Chapter 15 – Questioning


As soon as I walked back outside of the hospital I broke down in tears again. When I’d heard that an officer had been killed I couldn’t breathe. I started to hyperventilate and if Amelia hadn’t been there to help me I think I would have passed out. As soon as I filled my lungs with air I took off to my car, not waiting for her to catch up.

I felt my phone vibrate and saw that I had a text from Amelia, “?”

I replied back to her, “It wasn’t him. On my way back now. Will explain then.

It was wishful thinking that I could explain anything. I didn’t know what to think, what to feel. When I thought it could’ve been him that had died, I felt dead inside. The only thing I could cling to was that I didn’t know for sure it had been him. And now that I know he’s okay, I’m terrified of what I feel for him. Could I let him have that much power over me? Would it be better to end things now before I got in even deeper with him? In the back of my mind I always knew his job was a dangerous one, but could I live with the constant fear that every time I saw him it might be for the last time? He’s been a police officer for his entire adult life. I couldn’t ask him to choose between me and his career, could I?

I had barely reached the hallway leading to my office when Amelia came running up to me. Hugging me with all of her strength she said, “Oh Sookie! I was so worried! I’m so glad he’s okay.”

“I told him I needed time to think.” The words tumbled out of my mouth before I’d even thought of saying them.

She pulled back to look at me. “What? Think about what?”


“What’s there to think about? It’s obvious to everyone that you’re in love with each other.”

Now it was my turn to ask the questions. “What?”

She let out an exasperated sigh. “You love each other. You should see how you look at each other. If I didn’t love you so much it would make me sick, but I’m happy for you. You deserve to be happy.”

Do I love him? Am I IN love with him? I stared at her while I contemplated those two questions in my head and vaguely registered seeing Bill standing a little farther down the hallway. No, I definitely was never in love with Bill. But was I in love with Eric? I had been so sure with Bill that I now felt like I had to be absolutely positive before I gave my heart away again.

My phone vibrated pulling me out of my reverie. Looking at the screen I recognized Alcide’s number from this morning, which made me feel even worse remembering how happy I’d been just this morning.

“Hi Alcide. What can I do for you?” I noticed my voice sounded monotone, dead. I could tell Amelia noticed too by the look she was giving me.

“Sookie. The doctor’s finishing up with Quinn now and then we’re going to transport him back to the station. Can you watch the interrogation in case he’s willing to make a deal?”

I felt my stomach forming knots at the thought of seeing Eric again so soon. But this was business. I wasn’t going to run away from that too. “Sure Alcide. I’ll meet you over there.”

“Sookie?” He paused and then asked, “Is everything okay? With you and Eric?”

“Why? Did he say something?” I held my breath waiting for him to answer.

“No, not really. I’ll see you at the station.” And with that he hung up.

Arghhhh. Men! Now I have THAT to worry about on top of Quinn’s interview.

“Ames, I have to go to the station to watch Quinn’s interrogation. We’ll talk later, okay?” I tried to smile at her, but I know it came out more like a grimace. She just patted my back as I walked down the hall to brief Pam. As I walked passed Bill I narrowed my eyes into daggers at him to let him know I was in no mood for his shit. The bastard actually smirked at me.

I poked my head into Pam’s office and saw her sitting behind her desk. I knocked before standing just inside the doorway waiting for her to look up. “The detectives are going to interview the cop that let Madden get away within the hour. They want me on hand in case he’s willing to make a deal.”

Her eyes never left mine, but it was as if she was trying to see through me. “Are you okay Sookie? You seem off.”

“I’m fine. It’s just been one hell of a morning.” Not a lie, at least the second part.

Her eyes narrowed but she let it go. “Fine. Call me when you know what he’s got and we’ll work something out. He’s definitely doing time though. A police officer died. I don’t care that he wasn’t the one that pulled the trigger.”

I nodded and then left to make my way to the station.


I walked up to the second floor of the police station and as I turned down the hallway that led to the interrogation room I saw Eric and Alcide talking in the hallway. I couldn’t help but look right at Eric and when they turned and saw me walking towards them his eyes met mine for the briefest moment before he turned and went into the room. I felt my chest tighten with a palpable pain watching him turn away from me.

Alcide walked towards me and stopped in front of the observation room next to the interrogation room. He looked tense, but I didn’t know if it was from whatever Eric had told him, or everything that was going on. I would guess both, but Eric had obviously said something since it was Alcide talking to me and not Eric.

“Why don’t you watch what’s going on from in here. If you have any questions that we don’t cover, write them down and I’ll come out and get them from you before we finish the interview.”

I just nodded my head and went into the observation room, afraid of what my voice would sound like if I tried to speak.

Looking through the one-way glass I saw Quinn handcuffed to the table as he sat holding his head in his hands. Eric was pacing the floor on the opposite side of the table, but when Alcide walked in he sat down and stared at Quinn. After Alcide read Quinn his Miranda Rights Eric started the questioning.

“Why?” He said nothing else. He just stared at Quinn.

Two full minutes passed by before Quinn sighed and answered, “My sister. She was into the party scene down in New Orleans and did some recreational drugs, but it progressed over time to where she got hooked on the shit and started dealing to get her fix. She ended up stealing a $100,000 from her supplier, skimming both the cash and drugs and got caught.”

He looked down into his lap, seemingly unwilling to continue.

They waited for another minute before Alcide pressed, “And? What’s your role in this?”

“And, it turns out the person she was unknowingly stealing from was Felipe DeCastro. They snatched her out of New Orleans and Madden paid me a visit. DeCastro offered to let me work off her debt to him by transferring to Shreveport and give him a heads up whenever I had any information and to help out any of his retinue when possible. In return, he would let my sister live.”

“Where’s your sister now?” Alcide asked.

Quinn actually chuckled. “There in lies the rub. She’s ‘with’ Madden now. She’s his girlfriend. I gave up everything to help her, and she’s shacked up with the guy that would kill her.”

Eric’s eyes narrowed. “You’re our leak? How did you know we were going to raid EEE?”

“I didn’t. DeCastro has other informants besides me. I’ve only ever dealt with Madden for the most part. I did deal directly with DeCastro when you put the BOLO out on Madden. And I have proof.”

Eric exploded. “WHAT? YOU WANT A FUCKING DEAL? CHOW IS DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU!” Eric started to reach for Quinn across the table when Alcide pulled him back.

Alcide remained calm asking, “What’s your proof?”

“I got nervous when he was set free the last time because I didn’t warn him about your investigation. Kinda hard to warn the guy when I had no fucking clue what you were doing. I know you’ve had his compound under surveillance, but what you don’t know is that he has an underground tunnel that leads from the main house to a hunting shack in the woods a mile and a half away. You’d have to know it was there to find it. I went to him after you put out the BOLO because I couldn’t get a hold of Victor and I was afraid Frannie was with him. DeCastro won’t…”

Eric interrupted him, “Wait, did you just say Frannie? It was your sister that worked at EEE?”

Quinn sighed. “Yes. She worked there, but I don’t know all of the ins and outs of what it was she was doing for him. She wouldn’t fucking tell me saying she wasn’t going to betray her Master. He’s got her fucking brainwashed.”

Alcide looked at Eric to make sure he would be staying in his chair before saying, “You were saying? DeCastro won’t what?”

“DeCastro won’t talk on the phone at all after what happened the last time. I went through the tunnel to his house and talked to him in person. I recorded the whole thing with one of the hidden cameras we use in Narcotics. He spoke openly about how Madden couldn’t be caught because he could be linked to the stolen weapons from Barksdale and he didn’t trust him enough to keep his mouth shut if he had no other way out.”

Eric shifted in his seat under the watchful eyes of Alcide before asking, “Where’s the video now?”

“This is where we make that deal. I’ve told you what I’ve got, now you find out what it’s going to get me.”

Alcide started to stand when Eric asked, “What about Stan Davis?”

Quinn’s body immediately tensed up and his head dropped back to his chest. Alcide sat back down waiting for Quinn to respond.

In a voice so low he could barely be heard Quinn admitted, “I killed him. I knew from Frannie that he was ultimately dealing for DeCastro, but I didn’t know who he was going to give up. I was worried it was Frannie.”

Quinn started to cry then. “I didn’t want to do it, but I had to protect her.”

Neither Eric nor Alcide had any obvious sympathy for him. Alcide asked, “So what happened this morning at the warehouse with Madden?”

Quinn composed himself, took a deep breath and answered, “We were all watching the surveillance feed in the bus. When I saw you and Chow making your way back downstairs, I pulled the wires for the feed. I told the commander I was going to go in to give you two back-up and went around to the rear entrance. I told the patrolman waiting there that he was needed in the front and I would cover the door. Madden already had Chow when I saw him, but I didn’t know he was going to kill him.”

Eric stared at him absorbing it all. “Were you going to kill me?”

I felt my chest tighten and my breath hitched in my throat waiting for Quinn’s answer.

Quinn looked Eric in the eye responding, “I don’t know. Probably. I could’ve claimed I hit you when I tried to shoot Madden.”

I felt my nails digging into my palms before I realized each of my hands were balled up into tight fists. I watched as Alcide leaned over to Eric and whispered something before Eric just shook his head and turned back to look at Quinn. Alcide stood up and left the room only to walk into the observation room a moment later.

We both just looked at each other still absorbing everything Quinn had just told us. I finally broke the spell.

“He gets to live. That’s his deal. We won’t seek the death penalty, but he’ll never be a free man again.” I meant it too and I had no doubt that Pam would be on board with that statement.

Alcide looked relieved. I don’t know what he expected. I sure as hell wasn’t going to be able to sleep at night knowing that monster would one day walk free. He was going to kill Eric. I felt my anger start to flare and quickly tried to reign it in.

Alcide walked back into the interrogation room and told Quinn what his options were. It didn’t take long for him to agree.

“I deserve whatever I get.” He sat there in thought before adding, “But, like I said, DeCastro has a lot of informants. I don’t even know if I’m the only one on the force, so you might want to think about that when you go to lock me up tonight. I might not make it until tomorrow.”

Fuck! He was right. We couldn’t leave him at the jailhouse, even if they put him in solitary confinement. One of the guards could be on DeCastro’s payroll too. We couldn’t trust anyone.

Except, each other.

I knocked on the window getting their attention. Alcide stood up and came back into the observation room.

“Quinn’s right. We can’t trust anyone at this point. We need to keep him in a safe-house until the trial, but we can’t bring anyone else in on where he’s at until we can convene the grand jury to get DeCastro indicted.” Thinking to myself I added, “The earliest that’s going to be is on Thursday.”

Alcide stood there thinking for a moment. “I know a place outside of town. My father had a cabin on the lake that he used for fishing. When he died he left it to me. Eric and I are the only ones that know about it. We can switch off watching him until then. Run it by the DA and have her get the ok from the Chief and the LT.”

He walked back into the interrogation room while I got Pam on the phone. She agreed to it all and said the Chief and LT wouldn’t be a problem. She didn’t even want to know where we were keeping Quinn until then.

After Alcide told them what arrangements we were making he asked, “So, where’s the video of DeCastro?”

“It’s in a safety deposit box at the bank. Inside my locker, there’s a picture taped to the door of Frannie and me from when we were little kids. I was her whole world then.” He shook his head trying to clear the tears that had welled up in his eyes. “Behind the picture is a key to the box. I told the Captain where it was and if I ever died it was where my ‘Last Will and Testament’ was. I wrote down everything I’ve done for them from the start, adding to it as time when on. I put the video in there too. It was the only thing that kept me going knowing that if I died they would get what’s coming to them.”

Alcide left the room and came into the observation room a few minutes later carrying the picture and a key. “Son of a bitch was telling the truth. I think we should get him outta here now. I think you should hang onto the key and we should leave everything there until Thursday. We already have his confession, that’s just an added bonus to lend credence to his story but it’s good to have if something did happen to him before then.”

“Agreed. So are you guys going to go to the cabin now?” I realized I was stalling wanting the extra few moments to be able to look at Eric.

Alcide looked inquisitive. “Yeah, unless you have any other questions for him?”

Does he love me? “Um, no, I guess you covered it all.”

I stood in the doorway as Alcide and Eric walked out with a handcuffed Quinn in tow. Eric didn’t even look over at me as they made their way down the hallway disappearing around the corner. I practically ran from the building before the tears had a chance to fall down my face.


On Wednesday night I was curled up on my couch listening to my iPod. I’d moved through the last two days in a haze. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. Amelia tried getting me to talk about it but I just couldn’t. I hadn’t heard from Eric at all. I could only guess he was giving me my time to think. I didn’t realize I’d become so accustomed to sleeping next to Eric that I tossed and turned every night without him. Every time I closed my eyes I’d see him staring back at me. Sometimes his eyes were bright and sparkled. Other times they were cold and hard. Either way it felt like a stab to my chest.

Chow’s funeral had been earlier that morning and seeing Eric there wearing his dress uniform was like opening a new wound remembering how perfect everything was that last time he had worn it. The only difference was the black band that wrapped around his detective shield. I tried not to stare at him, but I couldn’t help it most of the time. It killed me to watch him standing at attention with silent tears streaming down his face when the bagpipes started to play.

It killed me even more when he never looked over to me at all.

I let myself wallow in misery and self doubt as a new song started to play.

I miss those blue eyes

How you kiss me at night

I miss the way we sleep

Like there’s no sunrise

Like the taste of your smile

I miss the way we breathe

The tears started again as I listened to Colbie Caillat sing about my heartache like she was here reading my mind.

But I never told you

What I should have said

No, I never told you

I just held it in

And now,

I miss everything about you

Can’t believe that I still want you

And after all the things we’ve been through

I miss everything about you

Without you

We had been through a lot in a short amount of time. And God knows that I miss him. Should I give in to my feelings? Could I give in? What if he doesn’t feel the same?

I see your blue eyes

Every time I close mine

You make it hard to see

Where I belong to

When I’m not around you

It’s like I’m alone with me

But I never told you

What I should have said

No, I never told you

I just held it in

I am holding it in. I know I am. I love him so much it hurts. But what if he doesn’t love me back?

And now,

I miss everything about you

Can’t believe that I still want you

And after all the things we’ve been through

I miss everything about you

Without you

But I never told you

What I should have said

No, I never told you

I just held it in

And now,

I miss everything about you

Can’t believe that I still want you

And after all the things we’ve been through

I miss everything about you

Without you

I sat up when the song ended. The realization finally dawned on me. I am in love with Eric Northman. And I need to tell him. Even if he doesn’t love me back, I have to tell him. If something awful happened to either one of us he had to know how I truly felt. That I was in love with him.

I jumped off the couch with more energy than I’d had in the last few days excited that I was going to see him and tell him. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning at the Grand Jury. I had to tell him now.

I slipped on some shoes and grabbed my keys. Throwing open my front door I jumped at the person unexpectedly standing there.

“What are you doing here?” Then everything went black.


4 comments on “Questioning

  1. Lily Dragonsblood says:

    gotta be bill.

  2. kleannhouse says:

    damn it took long enough to realize it, we knew it all along.

  3. gwynwyvar says:

    Freaking Bill!
    Let me guess, he’s about to blackmail Eric? Or try and get Sookie to take him to De Castro?

    At least Quinn did the right thing.

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    Bill, of course, dammit…. x

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