Chapter 20 – Burn



The other three didn’t need any more than my nearly silent one word order to know what they needed to do.

Godric had been monitoring every available outlet in our search for Sookie, so he’d known immediately when she turned up at a red carpet movie premier on live TV. My rage at seeing her battered and bruised was all it took to fuel my strength in flying all four of us at once downtown. John planned our strategy along the way, but it all boiled down to one simple goal.

Rescue Sookie.

And putting the first part of that plan into action, they quickly surrounded the wolves. A fine mist of atomized silver – courtesy of Godric’s ingenious design – shot out in a forceful spray from the front of each of their belts at the push of a button and blanketed the wolves. It wouldn’t do much to their skin with the thick fur covering their bodies, but the soft porous areas of their eyes, nose, and mouth were the intended targets. The scent of dog was quickly replaced by the acrid stench of their flesh burning and still moving faster than the human eye could track, each of our men plucked a wolf from the circle. I heard the pained yelps as three jaws were forced opened – and beyond – to get their teeth away from Sookie before I snatched her into my arms just as quickly and took off with her into the sky.

I didn’t think twice about her body now being covered in silver as well.

I didn’t care how much my hands were burning as a result.

I didn’t worry my fangs were impossible to keep hidden from the gawking onlookers.

I didn’t bother with the fact they were all witnesses to my unnatural abilities as we soared into the air without the aid of wings.

All I cared about was getting Sookie out of harm’s way.

Twenty-four hours. For twenty-four fucking hours I’d been searching for her. I assumed my worry must have overridden my body’s normal reaction at daybreak because I didn’t fall unconscious. Not once had I spent a single second since I’d discovered she was gone not thinking about her. Agonizing over her unknown whereabouts or what was possibly happening to her at any given moment.

But now I could see with my own eyes what she’d gone through.

The bites. The torn skin. The broken bone in her leg. The bruises on her cheek and swollen lips.

And never before had I wanted to kill someone so much.

Another harsh growl ripped through my chest just thinking about what they’d done to her, but scenting her blood still flowing freely from the wounds those fucks had given her made me stop for long enough to heal her. Not able to stand her injuries for a second longer, I set us down in a wooded area not far from the house. Now that she was so close I could sense her again, but not as strongly as I could even the night before. I could hardly feel anything coming from her and when I noticed her natural warmth was gone, replaced by an unnatural coldness, by deductive reasoning I could only assume it was due to her blood loss. So I did the only thing I could think of doing.

I violently ripped into my wrist with my teeth and let my blood flow directly onto her wounds to try and stop the bleeding by healing them.

In my hurry to fix her, there wasn’t any time to hesitate or to worry about what the effects would be. Her left calf was bent at an unnatural angle and the broken bone was visible through the torn skin, so I was thankful she was already unconscious when I reset it and watched, waiting for my blood to heal it.

But it was taking too fucking long for my liking, so I did the next thing that popped into my mind.

I ripped into my other wrist and put the wound directly over her mouth.

It was the only way I could think of to get my blood into her system faster. I wasn’t about to pierce her heart to get it into her that way without a syringe and without any serum with me, I only had the healing properties in my blood to work with. So my eyes darted back and forth from her lips to her leg, watching and waiting for something to fucking go my way for once in the last twenty-four fucking hours.

A single day had never felt so fucking long.

And slowly – still too fucking slow in my opinion – her leg did begin to heal. She showed another sign of her consciousness returning when she moaned and then began drinking my blood in earnest. With every swallow she made I could feel her presence within me growing stronger, so when my own self-inflicted wounds began to heal, I opened them up again.

I had no idea of what the effects would be to either one of us, with her having so much of my blood, but at the moment I didn’t give a fuck. And when I could finally feel for myself the itching of her wounds as they slowly closed, I was as satisfied as I could get without having the severed head of her abductor in my hands.

Her eyes popped open not long after and darted around wildly before coming to rest on my own. And her anxiety eased – easing my own – when she realized where she was.

With me where she fucking belonged.

“How do you feel?” I asked, using the arm that had been feeding her my blood to reach out and gently touch her cheek with my fingertips. My satisfaction only grew seeing the swelling was nearly gone, as were the bruises.

“Like I can fly,” she whispered, both looking and sounding like she was already flying high.

Emphasis on the high.

“With all of the blood I just gave you, it’s a distinct possibility,” I smiled, with most of the tension I’d felt leaving my body now that hers was healed and in front of me.

But the sound of my skin burning on contact with her cheek made her glance over, just as she saw the singed skin of my palm and asked, “What happened to your hand?”

When she reached for it, my skin sizzled some more, so she dropped it again while I explained, “Silver. You’re covered in it.”

“But how?” she asked, feeling confused. “And why aren’t you healing?”

“They guys covered the wolves in it and then pulled their jaws away so I could snatch you out from their circle and get you to safety.”

I could hear the fight was over on my earpiece. The wolves were dead, but John was bringing back the body of the one he thought was Furnan, while Alcide and Jake carried the other two. Their faces hadn’t finished healing from the silver burns when they shifted back into their human forms with their deaths, so he couldn’t make a positive ID.

“But why aren’t you healing?” she pressed, still staring at my burnt hands.

Shrugging, I gave her my best guess with, “I probably need to feed. I haven’t since you were taken and I gave you a lot of my blood.”

My fangs were still down and I could feel the gnawing in my gut for blood, made worse by the scent of Sookie’s still coating her skin. The scent of silver along with it did nothing to dissuade my hunger, but I didn’t give a fuck about that either now that she was safe.

“Take mine,” she offered – because she was Sookie, so of course she would offer to feed me when she’d just been attacked by werewolves – but seeing my want coupled with my apprehension, she sat up and added more sternly, “I mean it, Eric. I feel fine, but you need to eat. So eat me!”

“What a cruel mistress you are,” I smirked and then joked, “Do you really think now is the time to bring sexy back?”

“You know what I meant,” she snarled and playfully smacked my chest, mindful to not touch my bare skin. And because she was still a lot smarter than people gave her tits credit for, she added, “But you can’t because I’m the equivalent of the hottest chili pepper on the planet, right?”

“Really Sookie?” I chuckled, feeling a wave of relief now seeing the fire return to her eyes. “You’re digging for compliments now?”

Grinning, I looked back at her and said, “Yes. You’re hot. You’ve always been hot and I’ve always found you hot. And you are unequivocally the hottest woman I have ever laid hands on, even before touching your skin could actually burn mine.”

“You’re such a dick,” she smiled and added, “So you’re lucky I like your other one so much.”

And because she was hell bent on making me regret every other woman before her by showing me what I’d been missing out on all along, she reached up and tugged the front of her dress down, revealing two of the many reasons why I found her so hot. Grabbing onto my wrist over the leather sleeve, she performed her own scientific experiment by gently touching my fingertip to her bare breast.

It still burned.

But in a different way.

Both my mouth and my dick were salivating, so there wasn’t much resistance I could muster when she held the back of my head and pulled it to her breast, purring out, “Bite me.”

“In a second,” I playfully chided. “You’re so pushy.”

So she proved me right by tugging on my hair and pushing her breast even further towards my mouth. And feeling her own lust colliding with mine, I was unable to resist for any longer, so I circled her pert nipple with the tip of my tongue before flattening it against her skin and licking it like an ice cream cone. Her back arched towards me and I could feel other areas on her body were in need of attention, so I pushed her down onto her back, with nothing more than the pressure from my mouth. A part of me knew this wasn’t the time or place to put my sexy on her back, but ask me how many fucks I gave.

Not a single one.

So I switched my mouth over to her other breast, while reaching down in between her legs. I barely registered the sting from the silver still coating her thighs, but I softly growled remembering how I’d found her with her dress up around her hips.

Thank fuck she hadn’t listened to me and worn panties.

But delving inside of them, I didn’t feel any pain at all. Had there been any silver coating her there, it would’ve already been washed away by her body’s receptive reaction to my touch anyway.

I could actually feel the cheering going on inside of her.

And feeling her own hands working the front of my pants open, I wasn’t so sure I could ignore that sting if she managed to get my cock free. So I shifted away from her slightly and put both my hand and mouth to good use in distracting her from her intended course. Her minor agitation at my dick move – moving it away from her hot chili pepper hands – quickly gave way to the euphoria we’d both been desperate for over the previous week. I didn’t waste any time in teasing her at all and slid two fingers inside of her, while circling my thumb over her clit and working my mouth over her breasts, going back and forth between the two unable to pick my favorite one. But when I felt her body nearing the finish line, I scraped my teeth against her skin and gently bit down just as her inner muscles clamped down on my fingers.

Her hips rocked into my hand, while her lips chanted my name, but I barely noticed over the flavor of her orgasm-laced blood filling my mouth and with every swallow I made, I felt our connection deepen even more. Bagged blood had nothing on the flavor of hers, but now I could taste the flavor of my own blood mixed in. It only served to feed my inner caveman, knowing she would smell even more like me now, even if it was only me and the guys who would be able to tell.

I still had not a single fuck to give about that either.

But I only fed for a short amount of time. She’d been injured and already lost a lot of her own blood, even if I had given her a lot of mine. So when I felt my hands starting to heal, I pulled back and licked her skin clean, watching the marks heal on their own, before pushing myself up to look down at her and again asked, “How do you feel?”

It took a moment for her eyes to focus on me before she smiled and answered, “Cheated.”


Had I misinterpreted the signs? Since I almost came feeling hers, I was positive she’d climaxed.

There was no way she could fake that.

Instead of answering right away, she grabbed onto my leather clad wrist and sucked my finger into her mouth, along with a good portion of my sanity with it. Pulling it out with a pop, she asked, “Did that burn?”

“Not in the way you mean,” I offered in a hoarse whisper through hooded eyes.

A part of my mind – a small part, mind you – wondered if it was my own stupor or her increased strength from having so much of my blood that allowed her to push me onto my back so easily. Probably a combination of the two.

And I still had not a single fuck to give.

Especially when she carefully unfastened the front of my pants, keeping her skin from touching my own, but she didn’t need to when my cock sprang up in between us, like its name was Jack and he was looking to go back into her box. She wasted no time in taking me into her mouth and I wasted no time in letting her know how much I appreciated her tenacity by way of garbled utterances chanting her name over and over. I’d already been worked up from working her up, so it didn’t take long before my body was singing.

And Sookie swallowed every last lyric and kept going until she got an encore.

Yet another tick mark in the column on why I was ruined for everyone but her.

And while I knew we still had a lot to talk about with her abduction, once we were both set to rights, there was something infinitely more important I felt the need to say.

She fought against my hold on her body, knowing she was still covered in silver, so I redoubled my efforts at keeping her in my embrace, thankful for the sting that reassured me the last half hour wasn’t a dream. That she really was in my arms. One of my biggest regrets while she’d been missing had been not telling her more often how I felt about her, so when she finally gave up and glared at me, I silenced her locked and loaded rebuke with, “I love you Sookie. I should’ve told you more than once, but I don’t want you to ever doubt how much I love you. When you were gone, you took a piece of me with you and I wouldn’t have ever stopped looking for you. I’m just sorry I couldn’t find you before those fucks…”

My heartfelt words trailed off, with my returning rage clouding my voice and mind, so she shook me out of it by shaking me in her arms and saying, “I love you too.” Curiosity filled her then, but I was surprised to not feel any resentment when I heard her ask, “Why didn’t you come for me when you can feel me?”

“I couldn’t feel you,” I replied and explained, “Our connection has been weakening. The distance I needed in order to feel you was growing shorter and shorter with every passing day, so I guess it was wearing off. I was going to say something to you about it last night after…but then you were gone. It was too late.”

Her eyes darted to the wrist I’d fed her from and back again when she asked, “And now?”

My eyes fell closed for a brief moment, while the blood in my body sought out my blood in hers, and I opened them again as I replied, “Now I feel like your heart is beating in my chest.” And figuring now was as good a time as any, I added, “I don’t want to let our connection fade again, so I think you should have my blood regularly. Maybe not in the quantity you had it tonight, but I think a little bit once a week should keep it strong.”

I wasn’t sure if she was going to argue with me over it, but those thoughts flew right out of my head when she said, “Okay. Since they know who I am and that you’re involved in the fight against the werewolves, it’s probably a good idea.”


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