No, no…

 Chapter 11 – No no


I couldn’t stop giggling as Eric practically carried me out of the ballroom. I thought we were headed to his car but instead he went straight into an elevator pushing me up against the back wall and grinding his hips into mine.

“Where are we going?” I moaned into his hair as his tongue was trailing along my collarbone.

He reached over pressing one of the buttons and as the door was closing he brought his lips up to my ear. In the sexiest voice I’d ever heard he said, “We’re going up to our room where I’m going to show you what happens to naughty girls.”

“Oh,” I gasped. His hand then trailed down my hip and into where the seam of the slit of my dress parted. He ran his hand along the back of my thigh and then up to my ass where he cupped one side, squeezing as he pressed my hips against his. I could feel his erection sliding up and down my center as I pushed against him harder wanting more friction. “Ooh,” I whimpered.

I vaguely heard the elevator ding as we arrived at whatever floor we were on. If I didn’t know any better I would have sworn Eric flew us down the hallway. Within seconds he had us in a room and he spun me around so I was facing a mirrored wall.

He placed my hands against the mirror spread apart at shoulder width and then pulled my legs back and apart so I was leaning at an angle.

“You’re absolutely lethal in that dress lover.” His voice was low and husky. “Perhaps I should frisk you to see if you’re hiding any concealed weapons.”

“Perhaps you should,” I purred in what I hoped was a sex kitten voice. Pushing my ass against the bulge of his pants I said, “I could be hiding something somewhere underneath this dress Officer Northman.”

Growling he pressed his body against my back and placed both of his hands over mine. He trailed his gloved hands over my bare skin all the way to my shoulders, the white cotton contrasting with my tan skin. Wrapping my hair around his hand, he leaned down and licked and kissed his way from my left shoulder, across the back of my neck, and over to my right.

Dropping my hair his hands resumed their search starting at each side of my upper back and around to my front. He ran his hands methodically over each breast, cupping and squeezing them, running his fingertips over my hard nipples.

His hands trailed down my chest and ribs over my stomach and came to rest right above my pubic bone. Holding my hips he pressed his erection up against my backside saying, “Hmm, no weapons yet.”

Pulling away from me, he bent down and grasped my right leg at my ankle with both hands and slowly slid them upwards under my dress. His fingertips scraped along my inner and outer thigh stopping just where my leg joined my hip.

I could feel the moisture between my legs and I leaned my hips towards his hands desperately wanting him to touch me there.

“No no naughty girl. No moving when you’re being frisked.”

He chuckled when I growled at him and then started the process all over again on my left leg. When he reached the top of my leg he stood placing both hands at my hips once more and slid them towards my lower back, trailing down over each cheek and then cupping them both in his hands.

“Hmmm, no weapons,” he sighed. “Maybe I should strip search you just in case.”

Using one of his fingers he traced the zipper of my dress from my lower back up to the top and then slowly lowered it all the way down. The top of my dress gave way and hung over my hips with my legs still spread. Using his fingertip he repeated the process on my bare skin tracing where the zipper had been causing goose bumps to appear and a shiver to go down my spine.

He continued his search running his hands along the fabric of my bra from my back towards the front, softly caressing each breast before dipping his hands into the cups and pulling them out leaving them framed in the red lace.

The sensation he was creating caused my head to come up with a gasp from where it had been hanging in both ecstasy and torture. I watched his hands in the reflection of the mirror as his fingers swirled around my nipples and then pinched them in unison as his lips skimmed across my right shoulder to where my neck began, biting down at the same time.

I pushed my hips back into him with a strangled cry slowly losing my mind. Looking up his eyes locked onto mine as she pushed the dress down off my hips letting it fall to the floor. He broke our gaze to take in my reflection as his hands came back to my hips.

I watched his right hand come around my front to trace a slow imaginary pattern from my right inner thigh up and along the top of my thong over to my left thigh, and then back again the same way. His left hand reached around to my left breast while his right hand repeated its pattern, his body firmly pressed into my back. My body was tense and my senses so heightened that I was already close to coming just from what he was doing.

“Look at me lover,” he growled out and my eyes locked back onto his as his right hand dipped into my thong where his finger grazed over my clit.

My hips bucked forward as I screamed “YES” and I watched his eyes glaze over with lust when he slid down lower and thrust two fingers inside of me while squeezing my breast. My orgasm came swift and hard as my whole body shook. His hands were the only thing keeping my upright as I felt my knees give way.

He held me there placing tender kisses across my shoulders and back letting me get my equilibrium back. I watched as he slid his tongue up the side of my neck and traced the outer edge of my ear. When his eyes finally met mine again he smiled asking, “Are you better now?”

Oh boy was I. Taking both of his hands in mine I led him to the bed and turned to face him. Looking at him in that uniform had me aching all over again.

I started by removing his gloves, smiling when I felt where my juices had soaked through the cotton. Tossing them aside I ran my hands from his hips around back to his glorious ass gripping him with my hands over his jacket. Running them up to his waist I traced his belt to the front and unclasped the buckle, pulling the attached leather strap up and over his head and letting it fall to the floor.

I put my hands back on his waist and ran my hands up and over his chest, feeling his muscles underneath. Slowly, I opened each brass button along the front, pulling it off of him when I was done. I could see his nipples were hard underneath his white dress shirt so I leaned forward and bit down on one through the fabric causing him to moan. As he went to put his hand on the back of my head I pushed it away saying, “No no Officer Northman. No touching.”

He growled, but lowered his hands nonetheless. Pulling the knot of his tie loose, I slipped it up over his head and tossed it on the bed. Running my hands over his shoulders and down his arms I traced over every muscle he had before pulling his shirt free from his pants and slowly unbuttoning his shirt one by one.

Sliding it off it fell to the floor and I couldn’t help but admire his now naked chest. It was so smooth and defined with just a sprinkling of blonde hair. I leaned forward tracing one nipple with my tongue while I rubbed and pinched the other with my hand.

He moaned and bucked his hips forward but I moved mine back farther, denying him what he wanted. After paying equal attention to his other nipple I licked my way down the center of his chest dipping into his navel and kissing it before resuming Operation Get Him Naked.

I put both hands on his ass once more kneading each cheek before running my hands along his hips towards the front, careful not to touch his straining erection. Undoing his pants, they fell freely on their own with his impossibly hard cock springing forward. I could tell he was aching for me to touch him, but he would just have to wait.

I pushed him to sit on the bed and quickly pulled off his shoes and socks. Gesturing for him to lay down in the middle, he acquiesced. I crawled up along his side and took both of his hands, placing them together above his head. I grabbed his tie and looked at him for permission. I took his hooded narrowed eyes and sexy smirk as a yes. I loosely bound his hands and tied them to a slat in the headboard so he could get free if he really wanted to.

I scooted down to the end of the bed, taking off my thong, and crawled in between his legs. I started placing kisses on the inside of his right ankle and made my way slowly up to the v of his hips while trailing my hand up his left leg simultaneously. I carefully kissed and licked my way across his lower abdomen, letting my hair slide across his erection causing him to shudder while I resumed the pattern of kisses down his left leg.

When I reached his ankle I crawled up in between his legs and blew lightly across the tip of him where a drop of moisture lay.

Sookie, ” he moaned but before he could finish I took him in my mouth as far as I could, catching him off guard. His hips bucked up into my mouth as I sucked and swirled my tongue all around his length as he cried out, “Ahhh“.

I wrapped my hand around what I couldn’t fit in my mouth and worked up and down his length while keeping my eyes locked onto his. They were glazed over as he watched me and when I couldn’t take it anymore I released him from my mouth with a pop, straddled his hips and impaled myself on him in one hard thrust causing us both to scream in pleasure.

I rolled my hips up and down over and over riding him for all I was worth while pinching and squeezing my breasts and nipples with my hands with Eric watching my every move.

Sookie, I’m close…” he moaned out before freeing his hands from their binding to grab my hip with one while using his fingers to press down on my clit with other.

“ERRIIC!” I screamed out as my orgasm took over my entire body. He grabbed both sides of my hips and pounded into me a few more times, drawing my orgasm out even longer before he finally came with a roar deep inside of me. His body spasmed and twitched under me as I lay lifeless on top of him sprawled out across his chest.

We laid like that for what seemed like forever, with him still inside of me. His arms had encircled me holding me to him while I pressed my face further into the crook of his neck inhaling his wonderful scent deeply.

“Wow,” he finally muttered.

“Yeah, wow.” I agreed. Giggling I whispered, “I really like your uniform. It’s…it’s…guh.” My brain wasn’t working well right now.

Chuckling he asked, “Guh? What is guh?”

“That’s just it. There are no words to describe how hot you look in that uniform. It’s just guh.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” he yawned out. And with that, we fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning curled into Eric’s side. I felt so at peace lying next to him. I looked at his face in the early morning light, tracing each curve with my eyes. He really was beautiful. I took one last deep breath, inhaling his scent, before crawling out of bed and going into the bathroom when my bladder made itself known.

I decided to go ahead and jump in the shower since we both had to get ready for work. I had just stepped into the shower and was wetting my hair when I felt a strong pair of arms circle my waist from behind.

“I woke up and you weren’t there, ” he pouted while kissing the side of my neck.

He pressed up against my back and slid his erection along my ass. Pushing back and rocking my hips into it I said, “Hmm, I’m sorry. Is there any way I can make it up to you?”

Still kissing up and down my neck he said, “I don’t know. What did you have in mind?” his voice still sleepy, but he was anything but.

I took the soap and lathering my hands I turned in his arms to face him. While pressing my breasts into his chest I reached around and started at the top of his back, lathering soap down to his ass where I paid it extra attention. I then repeated the steps on his chest. Before I could lather any more of him he took the soap from my hands and pulled my back up against his front, running the bar of soap across each arm, over and around each breast, and then down my abdomen. Using the soap bar he ran circles over my clit and down to my entrance over and over.

Eric, please…” I begged. He dropped the soap and picked me up turning me to face him. Wrapping my legs around his waist he pressed me against the cold tiles and plunged into me. The heat and friction below contrasted with the cold tiles on my back as the water rained down on both of us causing sensory overload. His mouth attacked mine and I came with no warning, my screams muffled by his kiss, digging my nails into his back where I was sure I left marks.

Eric kept pounding into me and I felt another orgasm building. He lifted me higher and bent down taking my nipple into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around and around before flicking it with his tongue while his hand snaked in between us to mimic his actions over my clit. My next orgasm coiled and sprang up and out pulling Eric’s from him.

When our panting had subsided I slid my legs down from Eric’s waist while he still held my hips. When it became apparent I could stand on my own he wrapped his arms around me pulling me to him for a kiss. “Well, good morning to you too!”


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  1. Lily Dragonsblood says:

    “guh” indeed! x

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    happy shower , YES

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