A Change is Gonna Come


Rising for the night, I found myself in a position that I could honestly say had been a first.

Something she most likely guessed at because Sookie snickered into my back, “How many times in your long life have you been the little spoon?”

“Never,” I admitted with an unavoidable smile.

But it was last in a long line of ‘nevers’ I’d since come to experience because of her.

Wrapped around me from behind, I could tell she was naked, but that hadn’t been surprising. We’d been wrapped up in each other for the last seven nights.

All of them spent naked.

But I supposed that wasn’t really the case. The truth was I hadn’t left her apartment since she’d first popped us there from the strip club’s janitor’s closet, but Sookie had left a few times.

Called away to perform her duties as the Cleaner at various locations scattered across the globe.

Her ability to teleport explained how she could be anywhere at any given time, but we had yet to discuss her abilities or her past beyond how it affected our present circumstance.

I wanted to know more. I wanted to know everything about her, but it would seem neither one of us were willing to pop the all-inclusive bubble we’d sequestered ourselves in over the previous nights.

But that wasn’t to say we hadn’t talked beyond the dirty little treasures we would bestow on one another whenever I was as deep inside of her as I could get.

I’d learned from her, her New York apartment was her home base. With her Fae abilities, she had no need to keep any safe houses in order to keep herself hidden.

Only a sense of family and childhood nostalgia made her keep one other house safe from being sold or demolished.

I found out she’d chosen New York City because she’d claimed to have needed a change. I assumed from the southern landscape and its inhabitants.

The hustle and bustle of Times Square couldn’t be more different.

But I would soon learn I was merely making an ass out of myself.

Cuddled together on the window seat of what I’d come to learn was her penthouse apartment, she’d pointed out all of her favorite haunts.

A coffee shop down the block that apparently made the best mocha cappuccino she’d ever had the pleasure to swallow. And then eyed me in a way that told me I was at least on par in that same category.

Next she’d pointed in the general direction of a hole in the wall diner that – according to her – could only be found if you knew what you were looking for. It was there she’d found the closest version she’d ever come across to her Gran’s fried chicken.

But the most surprising tidbit of information she’d given me had been an off the cuff remark, slipped into the conversation with no more fanfare than if she’d merely been commenting on the weather.

“I chose to live here because I needed to stop hiding from myself. Being a telepath in New York City, you either sink from all of the voices bombarding your head or you find a way to block them out and float to the top.”

A telepath.

So dumbfounded by her revelation, she managed to answer my future question before I’d even thought to ask it.

“I can’t read vampire minds.”

So perhaps, she was a psychic as well.

But her admitted gift was why she’d chosen a penthouse apartment in one of the tallest residential buildings in the city. The distance from the ground level was a necessary buffer for her in the beginning.

One she claimed she no longer needed.

However, her revelation explained the haunted look in her eyes in the photo from her youth. Hearing every thought of everyone, it was a miracle she hadn’t gone insane.

But her musings of floating to the top brought to mind my own musings on the first night she’d come to me.

I’d likened her blood to floating on still waters on a summer’s day.

Knowing her as I did now, I would liken Sookie to a lot more than that, but words failed me when it came to her.

It was why she’d been able to change the subject without any protest from me.

But while I’d been enjoying my impromptu staycation in Sookie’s home, my own duties had merely been put on hold. That had all come to an end when Compton failed to file notice of his illegally made child with The Council.

Nor had he made payment.

Forcing me to leave her side because I was now forced to seek him out to fulfill his obligations wouldn’t be ending well for him.

But still wrapped up in her arms – the little spoon to her not so big spoon – when I’d felt her hands begin to wander over dangerous territory, my mind had wandered away from cuntemptuous cocksuckers and back to her.

Rolling over on top of her, I was in her before she even knew what hit her, but her scent had already given away the fact she was prepared for my entrance.

I didn’t have to guess at what she’d been thinking of to get that way.

My mouth had immediately been drawn to hers, swallowing her moan with my own. Considering how often we’d fucked over the previous nights, it was ridiculous how much I still wanted her. Not just her blood or body, I had come to find I craved her mere presence.

The depth of which I had only been able to allude to in a whispered, “I can’t get enough of you.”

“Because I’m magically delicious,” she’d sung out.

Both true and untrue because while she was undeniably delicious, it had very little to do with my continued fascination with her.

It was more the Sookie-package as a whole than just the creamy filling.

But before I could say the words my mind had yet to give its permission to admit, her playful expression quickly morphed into something else that was truly delectable.

I would never tire of watching her cum.

When reality finally managed to pop our all-inclusive bubble, she’d popped us back to Monroe where I picked up my car. She’d offered to take me directly to Leclerq’s palace, but my refusal had more to do with my needing the time to clear my head of all things Sookie, than not wanting her near the lion’s den.

My only bright side was the thought of needing her expertise if and when I found myself standing in the middle of a puddle of Compton’s making and ending.

I wouldn’t be in need of just her cleaning expertise either.

But with every mile that grew between us, I had to fight the urge to turn the car around. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d left something behind.

I didn’t even have to guess what that something was.

Both her name and her taste were still on the tip of my tongue.

But something else was on the tip of my tongue when I was less than ten miles outside of New Orleans and I found myself with an unexpected passenger in the seat next to mine.

One I both named and accused in a growled out, “Dick!”

“I’m glad you’re finally seeing things my way,” Alasdair chuckled. “Admitting you have a problem is the first step to some shite or another.”

He was lucky I hadn’t killed first and regretted later, with his little stunt of flying in through the open car window, holding his sheathed sword in hand. So his next words only reminded me of another telepath I couldn’t afford to get lost in, when I was on my way to confront a queen and her procurer.

“You’re getting old,” he teased. “There was a time I would have been a stain on your upholstery before I could even say suckmycock.”

“If your mother had any morals and kept her legs closed, you would have been a stain on the bedding when your father was forced to jerk off instead.”

“Too bad for you she liked to spread’em for dear old daddy,” he chuckled.

Ignoring the fuse he’d just lit – one that past experience proved could potentially have us going back and forth for nights on end – because I didn’t have the time, I forced myself to not volley back and instead asked, “What are you doing here?”

I missed you too,” he crooned, forcing my eyes to roll. And then his own eyes rolled when he leaned in, inhaling my scent, and said, “You smell positively obscene.”

“I should,” I smirked.

I’d done positively obscene things with Sookie to get that way.

And I was positive I knew where his train of thought was headed when he asked, “So she told you then?”

“That she’s a telepath?” I asked and without waiting for an answer, I added, “It’s a unique gift, but why would I care? It doesn’t make me want her any more or any less.”

“So she hasn’t told you then,” he sighed, with a small shake of his head.

“Told me what?”

What else was there?

Whatever it was, nothing could have been worse than finding out she was – in fact – moonlighting as a waitress at a strip club.

It’s none of my fucking business,” he mimicked, adopting her tone and accent with perfection.

It was another gift of his.

A fucking creepy one.

“You seem to be making it your fucking business,” I accused. “So swallow the leftover cum in your mouth and spit it out.”

“I’ve preferred being the top lately,” he deflected.

But at my expression – meant to warn him of his impending staining of my upholstery – he only said, “I know she comes off as indestructible, but I worry for her.”

I – of all people – knew just how fragile she could be. I’d seen her on death’s door.

However, the fact she’d survived showed just how strong she was in turn.

But I couldn’t figure out what he was alluding to. Where he was coming from or what his motives were.

Even by falling back to his initial warning and threat of bodily harm, he had to know I would never hurt her or allow her to be hurt by others.

She may have been sporting a few new bruises thanks to our weeklong staycation, but she certainly hadn’t complained.

Neither had I, enjoying the physical reminders of how each one had come about.

Even so, it had been difficult to hold back from offering her more of my blood. Not only to heal the marks I’d left behind, I wanted to deepen our connection to one another.

But I wanted it too much for me to make sense of, so I was giving myself a cooling off period to see if the urge would remain when I wasn’t lost in her presence.

So far – if anything – the urge had only grown with every minute we’d been separated.

It was something to ponder later.

For now, though, I found myself pondering the fact I had no idea what Alasdair’s connection to Sookie was – and the possibility he could have firsthand knowledge of how rough she liked to be fucked – so I tried to remember my encasement in a proverbial glass house, while I asked, “What are you saying?”

Staring back at me, like I’d gotten his mother’s legs to spread for me, he intuited that very idea when he declared, “You’re a slut.”

“And I’ve seen bellybuttons that protrude more than your dick,” I volleyed back, still unsure of what his point was.

Like my own verbal observation, his hadn’t anything to do with our conversa…



Looking around, I saw no signs Hell had actually frozen over, but I was certain nonetheless.

Alasdair Mòr was asking-without-asking what my intentions were with Sookie.

I would have laughed, if it weren’t for the fact he would be the one left laughing if he knew just how much of a hold she had on me.

She’d Little-Spooned me just a few hours earlier for fuck’s sake.

Perhaps that was the actual sign Hell had indeed frozen over.

But since he’d been too hesitant to come out and say it – likely more worried over the threat Sookie was to him than I was to him – I pretended to be dumbfounded by the turn our conversation had taken and taken another turn down a dark alley.

I’d been driving on autopilot during our conversation, so we were nearly at Leclerq’s compound and dropping down from the sky onto the palace grounds was a much more intimidating entrance than driving up to the front door.

Getting out of the car, I retrieved my own sword from the trunk and strapped it across my back. Alasdair had followed me out of the car, but he had yet to say anything more and while he may have preferred being the top lately, it was difficult to hold back from reminding him I was the top.


But I wouldn’t be able to fuck with him, if I threw my Sookie-assumptions in his face, so I remained silent. As much as I wanted answers about his connection to her and his interest in my connection to her, the former really wasn’t my business and the latter most definitely wasn’t his.

Still, I was enjoying how much it was killing him to not make it his business.

So I didn’t protest his blatant change of the subject when he said, “Think I’ll tag along. New World kings and queens amuse me. S’like they’re dressing up in mummy and daddy’s closet.”

I normally worked alone, but having him there with me would make cuntfederate assholes pucker even more, so I shrugged with my reply of, “Suit yourself.”

Taking off into the sky forced him to follow suit and gave me the time I needed to force the last ten minutes out of my thoughts.

Landing in the compound, her ill-equipped guards gave us enough time to reach the door before they’d even noticed our presence.

Had I not taken the time to knock, they wouldn’t have had the time to ask, “Who’s there?” before we could have taken out half of her staff.

A plethora of ‘knock-knock’ jokes filtered through my thoughts and the corners of my lips turned up at the thought of Sookie adding a few of her own.

But it wasn’t the time to be focusing on her and her potential ‘knock-knocks’ – or her knockers, no matter how truly magical they were – so I wiped my expression clean.

Now in the presence of other vampire, we had each mindlessly slipped on our invisible suits of armor. Ones that projected both the threat we represented as formidable warriors and the authority our positions with The Council afforded us.

So ‘armor’ was also synonymous with ‘asshole’ in that instance.

Being met at the door by the queen’s own asshole – her first child and second in command – he didn’t even try to hide his disdain when he spat out, “You don’t have an appointment.”

“And you don’t have the balls you were born with,” I warned him in return. “Perhaps your Maker had other uses for them. I hear she has an affinity for something called ‘Yahtzee’, so I would check for oddly shaped die if I were you.”

“Yahtzee?” Alasdair snorted derisively from my side and looked down at him to add, “Not even good enough for Ben-Wa balls then? Tough break, lad.”

Having some sense of self-preservation, he ignored our taunts and hissed out through gritted teeth, “Her majesty is holding court right now.”

“Excellent,” I smirked, pushing my way past him with Alasdair in tow. “Then her palace staff should be in attendance.”

Andre’s problem wasn’t only the fact his Maker was a spoiled brat, but the fact she was a royal spoiled brat.

It gave him the idea he wasn’t accountable to anyone but her.

An idea I would strip him of one appendage at a time if he gave me any problems.

Walking into any reputable decorator’s worst nightmare, I found Leclerq lying on a chaise lounge wearing attire suitable for a beach.

Were it still the 1950’s.

Flanking her on either side were the Berts, looking as formidable and as Neanderthal as ever. And I smirked again hearing Alasdair’s low whistle, followed by him turning towards Andre, whose sour expression only puckered more hearing Alasdair say, “S’no wonder your baby dick is Ben-Wa outta shape, but chin up boy. Your balls could still drop any day.”

Then leaning towards me, he eyed the Berts and pretended to whisper, “S’like a mountain fucked Brunhilda and twin boulders rolled out of her cavernous cunt.”

Just one of many reasons why we were such good friends.

“Brunhilda of Austrasia had a husband named Sigebert, so it’s a possibility,” I chuckled, not bothering to even give the appearance of whispering.

Because I would have had to have given a fuck first and I’d left all of my fucks with Sookie.

I still had many more to give her though.

But thinking of her only reminded me of Leclerq’s want of what was mine. And it would seem my appearance there that night reminded her of it as well because she said, “Northman. Have you come to your senses and decided to hand over the girl?”

I hadn’t informed Alasdair of Compton’s mission, but he could have been informed by the Ancient Pythoness.

Not that I’d told her of it either, but then, I didn’t really have to.

No matter any direct confirmation from me, I gathered he surmised who the girl was she’d been referencing because his entire stance changed.

With nothing more than a slight lifting of his chin in her direction, his entire body exuded a kind of dominance over the room the power of having a hundred kingdoms could never give Leclerq.

His top was showing.

So I showed my top as well, by recalling my previous warning that should have been passed on to her through Compton and reminded her of it with my reply of, “I came to investigate a pileup on the I-10.”

And my expression said the exact opposite of my next words when I said, “Good to see you looking so…intact, Your Majesty.”

Taking a look around the ostentatious room, what I didn’t see was Compton or his progeny, but as her procurer she should have a general idea of where he was.

However, what I did see was another of queen’s children, Waldo.

Picturing him in a red and white striped pullover, with a green knit hat, didn’t make him any less of a creepy fuck.

But seeing his attention drawn to another vampire in the room – one who I was sure I hadn’t met before, but seemed familiar nonetheless – I trained my acute senses on her and didn’t bother to hide my incredulousness when I turned my gaze back on Leclerq and accused, “You’ve made another child?”

There was no mistaking the scent of Leclerq’s blood the girl emanated or the fact she wasn’t more than a year old.

Her fidgeting was a dead giveaway.

“Oy,” Alasdair scoffed. “Did you and your kiddies move outta the shoe you were livin’ in or did ya renovate this place from a pump to a palace?”

“Watch your tone,” she warned threateningly. “I am a queen and you will show me the respect I am due.”

“With all due respect,” he smiled, showing he wasn’t intimidated by her posturing, by allowing his fangs to drop down. “I have more respect for Dame Edna. At least she means to be funny.”

Then elbowing me, he chuckled, “Cracks my shit up, she does.”

“I call you Celie for a reason,” I smirked.

Like the lilac hue of Dame Edna’s wig, he did so love the color purple.

But as much as I was enjoying the atmosphere of the room – and in this instance I would enjoy more, having my balls removed by the silver spoon currently lodged in Leclerq’s cunt – I had another cunt to hunt down.

Monarchs had more leeway when it came to making children, so I ignored the fact she’d made yet another one without filing the proper documentation and only said, “I’m here for Bill Compton.”

“I’ve sent him off on a mission,” she offered, dismissing me with a casual wave of her hand. And then eying me like I wasn’t two seconds away from taking her head, she pouted, “To Peru.”

She Machu Picchu’d my mission?

It made no difference really. The fact she’d sent him out of my territory into South America could be taken care of with a simple phone call.

And taken care of even faster, with the aid of my magical lover’s method of travel.

It was the fact she had defied our laws by aiding and abetting a known fugitive that had me calling on every ounce of restraint I had to contain my rage, as I asked, “Did he not inform you he was required to submit payment for his illegally made child by tonight?”

She could claim ignorance.

The root word itself already applied to her.


Something she proved by dismissing me yet again by saying, “The ginger-haired girl was just a little bit of fun we had when Lorena came for a visit.”

But before I could ascertain the root cause of how the girl came to be turned, just because Compton’s Maker was in town, the question itself was wiped from my mind hearing her add, “His skills as a procurer that night weren’t as up to par as his usual work, as evidenced by my newest child, Hadley.”

We both looked over at the girl, who was obviously pleased by her Maker’s words, but all pleasantry disappeared from the room when Leclerq turned her now furious eyes back to me and accused, “Did Compton not inform you the girl you’ve claimed for yourself was to be mine?”

“As you’ve just said, Your Majesty,” I warned, taking a step forward and fully prepared to take her head. “I’ve already claimed the girl.”

Leclerq was too unstable, in my opinion, to be told the truth of Sookie’s position with – and therefore her protection by – The Council.

She would see it as a challenge.

It would be the last thing she saw before I took her undead life.

“I am a monarch,” she bellowed, standing from her ridiculous chair and taking her own step towards me, only bolstered even more so when she was shadowed by the Berts.

But an Alasdair at my side was worth two Berts in her bush, any day of the week.

The low growl rumbling through his chest at my side, knowing just who the queen had in her sights, only added fuel to my fire, so she should have taken my tone as a sign of just how serious I was when I said, “A monarch you may be, but you are not my queen. My fealty is to The Council. The girl is mine. A threat against her is a threat against me and – therefore – The Council.”

And the Fae.

But there was no reason to make Sookie even more attractive in Leclerq’s eyes.

The fact alone she was a telepath probably would have had the bitch salivating.

Be it my warning or her own imaginings of just how well she would do in a war against The Council, Leclerq backed down after a moment and retook her seat. Pointedly glancing at her newest child, she then looked back to me and said, “It’s a shame, really. It would have been nice to have a complete set.”

Unsure of what she was alluding to, I went with the obvious and said, “Buxom blonds are a dime a dozen.”

Mine just happened to be priceless.

And her tits and hair color had nothing to do with her worth.

“Flaxen hair isn’t the only thing they have in common,” she taunted.

But showing just how young she was, her newest child broke protocol by speaking up and saying, “I’m sure it was all in my head. My cousin was killed.”

Her cousin?

Knowing she wasn’t in any way one of Sookie’s other cousins, I couldn’t stop myself from wondering if she could be just a cousin.

A human turned vampire cousin.

Staring at her now, the unfamiliar vampire was becoming more familiar to my eyes. I could see there were some similarities between them. Not as much as those Sookie had shared with her brother, but there were some.

Enough to make me concerned.

A concern I apparently shared with Alasdair, hearing his slight intake of breath when he’d likely come to the same conclusion.

But I didn’t know enough about Sookie’s past to even know if she had a human cousin to be turned vampire.

And it was my own fault for selfishly not wanting to burst our all-inclusive bubble.

But Alasdair’s reaction was enough to tell me it was at the very least a possibility. The fact he seemed to know Sookie better than me in any way yanked at the short hairs surrounding my inner prick, but now wasn’t the time for that.

Leclerq made sure of it by hissing at her newborn, “You will not speak without permission.”

Dutifully, the one called Hadley dropped her eyes back down to her feet and whimpered submissively.

So if they were related in any way, Sookie shared nothing of that particular personality trait with her cousin.

Thank the gods.

And I found myself sending a silent prayer to those same gods, when Leclerq turned her eyes back on me and simply uttered, “Sookie Stackhouse.”

While I was certain my only tell had been the recognition of her name behind my eyes, ultimately it had made no difference.

Alasdair’s immediate drawing of his sword gave any pretenses away.

Automatically doing the same with my own sword, only reiterated that fact.

As did my warning of, “Sookie Stackhouse is a protected asset of The Council. Make a move against her and you will be signing your own death warrant.”

While it was within my power to end her for such an act, I did have to give her fair warning.

It would be her only warning.

As a queen she’d become accustomed to taking whatever she wanted from her subjects, so her earlier posturing over my claim alone on Sookie was a byproduct of her entitled attitude. But if she chose to advance now, it would be at her own folly.

The Berts took up similar defensive stances on either side of their Maker, with their swords held at the ready, while her remaining children openly hissed at our threat to their queen.

But it was Leclerq’s tinkling laughter that broke the lingering silence in the room, before she clapped like an idiot and squealed, “What fun.”

Not an overt threat, I couldn’t act on her words and give her the true death she deserved, but I still viewed them as an omen of what was to come.

She wasn’t going to give up her pursuit.

Not by a long shot.

If anything, the reactions of an Enforcer and the head guard to the Ancient Pythoness had just made Sookie even more of a prize to be fought over and won in Leclerq’s eyes.

For that alone, when she ultimately forced my hand, her eyes would be the first thing I took from her.

Sookie wasn’t a prize to be won.

She was simply mine.


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24 comments on “A Change is Gonna Come

  1. kleannhouse says:

    oh the drama, SA is such a bitch … but Eric has a backup now not only in the physical form but in hearing the queens words. looking forward to more and more spooning and the possibilities that Eric asked Sookie about her past and present on what Alasdair was alluding to. . KY

  2. Juicy says:

    I’m always blown away by your writing style! You make it seem so easy – The words can’t really just flow like that, can they? Can’t wait to find out what Al’s connection to Sookie is. I hope this Hadley didn’t maliciously tell Sophie about Sookie.
    thank you so much for the update!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. oh no she didn’t! it’s on now, BITCH. the bratty Queen is so goin’ down. (gotta stop watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air reruns) *snicker* oh wait! let me do the “Carlton”! 😀
    but kidding aside. we just know that Sophie Ann is cooking up something in that airy head of hers that would just piss the Council off. it’s like watching a train wreck…you know it’s gonna be awful but you just can’t look away.
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    Loving Alasdair and the challenge to Eric by S-A which will only end one way… With S-A defunct… Imagining Eric as little spoon is kind of comical… and adorable…

  7. switbo says:

    SA always reminds of the saying “too stupid to live”. (Or, in this case, be undead. Lol)

    Eric as a “little spoon” to Sookie is a hysterical image. Loving this story and can’t wait to find out more of Sookie’s history.

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  10. mindyb781 says:

    This is all kinds of awesome. It had the sweetness and exciting action. Plus your funny laugh lines. Loved it!

  11. duckbutt60 says:

    Amazing as always dearest! Now….can we get a “killing buffet” lined up? The Queen, the Berts, Compton, Waldo and Andre as a tiny appetizer…..oh yes, let the “enforcer” gorge on this blood buffet!

  12. ericluver says:

    Great chapter. You can almost see the hamsters running on their wheels in SA’s head. She’s not going to give up. Eric’s right. She sees getting Sookie as a challenge now. Spoilt bitch!
    I hope Sookie pops Eric to Peru so he can be like “Surprise!” *swings sword* Gloppy Compton mess!
    I loved the whole “little/big spoon” thing. So cute and sexy and funny. I hope they start really talking and learning about each other soon. And I hope Eric lets in how much she’s coming to mean to him.
    Oh and I love Alisdair. He’s a riot! 😀

  13. mom2goalies says:

    Love the image of Eric as the little spoon! LOL
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  22. jules3677 says:

    Alasdair appears to be a match for Eric in most ways, Hoping that they’ll end SA & her little clan now. Really enjoying reading the obsessive& possessive Eric.

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    I nearly choked at the ‘little spoon’ line! Love Alisdair – I always enjoy Eric having friends as it gives him someone other than Pam to bounce off but Alisdair is top rate. I’m dreading what little secret Sookie has, I hope it doesn’t involve being promised to a Preston – can’t see Eric taking that well. Looking forward to seeing SA and Bill taken care of. Great chapter!

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