I moved about my lab with a precision that could only come from spending most of my waking hours here as I had practically made this place my home for the last two years. The university I worked for had no idea of what I’d been doing when I spent many long hours after my official work day had ended here, but my work was always superb so I was left to my own devices. They made millions in grants from the fruits of my labor considering I’d signed an ironclad contract giving them the rights to whatever I cooked up in their lab. I was paid an obscene amount of money for that right, but money meant nothing to me anyway. Only one thing did, or one person rather, and if everything went according to plan tonight she would hopefully be mine. As if on cue the door to my lab opened at that very moment.

She walked in like she did every evening only this time she wasn’t pushing her cart of cleaning supplies and was wearing a sundress instead of her usual jeans and a t-shirt. I stood transfixed on the spot I stood watching her like always. Her long blond hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail, but I thought she looked beautiful as always. It was two years earlier when she’d first walked into my lab while I’d been working late. I had stayed later than normal that evening to fix one of my co-workers screw ups and I’d been angry about it at the time. I was very regimented in my routine and having to stay later put me in a foul mood, but as soon as I laid eyes on her my anger dissipated immediately and was replaced with overwhelming desire. It was a first for me.

I’d grown up an only child. My parents were both scientists and I grew up following them as a role model to a T. There were no overt displays of affection. I was never treated or spoken to like a child and my inherent intelligence allowed me to graduate high school by the time I was thirteen and had earned my PHD by the time I was twenty-one. There was never any time to make friends with anyone since I was never around kids my own age and the others around me viewed me as a freak of nature.

I supposed I was still a freak of nature now that I was twenty-five years old and still a virgin. I always felt awkward in any social situations and preferred to be alone. My 6 foot 5 height and lean frame stood out too much for me to blend in with the scenery no matter how much I tried, but at times I was obligated to attend school/work functions. I never cared how I looked and my blond hair was often shaggy in need of a haircut and my beard growing for no other reason than I didn’t care about my appearance. My clothing consisted of mostly Dockers and collared shirts with pullover sweaters, but they were always covered by my white lab coat so it made no difference. I’d gotten used to the stares of others since I was always the odd one of the bunch whether it was for my age while in school or my too tall gangly frame now.

It didn’t take long for my co-workers to realize that they wouldn’t be getting much small talk out of me so I was generally left alone. I was at least ten years younger than the youngest one in my department and my position on the ‘food chain’ was higher than any of theirs, so that didn’t help them warm up to me either. I knew they thought I felt I was better than them, smarter perhaps, but in reality I was just shy. Unfortunately there was no way for me to convey that since I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone so it was a never ending vicious circle until she walked into my lab.

We didn’t speak at all for the first month with her just quietly coming into the lab and going about her work cleaning before going on to the next lab. Every once in a while our eyes would meet with a small smile and a blush appearing on her face causing one of my own. I’d been staying late for no other reason than to see her knowing she didn’t work until the evenings. Just seeing her would make my palms start sweating and my heart beat rapidly in my chest while I felt my whole body flush with color. I’d seen pretty women before, there were plenty of young co-eds all over campus, but I never felt this way in my entire life. I was a man and had urges, but I’d spent a lifetime never knowing the pleasures of a woman and for the first time I’d found the woman I wanted to experience them with.

It was during one of those nights when she was in my lab that my sweaty palms caused a glass beaker to fall from grasp and I’d accidentally cut myself with a shard of glass in my embarrassed rush to clean up the mess I’d made. She ran over to where I was standing reaching out to help me and as soon as our skin touched I felt an electrical charge where our skin met. I wondered at the time if she’d felt it too because our eyes locked onto one another with a look of wonder on her face before she finally broke our mutual gaze to look back at my hand.

She helped me bandage my wound and clean up the mess I’d made when I finally found the courage to speak and asked, “What’s your name?”

She hadn’t been looking at me when I’d spoken, but my eyes were trained on her and saw her body shiver before answering with, “Sookie. Sookie Stackhouse.”

I felt a genuine smile on my face for the first time I could ever remember when she turned to face me and I said, “Well thank you for your help Miss Stackhouse.” I’d been wondering from the moment I’d first seen her if she was married and while she didn’t wear any rings I knew not every married person did so I quickly followed up with, “Or is it Mrs. Stackhouse?”

The blush that lit up on her face was beautiful when she smiled and said, “No, it’s Miss, but please, call me Sookie.”

I knew I was smiling like a kid on Christmas day, well a normal kid anyway, when I said, “Okay Sookie. I’m Eric.”

From that day forward we talked a little more every night. I learned that her job here was a second job she’d taken on to earn extra money to help care for her elderly grandmother. She also waitressed part time on the weekends at a local bar and grill off campus while taking a full course load at the university. I felt bad knowing how hard she worked, but she never once complained and always had a smile on her face.

Over time I found out she was studying to become a teacher and hadn’t started at the University until a year earlier at the age of twenty-two. Her grandmother had raised her, but there wasn’t enough money for her to attend college until she ended up inheriting some money from a distant relative that had passed away. Sookie had said it wasn’t a lot of money, but it was enough that she could manage to go to school if she kept working her two jobs and she commuted each day from her Gran’s house where she remained living in order to help her around the house.

I admired her work ethic as well as her physical beauty, but I was most impressed with her sweet nature. I’d observed human interactions from afar for the majority of my life and had always been struck by the insincerity and vain characteristics often held by women as beautiful as she. Yet she was humble and down to earth in a very appealing way. I was captivated by her.

After more time had passed she asked why I was always working late and said I should be going out on dates instead of being cooped up in my lab. I instantly felt flustered not wanting to admit that I didn’t date at all, had never dated, and really only ever wanted to spend time with her. Being the social retard that I was I ignored her statement and pretended to become interested in the formulas I wasn’t really working on. She finished up in the lab, walking out the door without speaking another word, and all I wanted to do was kick myself. I realized much too late that my actions could have hurt her feelings and I was at a loss as to how to make things better.

My stellar performance as an asshat set our ‘relationship’ back by leaps and bounds with Sookie not even looking at me when she came into the lab the next evening. It lasted a week with me sitting there in silence until I couldn’t take it any longer and asked how her Gran, as she called her, was doing. It was enough for Sookie to start talking to me again and from then on she became the only friend I ever had.

She’d started bringing me home cooked meals saying she was worried that I’d forget to eat being here so late and I started keeping a fresh batch of sweet tea in the refrigerator I kept in the lab knowing it was her favorite drink. We’d sit and talk each night about our days and what had gone on. It was nice having someone to share that with and I looked forward to our next chat as soon as she walked out of my lab every night.

Through our discussions we found that we had a lot of things in common, more so than I would have ever imagined. I thought she was surely pulling my leg when she admitted to a love of Harry Potter and Sci Fi shows, but she could spout off entire dialogs of Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica making me want her even more. Our friendship had gotten to the point where we’d sometimes say the exact same thing at the exact same time. It was then that she’d taught me the childhood game of yelling out ‘Jinx!’ that I’d never even heard of so I apparently now owed her a bunch of Cokes.

Sookie started saving my lab for the last to clean on her shift because our talks were becoming longer and longer each night. I often ran around doing everything she would’ve had to do prior to her arrival so we could spend the whole time talking. She didn’t like me ‘doing her work’ for her, but I found if I gave her puppy dog eyes she usually gave in.

Eventually I started feeling brave enough the visit Sookie on the weekends while she waitressed. Her uniform consisted of a fitted t-shirt and shorts that made me feel things I’d never felt before. Not only lust, but an ever growing sense of longing to be with her all of the time. She always smiled sweetly whenever she saw me, but then she smiled sweetly at other customers as well. I wanted us to be more than just friends; I just didn’t know how to get us there.

At one point Sookie told me she was having trouble with her required math course so I jumped at the chance to offer to help her. The smile she gave me in return warmed me from the inside out and we spent a few nights a week in my lab with me tutoring her. I often caught myself staring at her while she concentrated on her work, wanting to smooth out her furrowed brow with my fingertip, wanting to be the tip of the pen she sometimes stuck in between her lips in thought. She had no idea, as far as I could tell, of the effect she had on me. I sheepishly wondered if I had any effect on her.

She never mentioned dating anyone and she never asked about my dating again. I couldn’t blame her given what happened the last time, but I had no idea of how to let her know that I wanted her to be more than just my friend even though I knew that was how she saw me. I wanted to find a way to make her fall in love with me because I knew now that I had fallen in love with her.

I was also worried about what would happen if we did end up together. I’d never even kissed a girl much less made love to anyone. What if I wasn’t any good at it? What if I didn’t measure up against whoever she’d been intimate within the past? The thought of anyone else having their hands on Sookie, much less any other part of their body, made me growl in frustration but I wasn’t naive enough to think that she was still a virgin. I didn’t think badly of her because of it knowing it was perfectly normal for an adult to have had sex at her age. I was the only virgin freak in this town.

All I’d ever known in my life was academics so I did what I did best. I researched learning everything I could about how to please a woman staying up into the early morning hours. It was surprising to me all of the different positions and stimuli one would or could use and where all of the erogenous zones were on a woman. I knew each person was different in what they liked and didn’t like, but I couldn’t help imagining the different things Sookie and I could do together.

She had the body of a goddess with full breasts and curvy hips. I longed to see her in a dress because I had seen firsthand her legs were sexy as hell. While I was attracted to more than just her body I found everything about her intoxicating. All of my research made for an active fantasy life with Sookie in the starring role. So much so that I was deluded enough to start carrying condoms with me in case she magically attacked me in my lab where I would take her on my desk like I had imagined so many times. I never really thought it would happen, especially since I was too afraid to admit my true feelings to her, but it was nice to dream.

It wasn’t until I’d gone to visit her one Saturday afternoon while she was waitressing that I decided I couldn’t keep my feelings for her to myself any longer. I’d come to this revelation when I saw one of Sookie’s customers laughing and flirting with her as she took his order. I didn’t hear what he’d said, but her eyes lit up with her laughter and I knew I wasn’t the only one vying for her attentions. If I waited too long she might be lost to me forever and I’d never know what there could have been between us. Life was too short and I didn’t want to waste another minute fearful of a rejection that might never come to fruition. I had to take a chance if I wanted to have a shot at being with the person I’d fallen in love with.

Seeing her walk through the door tonight took my breath away and I sent a silent prayer to God that she would see fit to love me too.


I was nervous going into work tonight having already resolved to tell Eric how I felt about him. I was smitten from the very first time I saw him standing in his lab with his brows furrowed writing his notes. He was wearing a white lab coat along with slacks and a sweater pulled over a collared shirt which I’d come to learn was what he wore every day. His shaggy blond hair and scruffy face hid his perfectly sculpted jaw and manly features. His eyes were as blue as the sea and his skin was so pale I wondered if he ever saw daylight. He was the most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on with a dash of adorkable nerd thrown in. It made him hot. Very hot.

I knew I was nowhere near his league so I kept my head down, for the most part, and quietly did my job at first. I felt drawn to him like a magnet though and more than once he caught me staring at him. All I could do was smile and swallow the drool in my mouth before looking away again like the bashful school girl I suddenly felt like. I was sure he was only being nice by smiling back and figured someone as smart and handsome as he was must have had a wife or girlfriend. I also doubted someone like him would be interested in dating the woman that cleaned his lab at night. I wasn’t ashamed of what I did to earn a living and was grateful that I was able to help out my Gran when she needed it since she had taken care of me for so many years. Still, I figured I would just lust him from afar.

We never said a word to each other my first month working there until he’d hurt himself on some broken glass. When I reached out for his hand I swear I felt a zap as soon as our skin touched, but I later convinced myself that it must have just been a static charge or something. A person couldn’t actually feel something like that just by touching someone they were attracted to, right? And when I heard him speak for the very first time as he asked me for my name the sound of his rich baritone voice alone was enough to send a shiver down my spine.

That night changed our dynamic and we began talking more and more each night. At first I couldn’t tell if Eric was just shy, or maybe a very private person, because it was like pulling teeth to get him to say more than a one word answer. I wasn’t deterred though because the more time I spent with him the more I wanted to know everything about him. I knew I was probably just setting myself up to be disappointed later on, but I couldn’t help myself.

I found myself mesmerized by his every movement. I got to know all of his little ticks, like how he ran his hand through his hair whenever he was flustered. Or how he blushed at the slightest compliment. He seemed painfully shy when talking about himself and it took weeks before he admitted to being a child genius. Genius was my term, he’d used freak. Even after finding out just how smart he was while being as handsome as he was, I found myself falling for the shy guy that was his true self.

We’d been having our normal conversation one night when I told him that he should be out socializing or dating instead of working every night. I was worried that he wasn’t taking care of himself properly so I had started bringing him a home cooked dinner every night. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so I cooked like a fiend every afternoon.

I was also feeling him out to see if he was seeing anyone since the topic had never been brought up before then. I wasn’t seeing anyone and while I’d had a boyfriend or two I’d never been in a serious relationship. I wasn’t holding onto my virginity until my wedding night, but I was going to wait until I fell in love. That hadn’t happened yet so I was probably a freak myself for being a twenty-three year old virgin, but I couldn’t deny that a very big part of me thought I could easily fall in love with Eric Northman.

Our banter had become increasingly easier as the time had gone on, but as soon as I made the comment about him dating his whole face locked down and he turned back to do whatever it was he’d been working on. I thought I must have crossed an invisible line and while I wanted to apologize, I felt the tears well up in my eyes at his reaction and knew that my voice would quiver if I spoke at that moment. I quickly finished cleaning and practically ran out the door.

Neither one of us said anything to each other for a week and even though it broke my heart every time I saw him, I still wanted to see him even if he didn’t want me in the way I’d come to realize that I wanted him. I was grateful when he broke the ice and asked about Gran, so I answered him and resolved that I would just enjoy what little interactions we had no matter how much I longed for something more. We continued to open up to each other more and more, but I never asked about his social life again. It was a dual edged sword in that I wanted to know if he had a woman in his life while at the same time knowing it would break my heart if he did.

The first time I saw Eric walk through the door that Saturday afternoon while I was waitressing I thought my heart was going to stop. I can only imagine how big my smile was when I saw him and I felt like a giddy teenager all over again. If only he felt the same way about me as I’d felt about him. I knew he considered me his friend, but he never flirted with me or made any suggestive comments laced with innuendo so I doubted he thought of me as anything more than just that. A friend.

I was too busy between school and work to have kept up with my other childhood friends, so Eric had really become the only one I had. There were so many times I almost told him the truth about the way I felt, but the thought that he didn’t feel the same kept my mouth shut. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing his friendship and our time that we spent together to risk it all with the truth. The truth was that I’d fallen in love with him.

It wasn’t lost on me either the way women were drawn to him. Whenever he came out to see me on the weekends there wasn’t a female, and some males, in the room that didn’t notice him. Heads turned so quickly around him that I imagined there was a spike of whiplash cases at the student health center. Eric seemed oblivious of the reactions surrounding him, but I figured he was just used to the attention wherever he went because he caused the same reaction every time he stepped one foot in the door.

I couldn’t hide the truth of my feelings from Gran since she’d always been able to read my emotions easily and she was the one to convince me to take the leap and tell Eric how I really felt. She’d said that I shouldn’t keep living a lie, which is what I’d essentially been doing, and I would never know the life I could have led with Eric if I never told him the truth.

So, I was petrified as I drove to work prepared to tell Eric my true feelings and the only thing that got me to walk through the door was knowing I could run right back out if he laughed in my face. I didn’t think he would, but he’d never even flirted with me once so I had serious doubts he felt attracted to me at all. It would break my heart to not even have our little chats anymore if my admission ended our friendship, but Gran convinced me the reward would be too great to pass up if he wanted me too.

I approached the door, minus my cleaning cart in case I needed to make a quick getaway, and in my nervousness I ended up pulling my hair into a sloppy ponytail using the hair band I habitually kept on my wrist. Taking a deep breath I steeled my resolve and pushed the door open. Eric was working on whatever it was at the time looking over his notes with various glass jars and beakers surrounding him. He looked surprised to see me, I supposed from my unusual attire of wearing a sundress instead of my normal jeans and a t-shirt, and then a smile lit up his face.

I hadn’t noticed that we had been moving towards each other until Eric and I had somehow managed to meet each other in the middle of the room. Eric’s eyes roamed over my dress before coming to rest on my eyes once more with a look of awe as he said, “You look beautiful.”

I blushed at his compliment and hoped it was a good sign of things to come. We stared at each other for what felt like eons before we each said, “There’s something I need to tell you,” in unison.

It would’ve been funny any other time with both of us yelling out ‘Jinx!’, but my overwhelming nerves seemed to have been contagious given his facial expression with neither one of us even chuckling.

“You go first,” again, in unison. This time a small chuckle.

I was still blushing at his earlier compliment, but it seemed over eager to follow up his statement with what I had come here to tell him. Seeing an image of Gran with one hand on her hip and her foot tapping in wait, I took a deep breath as I looked up into Eric’s eyes and said, “I’m in love with you.”

My head was spinning from finally giving a voice to my confession and my hands were shaking, but my Stackhouse genes were strong so I stood still never breaking his gaze. I hadn’t even realized he’d said the same exact thing to me at the same time because I was concentrating on trying not to crumple to the floor until a second before I saw him coming.

Eric’s lips crashed against mine as he wrapped his arms around my waist and I moaned into his mouth. My hands found their way into his hair as I clutched him tight afraid that he’d disappear if I were to let him go. The way his lips moved against mine made me wonder if he’d kissed thousands of women because he seemed to know exactly what he was doing, but before I could contemplate that thought any further he abruptly pulled away.

Holding my face in both of his hands he looked down into my eyes and said, “Tell me I’m not dreaming.”

A tear fell from my eye as I whispered, “You’re not dreaming.”

“Say it again.” The intensity in his eyes made me unable to look anywhere else but at him.

“You’re not dreaming.”

“Before that.” His voice was hoarse with emotion.

“I’m in love with you.”

I could see the disbelief on his face give way to pure joy as he said, “I’ve loved you from the beginning.” His lips tenderly met mine once more as he whispered against them, “I’ve always loved you.”

He kissed me passionately then with our emotions pouring into that one kiss leaving both of us breathless. Eric’s arms held me tightly against him while my hands held onto his head and neck. I couldn’t get close enough to him and Eric seemed to feel the same as his hands loosened their grip and slid down coming to a rest on the small of my back pulling me tightly against him. I could feel his arousal pressed in between our bodies and his size both excited and scared me.

My hands dropped to his shoulders and ran along his biceps before dipping underneath his sweater to run over his shirt covered chest. When my fingernails raked over his hardened nipples he groaned into my mouth while his hips bucked forward as my girly bits sat up and took notice.

I let my hands go around to his back sliding over his shoulder blades before coming down to finally touch what had become my favorite part of him. Eric had always worn his lab coat so when he came into the bar for the first time I finally got to see his award winning backside and I had longed to touch it ever since. It felt just as good as it looked.

I squeezed each of his cheeks while pulling him closer causing Eric to growl in response. He kissed his way along my jaw to whisper in my ear, “Sookie, if you want to stop you need to tell me now.”

I didn’t want to stop. I’d been waiting for this moment for my entire life and I didn’t care that my first time was going to be in a University laboratory. It would be perfect because my first time would be with a man I loved.

Instead of verbally answering him I reached up and slid his lab coat over his shoulders and down his arms, letting the fabric fall to the floor before grasping the hem of his sweater. I slid it up his chest as far as it would go, but Eric pulled back far enough to look me in the eye and ask, “Are you sure you want to do this? Here?”

Eric must have taken my tongue away with his kiss because I wasn’t able to speak so I merely nodded and hoped like hell he wanted to too. To say I was ecstatic when Eric pulled his sweater over his head would be an understatement, but when I unbuttoned his shirt and found the treasure that lay beneath I may have growled a little to myself. I had no idea Eric was so muscular. He had a lean build with defined pecs and six-pack abs and, oh my, a hint of a defined V peeking out of the top of his baggy Dockers. I found it impossible to take my hands off of him while I wantonly stared at his naked chest.

I leaned forward kissing the center of his chest and moved my lips to one of his nipples sucking it in between my lips making Eric’s hips buck forward again. When I bit down lightly with my teeth he held onto the back of my head keeping it in place as a hiss escaped his lips before pulling my lips back to his.

I’d shared a few kisses in my lifetime, but none of them compared to the way Eric kissed me. It was as if we’d been kissing each other for years instead of only minutes and I whimpered when he pulled his lips from mine.

I felt his hands slide to the zipper at the back of my dress and he pulled it down slowly as if he was trying to memorize this moment in time. I could see the love, as well as the lust, in his eyes and it was the only thing that let me stand there confidently knowing I was about to be naked in front of a man for the first time in my life.

He peeled the straps of my dress down my arms letting the dress fall to the floor at my feet. It was the type of dress with a built in bra so I was left standing there in nothing more than my red lace panties. I watched Eric’s eyes roam over my nearly naked form and then he looked back at me in awe saying, “You’re truly beautiful.”

His hands gently cupped my breasts while he ran the pads of his thumbs in circles over my nipples and I felt it all the way down in between my thighs. He leaned forward replacing one of his hands with his mouth and as soon as I felt the warm moisture of his tongue make its first pass over my breast my knees buckled from the sensation. Eric paid each of my breasts ample attention while I felt the moisture leaking down my inner thighs. His free hand trailed down the front of my body and dipped into the front of my panties with his fingers sliding through my slick folds causing both of us to moan at the sensation.

While he continued his exploration with his fingers my hand reached forward and caressed the bulge in the front of Eric’s pants making him gasp and moan against my skin. He felt impossibly huge and I couldn’t wait any longer to find out what lay in store for me so I unbuttoned his pants and carefully pulled down his zipper. What I saw trapped inside of his boxer briefs made me pause. I had no idea how that was supposed to fit inside of me, but I was more than willing to find out so I slid my hand inside grasping his length at the base and firmly stroked upwards. The sound that came out of Eric’s mouth caused an identical sound out of me.

Eric somehow managed to pull my panties off without me noticing and in the next instant he had picked me up and set me down on top of his desk. I’d wrapped my legs around his waist unwilling to let him leave that space while our mouths found each other’s once more. I felt Eric reach behind me and barely noticed the papers that went flying off his desk as he lay me down on top of it with them falling like it was our own ticker tape parade.

He kissed his way down my body, stopping at my breasts again, before going lower and lower until he was kneeling in between my thighs. He placed each of my legs over his shoulder and leaned forward lightly blowing air over the moisture that had accumulated before making the first pass through my folds with his tongue. My hips bucked at the glorious sensation as my eyes closed concentrating on the feelings he was generating in my body while his arm slid across my waist pinning me to the desk.

Eric continued to explore every inch of skin he could reach with his tongue, but when he concentrated his mouth on my small bundle of nerves gently sucking it in between his lips as his lapped his tongue over and over my hand latched onto his hair as I wantonly ground my hips against his face feeling a tightening low in my belly. The pressure continued to build and when I was sure my entire body was about to explode I heard Eric say, “Look at me lover.”

My eyes shot open to see him staring back at me from between my legs as he went back to doing wicked things with his tongue. He slipped one and then two of his long fingers inside of me thrusting them in and out as the pressure continued to build and watching him pleasure me as he watched my reactions was almost too much to bear. My inner walls continued to constrict around his fingers when he hooked them, brushing over a spot inside of me that I had no idea existed causing an explosive orgasm to rock through my body while I screamed out his name.

I think I heard Eric say, “Beautiful,” but I can’t be sure since my entire being was on sensation overload. My skin tingled from my scalp to my toes with every inch in between trembling. Eric kissed and licked his way up my body before I pulled his lips back to mine. I could taste myself on his lips and when I felt his arousal pressed up against my thigh I had to have him. It occurred then that I wasn’t on birth control pills and the tears sprang to my eyes thinking we would have to stop.

Eric noticed and looked panic stricken as he asked, “Sookie, what’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” I managed to giggle, or else I really would cry, and said, “No, you were wonderful. I never knew something could feel that good, but I’m not on the pill.”

Eric actually blushed at my admission before saying, “Well, I have some condoms.” I guessed the unspoken question was obvious on my face because he quickly followed it up with, “NO! I bought them hoping we might need them one day. I’ve never…you know…been with anyone.”

His voice was nothing more than a whisper at the end of his confession, but my heart soared knowing we would be each other’s first. Eric looked so embarrassed that I quickly said, “Me too. You’ll be my first.” And hopefully my only I silently added.

Eric seemed astonished at first, but before I could get too upset about that he smiled and kissed me again causing all coherent thoughts to leave my mind. My hands roamed up and down his back marveling at how his muscles moved beneath his skin before sliding into the waistband of his boxers slipping them down his hips and his legs as far as my hands could reach.

My hand wrapped around his length once more and my thumb brushed over the moisture that had pooled at his tip causing him to shudder with the contact. Eric kissed me again before pulling away and commanding me to, “Stay there,” as he went to retrieve the condom from his pants pocket. Hearing his voice give out what sounded like an order made my body ten degrees hotter, but when he turned to walk back towards me completely naked and my eyes saw what my hand had been stroking I gasped. He was huge!

Eric seemed to realize what I was thinking because he came to stand in between my legs and held my face with his hands saying, “We don’t have to go any farther.”

“I want to!” The words left my mouth before my mind formed the thought. It was true though, I did want to. With him. Now.

He stared down at me for another moment before I pulled his lips back to mine demanding he continue with my kiss. Reaching down, I continued to stroke him before begging against his lips, “Please, Eric…” It worked.

Eric stood up long enough to roll the condom on and then leaned down kissing me with his erection sliding through my glistening folds making each of us moan before placing himself at my entrance. We looked into each other’s eyes as he slowly pushed inside of me, pausing when I winced at the initial sting of pain. Once it subsided I urged him to continue by pushing my hips against his. He moved further inside of me inch by inch until he was all the way inside.

I was overcome by the way he felt inside of me feeling each pulse of his blood beating against my inner walls while looking into his love filled eyes. “I love you,” we whispered before he slowly withdrew and then pushed back in. My ankles locked around his waist as my hips thrust upwards to meet his descending ones. I could feel the now familiar tightening starting to form again and Eric’s thrusts picked up speed as we each chanted the other’s name mixed in with an ‘Oh God’ and “So good’. I was teetering on the edge of another explosive orgasm when I felt Eric swell even larger inside of me and he grabbed my hips in his hands changing the angle slightly as he forcefully thrust into me. It pushed me over into euphoria as my vision was reduced to nothing more than flashing lights and every muscle in my body locked down around Eric as he yelled out my name with his release.

We lay there panting with my arms and legs still locked around Eric’s body which was lying on top of me, both of us a sweaty mess. My mind and body were nothing more than mush so when we each said, “Wow,” Eric beat me to the punch chuckling out, “Jinx!”


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