CHAPTER 2 – Sunshine


“What do you mean the case got dismissed?” I yelled into the phone. This was bullshit! We worked on that prick DeCastro for months, finding informants, following leads left and right only to wind up at a dead end. We had taps on his phones, tracked him everywhere he went outside of his compound, and followed his goons all over the city. We lucked out when we finally picked up a conversation between DeCastro and an unknown associate. Honestly, he sounded like some smarmy sounding asshat. When said asshat mentioned hacking into the Barksdale AFB armory database and emailing the records to DeCastro like he requested, DeCastro blew a fuse yelling about unsecure phone lines and hung up on a now stuttering asshat, but it was all we needed to get a warrant to get in and seize his computer.

The lieutenant replied, “The case got dismissed. Something about the wrong address was on the warrant used. You and your partner are to report to the ADA tomorrow morning at 9 to try and find a way around this clusterfuck.”

“Fine!” I growled and hung up. I looked across my desk at my partner Alcide Herveaux’s expression of disbelief.

“Dismissed?” he asked, his eyebrows nearly in his hairline.

“Dismissed,” I sighed running my hands through my hair. I dug through the piles on my desk and pulled out the DeCastro file, flipping pages until I came to the copy of the warrant. Unfuckingbelievable. Sure enough, the house number on the warrant was wrong. The numbers should have been 7132 but were 7123 on the warrant.

“I can’t fucking believe this. The numbers were transposed on the warrant so the evidence is out the window and the case was dismissed. We have to meet with the fucking ADA tomorrow morning at 9 to figure out what we’re gonna do.”

Alcide’s eyebrows had still not come down yet. “What the fuck? Shouldn’t the DA or the ADA have noticed the fucking wrong address on the warrant when they got it for us? They should fix this shit. We already did our job.”

That’s both the good thing and bad thing about Alcide. He thinks a lot like me, so we’re always on the same page. I was thinking the same fucking thing. But both of us being all wound up and hostile was a bad thing. At least it was bad as long as we were in the office.

“Fuck it. Let’s go get a drink.” With that, we grabbed our shit and left.

We ended up at a bar near the courthouse. It was already pretty crowded when we got there, but we’re both big and intimidating so it didn’t take much for us to claim a couple of spots up at the bar.

“So, do you know this ADA we’re supposed to meet with tomorrow?” Alcide asked.

I’d only ever dealt with the DA, Pam Ravenscroft. She’s more like Pam RavingBitch. Talk about a hardass. I thought she was hot when I first met her, but her nonexistent personality killed that. I heard she swung the other way anyway. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never had trouble getting any woman I wanted, but my ego felt a little better thinking it was her preference for women and not me that didn’t get her falling all over herself around me.

I turned 30 last year and something inside me changed. I’d never been in a relationship before and never wanted one. I was perfectly content to wine and dine them, fuck them and leave them. Hell, sometimes I didn’t even bother with the wining and dining. But last year it hit me. I wanted to find the one woman I wanted to spend my life with. I didn’t think it would be as hard as it’s been to find her. It seemed like the women were either sexy but stupid, or smart but fugly. Why couldn’t I find smart AND sexy?

Hell, maybe she doesn’t exist. I had stopped my womanizing ways a year ago, and had gone out on a couple of dates, but told myself I wouldn’t fuck them if I didn’t see it going anywhere. Needless to say, Eric Jr. has been quite lonely and I check the palm of right hand often to make sure there’s no hair growing on it.

The expectant look on Alcide’s face reminded me we were having a conversation. “No, I don’t know the ADA. I think her name is Stackhouse. Hopefully she’s not as frigid as the Ice Queen, but more than likely she’s a RavingBitch clone.”

Alcide lost all interest in our conversation when some chick in her now unbuttoned down to her cleavage business attire rubbed up against him at the bar and started batting her eye lashes at him.

A couple of decent prospects were giving me the eye from the other end of the bar, but I could tell from where I was neither one would be more than a fuck for me. Since that wasn’t an option to me anymore I ignored them. I really did want more than that. I wanted someone to come home to, to spend my life with, to have children with.

Christ! Good thing no one around here can read minds because they’d think I was a total pussy.

I heard Alcide spinning his tales of heroism and danger as a police detective and SWAT team member, as we both were, but he was definitely embellishing the truth. I turned away from them to hide my smirk and faced the dance floor.

She appeared in the middle of the crowd. It almost seemed as if she was glowing from the inside, pouring out sunshine. Her long blond hair had been pulled back into a bun that she just released, shaking out her golden waves as she dipped and rocked her hips, swaying with the music. The men around her were checking her out but she was oblivious to it, dancing with her girlfriend. Her legs were long and tan, her waist was small and her hips and ass had all of the right curves. I hate feeling nothing but bone when I touch a woman. Her chest was bouncing with the rest of her body and I could tell she had a natural bounty. God and genetics had certainly been good to this girl.

I continued to watch mesmerized by her every move, every expression across her face. She was feeling the beat and concentrating on moving with her friend, pulling her lower lip into her mouth whenever she really got into it. She spun around and looked up at the bar where she saw me staring at her. I watched her eyes drink me in working her way from my feet up. When she got to my face I saw her gasp and she’d stopped dancing, just staring at me with her mouth open a little.

I was walking across the dance floor to her before I’d even realized I’d stood up. On instinct I reached out and trailed my fingers along the side of her face, feeling her heat when she pressed into my hand.

The next thing I know I have her hand in mine, her body against me, and we’re swaying with the music. Everything about her seems familiar, like my body recognizes her scent, her touch, even if my mind doesn’t. I can’t stop looking into her eyes, as blue as the summer sky, when I lean forward and brush my lips across hers, tasting her because I find I can’t help myself.

She tasted amazing, like the sweetest honey, and I found myself gripping her ass and pressing her into my straining erection while simultaneously devouring her mouth with mine.

Her fingers wound through my hair pulling my face closer to hers, giving back everything I was trying to give her. My lips trailed along her jaw and settled on a spot just below her ear when I felt her body tense. I was about to apologize thinking I had crossed the line when her hand grabbed mine and she led me to a storeroom in the back of the bar.

As soon as the door clicked shut I had her up against it, pinning her body with mine, clamping my mouth over hers. Even though I was so much taller than her, she fit me perfectly. I felt her nipples harden against my chest and I pushed her shirt up so I could worship them with my mouth. I literally wanted to bite her, fuck her, and rub myself all over her claiming her as MINE.

The noises she was making were making my already tight pants tighter. She must have sensed my need because she unbuttoned my pants and finally Eric Jr. was free, jumping out at her begging for attention. She wrapped her small hand around my shaft and stroked me up and down. It took all I had not to come right then and there, but I’ll be damned if she didn’t come first.

I pushed her skirt up around her waist and ripped the tiny scrap of fabric that was her panties away from her body. I ran my fingers along her entrance testing her readiness. Fuck, she was so wet. I plunged two fingers inside of her, pumping them in and out while she pushed down onto my hand riding it herself. I could feel her inner muscles gripping my fingers so I curved them while circling her clit with my thumb. The look on her face, hooded and full of lust was simply stunning. I looked in her eyes and commanded, “Come for me lover.”

The emotions that played across her face and the sounds she made left me nearly undone. I drew out her orgasm until I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled my fingers out of her in search of my “Just in case” condom. I ripped it open and rolled it on as fast as I could and lifted her up to the right height. The heat was pouring out of her along with her juices and after just teasing her for a minute with the tip I buried myself into her in one thrust.

I think she screamed out, but I can’t be sure. I was lost in my own sensory overload. Fuck. She was so hot and so tight. I may have told her that, but again, I can’t be sure. I pumped in and out of her trying to do everything I could to prolong the moment. I’d never felt anything like this before. She was physically perfect for me. I lifted her a bit and changed my angle when I knew I hit “the spot”. Her whole body started trembling and her arms and legs constricted around me when she screamed out in ecstasy, her inner walls clamping down on me, pulling my own orgasm out from what felt like the tips of my toes.

We stayed that way for a few minutes until our breathing and heart rates slowed down. I pulled out of her and made sure she was steady on her feet. I was trying to come up with a way to ask her out to dinner with me, feeling nervous about a girl for the first time since I was a teenager. I already knew I liked her A LOT, and it wasn’t just the amazing sex. There was something about her that screamed “She’s the one!” to me. When I finally got the nerve to say something I heard her mumble something and run out the door like she was on fire. What the fuck?

I stood there stunned. I noticed her torn panties lying on the floor and I picked them up and put them in my pocket. When I went back into the bar she was already long gone. I had to find out who she was. I looked around for her friend, but she must’ve left too. While the bartender remembered her (who wouldn’t), he didn’t know her name or anything else.

GOD DAMNIT! I’m a detective for christsakes. I’ll find her.


3 comments on “Sunshine

  1. Lily Dragonsblood says:

    yeah! go find her eric! x

  2. kleannhouse says:

    and the pursuit starts Ky

  3. askarsgirl says:

    She pulled a Cinderella on him. But instead of leaving her glass slipper behind she left her torn up panties! 😉

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