Rescue Me

Rescue Me


I took a sip of my gin and tonic and placed it back onto the bar in front of me. I was mentally berating myself for letting my friend Amelia talk me into going to the bar with her tonight knowing she would ditch me as soon as some random guy caught her eye, no matter how much she protested saying she wouldn’t. I glanced over at the dance floor and saw the two of them bumping and grinding thinking if they got any closer they were going to need a condom.

I turned back around telling myself I would finish my drink and then I was out of there with or without Amelia when I saw someone sit on the stool next to me out of the corner of my eye. I turned to see the sexiest man EVER. His blond hair fell to his shoulders with his piercing blue eyes boring into my own. When he smiled at me with a lopsided grin I could swear I felt my panties disappear.

“Hi, I’m Eric,” he said. Oh hi! I think I just lost my panties, care to help me find them?

Oh, right…out loud. “Hi, I’m Sookie.”

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked hopefully. Before I could answer him a tall, striking brunette came up behind him and put her hand on his shoulder purring, “Eric! Fancy meeting you here!”

Without looking at her, he sighed answering, “Not really since you seem to show up everywhere I go these days.” He didn’t seemed amused at all.

She threw her head back and laughed like he’d just said the funniest thing ever while he looked at me apologetically. I tried to supress my grin as I sat back waiting to see this train wreck play out. Since Eric refused to even look at her she glanced down at me narrowing her eyes and asked, “Who’s your friend?” The way she said friend made it clear that she didn’t approve. I still had no idea of who she was to him but I wasn’t invested in him, yet, so I just grinned wider waiting to see what he would say.

His eyes narrowed at me with such intensity that I almost looked away, but then he opened his mouth shocking me into not moving a muscle. I watched his hand reach out and he wrapped it around my own as he said, “This is Sookie. My fiance.” Huh?

Mystery Brunette’s eyes shot daggers at me spitting out, “YOUR FIANCE! When in the HELL did you get a fiance?” I could tell by the way she was looking at me that she wasn’t impressed with me in the least. The feeling was mutual and all it did was piss me off.

When she turned to look at Eric waiting for an answer I winked at him and moved over so that I was sitting in his lap. His arms automatically wrapped around my waist as he pulled me closer and I leaned in giving him a kiss on his cheek. Good Lord he smelled good! Looking up at her I said, “Oh, we JUST got engaged. Isn’t it exciting?”

From the look of disbelief that shot across her face I knew she didn’t believe it and when she looked down at my ring free left hand she smirked asking, “So then, where’s the engagement ring?” I felt Eric tense up at her question realizing he obviously hadn’t thought this through, but he had no need to worry because I could lie on the fly having come up with plenty of believable excuses explaining away numerous questionable morning-afters to Amelia’s dad for years.

I took note of her designer clothes, shoes and handbag along with her acrylic nails, perfect hair and enough jewlery that she could rival Mr. T and said, “I’m not marrying a ring, I’m marrying the man.” I had only drank half of my gin and tonic, but I felt relaxed enough that I turned my head, pulling his lips to mine, and planted the mother of all kisses on him. It was only supposed to be for bitchy brunette’s benefit, but as soon as he twisted his fingers through my hair, holding my head in place as he kissed me back, I got lost in it. I’d marry him just for knowing how to kiss like that!

I vaguely heard Bitchy (her new name) scoff and the sound of her heels stomp away but neither one of us pulled apart. It was only when the need for air became too great did I pull away. From the look in his eyes, and the stiffness I could feel underneath me, I knew he was just as caught up in the moment as I was. But, I’m not Amelia and I don’t do stranger sex (although he might be able to convince me otherwise) so I smiled awkwardly and slid off his lap and back onto my bar stool.

He sheepishly smiled back at me saying, “Thanks for coming to my rescue. I’ve never even dated her but she’s been stalking me for the last few weeks. It’s getting out of hand.”

I shrugged my shoulders saying, “It’s no problem. Hopefully now that we’re getting married she’ll leave you alone. Do you want a church wedding? Ooh..maybe we could go to Vegas! How do you feel about kids? I want LOADS! Of course, I’ll have to quit working to take care of them all. We can afford that right?”

I schooled my features as best as I could but when his eyes bugged out and the color drained from his face I lost it and laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. I choked out, “You should see the LOOK on your face!” I grabbed a cocktail napkin to dab at the tears that had leaked out of my eyes waiting for the shock to wear off of him.


I saw her the moment I walked into the bar. I had just gotten off of a 12 hour shift and wanted to unwind over a beer. There had been an eight car pile up on the interstate during rush hour and we’d gone back a few times taking those with the worst injuries away in our ambulance first and then going back for the others. I only stopped in the bar once in a while, but I knew I’d never seen her before. She was a knockout even though she looked a little annoyed at first when she was looking at the dance floor.

When crazy Felicia walked up I had reached my limit putting up with her stalker ways having already told her numerous times that I wasn’t interested, but that only seemed to fuel her behavior. She was the daughter of one of the benefactors of the hospital where I worked and I was unofficially informed that I was NOT to be rude to her. I felt the relief wash over me when Sookie played along and after that kiss she blessed me with I was considering proposing to her for real.

We sat talking for a couple of hours and I found out pretty quickly that, in addition to being gorgeous, she was smart and funny too. I laughed out loud when her drunk friend Amelia came over with some guy named Bob attached to her saying she was leaving with him. Sookie took out her phone, demanded to see Bob’s driver’s license, and then took a picture of it and another one of him before she let Amelia get into a cab and leave with him. After they left she just shook her head saying, “It’s necessary. She’s the poster child of what NOT to do.”

Since we had followed them out of the bar Sookie said that she needed to head home to get some sleep since she had to work the next morning. I was ecstatic when she agreed to see me again and we exchanged phone numbers before she gave me a chaste kiss on the lips and then got in her car. She never even finished the one drink she had when I first got there and switched to ginger ale during the couple of hours we’d been sitting there, so I knew she wasn’t drunk.

I stood there watching as she pulled out of the parking lot and she gave me one last smile and a wave before she went on her way. I had just turned to walk towards my car when I heard the crash. I turned to see Sookie’s car smashed in on the driver’s side and facing in the opposite direction she’d been heading. I ran over as people started spilling out of the bar from the sound of the crash and yelled for someone to call 911.

As I got closer to her car I looked over at the other car that had hit her and saw a slightly stunned, yet triumphant looking, Felicia behind the wheel. I reigned in the rage I felt at that moment and focused solely on Sookie. Her airbags had deployed but she looked banged up. I tried to pull open the driver’s side door, but it was useless. I ran around and pulled open the passenger’s door when I smelled the gas. There was smoke coming from under Sookie’s car so I unlatched her seatbelt and pulled her from the car while trying to keep her head and neck still.

As soon as I got her out of the car I placed her on the grass far enough away from her car that she wouldn’t be in danger when I saw that her lips had turned blue. I put my ear down to her mouth and my hand on her chest, realizing fairly quickly that she wasn’t breathing, and I immediately started mouth to mouth resuscitation. When she started breathing on her own a few minutes later I was so relieved I could’ve cried.

When the police and ambulance arrived I stayed by Sookie’s side until I heard one of the eye witnesses describing how they saw Felicia’s car idling in the parking lot across the street and then flooring it into Sookie’s car as soon as she was passing by. I started yelling and screaming at her that she was fucking crazy while the cops held me back as I tried to get to her. I never thought I would’ve been the type to hit a woman but at that moment I would’ve ripped her to shreds if they’d let me go.

After they took Felicia away in handcuffs, I rode in the ambulance with Sookie to the hospital and they let me stay with her in the ER even though I wasn’t her family. The fact that I worked there played a huge part of why I was cut so much slack and I was thankful for it. Sookie was in and out of consciousness and I had no idea of who to call for her other than Amelia. I’d had the forethought to grab her purse out of her car and quickly scrolled through her cell phone contacts looking for Amelia’s name.

I was both frustrated and amused when I saw that none of her contacts had real names with each one identified by, what I assumed was, the nickname she had for them. I was pleased when I clicked on “My Sexy Fiance” and saw my number. I took a wild guess and crossed my fingers when I called “Hookah” and left a voicemail after hearing Amelia’s name on the recording.

It turned out she had a mild concussion, along with a few nasty bruises, and didn’t fully wake up until the following morning. She had brief moments when she’d wake up and ask where she was or what had happened, but she’d always fall right back asleep within a few minutes. I eventually fell asleep in a chair pulled up next to her hospital bed with my head resting on the bed and her hand wrapped up in mine. I woke up feeling Sookie running her free hand through my hair and sat up, startled at first, not knowing where I was. It all came back to me the moment I saw her and as I opened my mouth to apologize for involving her with that pscho-bitch Felicia she smiled and said, “You’re the best fiance ever. Did you sleep here all night?”

“It was the least I could do.” I rubbed the sleep from my eyes before looking at her and saying, “I’m so sorry for involving you with that bitch.” The police had talked to me at the hospital and I told them how she’d been stalking me for weeks and what had happened that night. I really didn’t think she’d go off the deep end like she had or else I would’ve done more to get her to stop. They were charging her with attempted vehicular manslaughter and put her in the psych ward of the parish lock-up.

Sookie furrowed her eyes at me and squeezed my hand asking, “Did you know she was crazy?” After I shook my head ‘no’ she continued, “Then it’s not your fault.” I looked at her in disbelief having convinced myself from the time of the accident that she would blame me, rightfully so, and hate me for life. She tried to shrug her shoulders and the reulting wince on her face made my eyes narrow in anger at Felicia, but she ignored it and said, “I’m alive with nothing more than a few bruises to show for it. Besides, I was thinking of getting a new car anyway.”

She gave me a small smile but I was still angry and yelled out, “You almost DIED! You stopped BREATHING! I had to do CPR until you finally came around!”

I couldn’t believe it when she actually rolled her eyes and muttered so dramatic under her breath, before she squeezed my hand again and sincerely said, “Thank you for saving me. I guess it’s a good thing my fiance is an EMT.”

A moment later Amelia came running into the room wearing the same outfit she had on last night, only her shirt was on inside out, with tears streaming down her face apologizing over and over for not being there sooner. When Sookie looked a little befuddled I explained that I’d left a voicemail on her cell. When Amelia left to get Sookie a cup of coffee, she giggled asking, “How did you know which number was hers?”

I shook my head answering, “I took a WILD guess. You DO realize that your contact list is no help whatsoever to anyone other than you?” She just grinned wider and I couldn’t resist asking, “But, I saw that MY number is listed under ‘My Sexy Fiance’?” I leered at her without giving her a chance to reply and asked, “You think I’m sexy?”

Her resulting laughter sounded like windchimes on a spring day when she answered, “I’m sure every female you’ve ever come across thinks you’re sexy. Besides, I wouldn’t be marrying you if I didn’t think you were sexy.” She winked at me to let me know she was kidding, but I was surprisingly okay hearing her say it. I shook my head thinking You JUST met her for christsakes, you can’t possibly be considering marrying her already. The scary thing was I knew a part of me was doing just that.


Poor Eric looked so upset when I woke up. I think he honestly thought I would blame him, but how could I? He was just as much a victim of that crazy woman as I was. He was so sweet to have stayed with me all night long and looking at the chair he’d slept in I knew it couldn’t have been comfortable.

I still couldn’t put my finger on what exactly it was, but we just seemed to click instantly. I felt as though I’d known him for years instead of just hours and was completely at ease when I was with him. I was normally pretty shy until I got to know someone, but that wasn’t the case with him from the moment our eyes met.

I was sad when he had to leave to go to work while feeling bad knowing he didn’t get much sleep because of me, but he assured me he was fine. I was positively giddy a few hours later when my phone beeped alerting me I had a new text message and I saw it was from “My Sexy Fiance’ asking what kind of wedding cake we were going to have.

We texted back and forth for a while until we finally settled on a chocolate chip pound cake with a buttercream frosting. I was released from the hospital that afternoon and after Amelia dropped me off at home I took the best shower of my life getting rid of the hospital smell that had permeated my skin. I wasn’t surprised when Eric called later on that evening asking if he could stop by to check on me. I didn’t hesitate, telling him my address, and he showed up thirty minutes later with chinese take out in one hand and a chocolate chip pound cake with buttercream frosting in the other. This man is perfect, I thought and led him into the living room.

We started off sitting on the couch with several inches in between us while we ate, but had moved decidedly closer to one another when he gave my his panty-disappearing lopsided grin as he fed me a piece of the cake. “We need to practice for the big day,” he said, as if I needed convincing. When it was my turn to feed him some cake I contemplated smashing it all over his face and by his quirked up eyebrow he knew I was considering it. I grinned innocently while slowly bringing the cake to his lips and gently placed it into his mouth but a dab of frosting ended up on the corner of his mouth.

Our eyes stayed locked while I leaned forward and just as I flicked my tongue out to capture it he turned his mouth towards mine taking the frosting from my tongue with his own. I grabbed onto each side of his head and deepened the kiss as our bodies automatically melded together, but when he wrapped his arms around me in an attempt to bring me closer I gasped at the unexpected pain radiating across my chest.

Eric let go of me instantly and pulled back saying, “I’m sorry, are you okay?” I sat back next to him on the couch catching my breath telling him that I was fine, but he didn’t believe me. I was only wearing a t-shirt and pajama pants and he placed his hand on the hem of my top asking, “May I look at your bruises?”

Having already seen them myself when I took a shower I knew he wasn’t going to like what he saw, but just nodded anyway knowing it was going to bother him either way. He lifted it high enough to see the purple welt that crossed my abdomen from the seat belt and then pulled it back down before moving the collar of my shirt over far enough that he could see the rest of the bruises across my chest.

His breaths came out harder and his face flushed in anger as he clenched his fists in his lap, so I did the first thing that popped into my head to try to snap him out of it. I climbed into his lap starddling his legs and pulled him back into a kiss. He kissed me back but his hands just rested lightly on my waist and I could tell he wasn’t into it as much anymore.

I pulled back, tucking a strand of hair behind his ears, and asked “Are you going to act like this on our honeymoon because it’s not what I had planned AT ALL,” ending with a small smile.

The corners of his lips twitched upwards, but that was it until he said “I’m angry that she hurt you. I’m angry that you were hurt because of me.” I barely inhaled in preparation of my ‘it’s not your fault’ speech when he leaned forward and gave me the sweetest, most tender kiss possible. After he pulled back his grin was back as he said, “I should let you get some sleep. You need to give your body a chance to heal because, trust me, you’re going to need a healthy body to make it through the honeymoon.” His eyes were smoldering towards the end of his sentence and his voice dropped an octave catching me off guard. I knew my eyes had glazed over and all I could say was, “Oh.”

He smirked knowing that he’d affected me and I followed him to the door in a daze where he gave me one last kiss before leaving.

I ended up seeing Eric every day, at least for a few minutes, for the rest of the week and he always left me wanting more. I burned inside wanting to be with him all of the time and would miss him whenever we weren’t together. I had no doubt that I had fallen for him hard, but I was convinced he had fallen for me just as hard. He worked 12 hours shifts so he didn’t have a lot of spare time and had to work overtime sometimes because they were short handed, but he always called or texted me whenever he had a few minutes to spare with the majority of our texts consisting of planning our imaginary wedding. If we were ever in need of convincing someone we were engaged we’d be able to provide them with plenty of details and a part of me wondered if the playful planning would one day become the real deal.

We had a “real” date a week after we’d met and had gone to dinner, but I could tell he was tired from working so much and convinced him to come back to my place afterwards so we could just relax and hang out. I’ll admit that I had an ulterior motive hoping that we could go a little further in the making out department, like all the way further, but when I came back into the living room after changing into a tank top and shorts anxious to show off my bruise free skin he had fallen asleep on the couch. I shook my head and smiled whispering, “Is this what I have to look forward to once we’re married?” I pushed him until he was lying down and lifted his feet onto the couch. Once his shoes were off, I turned the light off and snuggled up next to him falling asleep within minutes.

He had to be at work early the next morning and woke me with a kiss before he left. We’d gotten worked up a few times over the week kissing and touching each other but there was never enough time for us to follow through. I was getting blue walls from his sextastic kissing skills and if this continued much longer I was going to go insane.

I was excited a couple of days later knowing Eric would be coming over that night and spent extra time primping and grooming myself until my skin could probably reflect the headlights of oncoming traffic in the dead of night. So, when he called me a few minutes before he was due to get off work to tell me he had to stay because someone had called out sick, I wanted to either scream or cry. I knew it wasn’t his fault and told him as much, but I was disappointed to say the least.

Eric texted me a little while later to apologize again, but I told him it wasn’t necessary. I only felt a tiny bit bad when I laid out the red lace bra and barely there matching panties, that I’d intended on wearing that night, on my bed and took a picture of them before sending the pic to Eric’s cell phone. I laughed out loud when he called me less than a minute later growling out, “You’re not playing fair fiance.”

“Well I’d say I’m sorry, but it would be a lie.” I was still chuckling, but changed the subject before either one of us got all worked up by asking, “So has it been busy for you tonight?”

He let out a big sigh before answering, “Not even a little bit. It’s been so quiet my partner ditched me to go hit on his favorite nurse in the ER. I’ve been sitting out here in the ambulance bay all by myself for most of the night.”

I had a VERY bad idea, but went with it anyway and started stripping off my pajamas and pulling on the red underwear set. I made a big production of yawning out loud before saying, “I guess I’ll go to bed now.” Eric wished me a good night, telling me he’d call me the next day and we hung up.

I ran to my closet and dug out a cotton summer dress that I balled up and stuck in my purse before slipping on my belted rain coat and a pair of heels to head out the door. The hospital was just a few blocks from where I lived so I was there in less than ten minutes. I peered through the door before opening it and entered once I was sure there was no one around. The ambulance was backed into the bay and I could see the rear doors were open while hearing someone moving around inside of it. I took a deep breath praying to God it was Eric inside and walked around the back of the ambulance.

Eric was facing away going through the supplies in the back of the ambulance and I stood there for a moment admiring him in his uniform. I’d seen him in it a few times and thought he looked even hotter than he normally did when he was wearing it. He didn’t see me right away so I cleared my throat to get his attention. I must’ve startled him because he jumped before spinning around and I was impressed at how gracefully he’d accomplished the jump/spin move he’d just completed considering how tall he was.

He smiled when he realized it was me asking, “Sookie? You scared me there for a second. What are you doing here?”

I couldn’t believe what I was about to do, but I opened my rain coat revealing the fact that I was wearing nothing but the red bra and panties underneath and said, “I thought we’d practice for our wedding night. You know, like we practiced the wedding cake.” I smirked at him as I watched his eyes glaze over while they travelled up and down my body. He swallowed hard, but he didn’t move a muscle so I raised my eyebrow and followed it with, “I’m sorry Eric, but if I’m going to buy a car I’d certainly take it out for a spin.” I let the coat drop to the ground before adding, “So what do you say, care to go for a ride?”

He moved faster than I could see and the next thing I knew I was laying on the gurney in the back of the ambulance with Eric on top of me. I laughed at his unexpected move but it was quickly silenced when he placed his mouth over mine. He swept his tongue into my mouth while his hands started roaming all over my body and I could feel his straining arousal against my thigh. I moaned out loud when he kissed his way across my collarbone before moving lower.

His hands gently caressed my breasts over the fabric of my bra while he licked his way down the center of my cleavage. He traced a wet trail along the edge of my bra before opening the hooks with a flick of his fingers at my back. Pulling the straps from my arms, he tossed it aside and then went back to work with his mouth on my breasts.

His tongue worked its magic over each of my breasts, alternating between licking, sucking, and flicking its way over my hardened peaks. I moaned and writhed beneath him when I felt his hand slip lower making its way inside my panties. I felt him growl against my skin when he slid his fingers through my wet folds and he kissed his way farther down my torso until he was centered between my legs.

Slowly, he kissed along my inner thigh while making his way across the fabric of my panties and over to my other thigh before kissing his way back to my center. He peeled the fabric down and once he had them off of me completely I pushed up on my elbows and our gazes locked onto each other as he leaned forward licking me along the length of my folds. I gasped at the sensation he was causing within me and my hips moved involuntarily against his face. He licked and lapped and swirled his tongue up and down and it was all I could do not to scream out loud knowing it would echo within the ambulance bay.

Eric was still fully dressed in his EMT uniform and watching him work me with his mouth made me think that, in his case, EMT stood for Exceptionally Marvelous Tongue. He eventually concentrated on my small bundle of nerves while slipping a finger inside of my core. He added a second finger and my hips started bucking against his hand as he continued to thrust them in and out while suckling my nub. My vision started blurring with flashes of color and light appearing before my eyes when he hooked his fingers rubbing over that special spot inside of me and I screamed out “ERIC!” as I came around his fingers.


Everything about Sookie was amazing. I couldn’t believe she showed up wearing nothing but her underwear underneath a coat to surprise me. Little did she know, I often fantasized about her and I in the back of the ambulance when I was at work and had been thinking of that very thing when she showed up. I often thought of what it would be like being buried inside of her from the moment we met, but she meant so much more to me now. It had been killing me all week that we never seemed to have enough time together and I was more than happy when she appeared out of the blue tonight.

I knew she had a gorgeous body but once she was completely naked in front of me, the word ‘gorgeous’ didn’t do her justice. Watching her come unravelled while she was watching me almost had me coming in my pants from that alone. Sookie was still a little out of it while she was coming down from her orgasmic high but she sat up and quickly started ridding me of my uniform. She moved to the side indicating that I should lay down on the gurney and I was more than happy to oblige her.

She smiled up at me as she stalked her way up from my feet and paused over my cock pressing her tongue along the base of it and tracing the vein leading to the tip. I moaned from the feel of her hot wet mouth wrapping around the tip while she slid her lips down as far as she could go. She wrapped her hand around the base and continued to slide up and down while adding more suction and swirling her tongue over the top before repeating the process all over again. I nearly came when she moaned on her way back down again and barely gasped out, “Sookie, I want to come inside of you.”

She released me with a smile after one more stroke and reached into her purse which was lying on the floor next to her retrieving a condom she’d had inside of it. She ripped it open and rolled it over me before straddling her hips over mine. I sat up and kissed her as she placed my tip at her entrance and slowly lowered herself onto me. We moaned into each other’s mouths with each of us holding still until we simply had to start moving.

Sookie rocked her hips against me while I gripped her waist and thrusted into her over and over. I could feel her muscles spasm around me tighter and tighter and knew I would be following along right behind her so I slid one hand in between us and rubbed circles over her clit while my mouth latched onto one of her breasts. I flicked my tongue across her nipple while sucking it in between my teeth and felt it when her muscles locked down around me as she threw her head back and screamed out my name causing me to explode deep inside of her.

We sat there wrapped around each other waiting for our breathing to slow down and she pulled back giggling while strying to smooth down my hair. “You have sex hair,” she explained and then attempted to move off of me. I held her in place as she resisted saying, “Eric! Someone could show up at any minute!”

I kissed her chest and mumbled against her skin, “I don’t care.” She was absolutley perfect. Everything about her was perfect and I didn’t want her to leave. Not now, not ever. She was ‘the one’.

I looked up at her and said, “Marry me.”

She smiled and asked, “Vegas or church?”

I looked deep into her eyes and said, “I’m serious.”

My heart swelled so much it nearly burst in my chest when she looked deep into my eyes and said, “So am I.”


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