Northern Star


Because every bit of me was on board when Alex signed up to do this. But since it would be weird to call him Alex in the story, I went with what was familiar and used Eric.

So that means there’s a Sookie too.

And it’s told from her point of view.

Northern Star

AH/AU/Rated M (because duh!)


6 comments on “Northern Star

  1. murgatroid98 says:

    Okay, I thought, “What is she thinking, writing something new when there are so many other stories that need updating. I mean poor Eric is stuck outside in Revamped and the sun is about to come up. Then i read it. Dang, woman, you sucked my right in. Now I have to know what happens next. Sookie’s story is heartbreaking.

  2. […] and since her plot bunnies are as fertile as mine, it didn’t take much to get her going on Northern Star. She threw me under the bus for that but I don’t really mind since I was under there with […]

  3. Please give me more of this, I love it!

  4. mp5KOVA says:

    here is a present from Tarzan, aka Eric, aka Alex for all of us :)))

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