I stood on the side of the road watching the smoke rise up into the sky from the abandoned home in front of me. We’d arrived about an hour earlier after we’d gotten the call about the house being on fire and the flames were out now, but we still had to go through the charred remains to break apart what was left to make sure all of the embers were extinguished. I had taken off my flame resistant fire fighter coat and gloves while I drank some water to cool off when I heard a soft mewling sound coming from underneath the front porch. I walked over and got on my hands and knees to try to find the source of the sound when I saw a small kitten hiding in the back corner. His ears were singed and he had backed himself up against the foundation of the house. I laid flat on my stomach and shimmied my body as far as I could underneath the porch silently thanking God and my gene pool for giving me longer arms that matched my 6’4″ frame. I was just about to grab him when the wood above him gave way and without thinking I reached for the wood with my left hand to catch it before it fell on his tiny body. The charred wood still held smoking embers that burned my bare hand and I tossed it to the side while yelling out as the heat seared into my palm. The kitten had skittered out from under the porch when I yelled and I actively cursed him as I slid my body back from under the porch only to find him waiting by my feet. The sight of his dirty and singed trembling body squelched my desire to drop kick him across the street so I picked him up with my good hand instead and carried him back to the truck where I fed him some water from my water bottle.

Once the house was declared free of any lingering fires we headed back to the station with the kitten safely snuggled up in my coat. I lived alone in my apartment so I decided to keep the little fur ball as the guys gave me shit for being able to find some pussy at a fire. Little did they know that it had been quite some time since I’d had ANY pussy. Not because the option wasn’t there but because I was tired of having one night stands and the women I usually came across weren’t good enough for much more than that. None of them offered any challenge for me by willingly falling into my arms after a few flirty glances and phrases filled with sexual innuendo.

My hand still hurt like a bitch when we got back to the station and the captain ordered me to go to the emergency room to have it checked out. I was right-handed and since it was my left hand that was burned I was still able to drive myself to the hospital so I could head straight home once I was done there. I still had the kitten with me so I carried him inside, not willing to leave him in my Corvette because I knew if he clawed the seats I WOULD drop kick him without any hesitation. I signed in on the waiting list and a few minutes later the triage nurse called me over to get my information. As soon as she saw my furry companion she told me that he wasn’t allowed in the hospital and that I would have to take him outside. I protested that he was just a tiny kitten and I wasn’t leaving him outside but she insisted that he had to go. I stood up ready to tell her fuck-you-very-much and storm out when I heard, “Wait!”


I glanced at the clock and saw that my shift was almost over. The ER hadn’t been too busy during the 12 hours I’d been there which was both good and bad. As an RN in the ER the busy times always made the day fly by but would leave me exhausted at the end of it while the slow times allowed me to sit down for longer than a few minutes but the time would practically stand still. I was just about to head to the locker room to get my purse and leave for the day when I heard raised voices in the triage area. Walking over to see what the commotion was about I saw a blond God of a man standing there. His long blond hair fell to the shoulders of his tall lean frame and his face had black smudges that I assumed were from whatever fire he’d been at before coming here. He was wearing a dark blue Shreveport Fire Department t-shirt that hugged his broad chest and black fireman pants with his suspenders hanging loose along the sides of his legs. I could see that his left hand was red with the skin of his palm raised up with what looked like first degree burns, but it was what was in his right hand that made me feel all warm and fuzzy towards him. His voice and facial expressions indicated his anger at the triage nurse but the big and tough fire fighter in front of me still gently cradled the tiny kitten with singed ears in his hand up against his chest. My heart melted a little at the sight.

I knew animals, other than service dogs, weren’t allowed in the hospital and he looked as though he was about to storm out when I yelled out “Wait!” He looked up at me and my heart skipped a beat as I was temporarily trapped in his cerulean blue eyes. Shaking off my sudden stupor I walked over and asked, “Is there a problem?”

His eyes went from angry to smoldering in a heartbeat as he eyed me up and down like a hungry lion and I was his prey. “I can think of several problems I have at the moment and I hope you can fix all of them,” he purred.

Here we go I thought. Now don’t get me wrong because he was hot as hell, but I couldn’t stand it when guys tried to be the suave lothario thinking that a few smarmy lines and smoldering eyes would be enough to have a girl drop her panties for them. I’d heard many pick up lines over the years from patients and doctors alike and they didn’t do a thing for me. I was raised to be a proper southern lady and no amount good looks and cheesy lines was going to get me into bed. I deserved better than that. If it wasn’t for that poor little kitten he was holding I would’ve smacked his burned hand with my own and just left him standing there.

Rolling my eyes I replied, “The hospital has a strict policy against allowing animals inside. So since your little friend appears to have burned his ears feel free to leave him here with me while YOU wait outside.” Take that Mr. Smarmy Blond God!

I was surprised when he threw his head back and roared with laughter. Good Lord that man was sexy but I was still put off by his smarminess. When he was done laughing he smirked at me and handed over the kitten saying, “I’ll be waiting for him outside.” I watched as he turned and walked out the door while having to swallow the drool that had quickly accumulated in my mouth at the sight of his ass in those pants. And the sight of his broad shoulders and back didn’t hurt either. I glanced down at the triage nurse and we gave each other a ‘He’s an ass, but WHAT an ass!’ conspiratorial look before I took the kitten back into the treatment area.

I cleaned the dirt and soot from the kitten’s body and after inspecting his ears it was apparent his injury was a minor one. The poor little thing was very skinny and couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 weeks old and he looked pitiful with half of his whiskers singed off too. He reminded me of my own cat Tina from when she was kitten because they had the same gray fur. I wet a couple of gauze pads in cold water squeezing out the excess and placed one on each of his ears and then wrapped a long piece of gauze several times around the top of his head over his ears and underneath his chin to keep them in place. I giggled when I looked at the finished product because he certainly didn’t look too happy with me at the moment, but he didn’t try to take it off.

I grabbed some extra supplies and headed outside to treat Mr. Smarmy. I found him sitting on a bench near the entrance to the ER and sat down next to him. He took one look at the kitten and shook his head saying, “You made him look like a pansy. He’s obviously a tough guy having survived a fire. He’s got pride you know.”

I put the kitten in his right hand and took a hold of his left hand to start treating it. “He doesn’t look like a pansy and his pride will be left intact. Leave his head wrapped up at least until tomorrow morning.” I took a good look at his hand and couldn’t help noticing that he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring or how large his hands were which made me take a quick glance at his feet. His boots were quite large too. I filed that little tidbit away for later and began cleaning his hand with some wet cotton balls. The skin was mostly just swollen and red with just one tiny blister so it was at the top end of a first degree burn, but nothing serious. I took the kitten back while he went inside to wash his hands with soap and water. When he returned he sat back down taking the kitten from me and giving me his left hand again. While I applied some Neosporin to his hand I glanced up to see him nuzzling the kitten against his cheek and heard the kitten purring up a storm. I couldn’t resist smiling at them and when he caught me doing just that he said, “Thank you for taking care of him.”

I just shrugged my shoulders and looked back down at his hand still resting in my lap saying, “I like cats. I have one of my own.” He went on to tell me how he found him at a burned down house just a short while ago and was going to keep him. I actually warmed up a little more towards him after hearing him talk about ‘the poor little fella’. Once I had finished bandaging his hand I gave him an ice pack to hold to help with the swelling and a few individual packs of Tylenol for the pain.

We both stood up and I looked around asking, “Did you drive yourself here?” When he said yes I wondered at whether or not he had any supplies for the kitten wherever he lived. “Do you have any cat food or litter at home?”

I watched his shoulders drop as he said, “No. I guess I’ll be stopping somewhere to get them before I go home.” I could tell he was feeling the pain in his hand and could picture him trying to hold a basket and the kitten while shopping in a store. I shook my head at him and said, “Follow me.”

We walked over to my car and I opened the trunk taking out a bag of cat food and a bag of litter that I had picked up at PetSmart on my lunch break. I didn’t need them, but they had been on sale so I’d picked up several of each. When he saw what I had gathered he looked at me without a hint of his earlier smoldering and said, “Thanks. I’m sorry if I offended you earlier. I’m Eric by the way.”

He seemed genuinely sincere so I accepted his apology and smiled saying, “You’re welcome. I’m Sookie.” I walked him back over to his car and placed the items inside while refusing to let him pay me for it. He looked like he had more to say but his cuteness with the kitten mixed with his overall hotness and sincere attitude was quickly draining my resolve of acting like a proper southern lady so I told him to take care of himself and hightailed it back inside before I ended up asking him what other problems he had that he wanted me to fix.


I sat in my car in the hospital parking lot overrun with thoughts of Nurse Sookie. Not only was she GORGEOUS but she didn’t fall for my line of bullshit and put me in my place immediately. I hadn’t tried to pick up a woman in quite some time and I wondered if I might be losing my touch. I was pleasantly, and not-so-pleasantly, surprised by her reaction. She was the first woman to shoot me down in a long time which was refreshing and only made me want her more, but the fact that she DID shoot me down was upsetting because I REALLY wanted her. I left the hospital prepared to meet the challenge she was presenting me with every intention of coming back here soon to ask her out on a date.

The next day I removed the emasculating gauze from the kitten I had decided to name Bubba and drove to PetSmart to get some more cat supplies. I grabbed a shopping cart and pushed it around the store until I finally located the cat aisle. I was looking at collars and heard from behind me, “How about this one? The rhinestones are VERY manly.”

I turned to see Nurse Sookie standing there smiling holding a tiny pink collar covered in rhinestones. I smiled back at her and then rolled my eyes asking, “Why do you keep trying to make Bubba a pansy?”

She giggled, “Bubba? You named him Bubba?” I straightened my shoulders standing a little taller asking, “What’s wrong with Bubba? It’s a good strong name. It suits him.”

She laughed again saying, “I don’t know. It just seemed that you were acting so ootsie cutsie with him yesterday I was expecting ‘Shnookums’ or something like that.”

I silently wondered if she found ME ootsie cutsie and I mock glared at her but couldn’t keep the smile from my lips as I said, “I was NOT acting ootsie cutsie with him.” I knew I HAD acted that way but I had my ‘man ego’ to protect.

“Whatever you say Mr. Big Bad Fireman. How’s he doing anyway?” she asked.

I saw my moment of opportunity and leapt at it replying, “Why don’t you come to my place for dinner later on tonight and you can see for yourself?” I watched as she silently debated over her answer thinking please please please and offering up a silent prayer when she said, “Just dinner, right? No funny business?” YES!

“I promise, just dinner.” I gave her a quick look of disapproval saying, “I don’t put out on the first date young lady.” I had to chew on my lips to keep from laughing at the look on her face but once she realized I was kidding she smiled and rolled her eyes. She surprised me again when her eyes narrowed and she seductively said, “That’s too bad.” If her lips hadn’t twitched up at the corners of her mouth I would’ve believed she was serious instead of yanking my chain but I figured I deserved it after yesterday. I wrote down my address and we traded phone numbers after planning on having dinner at 7 o’clock that night.

After paying for my cat stuff I rushed to the grocery store to get everything I would need to make our dinner that night. I was the best cook at our station and decided to make chicken parmesan with a side Caesar salad and garlic bread. Once I got home I set up Bubba’s new litter box and showed him where it was along with his new food and water dishes before I went through the apartment cleaning everything. I wasn’t a slob by any means, but I wanted to make a good impression on Sookie. It was harder to do one-handed but once every surface gleamed I got started on making our dinner.

An hour later I moved the breaded chicken breasts from the frying pan into the baking dish and covered them liberally with marinara sauce. I slid them into the oven to warm the sauce and glancing at the clock I saw it was already 6:30 so I hopped into the shower. I could hardly believe how excited I was about our date. I hadn’t EVER invited a woman to my place simply because I always wanted the option of leaving whenever I chose and I didn’t want them knowing where I lived so they could just stop by whenever they wanted. I had no feelings of apprehension with Sookie though and that thought alone had me thinking this girl would be changing more than my dating style. I was just stepping out of the shower when I heard a knock at the door. I dried off as quickly as I could but since I didn’t own a robe I just wrapped the towel around my waist and went to the front door.

I opened it to see Sookie standing there wearing a white sundress with little red flowers all over it holding two bottles of wine. It fit her curves beautifully and accentuated her breasts in a sexy, yet classy, way. The skirt ended just below her knees showing off her tanned legs and I silently wondered if she had tan lines anywhere on her body hoping I might get to eventually find out. Her hair hung in loose curls down passed her shoulders framing her beautiful face. I realized I was staring and was about to apologize and invite her in to find that she was staring at my body as well with her mouth opened just a tad. I couldn’t resist smirking at her while waiting for her eyes to travel to mine, up from my chest which is where they were currently fixated.

As soon as her eyes finally met mine I was treated to the sight of a full on blush that rose from her chest and up into her cheeks once she realized she’d been caught. “You’re early Sookie, but please come in.” I moved to the side so she could walk through the door and turned to face her once I closed it behind her. I looked down at the bottles of wine she was still holding and asked, “Are you planning on getting me drunk so you can have your way with me?” I took a step closer to her and lowering my voice to almost a whisper I said, “Because you really wouldn’t need the wine to get me to comply with your wishes.”

Her blush had faded some but was back in full bloom as she stammered out, “N-no. I didn’t know what you were making for dinner so I brought white and red.” She held up both bottles as if she were presenting evidence at a trial. Even though I knew she’d said ‘no funny business’ I still sighed in disappointment and said, “Well, it was worth a shot. But please let me know if you change your mind,” I ended with a smile.


I double checked that I had everything I needed and took my bags out to my car before locking up and heading out to the interstate. I was going to New Orleans where I would be meeting up with Eric to watch as he competed in the state Firefighter Combat Challenge. He had driven down the day before to check in and get a good night’s rest prior to today’s competition, but I had to work so I was driving down this morning. The competition was starting around 9 o’clock in the morning, but Eric had called to let me know the night before that his time slot wasn’t until 2 o’clock that afternoon so I had plenty of time to get there. It had been a month since our first dinner date at his apartment and we’d been seeing each other pretty regularly ever since. There was definitely some serious chemistry going on between us but he’d kept his word and acted like a gentleman every time we were together. I had no doubt that he wanted our relationship to progress to a sexual one as well and I had every intention of making that happen while we were there.

Truth be told, I had a difficult time not jumping him every time I saw him. He was just so sexy, but I learned he was sweet, funny, and smart as well. Whenever we went out anywhere I would watch the women nearly swoon at his feet trying to get his attention but his eyes never strayed from me. He made a joke or reference every single day that he wanted me sexually which I always brushed off with my own joke or feigned indignation. The most difficult times for me were when we kissed. I swear that man could heat up an entire Alaskan village in the dead of winter with the amount of heat he could produce with just one kiss. We had gone out to dinner together the night before he left and he blessed me with one of those kisses at my door before he left. If I hadn’t already known he was leaving early the next morning I would’ve dragged him inside right then and there.

He called me a few hours after I’d been on the road to see how my trip was going so far and to tell me where I would be able to find him once I got there. Before we hung up he asked me for the umpteenth time in various ways, “Should I run out and buy lots of condoms for when you get here? Are you ready to yield to me yet Lover?” It was a pet name he had bestowed on me on our second date and I wondered aloud at the time if it was his way of trying to convince me to go along with making it a true statement. His answer was simply, “Yes.” I could hear the sexy smirk I was sure he was currently sporting, but instead of giving him my patented eye roll, which he wouldn’t have been able to see anyway, I simply said, “I’m on the pill.”

Silence. For a while. “Eric? Are you still there?” I asked. Maybe the call got dropped. I was wearing my Bluetooth so I picked up my phone from the cup holder it had been sitting in to see that we were still connected. “Uh…Eric?”

“Does that mean what I think it means?” His voice was nothing more than a hoarse whisper.

“What, that I’m 99.98% protected against getting pregnant? Yes,” I answered coyly.

“Lover, if you’re playing with me I can assure you that you will be punished for it.” He spoke slowly enunciating each word and my panties dampened immediately following his statement.

I had to take a deep breath and clear my throat before I responded in the same hoarse whisper, “Lover…you shouldn’t tempt me into playing with you by making those kinds of assurances.”

I had no doubt my panties were soaked through when I heard his responding growl. I caught myself swerving somewhat while I was lost in the fantasies of what I wanted to do to/with him later on and told him I had to go before I wrecked my car. He responded with a simple, “I’ll see you soon Lover.”

I finally arrived at the Firefighter Challenge to find that every other human being on the continent must be there as well. Eric had already told me to just park at the hotel and take the courtesy shuttle the hotel offered to guests attending the event. My southern lady grace and charm got me nowhere with this crowd and soon I was pushing and shoving my way through the masses to get to the front of the course where Eric would be starting in a few minutes.

I picked him out of the crowd easily with his blond head a few inches higher than any of the other’s around him. It was a few minutes until 2 o’clock so I stayed where I was standing knowing he would be starting soon. I don’t know if he felt my eyes on him but his head turned and he immediately locked onto my gaze and smiled before his eyes changed into his sexy smoldering look causing me to lock my knees together to try to stop the moisture he was producing between my legs from running out of my shorts. Our eyes stayed locked onto each other until Eric was told to move to the starting point on the course.

He moved into position and placed his helmet on his head before placing his hand in the starter’s position. He was wearing his ‘turnout gear’ which consisted of his helmet, coat, pants gloves and boots as well as his SCBA tank on his back with the face piece on. I’d never seen him wearing all of his gear before and the mere sight of it had my girly bits throbbing. I knew he was handsome but I could only be thankful he hadn’t been wearing that the first time we met because I probably would’ve dragged him behind a curtain in the ER and attacked him. I knew he had six minutes to complete the course but he said the winners were always done in under 2 minutes. Another competitor dressed identical to Eric was a few feet to the right of him on the symmetrical course. As soon as the horn sounded he grabbed a 42 pound high rise hose pack throwing it over his shoulder and took off practically flying up the stairs of an open tower three flights high. His longer legs allowed him to skip multiple steps at a time on the way up but he’d told me he had to touch them all on the way down or else he’d get penalized.

As soon as his foot hit the top platform of the tower he dropped the hose pack into a container at the top and then turned towards the railing where he grabbed onto a rope and began hoisting another 42 pound donut roll of a large diameter hose up the side of the tower. As soon as it cleared the railing he quickly dropped it into the container as well and ran down the stairs making sure to touch each one while holding onto the handrail.

Next Eric ran to a machine that he said was a chopping simulator that mimicked forcible entry. He grabbed onto a nine pound mallet and began hitting the end of a 160 pound steel beam needing to drive it a distance of 5 feet using nothing more than the force of the mallet. He was already done and headed to the next part when his competitor arrived at the mallet. Eric ran a 140 foot slalom course at the end of which he picked up a charged hose line and dragged the nozzle forward 75 feet through a set of swinging doors where he turned the hose on, hitting the target with water, and then turned the hose off letting it drop to the ground.

Running to the last part of the course Eric lifted the 175 pound dummy with his hands hooked underneath its arms and dragged the body 100 feet down his assigned lane until they both crossed the finish line where he unceremoniously dropped it. I looked up at the clock and saw that a total of 1 minute and 31.44 seconds had passed from his start to finish. The crowd roared as he bent over trying to catch his breath. He stood up a few moments later and looked over at me with a relieved expression on his face as he threw off his helmet and headed towards me.


As I got to know Sookie over the last month I grew to like her more and more. She was sweet and funny and she called me out every time I tried to get her to ‘yield’ to me. I couldn’t deny that she was giving me the challenge I had been craving. The kissing and minor petting that had occurred between us so far was amazing and just the thought of how she tasted and the feel of her soft skin underneath my fingertips could get me hard within seconds. But I knew 5 minutes in to our first date that she was going to be so much more than a mere roll in the hay. I’d never spent so much time with the same woman in my entire adult life, but I just couldn’t seem to get enough of her. I thought about her constantly whenever we were apart, which really wasn’t all that often. If I didn’t know any better I might even hazard a guess that I was falling in love with her. Since I’d never been in love before I couldn’t be sure, but I knew I couldn’t picture my life without her in it and even had a hard time remembering how I filled my spare time before she came along. I was glad she hadn’t accepted my initial overtures to get her in bed because I now knew that when it happened it would be spectacular.

I won’t deny that the thought had crossed my mind that the weekend we were spending together in New Orleans would finally have her writhing naked underneath me. When I was making the hotel reservations I offered to pay for a separate room for her but she merely looked at me for few moments and then said that it wouldn’t be necessary. Then she smiled wide and said I could always sleep on the couch, but I honestly didn’t care if we would both be spending the night in the same room. Just one more realization for me that I was definitely smitten with this woman. Over the last few weeks our kisses and touches had become much more heated and I’d had a difficult time restraining myself from taking things too far. But I wanted her to be the one to make it perfectly clear that she wanted us to move forward and until that time I would simply keep on jokingly pester her to ‘yield’.

The morning of the firefighter challenge competition my thoughts had naturally been filled with Sookie. I had no doubt that she was perfectly capable of driving down to New Orleans by herself but it didn’t stop me from worrying about her nonetheless. I held off for as long as I could before I finally gave in and called her cell phone. The tightness I felt in my chest disappeared as soon as I heard her voice. We made some small talk and I told her she’d be better off parking at the hotel and taking the shuttle to the competition. I’d competed a few times before but I’d never seen a crowd as large as the one here and I knew she’d never find a parking space nearby. I was just about to end our phone call when I jokingly asked her if I should stock up on condoms for when she got here fully expecting her to shoot me down again. When she merely replied she was on the pill I could’ve sworn my heart stopped. I sat down because my knees felt weak and replayed her words in my mind looking for what those few precious words really meant. She tried to make a joke but I was no longer in a laughing mood and warned her against teasing me although I had no idea of how I would punish her for it. She had me wrapped around her little finger and I couldn’t think of a single thing that I would deny her. When she turned on her sex kitten voice warning ME in a way that suggested she would actually LIKE me punishing her my dick hardened instantly and I’m pretty sure I growled at her but I can’t be certain because most of my blood had run from my head to points farther south in my body.

I was standing amongst the group of guys competing near the course when I sensed her presence. I looked up and my eyes went right to her. I smiled seeing her standing there and then her words ran through my mind once more and all I wanted to do was grab her and run off with her thrown over my shoulder like a caveman. I nearly said to hell with the competition just so I could get her back to our room NOW, but they called us over to our starting position before I had the chance to beg off. As my hand rested in the starting position and I waited to hear the horn sound signaling the start of the competition the only thing I could think of was that the faster I got done with the competition the sooner I’d get to have Sookie in my arms. Crowd or no crowd I was claiming her mouth with mine as soon as I was done here. I heard the horn sound and took off. I’d practiced so often that running through the course was second nature to me so I didn’t have to focus on what I was doing. I merely focused on Sookie, and her lips against mine, and her skin beneath my fingertips. The next thing I knew the race was over. As soon as I caught my breath I stood up and saw her standing a few feet away cheering for me and I again just reacted opening my coat and throwing off my helmet while closing the distance between us in three long strides.

I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her tiny frame higher so I could give her a proper kiss hello. She always tasted so sweet and I’d missed it having gone a whole day without it. I felt her wrap her legs around my waist while my hands came down to cup her perfectly heart-shaped ass and she moaned into my mouth while rubbing herself against my front. I KNOW I growled then and broke our kiss so I could see where we were going as I started walking in search of the shuttle back to the hotel. Sookie had buried her head against my neck and the feeling of her panting breaths against my sweaty skin was going straight into my painfully stiff cock. I barely heard her through my lust induced haze when she asked, “Eric, where are we going?”

“Hotel,” I grunted. Me caveman. Me claim Sookie.

“But Eric,” she protested, “don’t you want to stay here for a while?” My pace hadn’t been very swift because there were too many people in the way and I didn’t want to use Sookie’s body as a battering ram so I slowed down even more and looked down at her asking, “Why? Do YOU want to stay here?” Please say no! Please say no!

“No,” she answered, “but don’t YOU want to stay until the end?”

“Why would I?” I had no clue why she thought I’d want to stay HERE when there was a bed waiting for us back at the hotel.

She started giggling and pointed behind me. I turned to see the results board and my name was in the top slot with my time more than 10 seconds faster than the guy in the second place. The haze cleared from my mind a little more and I realized my time was nearly 20 seconds faster than my fastest time ever before now. I sighed and pulled her lips back to mine for another kiss before putting her down. “I HAVE to stay until I’m either knocked down to fourth place or until everyone is done competing,” I gruffed out. I could care less about winning first place because at this point the only thing I wanted was Sookie’s naked body against mine, but if I left I would be disqualified and my captain would have my ass washing the trucks for the next year.

For the next two hours I stood around while touching Sookie in some way until the last firefighter completed the course. I’d never thought winning first place would be bittersweet, but it was because while winning was nice I’d just missed out on giving Sookie two hours worth of orgasms. I’d much rather get a trophy for that!

As soon as the awards were presented and a few pictures were taken we finally left to go back to the hotel. We retrieved her bags from the front desk where she’d left them and as soon as the door to our room closed behind us I dropped her bags on the floor and had Sookie pinned against the wall with my lips crashing down on hers. She kissed me back with just as much passion and grabbed onto my ass pressing me against the front of her body even harder. My hands started running up the front of her shirt when she put the brakes on our actions. I’m sure the look on my face was the same one you’d see on a four year old child being told Santa Claus had died. She smiled and kissed me once more before pulling back to say, “Don’t worry, we are DEFINITELY finishing this, but…,” she looked at me apologetically and continued on saying, “could you take a quick shower first?”


I didn’t think Eric was going to give in and get in the shower but he finally went into the bathroom pouting after I promised to join him during his next shower. He was still all sticky and grimy from competing today but I didn’t really care in the least. I’d wanted wear the special outfit I’d purchased specifically for tonight as a surprise and I’d needed him to leave the room so I could put it on. As soon as I heard the shower turn on I stripped off the clothes I was wearing and pulled the red silk teddy on along with the matching red thong. He’d mentioned in the past how much he liked the color on me and when we’d gone walking through the mall last week he’d seen it in the window of Victoria’s Secret practically drooling on the glass while trying to talk me into modeling it for him. I denied his request but ran back the next day to buy it along with a ‘naughty nurse’ outfit from Frederick’s of Hollywood that I planned on wearing for him the next time he had a even a hangnail.

I quickly lit and scattered a few candles I’d brought with me and turned out the lights. I’d barely flipped the switch when I heard Eric turn the shower off and I jumped on the bed attempting to sprawl myself seductively across the center of it. My hair was still swaying in the breeze caused by my movements when the bathroom door opened. Eric’s body was backlit by the light in the bathroom and I could see that his skin was still damp with his wet hair slicked back. He had on nothing more than a towel and I was reminded of our first date seeing him wearing it but smiled with the knowledge that tonight that towel would be coming off.

He turned the bathroom light off as he stalked towards me with a seductive grin on his face asking, “Lover, is that the same negligee we saw in the mall last week?” I could see his arousal poking out against the towel and nodded my head while sitting up on my elbows and looking into his eyes as he came to stand at the foot of the bed. He slowly crawled up my body caressing and kissing every bare piece of flesh in front of him. His lips ghosted over the fabric of my teddy kissing strategic points along the way but leaving the fabric in place as his lips finally met mine. Our kiss started out slowly, the urgency from before having disappeared, with each of us exploring the other as we enjoyed the feeling of our bodies pressed against each other. Eric pulled back slightly and looked down into my eyes asking, “Are you sure this is what you want Lover?” I knew he’d back down graciously if I said I’d changed my mind and it only made me want him more. I reached along his side and pulled the towel away from his body with one hand while my other slipped down in between our bodies and wrapped around his hardened shaft making him gasp and his eyes roll back in his head. I stroked up his entire length and when his eyes finally returned to mine I said, “Yes Eric. I want this. I want you.” I leaned up to kiss him again and said against his lips, “Now yield to me Lover.”

Eric sighed in relief as he leaned down to kiss me again and I released him from my grasp as he rubbed his erection against the silk separating our bodies. My hands raked up his back as his hands slid underneath the fabric running them over my ribcage and up to my breasts. I whimpered in need as his fingers lightly pinched my nipples and I felt him smile against my lips obviously pleased with my reaction. He slowly licked and kissed his way down my chest while bringing the silk fabric up and over them with his hands. He slowly swirled his tongue around my areola and then laving his tongue over the hardened peak. I could feel the moisture running down my thighs and the pleasurable tension coiling low in my body. My hips began moving of their own volition wanting some attention from him as well even as I held his head in place at my breast with my hands.

He switched to my other breast taking the nipple in between his teeth and with every flick of his tongue over the tip I felt the corresponding throb in my clit. I started moving my hips again as his hand trailed down the sides of my body leaving goosebumps in their wake. His mouth and body made their way farther down my torso until his face came to rest in between my legs. Using his tongue he cleaned off the trails of moisture that had run out along my inner thighs and whispered against my skin, “Lover, you taste amazing.” His breath blew out against my drenched thong as he spoke and I moaned at the sensation it produced.

He placed light kisses on my tiny bundle of nerves over the fabric before hooking his fingers around the strings of the thong at my sides and pulled causing it to rip from my body. I looked down at him having never been more turned on in my life and he smirked back at me saying, “I enjoy this type of ‘forcible entry’ much more,” before his tongue glided through my slick folds. Completely unable to control my own movements I threw my head back and my hips bucked up towards his face as I panted and moaned in pleasure. His tongue continued to lick up and down from my core to my clit slowly, but as my body continued to writhe in front of him his tongue began to move faster while bearing down harder against my flesh. I could feel myself teetering on the edge of bliss and looked down to see his eyes watching my reaction to it all. With his eyes locked onto mine he thrust two fingers inside of me and sucked my nub into his mouth at the same time. I felt my muscles clamp down on his fingers and screamed out as an earth shattering orgasm rocked through my body.

His fingers continued to pump in and out of me while his mouth concentrated on my clit drawing out my orgasm until another one came tumbling forth in its wake. As the spasms died down Eric ran his tongue up the center of my body as it continued to twitch until he held me still with the weight of his body on top of mine. His tongue swept into my mouth and I could taste myself on him as I felt his need both in our kiss and against my thigh. His hands wound their way into my hair and my own dug into the flesh of his ass as he placed his tip at my entrance. We moaned into each other’s mouths as he pushed his way inside with my hips lifting into his wanting him inside of me as much as he wanted to be.

We slowly rocked into each other enjoying the feeling of our bodies being joined together. As our pace increased, so did the force of our thrusts, and our kiss finally broke apart when the need for oxygen became too great. My legs hooked around his body and his arms hooked under mine with his hands on my shoulders holding my body in place as he continued to drive into me. He pressed his lips along my jaw and kissed his way towards my ear. I could feel the air expelling from his lungs as he raked his teeth along the outer edge of my ear and when they nipped at the skin directly behind it my third climax in an hour ripped its way simultaneously from my head and my toes, meeting in the middle where my walls locked down at the base of Eric’s shaft and we screamed out with our mutual release.

I woke up the next morning with my naked body pressed firmly against Eric’s, our limbs tangled up in each other. His fingertips were lightly tracing their way up and down my spine and I pressed my lips into him kissing his chest. Eric slowly stretched out on the bed letting out a soft moan when he was done. I could see that some parts of him were more awake than others and I rubbed my hand across his chest asking, “Do you feel okay?”

He pulled me closer against his side as he responded, “I’ve never felt better. I’m just a little stiff from all of the exertion yesterday.” I looked over to see the smirk on his face and I reached down wrapping my hand around his hardened length. His eyes rolled back into his head and a soft moan escaped his lips while I slowly stroked my hand up and down. “My,” I said, “you DO feel stiff. I think you need Nurse Sookie to help you.” I slid off the bed and grabbed the Frederick’s of Hollywood bag from my suitcase. I gave Eric’s inquisitive eyes a wink and went into the bathroom to change.


One comment on “Challenge

  1. kleannhouse says:

    loved it, that would be fun to see his expression and reaction to Nurse Sookie, LOL Kristie

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