I held my breath as I slipped into my favorite white string bikini. It had been quite a while since I’d last worn it and I wasn’t too confident that it was going to fit. After securing all of the ties and tugging the fabric over the spots that are supposed to be covered I closed my eyes and turned to face the mirror. I slowly opened one eye and when I didn’t feel like bursting into to tears I opened the other.

Not bad I thought. I guess it was a good thing that I’d already convinced myself that I would look hideous and I was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn’t the case. I could stand to be a little more tone, but it was definitely okay to wear it now.

It didn’t really matter anyhow since the farmhouse I had grown up in and inherited from my Gran when she passed away was on a secluded piece of land. My nearest neighbor was more than a half mile away with fields, a cemetery and trees separating our homes so I didn’t worry about anyone seeing me.

It was already late May and I hadn’t had the chance to work on my tan at all yet. I was excited as I went downstairs with my beach towel in one hand and my tanning oil in the other. I set them down on the chaise lounge outside next to the new in-ground swimming pool. I had never thought about owning one, but it was sort of free so how could I say no? A friend of mine knew that along with the farmhouse, I’d inherited about 40 acres of the surrounding forest. He wanted to open up a Wildlife Rescue organization, but he needed land to do it. I signed over 10 acres that were the farthest away from the house, and since he’s a general contractor he agreed to do something around the house for me in trade. The kitchen and bathrooms had already been remodeled and the outside was fine so he offered to put in a swimming pool. I knew it would get used a lot with the Louisiana heat and couldn’t wait to throw a pool party.

I poured a tall glass of lemonade and set it down next to the chaise and slathered the oil all over my body before lying down and closing my eyes to worship the sun. I’m not sure how long I had been lying there when I heard a car door slamming shut from the front of the house. I sat up and watched as an Adonis of a man rounded the corner of the house carrying a bag of pool chemicals and a large skimmer. His blond hair was pulled back and secured at the nape of his neck and he was wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt over black Under Armor basketball shorts with a white stripe along the outer seam and flip flops. His skin was dark against the white of his shirt and his biceps were flexing from the weight of what he was carrying. I felt the moisture pooling between my thighs and it had absolutely nothing to do with the hot weather.

I could only guess that my facial expression gave me away because when I finally looked into his blue eyes he pointedly let his eyes travel up and down my nearly naked form before looking me in the eye again. His left eyebrow quirked up as he looked at me suggestively and said, “Good morning Miss. I’m here to clean your pool.”

Yeah, I got something you can clean… “It’s Missus actually. Feel free. I’m just going to lay here and work on my tan if you don’t mind.”

He smirked and replied, “Oh, I don’t mind at all.”

I settled back onto the chaise and watched him as he worked. He strutted around pool slowly like he was putting on a show for me and then bent over to check the trap for debris with finest ass I had ever seen pointed right at me. I could barely take my eyes off of him and was a little disappointed when he straightened up.

He grabbed the skimmer and walked slowly around the pool getting whatever might be floating on the surface of the water while glancing over at me every chance he got. I continued to track his every movement without any shame at all which he seemed to be enjoying. I watched a look of pure innocence come onto his face as he said, “It sure is hot out today.” Before I could respond he reached down and grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head revealing his tan broad chest and six-pack abs. His shorts hung low enough on his waist that I could see the V cut leading down towards the Promised Land.

I swallowed before licking my lips at the sight before me and noticed his innocent expression changed into one of triumph at the obvious reaction he had gotten from me. Two can play at that game….

“Why yes, it certainly IS hot out today,” I replied. I picked up my glass of lemonade which was dripping with condensation and brought it up to my cheek, running the cold glass around my neck and down to rest in my cleavage. I made sure to maintain eye contact with him as I moaned out, “Mmmm…that feels good.”

He stood there with his mouth gaping open at me until he noticed my own triumphant expression. His eyebrow quirked up once more in an ‘Oh yeah, top this’ and he kicked off his flip flops and dove into the pool. I could see him swim to the bottom of the deep end and then he swam a few laps before heading back towards the shallow end. He slowly stood up and I watched each and every drop of water trail down his torso and wanted to lick each and every one of them from his body. I barely noticed the leaves he had in his hand until he held them up saying, “I couldn’t reach these with the skimmer.”

He smiled at me as he slowly ascended the stairs out of the pool and his wet shorts were clinging to his perfect ass and his obvious arousal. Before he could get out of the pool my hand involuntarily jerked at the sight of him and the glass that was still resting in my cleavage spilled some of the lemonade in between my breasts and my nipples hardened from the cold.

I placed the glass on the table and stood up saying, “Oops! I’m all sticky now. I think I’ll just wash it off in the pool.” I stalked towards him and he remained frozen on the bottom step of the pool watching my every move. I dipped a toe into the water testing the temperature before slowly walking down the steps. I was about to dip my whole body into the water when he reached out and pulled me by my waist towards him saying, “Here, let me help you with that.” He immediately brought his lips down to my chest and licked the sticky trail in between my breasts. My whole body was slippery from the tanning oil and I wrapped my arms around his neck sliding my lower half up and down his erection.

“You’re so hot” he growled as he latched onto my left breast over my bikini top and I held his head there with my hand as I wrapped both legs around his waist. When he moved over to my right breast I threw my head back from the sensation and when I righted myself again my wet hair dripped water down my chest and arms. I felt his hand pull the strings loose and my top floated away from us. Now that my chest was bare before him he suckled harder as he flicked his tongue over my nipple causing a low moan to come from my throat.

I needed to feel more of him. I ran my hands over the hard muscles of his back and I leaned over licking the moisture from his shoulder to his neck. I traced the outer edge of his ear with my tongue and whispered, “I want you to fuck me with your tongue.” I guessed my dirty talk was unexpected because his actions stilled for a moment before he let out a deeper growl that I felt vibrate through his body and my bikini bottoms were suddenly gone. He brought his lips up to mine and swept his tongue into my mouth. Our kiss was frantic like we each needed it to breathe. I hadn’t realized we were moving in the water until I felt my ass rest on one of the stairs of the pool. He leaned forward so that my arms came down to rest on the stair closest to my shoulders as he cupped my ass in his hands and brought it up towards the surface of the water. As he pulled back from the kiss he had a glint in his eye and asked, “When do you expect your husband to come home?”

One of his hands had travelled up and in between my legs. He trailed one finger up and down my slit before rubbing slow circles over my clit. I felt lightheaded from the sensation of it and answered, “At any time, so you’d better get a move on.” He had a wicked smile on his face as he hooked each of my legs over his shoulders and thrust his tongue right into my core. I screamed out and grabbed onto the handrail to keep myself in place. His hardened tongue worked its way in and out of me and then licked up to my clit. Using the hand not holding the handrail I grabbed onto the back of his head as I grinded myself further onto his face and came undone when he sucked my clit into his mouth and flicked his tongue over and over across it applying more and more pressure until I exploded.

My hand let go of the handrail and the upper part of my body just floated in front of him in complete bliss with my legs still dangling over his shoulders. I felt him lower himself to free my legs and he grabbed onto my waist once more pulling me towards him as he said, “Oh, we’re not done yet lover.”

He turned us so that he was sitting on one of the stairs with his chest and arms clear of the water. I was still facing him with my legs wrapped around his waist and I hadn’t realized his shorts had disappeared at some point until I felt him place his tip at my entrance. I eagerly lowered myself onto him and we both moaned at the sensation of it. He held onto my hips and helped me slide up and down his rock hard length. When he placed his mouth over my nipple and flicked it continuously with his tongue I quickly fell over the edge once more.

He continued to pull me up and down as I rode out my orgasm before he became frustrated with the slower pace we had to maintain because of the water. He quickly stood up and spun me around so that my hands and knees were on the steps with my ass just high enough that it was out of the water and he slammed back into me. The sensation of the water lapping up against my body with every thrust was quickly driving me towards another orgasm. He held my hips in place as he thrust into me harder and faster until I felt him swelling even larger inside of me. He pulled my body upright with my back against his chest as his hand snaked down my front to my clit and pressed down on it hard has he pounded into me again causing an explosion to rip out of my body as he came with a thunderous roar inside of me.

We stayed like that, with our bodies still connected until our heart rates slowed down some. He pulled me back into the water and held me to his chest while he kissed my neck from behind. I looked at the outdoor clock and saw that it was nearly 3 o’clock and knew the kids would be home from school soon. I looked over at him and gestured towards the clock to indicate the time. He smiled ruefully and retrieved my bikini top and bottom from the pool floor along with his shorts. After we were sort of dressed again he pulled me back in for a kiss and carried me up the steps of the pool before setting me down. He gave me one more kiss on the tip of my nose before getting the towels from patio. He wrapped one around me and as he was drying off with the other he chuckled and said, “Honey I’m home! Do you want to barbeque tonight? I think there’re still burgers and hot dogs in the freezer.”

I laughed with him replying, “Sure.” I glanced at the flowerbeds in the backyard and noticed that I needed to pull weeds soon. Looking back over at him I smiled and said, “So how about you pretend you’re the gardener next week?”

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9 comments on “Hot

  1. kleannhouse says:

    oh, i wish i had a husband who would role play, damn I want my own Eric KY

  2. askarsgirl says:

    “Honey I’m home!” That was awesome!

  3. Tree says:

    This is awesome! I’d not read this one yet. Hmmm…maybe I can get my husband to play Dirty Professor sometime?

  4. kleannhouse says:

    this is one of my favorites, role plays are fun. KY

  5. lilydragonsblood says:

    loved it

  6. lilydragonsblood says:

    and loved it once more. x

  7. lilydragonsblood says:

    and loved it yet again.

  8. lilydragonsblood says:

    and again! x

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