Secrets That We Keep


Everyone has secrets, some more than others. In a world where vampires are still the product of legends and fiction, how long will their secret be kept when a woman with her own secret is out to solve the mystery? AU/OOC

Rated M

Jason Award_thumb[2] 2013

Placed 2nd in the 2013 Fangreader Awards


12 comments on “Secrets That We Keep

  1. Queen of Hope says:

    I love your writing – so if you want to start up all these new stories – go for it! I am happy to read whatever you write – and for the sheer number of stories (and chapters in those stories), you continue to provide plenty of good reading material. And for the record, I never want any of them to end!!

  2. […] just stalkingperusing ♥Wifey’s♥ page to see if the comment I left for the new chapter of Secrets That We Keep posted right. Of course it didn’t because WordPress is a whore, but […]

  3. cros8262 says:

    I am so glad I saw a comment on Tumblr about your Secrets story! I follow you on FF-love your stories! Secrets is wonderful!!! I can’t wait for your next update. Also following The Great Repression. You capture Sookie and Eric verry well. Great writing!

  4. […] I tried my hand at comedy and created a character named Willa that has a lot in common with Secrets That We Keep’s […]

  5. Lou says:

    Have followed your stories through and loving the ones I’ve found here! Loving this story!

  6. lilydragonsblood says:

    Returning to an old favourite for yet another re-read. x

  7. lilydragonsblood says:

    Looks like this is going to be an annual affair. Can’t wait. x

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