing the top of her head.

She wrapped her arms around my waist and nuzzled her head into my chest letting out a deep sigh.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I’ve been nothing but one giant bitch to him for over three months. ” She hugged me tighter.

In a soothing voice I said, “I can understand where he’s coming from to a certain extent.” Her head whipped up to look at me, incredulity on her face. “I’m just saying, I would do everything I could to win you back if I were him.”

“One, I’m not a prize to be WON. Two…aw hell. He’s just six shades of crazy. Looking back now, even if he hadn’t cheated, we still wouldn’t have worked out in the long run. Maybe we should introduce him to Felicia,” she giggled. Hugging me tighter, she kissed my chest. “Enough about him. Do I smell Burgers Lafayette?”

“Yes you do. I can’t let you waste away.” Leering down at her, “I believe you burned quite a few calories between last night and this morning.”

Her blush was in full bloom. I’ll never tire of it.

“I suppose you’re right.” She shut her door and set up our lunch on her desk. When she walked back around her desk I took the opportunity to sit in her chair and pulled her into my lap.

“Now now Detective Northman, don’t go getting any ideas.” She intentionally pushed her ass against my crotch.

“Well then quit baiting me ADA Stackhouse, or else I’ll have to frisk you again.”

Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes darkened as she recalled the last time she was frisked. My own reminiscing wasn’t helping either. Change the subject.

“So we got a hit off one of the fingerprints we collected.” God she smelled good.

“Really?” She started wiggling her ass even more.

“Yeah, some guy from New Orleans,” I grabbed her hips and rubbed against her. I was going to have blue balls when I left.

She turned around to straddle me in the chair, pulling her skirt up higher to spread her legs out. She wrapped her arms around my neck while she slowly rocked her hips, grinding up and down my, now painful, erection. Leaning forward, her hardened nipples pressed against my chest and she licked the outer edge of my ear, pausing long enough to ask, “What’s his name?”

Pushing her chest back some, I leaned forward, burying my face into the v-neck of her blouse and murmured into her cleavage, “Victor Madden.”

I trailed my tongue over the top of each breast and then up to her body, biting down lightly where her neck met her shoulder.

She raised herself slightly as she reached down and unbuttoned my pants. “I never heard of him.” She pulled the zipper down and my cock jumped out. “What are his priors?” Pulling her skirt up around her waist, she moved her thong aside and impaled herself on me.

I pulled her mouth to mine, each swallowing the other’s moans. I don’t think I could ever get tired of her. Everything about her was perfect.

She broke our kiss to breathe. “Assaults, ” I said as I chewed my way along her jaw towards her ear. I couldn’t get enough of her.

I could feel her inner muscles spasming and knew it wouldn’t take long before she climaxed. I picked her up and slammed her back down on me while devouring her mouth and we came at the same time, stifling our screams as much as possible in the kiss. Both of us were twitching as we just held on to each other waiting for our bodies to recover.

“I’m going to bring you lunch more often.”


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  1. Lily Dragonsblood says:

    squeeeeeeee!!! x

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    instead of afternoon delight its a Lunch delight , yummy

  3. gwynwyvar says:

    Bill looks familiar? The plot thickens. Mayhap Bill is on some surveillance for De Castro?

    And Eric can bring me lunch any time!

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