Law & Disorder

Because Alex wearing this:


Was all that was needed to get my muse on a roll. And now that it’s rolled into multiple chapters, I decided it was time for it to have it’s own slot.

Purple pantied Judge Eric and his equally Dirty Girl Sookie.

All Human. Multiple POV’s.


10 comments on “Law & Disorder

  1. valady1 says:

    Door knob, right, that’s EXACTLY what draws the eye in this picture…

  2. Jfozz says:

    Lol. Is that what you call it?

  3. gwynwyvar says:

    There’s an actual door knob in the picture? Lol, I had to go back and see that. My eyes were drawn to the other low hanging knob 😜
    Yay for these two having their own story page!

  4. […] Sorry for the delay in posting. I was busy yesterday celebrating my 32nd birthday. Thank you to everyone who read part 1 of Wifey’s spectacular birthday present and left me messages there. I had a great day, so thank you all for making it a little more special. I’ve sampled one or two tiers of the seven tier cake and let me tell you all that it is so worth waiting for. If you’re in need of a good chuckle, check out Judge!Eric and Prosecutor!Sookie in Law & Disorder. […]

  5. sookieandericaretheonetruelove says:

    This might not be the best time for me to write, as I am calming down from a stressful situation (my Internet briefly conked out on me and I panicked). I just wanted to say that I am relatively new to your writings but I am already a huge fan of your work. I love the layout of your site too. I recently started commenting on Makes My Head Spin’s/Scribeninja’s site Brainmates because I love their writings too. There is a link to your site on Brainmates (I’m stating the obvious, I’m sure) and that’s how I got here right now. I look forward to reading all your work. You’re sharing a lot with us, and I thank you. I need the work of writers like you after DEA/AD/s6/s7. Take care. 🙂

  6. […] the bloody glove defense worked for O.J. it can work for Wifey. Judge Eric in the purple panties said […]

  7. Northgirl says:

    I’ve seen this picture dozens of times, and I’ve just noticed the actual doorknob for the very first time! Guess we know exactly what I’ve been looking at!

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