The Past

 Chapter 10 – The Past


I don’t know how I was able to hold myself back from pushing Sookie back into her condo and fucking her on every horizontal surface there was. That dress she was wearing hugged every delectable curve she has. I could tell she liked what she saw as well, so tonight was going to be very good indeed.

We pulled up to the Omni Hotel and parked. The retirement dinner was being held in one of their ballrooms and I didn’t tell Sookie, but I’d booked us a suite for the night. I’m glad I did because I didn’t think I’d be able to make it all the way back to my place without pulling over and attacking her.

I couldn’t help standing tall with my head held high walking into the ballroom with Sookie on my arm. I could see the other men in the room checking her out and felt proud that she was with me.

The room was huge with banquet tables scattered all throughout the room with a center stage and dance floor at the front of the room. We found our assigned table, sitting down with Alcide and his date, and Chow and Twining and their wives leaving two more seats at our table of 10.

I had turned my attention to the stage as the Chief made his way to the podium when I heard, “Looking good Babe, I mean Assistant District Attorney Stackhouse.” I felt my blood immediately start to boil.

My entire body tensed when I turned back around and saw that Quinn had sat down next to Sookie and had the nerve to speak to her that way with his date sitting on his other side. Sookie saw my expression and immediately reached for my hand, rubbing small circles with her thumb in an attempt to soothe me. It wasn’t working.

I stood up, bringing Sookie to stand up as well, and pulled her towards my chair indicating she should sit down. I then took her seat, effectively boxing her in between Alcide and myself. I leaned over to Quinn, lowering my voice so no one else would hear me. “If you ever disrespect MY girlfriend again, we’ll take it outside and I’ll TEACH you respect.”

Quinn was bigger than me, but I was quicker and had more stamina. If it came down to it, I had no doubts that I would emerge the victor.

He looked at me as if he was trying to decide how serious I was and then rolled his eyes muttering, “Whatever.”

I turned back to look at Sookie and could see she was wondering what had been said between Quinn and I. I just shrugged at her and luckily for me the Chief commanded everyone’s attention by starting his speech.

Dinner was served after all of the speeches were made. Sookie spoke easily with Alcide and his date, Maria-Starr Cooper. I was happy seeing her fit so easily into my life.

I did my best to ignore the fact that Quinn was even at our table, but it was sometimes difficult to ignore his date who was a bitch, to put it mildly. All she did was complain the entire time she was there. The speeches were too long, there were too many speeches, her ass was falling asleep from sitting too long, her food was cold, her drink was watered down. You name it, she didn’t like it. I don’t even know what her name was because douchebag kept calling her ‘Babe’. Maybe he did that with every woman so he wouldn’t have to remember their names.

Once dinner was over the band started to play a slow waltz. Standing, I extended my hand to Sookie saying, “Would you care to dance?”

Her whole face lit up when she placed her hand in mine saying, “I would be honored.”

Walking to the middle of the dance floor, I picked a spot between some other couples and pulled her body close to mine. Taking her hand in mine and placing my other one at the small of her back I led her around the dance floor. I couldn’t help but remember how she had danced the first time I had seen her and felt Eric Jr. stir a bit. I found my hand sliding further down her lower back towards her ass a few times, and each time she would pretend to glare at me and pull my hand back up.

As the song ended I spun her around and pulled her back into me for a tender kiss. She seemed to forget where we were because I felt her hand come up to the back of my head as she held me to her deepening the kiss while pressing her body closer to mine.

Pulling back slightly I whispered into her lips, “If you don’t watch yourself Miss Stackhouse, everyone here is about to get a show.”

I chuckled as she gasped, opening her eyes and loosening her hold on me. Her signature blush crept up her chest to her cheeks and she looked slightly abashed when she realized we were still on the dance floor.

Smiling, she looked down and mumbled, “Sorry.”

I tilted her head back up with my finger under her chin. When she finally looked back into my eyes I leaned forward and gave her another tender kiss. Smiling at her I said, “Never apologize for kissing me.”

She smiled again and I led her back to our table. Quinn and his date were gone, so I felt okay leaving her there with Alcide and Maria-Starr when I went to the bar to get us all drinks. The 2 bartenders were busy so I leaned up against the bar waiting to place our order when I felt a hand on the small of my back. I smiled thinking Sookie had come to help me carry them back and turned around preparing to put my arm around her waist to pull her closer to me. Thankfully I looked before I reacted because it wasn’t Sookie’s hand I’d felt, but Felicia’s.

I pushed her hand away and huffed out, “What do you want Felicia?” She had changed out of her dress uniform into some tacky white dress with feathers that looked like something that singer Lady GaGa would wear. I couldn’t stand either one of them.

“Who’s your date?” she asked. She had the nerve to look pissed.

“SHE’s my girlfriend.” One of the bartenders finally asked what I wanted so I ordered two beers for Alcide and me and a couple of glasses of white wine for the girls.

“What do you mean she’s your girlfriend? Since when is she your girlfriend?” I was getting more and more agitated and hadn’t noticed she had moved closer to me and had placed her hand on my arm.

“He’s been mine since the moment we met. I’m Sookie Stackhouse.” I saw Felicia’s hand drop down from my arm and I looked over to see Sookie standing at my side with a pleasant grin on her face, but I knew she was feeling anything but pleasant. She immediately wrapped her arm around the one Felicia had just been touching.

I looked back at Felicia who just stood there staring at her, with disbelief on her face.

Smiling sweetly Sookie asked, “Are you a friend of Eric’s?”

Felicia’s eyes narrowed and she taunted, “Eric and I have a past. And you?”

“How nice for you. Eric and I have a future. Is there anything else you would like to know?” Sookie challenged. She exuded nothing but confidence and dominance. She wasn’t backing down in the least. I had a feeling this was ‘Lawyer Sookie’ and it turned me the fuck on.

Felicia’s eyes turned into daggers and she barked out, “NO”, and walked away.

Leaning down to Sookie’s ear I whispered, “I like dominant Sookie. Maybe she can come out to play later?”

Looking up at me, she blushed again. How she could go from ‘Lawyer Sookie’ to ‘Innocent Sookie’ so quickly I’ll never know. “You’re not mad at me? Eric I’m so sorry for the way I reacted. It’s just when I looked over and saw her touching you I was suddenly standing next to you practically pissing on you to mark my territory. I don’t know what came over me.” Her eyes practically pleaded with me to understand.

I smiled at her and said, “No lover, I’m not mad. Felicia has issues and brings out the worst in me too. I believe I had a similar reaction earlier this evening with Quinn so we’re even.”

She looked relieved, but then her eyebrows furrowed and asked, “So, is she an ex-girlfriend?”

I quickly explained the whole crazy that is the ‘Felicia Ordeal’ following it up by reassuring her that it was all in the past and she was the only one for me.

She seemed to accept what I’d told her and helped me carry the drinks back to the table. While we were sitting there talking with Alcide and Maria-Starr, Tray Dawson wandered over to our table.

Tray had retired from the force a few years earlier and had been on the detective squad when I was still on patrol. He sat down to catch up for a bit and I introduced him to Sookie.

Tray looked at her for a moment and asked, “Stackhouse? Were you related to Corbett Stackhouse?”

Sookie’s eyes softened a bit and said, “Yes, he was my father.”

Sookie had told me about how her parents had died and she and her brother were raised by her Gran. I put my hand on her knee and gave her a little squeeze of support.

She smiled at my gesture and asked Tray, “Did you know him?”

“Yes, I’d worked with him a few times on cases he was prosecuting. He had called looking for me the day he died. I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you”, she answered graciously.

Turning to me he said, “That reminds me, what happened with the DeCastro deal? One minute he’s locked up and the next minute he’s a free man.”

I explained everything that had occurred giving vague details on where we stood now. It’s not that I didn’t trust Tray, but we had decided to keep a close hold on information about the case until we caught whoever was selling us out.

He sat there taking in everything I’d told him and chuckled, “Well that’s ironic,” looking over at Sookie, “that you’re working a case against the same guy your father was working on before he died.”

Huh? I looked at Sookie and she looked just as shocked as I was. “I’ve been through all of the files the DA has on DeCastro, and never saw anything that my father had worked on.”

He smiled apologetically saying, “Your father had called the station looking for me on the evening he died. He knew I was trying to make a case against DeCastro for heading up a group of drug dealers. At the time he wasn’t as powerful or well connected as he is now. Your father left a message saying he had someone I needed to meet that would be the nail in DeCastro’s coffin.”

“Who was it?” Sookie and I asked in unison.

“I wish I knew. Your father died that night and when they went through his office they never found any notes or anything related to DeCastro.”

We sat there stunned. What were the odds a prosecutor’s daughter would be trying to convict the same man as her father twenty years later?

Tray excused himself from our table and Sookie and I just sat there looking at each other. I could practically see the wheels turning in her head as she tried to wrap her head around it.

After a few moments she turned to me and said, “Eric, I’ve been through every box, every piece of paper, that had to do with DeCastro. There wasn’t anything there from my father’s time in the prosecutor’s office.”

She seemed every bit as stumped as I was. “Did your father ever work from home?”

Her face lit up when she exclaimed, “Yes! He had an office at home. After they died Gran only brought over mine and Jason’s stuff to her house. When Jason moved back there he packed away momma and daddy’s stuff and put it in the attic!” She was getting really excited now. “Oh Eric! Why don’t we go there this weekend? We can bring Bubba and stay at Gran’s house, and you can meet Jason! We can go through daddy’s boxes and see if there’s anything there.”

Her expression then went from excited to apprehensive. Her voice was more unsure when she said, “I mean, if you want to. I don’t want to push you into meeting my brother if you’re not ready for that yet. I can drive there on Saturday and go through everything.”

Was she serious? I pulled her into my lap and said, “Sookie, I would like nothing more than to go with you this weekend. I want to meet your brother and see where you grew up. Why don’t we leave Friday after work?”

She leaned down smiling and gave me a kiss. “That sounds perfect.”

Having her in my lap was getting me worked up again. I think she realized it and wiggled around even more. I leaned in and kissed her neck just below her ear and whispered, “You’re being a very naughty girl Miss Stackhouse. Do you know what happens to very naughty girls?” I sucked the bottom of her earlobe into my mouth and gave it a little bite.

I could feel her heart beating a mile a minute and her breaths became more shallow. “Why no, Officer Northman. What happens to very naughty girls?” she purred back.

She fucking purred. I stood up and half carried, half dragged her out of the ballroom and towards the elevators.


4 comments on “The Past

  1. Lily Dragonsblood says:

    please book me in for a weekend with eric!!! x

  2. kleannhouse says:

    sexy time is coming these two are great together

  3. gwynwyvar says:

    Oh dear. Why do I get a bad feeling about Corbett ‘ s death?

    Things are about to get very dangerous I think!

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    Uh oh, something’s definitely not right with Corbett’s death… x

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